Hot History’s Strongest Senior Brother Chapter 1430

Chapter 1430 Shattering Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation

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Chapter 1430: Shattering Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation

Upon their emergence, rather than attacking the Nine Underworlds Devils, the Great Demons attacked the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation and the Domain of Thousand Scales without wasting any time.

More than one Grand Virtual Level Demon Race Small saint was present. As they attacked together, the pressure imposed upon the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation increased tremendously.
Such turns of events surprised the group of Devils present.

But the scariest part is not here yet.

The oppressive power enveloping the void started descending as well. It squeezed through Feng Yunsheng and the Devil Lord in an attempt to break in through the two.

The devilish blue-black flames within Feng Yunshengs eyes were already burning vigorously.

The more vigorously it was burning, the chiller it was.
Her vision became clearer and clearer as well.

The uninvited guest was clad in armor and wore a silver helmet. He held a Crescent-Moon Shove, and his voice resembled a cranes soar, which resounded throughout the Nine Heavens.

From afar, he seemed to has only one head and one face. Yet, upon taking a closer look, he had faces on all four sides of his face.

He had eyes at the front and the back of his head, which allowed him to view his entire surroundings. Moreover, with mouths at his left and right, he had a total of eight mouths.
Feng Yunsheng had never met him before. Yet, she heard of his name.

During the Mid Journey to the West Era, this Great Devils name was renowned worldwide. He was referred to as the Nine-Headed Bug.

While he was called that, he doesnt belong to the insect category. Instead, he was more of the Anomalocaris[1] species.

In terms of its origins, according to the rumors, he was of the Nine Phoenix Divine Bird or the Ghost Vehicle, which was otherwise known as the Nine-Headed Bird.
In the past, he had caused immense havoc and occupied his territory. One of the well-renowned Demon Race Great Sage the Nine-headed Great Sage!

During the Mid Journey to the West era, when the Demon Race and Buddhism were fighting for their destiny, a total of thirty-six Great Sages and seventy-two Small Saints had heeded the East Sovereigns order and laid down the formation. The Nine-Headed Bug was among one of the thirty-six Great Sages.

At that time, even Travelling Monk Sun could barely win against him. Only with the assistance of the Daoisms top-notch bigwig the Pure Origin Exquisite Monarch Yang Jian, was he able to injure the Nine-Headed Bug.

While Yang Jian used "Monarch" as his title, he had already ascended to the Grand Heavenly Realm. Only, he spent most of his time in seclusion and venturing, which was why no Heavenly Lord title was granted unto him by the public.

Yet, in terms of cultivation and strength, Yang Jian stood firm as the Jade Clear lineages number-one disciple among the third-generation disciples. Upon ascending to the Grand Heavenly Realm, he even surpassed his seniors, making him much more outstanding.
During the Mid Journey to the West era, he rarely showed himself anymore. Whenever he appeared, his flashy appearance would often leave the spectators in awe, crowning him as the prodigy even among Grand Heavenly Immortals.

One of the Nine-Headed Bugs heads was destroyed by him. As such, most others assumed that the bug would perish.

However, the Nine-Headed Great Sage managed to escape and fled to the Astro Mountains Starry Seas to condition himself, which allowed him to survive until now.

Previously, when the Roving Jade Heavens was being moved into the Pill Hall, the group of Demons coincidentally came at the right time to disrupt the process.

At that time, Great Immortal Ru Yi, Fuluo Zi, Hundred Eyed Demon Monarch, and various other grand figures joined the operation. Moreover, there was also the Great Sage who Pacifies Heavens the Bull Demon King and the Nine-Headed Great Sage holding back the Daoism Heavenly Lords.

While Yan Zhaoge and the others had never encountered him before, they got wind of information related to him.

While remaining vigilant, they would naturally attempt to gain a better understanding of him.
As a result, Feng Yunsheng knew his identity immediately the instant she saw his appearance.

Precisely because she knew who had arrived, Feng Yunsheng felt something pulling her heart down.

Even among Grand Heavenly bigwig experts, there exists a disparity in strength.

Compared to the Devil Lord who was fighting with her, this Nine-Headed Bug was much stronger.

As he waved his Crescent Moon Shovel, two crescent-shaped saber-lights separated from the center and swept out towards two different sides. It forced Feng Yunsheng and the Devil Lord to defend against his attacks.

The Nine-Headed Bug then took advantage of the situation and advanced, squeezing into the devilish domain. His Crescent Moon Shovel spun in his hand, causing ripples of winds to appear.
Yet, other than Feng Yunsheng and the Devil Lord, everyone else present could only see the descent of boundless white radiances. They separated the dark devilish domain and took over the void atop them.

The white radiances separated into two, sweeping towards two different sides, clashing against the blue-black devilish flames and the dark-red underworld thunder.

At the same time as the gap separated by the white light, there was an invisible but violent wind of terror, like a Sabers front that cuts through the universe, instantly sweeping the void.

Everyone else, no matter if they were Demons or Devils, fled from the spot. They didnt want to be caught up in the mess.

However, the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation protecting the Domain of Thousand Scales had no way of evading.
Under the attack of the gusts of winds, the formations radiance diminished.

As the Nine-Headed Bug swung his Crescent Moon Shovel around, the cold saber-lights knocked away Feng Yunsheng and the Devil Lord. At the same time, gusts after gusts of winds continuously descended, finally breaking the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation apart.

At that very moment, the formation artifacts and the formations runes atop Yan Di and the others heads instantly shattered apart.

The ripples released by the gusts of winds were relentless. They transformed into a myriad of wind blades, slashing the space apart.
Gao Qingxuan and Ling Qing moved forward on their own accord and deflected them for Yan Di, Long Xingquan, and Daoist Cloud Conquest.

Only, by doing so, the pressure imposed upon them became jarringly intense. As they groaned, their body continuously moved backward.

When their enemies increased, the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation was already on the verge of shattering apart.

Now that the formation had truly broken apart, Yan Di and the others had no means of defending the Domain of Thousand Scales anymore. The entire situation became much more dangerous for them.

Upon witnessing the formation being shattered, the Nine Underworlds Infernal Devils [2], like the Blissful Devil Monarch, and the other Great Demons like the White Deer Demon, immediately rushed forward!
With a stern expression, Yan Zhaoge held the Later Earth Text by his hand in preparation for engaging his enemies in combat.

However, the White Deer Demon, the Jade Rabbit Demon, and the Great Demons group werent targeting him. Instead, they attacked towards the Domain of Thousand Scales.

Everyone, from Yan Zhaoge to the Nine Underworlds Devils, were shocked. They expected the Demon Race to be looting a burning house.

If that was the case, their aim should have been the Pill Halls previous owner Yan Zhaoge.

However, if the Demon Race were said to be assisting the Nine Underworlds, even the Infernal Devils would be surprised.

While the Nine Underworlds were the public enemy, there had been instances where other forces had worked together with the Nine Underworlds in the past.
However, this time, the Nine Underworlds were welcoming the revival of the Water Demon. The Demon Race had no incentives to help them at all. Moreover, the Devils had never heard anything about the Demon Race assisting them.

In fact, the Nine-Headed Great Sage was oppressing the troops of both Daoism and Devil factions with his strength.

" Theyre planning to kill off the Astro Sovereign and Senior Chu!" After the initial shock, Yan Zhaoge immediately came to a revelation.

The White Deer Demon and the others aim were also Chen Xuanzong and Chu Lili.

They were only planning to kill the two, who were the reincarnation physiques of the Water Devil.

No matter if the two had succumbed to the path of Devils or not, they would kill the two on the spot to prevent further troubles!

Yan Zhaoge and the others viewed Chen Xuanzong and Chu Lili as someone they had close ties with.
They carefully planned for so many years and made so many preparations beforehand because they wanted to extract the devilish marks engraved within them and prevent the Water Devil from reincarnating while also protecting the twos lives.

However, the Demon Race had never cared for the twos wellbeing at all.

Only by killing the two off together would they be relieved of their worries. Moreover, the Water Devil would temporarily lose the opportunity to reincarnate.

As for when the Water Devil would locate a more compatible reincarnation physique, god knows how long it would take. He might find one instantly, or he might even spend tens of thousands of years to no avail.

The Blissful Devil Lord and the other Devils quickly realized the Demon Races intentions as well. Amidst their furiousness, they disregarded the possibilities of suffering from casualties and fanatically rushed towards the Domain of Thousand Scales.

The Domain of Thousand Scales had the effects of oppressing the Infernal Devils, which would block their advancement path. However, it did not affect the group of Great Demons.

A few Demon Race Small Saints instantly broke through the glittering streams of lights and dived towards the sphere shrouded in radiance!

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anomalocaris

[2] We will start translating into Infernal Devils rather than Evil Devils, cause it just sounds way cooler.

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