Hot History’s Strongest Senior Brother Chapter 1431

Chapter 1431 Thousand Scales Leaping The Dragon Gate

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Chapter 1431: Thousand Scales Leaping the Dragon Gate!

The Chaotic Heavenly Devil Slaying Ritual operated at full power, assisting Chen Xuanzong and Chu Lili in suppressing the devilish intent.

The eighty-one light spheres with similar sizes speedily spun according to their orbits.
As they spun, streaks of lights permeated Chen Xuanzong and Chu Lilis body, which played an essential role in assisting them.

Taking advantage of the situation where the Nine-Headed Great Sage destroyed the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation and the fact that they had yet to recover their stances, the Great Demons group quickly rushed towards the outer defensive area of the Domain of Thousand Scales. They reached the Chaotic Heavenly Devil Slaying Ritual.

Their Demonic powers arose and slammed towards the Chaotic Heavenly Devil Slaying Ritual.

The group of Demons didnt mind the fact that destroying the Chaotic Heavenly Devil Slaying Ritual would benefit the Nine Underworlds Devils instead.

Because, before the Devils could do anything, the Demons would destroy Chen Xuanzong and Chu Lili along with this queer ritual!
Yan Zhaoge stared at his opponents, and a scroll appeared in his hand. With his command, streams of lights expanded outwards, covering a broad area surrounding him.

The feelings of weightiness arose. The radiances condensed together and formed a rune. Then, a blurry silhouette was projected atop Yan Zhaoges head.

The silhouette was massive as if it was carrying the entire skies. Its stalwart figure seemed as if it controlled everything that happened in the world and the interchangement of yin and yang.

In the very next moment, nine-light pillars were erected. As if they were pillars that supported the skies, they arose from the ground.
Seven of them seemed vibrant yet dim. While they might look vibrant at first look, clumps of dark radiances were descending downwards.

As the formation operated, densely-packed strength and an abundance of vitality were displayed at the same time. Various formation patterns connected, fusing as one.

Under the Later Earth Text support, the Yin Yang Nine Splendour Seven Treasures Array Formation was formed, instantly imposing pressure upon the Demons group.

Whenever they moved, they felt as if an endless amount of pressure were pressing unto them. Their speed had also decreased drastically.
Upon being affected by the formation, they even felt that their Demonic powers had gone stagnant.

"The Earth Queens Yin Yang Nine Splendour Seven Treasures Array Formation?" The Old White Deer was startled for a while. After a moment of contemplation, he rolled on the ground and presented his original form.

A snow-white sika-deer spread his limbs in all directions and walked towards the formation. His speed became quicker and quicker, and in no time, he reached the speed of sprinting.

As Yan Zhaoge looked towards him, he realized that the Old White Deers hoofprints left behind faint yellowish radiances.

The Longevity God was familiar with the Earth Queen. As such, the old deer never lacked the opportunity to visit her along with his master.
As a result, he was extremely familiar with the Yin Yang Nine Splendour Seven Treasures Array Formation.

At the same time, the arts he learned specialized in the transformations of earth.

As he sprinted, the oppressive power inflicted upon the group of Demons weakened, allowing the Demons to regain their movements.

However, after being slowed down for a while, Yan Di, Gao Qingxuan, and the others had already arrived at their locations, blocking the Demon Race experts path.

"Go!" Upon seeing this, the Jade Rabbit Demon, Dragon King Huanchen, and the other Great Demons yelled in unison, and their Demonic powers surged from their body. Then, they flung it towards the Chaotic Heavenly Devil Slaying Ritual.

All of a sudden, the entire void was filled with luster. However, albeit being plenty colorful, they were filled with the intent of destruction.

Yan Zhaoge frowned, and a serious expression took over his face.
He pointed his finger towards afar, and changes happened by the Chaotic Heavenly Devil Slaying Ritual.

The eighty-one light spheres that were orbiting in their tracks halted and contracted. The rituals appearance faded from the translucent light sphere and became a solidified metal sphere.

The metal spheres entire body was pitch-black, and its surface was flat and smooth. The metal ball then hung heavily by the void.

The first wave of attacks came crashing on the metal sphere, causing huge dents to appear on the smooth metal surface.

However, while the metal ball was forced backward, and its entire body was damaged, it hadnt shattered apart completely.

While the Great Demons attacks were fierce, and their attacks left numerous marks behind, they couldnt penetrate the metal sphere, nor could they injure the center part of the metal sphere.
Chen Xuanzong and Chu Lili, who were within, suffered no form of damage.

Under the guidance of Yan Zhaoge, Chen Xuanzong, and the others, Feng Yunsheng, who was of the Virtual Immortal Realm, created the Chaotic Heavenly Devil Slaying Ritual. She had spent countless amounts of time, as well as innumerable amounts of precious treasures, to improve the ritual and make it much sturdier.

Their previous efforts had finally come to fruition. Even when withstanding the Demon Race Small Saints attacks, the ritual managed to remain intact.

Only, this treasure was ultimately used for killing. While it took the defensive stance using the metal sphere form, it couldnt just keep receiving its enemies blows.

If it was attacked a few more times, it might just break apart.
Most importantly, to withstand the Demons attacks, the Chaotic Heavenly Devil Slaying Ritual had reverted to its metallic sphere form. As a result, it lost its previous effectiveness.

Within the metal sphere, Chen Xuanzong and Chu Lilis bodies instantly trembled.

The Domain of Thousand Scales was damaged, and the Chaotic Heavenly Devil Slaying Ritual temporarily stopped functioning.

Originally, ninety percent of the devilish intent had already been extracted. Now, it recoiled backward and re-entered their body once again!
Chen Xuanzongs expression remained stern. He calmed his mind down and attempted to suppress the Water Devils recoil.

However, at that very moment, vividly-colored mists wreathed around Chu Lili and him.

Under the interference of the Heart Devil, Chen Xuanzong was immediately affected.

The Water Devil took advantage of the situation and started taking over their bodies.

His speed was beyond imagination.
Yan Zhaoge, Chen Xuanzong, and the others extracted the devilish intent by taking advantage of the fact that the Water Devil was reincarnating. With the two sides fighting on an equal level, the victor would depend on which side was stronger.

The closer one side was to victory, the closer to failure the other side would be.

However, if the tables were overturned, the side initially closer to failure would instantly be much closer to victory!

A layer of gloomy thin ice started surfacing from Chen Xuanzongs body, causing ice-cold radiance to glitter.

The area between his brows cracked open once again, causing all-encompassing devilish intents to be displayed from within. They became so unprecedentedly strong; it was as if the Water Devil was about to descend into the world once again!

Outside of the metallic sphere, Yan Zhaoge and the others were facing an overwhelming sense of threat.
Yan Di and the others chased after the Demons group, preventing them from further destroying the Chaotic Heavenly Devil Slaying Ritual.

The White Deer Demon evaded their attacks, making it hard for him to influence further the Yin Yang Nine Splendour Seven Treasures Array Formation. The formations power then displayed its might once again, preventing the group of Demons from advancing.

However, the Blissful Devil Monarch and the other Infernal Devils used the opportunity to infiltrate the Domain of Thousand Scales using the gap-hole the Demon Race had created. Then, they rushed towards the Chaotic Heavenly Devil Slaying Ritual.

Seeing the Yin Yang Nine Splendour Seven Treasures Array Formation blocking their path, the Blissful Devil Lord, who was proficient in formation arts, stood at the front and guided the group of Devils.

While their aims werent the same, the Nine Underworlds Devils and the Mountain Seas Demons were rushing towards Yan Zhaoge and the others.

Devilish qi and Demonic qi filled up the entire skies. They bore overwhelming ferocity as if they were waves unable to be overturned.

However, at that very moment, chilly lights shot out from Yan Zhaoges eyes.
"Rise!" With a thunderous yell, the prancing streams of lights by the Domain of Thousand Scales exploded together!

As if fishes were leaping out of the water and falling back within. At the current moment, myriad streams of lights started bursting out and endlessly circulated.

They only leaped out of the water and never fell back in anymore.

Streams of lights skyrocketed. As if they were dragons made out of light particles, they started flying towards every single corner of the void!

Thousand Scales Leaping the Dragon Gate! [1]

The myriad of scaly fishes instantly transformed into dragons and traversed through the boundless void. They traversed far away and ceased to return any longer.

The entire Domain of Thousand Scales ceased to exist any longer.

Even the devilish domain which previously enveloped the entire void was severely damaged.

The devilish domain initially broken apart by the Nine-Headed Great Sage was thoroughly torn apart and disappeared into thin air.

The Blissful Devil Monarch and the other Great Devils who were at the front werent expecting such changes. With insufficient time to retreat, they flew directly towards the group of flying dragons!

Then, the light dragons passed through their bodies

Their limbs were torn apart by the light dragons

Then, their heads were bitten off by the light dragons!

The group of Devils was initially dancing around. Yet, at the very next moment, they were devoured by these flying groups of dragons!

[1] Reference to a Chinese historical quote. In this story, fishes would attempt to leap over the Dragon Gate to transform into dragons. [Source]

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