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  • Hot I Became The Strongest With The Failure Frame abnormal State Skill as I Devastated Everything

  • Genres : Action -  Adventure -  Fantasy -  Supernatural -  Drama -  Psychological -  isekai -  Japanese Novel
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Hot I Became The Strongest With The Failure Frame abnormal State Skill as I Devastated Everything summary:

  A high school student that has lived as a mob-character Mimori Touka (). During the school trip Touka and his classmates are summoned to another world. According to the summoned goddess, summoning so many best ranks like S-rank and superior ranks like A-rank heroes like this is very unusual. However Touka was the only with the lowest rank he was an E-rank hero. The status is overwhelming low when compared to his classmates. Moreover Toukas peculiar skill is supposed to be an absolute failure Abnormal State Skilland Thus the former mob-character and abandoned hero, will absolutely become the strongest devil as he advances and strikes back. Raws: Syosetu Translator: LazyCat (@lazilygrinningcat) Translation Schedule: Novel Currently Caught up with Raws. Will be Posted After Author Updates.   Like my translation? Consider supporting me through ko-fi.

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Hot I Became The Strongest With The Failure Frame abnormal State Skill as I Devastated Everything Chapters

Time uploaded
222 Knight5 months ago
221 Undead King5 months ago
219 Silver Door5 months ago
215 Family5 months ago
208 Sympathy5 months ago
204 Crush5 months ago
203 Heroic Sword5 months ago
194 Cheat5 months ago
191 Sogou Ayaka5 months ago
183 Silver World5 months ago
182 Hero5 months ago
181 A Rank Hero5 months ago
177 Pipe Dreams5 months ago
169 Change5 months ago
154 I See.5 months ago
153 Break5 months ago
144 T R A M P L E5 months ago
142 This Life...5 months ago
141 Eve's Wish5 months ago
138 M O V E5 months ago
137 Start5 months ago
136 Human Faced5 months ago
132 L I G H T5 months ago
130 Hatching5 months ago
128 C A U S E5 months ago
126 First Contact5 months ago
124 The Eve5 months ago
117 Missing5 months ago
116 F R O Z E N5 months ago
114 F R E N Z Y5 months ago
112 Sketch5 months ago
111 A Trick5 months ago
110 Confrontation5 months ago
101 Balance5 months ago
99 S E E D5 months ago
96 Clues5 months ago
93 Were Leopard5 months ago
92 Blood Champion5 months ago
88 King Of Flies5 months ago
87 Bonds5 months ago
85 Vysis' Apostle5 months ago
82 Inherited5 months ago
81 A New Power5 months ago
80 Connect5 months ago
68 Seras Ashrain5 months ago
65 U N K N O W N5 months ago
64 Skeleton King5 months ago
63 Orange Floor5 months ago
56 Running Solo5 months ago
54 Bait5 months ago
45 To Mills5 months ago
44 Witch5 months ago
43 Qa5 months ago
41 Chance Meeting5 months ago
39 Avenger S5 months ago
38 Failure5 months ago
33 That's Enough5 months ago
31 Soul Eater5 months ago
29 Disposed Hero5 months ago
28 The Ruins Area5 months ago
26 Birthday5 months ago
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