Horror Studio Chapter 1895

Vol 3 Chapter 1814: Priority

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In order to defeat the admonition meeting head-on, **** return must meet two conditions: first, **** return is not the primary goal of the admonition meeting; second, to break the vain protection mechanism.

The former condition is the basis of everything. If the goal of the warning club at the beginning is the return from hell, not all actors, then there is no chance of winning the return from hell, and there is not even the slightest chance. However, it is obvious that the warning club did not return from hell. Special treatment, at least until there is no "death" in the dream, for the exhortation society, the return from **** can be regarded as special, and the importance is still not the highest.

The latter condition is the possibility of a head-on battle to defeat nothing. The other two hall-class actors, Zodiac and Fake Nian, although the former can resist this remnant, but because they have been showing up all the time, they exposed too much intelligence, resulting in a relatively single threat. In addition, most of the members of the Admonition Society belonging to the Zodiac died in the dark forest. In the end, the Zodiac had become the commander of the polished rod.

Even if the hardware conditions of the Wings of Steel are excluded, in the islands of Qianjiangyue Dreamland, shadow puppets, small diamond winds and fables, they also used the environment and fleeting opportunities to seize the flaws in the zodiac. Although there was still water release at that time, from There is already a possibility of victory on the hardware conditions such as skills.

For the journey back from hell, the holiday is more dangerous. His first appearance broke the habitual thinking of returning from hell, breaking common sense many times, plus the same Shenlong seeing the head but not the end, there is almost no way to target it, but he has a fatal hole-his real name, and this hole. It's not just a theory. It has been verified in "The Funeral of the Sun" that passing this remnant will definitely kill the holiday.

The rest of the palace-level actors are nothing. They themselves are like the meaning of a code name, invisible and intangible. If they are not able to speak, they almost become conceptual existences. Even if Qian Cangyi perceives the little tricks in the dream battle, it only relieves the psychological pressure of other actors and cannot turn the tide of the battle at all.

Therefore, after the Battle of Dreamland, the creator of Hells Return drew up a follow-up plan to let the money warehouses with time-based skills go to nowhere, while the rest were responsible for dealing with other actors. After leaving the dreamland, Qiancang Yi did not move his hands once. Similarly, Wuyou did his hand on the way back to hell. The only time he did it was because Hawkeye used the opportunity of the dark forest to move to the exit and was forced to do it.

Some people can provide enough help without doing anything.

"We have to speed up!" Qian Jiangyue stopped, his sparse vespa colony fell on the eagle eye and the fake year.

"But..." The parable frowned slightly, his teammate was attacked, but he could only watch, which made him very uncomfortable, "...Do you have any way? Qian Jiangyue, you should be able to use your iron chain."

"Grab my hand." Qian Jiangyue stretched out his right hand.

Fable looked at Qian Jiangyue's right hand, and he subconsciously stretched his right hand backwards, but this tiny movement was stopped by him at first.

This is not the time to care about this at all.

He thought, then he stretched out his right hand forcefully, and firmly grasped Qian Jiangyue's right hand.

Qian Jiangyue's left palm was facing upwards, and the iron chain flew out from the palm and flew towards the wasp. After making a half circle, it hooked the base of the wings. While fleeing in a panic, the wasp did not notice the iron chain and the two people carried by the end of the iron chain, and they still flew upwards. Under the huge pulling force, the two left the branches and flew upwards.

The cold wind flew across the faces of the two of them, making it hurt.

"Hawkeye was attacked just now because of the time skill, right?" The fable asked loudly, "Why Cang Yi didn't do it? Isn't it time yet?"

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Qian Jiangyue looked down at the fable and replied:

"Fable, our plan went wrong in the first step. Logically speaking, after the death of the zodiac, the armor of the imaginary number will be destroyed, and Cangyi does not need to hide it. However, the zodiac's plan has been destroyed. Nothing is aware that we must help him complete the plan now before we can continue."

Fable opened his mouth, turned his head to look at Hawkeye, his eyes were full of worry, he opened his mouth, wanting to refute, but he knew in his heart that Qian Jiangyue was right, hesitated for a second, he still couldn't help but speak:

"Then, just look at Hawkeye like this... die?"

Qian Jiangyue raised his head and looked at the direction of the eagle eye. Now the holiday is still above the eagle eye. The two seem to be fighting, but because of the angle and distance, it is difficult to see clearly. He sighed softly and said:

"Fable, have you forgotten what Hawkeye said when arranging the plan? The priority is to complete the goal. If the situation is critical, he may not choose to save us. When you were attacked by a fake year, his choice was Abandon us directly, turn around and join Cang Yi and the others.

But if you think about it, what he did has saved us. You see, it is clear who is more important between the goal and the life of the teammate. No matter what, the goal must be put first. Therefore, before Cang Yi is willing to show up, you should be no one. "

At this point, he paused, looked down at the fable, and said in a very serious tone:

"If you believe in Hawkeye, then believe in Cangyi, they have never disappointed people, have they?"

The fable did not answer, just looked at Qian Jiangyue's eyes. The two looked at each other, like a clash of ideas, and finally ~wuxiaworld.online~ Fable took the initiative to look away. Qian Jiangyue turned her head back, and at the same time said softly, "Aren't we going to save people now? Hurry up, we have to change positions."

After finishing speaking, Qian Jiangyue made a circle around the iron chain with his left hand, then disconnected from the palm of his hand, and then fired a new iron chain at the wasp on the side to transfer.

At the same time, it is not only Qian Jiangyue and Fable who use the wasp to fly upwards, but also an actor who has been hiding in the dark without doing anything. At this moment, the actor's body is as thin as paper, and he is sticking to the wasp's body, approaching the eagle eye bit by bit. No, it is approaching the holiday.

The rice paper felt the wind flow, and at the same time calculated the distance in his mind. When the time was right, his thin paper body fell from the wasp and floated towards the target along the wind. Suddenly, the wasp below grabbed the gap and rushed forward. The body of the rice paper folds immediately, turning into lines and staying in place. When the wasp flies over, the lines unfold into paper again.

"It's really dangerous. If I didn't owe a life to the **** movie, I ran away early, so why did I take this trip to the muddy water."

The tone of the rice paper is extremely dissatisfied.

"I remember that the other party will be prompted when spying on the real name? What should I do when the fake year kills? It is really troublesome... If you can directly use a telescope to see the real name, it will save trouble.


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