Hot I Became The Strongest With The Failure Frame abnormal State Skill as I Devastated Everything Chapter 226

222 Knight

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They’re here.


They’re still alive.


The Forbidden Race, that is.


This was my biggest concern when I arrived in the Faraway Country.


Well, my worries about that matter is solved for now.


[Do you want to meet them as soon as possible?]

[Yes. The sooner we meet, the better.]

[I understand. However, I still need to talk about this matter to the Kurosaga as well.]


[That’s their name—— the name of their race. You can also think of it as the name of their tribe. It’s the general term for the race who carry the blood of Kurosaga…… He who is said to be the beginning.]


King Zect continued.


[Anyway, about bringing you in contact with the Forbidden Race…… Erika-dono had also requested it herself. As long as the Kurosagas doesn’t stubbornly refuse, I’ll make arrangements for us to meet.]

[I appreciate your help.]


[……What is it?]

[I won’t mind if it’s just the two of us but….. Could you stop that pretentious way of speaking of yours——— and talk to me without “acting”?]


I thought for a moment before speaking.


[May I ask what your intentions are with that request?]

[It was written in Erika-dono’s letter.]


“Pfff”, the king chuckled.


[She told me that it would be better if I talk to you without your exaggerated acting so that I could ascertain who you truly are…… for ascertaining who you truly are is well worth it, as long as I put up with your rudeness———— or so she said.]


[I see.]


[As my subordinates might sharply react to this, I don’t mind if it’s when you and I are alone. I want you to treat me “just as you truly treat others”.]


The king jokingly continued.


[Besides…… The Immortal King and the Fly King are both “Kings”. I see no problem with talking to me as an equal.]

[I’m not really———– a “king” in any respect though.]


Talk to him as I usually talk huh.


[In that case, when I’m alone with you, I’ll talk to you like this.]

[Fufu, I see. The way you speak now…… certainly fits to a tee.]



[For the time being, it looks like I’m going to be introduced to the Forbidden Race.]


I am now back in the waiting room from earlier.

I had a brief exchange with King Zect after that.

The king then called those who were outside the room.

He said they would immediately start discussing their future course of action.

Well, the country’s first priority is to deal with the attacking army.

We, on the other hand, were told to return to this room immediately.

So, we just came back and closed the door of this room.


Gratora, their watchbird, wasn’t with us right now.

There were only two soldiers outside the room.

Adjusting the cloth that covered her rear, Seras gently sat down on the couch.


[With this, you’ve finally gotten very close to the secret of the Forbidden Curses huh.]



But for now, we could only wait.

……I guess we could get the other thing dealt with while we’re at it.


I looked towards Nyaki.


Nyaki is quietly sitting next to Seras.



[? What is it nya?]

[Now that we’ve reached the Faraway Country…… What do you plan to do now?]

[Nya? L- Let me think nya……]


Nyaki thought about it.


[If you stay in this country…… It might be difficult for you to go out in the future.]

[Yes nya.]


Nyaki is the Divine Beast.

She can open and close that silver door, the entrance to the Faraway Country, as many times as she wants.

Though I say that, Nyaki being able to come and go as she pleases———

Now that’s a different story.


[We don’t want the outside the world to know where the Faraway Country is———– For the fellows who wants to protect their country, those who know where the door is, they wouldn’t want to let the “key” to their door, the Divine Beast”, to be outside again.


What did I mean by what I said?

I continued.


[That means…… It would be difficult for you to reunite with Nee-nya, Mai-nya, and the others.]


[You may not be able to leave this country forever, and spend your whole life in this place.]


A smile appears on Nyaki’s face———– before she looks down.


[I’m already prepared for that nya.]


It sounded like she was telling that to herself.


[Of course, Nyaki would be happy if I could see Nee-nya and the others again. But…… If Nyaki went out again, she would surely be a nuisance to everyone in this country. Nyaki too…… understands that nya.]


It seems like Nyaki also understands it.

The people outside knew that Nyaki was the Divine Beast.

If Nyaki is captured by these people———-

Through dastardly means, they might make her spit out where this place is.

They would then use the Divine Beast’s ability———– and attack this place.

I’m sure the citizens in this country fear that.

No matter how much I tell them that……


“I will protect Nyaki.”


And if the fact were to spread throughout the country……


“He let the Divine Beast that acts as the key outside again.”


King Zect’s position could also be in jeopardy.



[Yes nya.]

[When everything ends…… I will try to have you reunite with Nee-nya, Mai-nya and the others. For example, we could talk to Nyantan and ask her to come here with us. I’ll go talk to King Zect later to make that happen.]


Looking a bit surprised, Nyaki looked up towards me.



[I will do my best to achieve that. However, I can’t make a definite promise. Please understand.]

[I- I understand nya, yes nya.]

[In the meantime, I’m going to try to negotiate with them so that you will be taken care of in this country. Well…… I don’t they would just throw the Divine Beast you out like that.]


Nyaki straightened her posture.

Then, she bowed her head.


[Thank you for always helping me nya! Thank you nya! I will definitely repay this debt in full one day nya!]


Nyaki expressed her gratitude.

Her voice was filled with gratitude as well as hope.

Seras looked at Nyaki sitting next to her with gentle eyes.

After a few moments, I spoke.


[Didn’t you say you’d repay this debt just now?]

[Y- Yes nya.]

[Now then, could I ask you to do me a favor?]

[Ple——- Please say anything nya! If it’s something Nyaki can do……]


Slightly bending down her upper body forward, she said.


[There is a dark elf girl named Liz.]

[Liz-san nya?]

[Yeah. She’s currently living together with the Witch of Taboos——— Erika Anarveil in the moment, within the depths of the Demon Zone. And I’d like you to meet her sometime.]

[Errr…… You want Nyaki to meet this Liz-san nya……?]


It feels like Nyaki was still unsure of my intentions.

Her eyes were blinking in surprise.


[Of course, I will come with you then. That’s why the Golden-eyed monsters of the Demon Zone wouldn’t be a problem. Perhaps, if it’s aside from the Northern Demon Zone…… We should be able to easily pass through the Demon Zone.]


I don’t know if I should say that it’s because I got accustomed to going around the Demon Zone.

Or perhaps, I’ve already got quite the understanding of the place.

Well, of course, there’s no way we would be negligent.


[And then, how should I say this……]


After a brief deliberation on how I should say this, I just simply stated what I thought.


[If it’s possible, I want you to be friends with Liz.]

[Her friend…… nya?]


I don’t know their real ages.

However, it seems like their ages were “close” to each other.




Liz is a child after all.

Nyaki——— is also a child.


Even though Liz is a “child”, she cares about the adults.

The same goes for Nyaki, who also cares for adults as a “child”.


That’s what we think.



Incidentally, I don’t think I’m already mature enough.

That’s why, whether I’m already an “adult” or not———-

Well, let’s just put that aside for the time being.



Liz doesn’t have any friends who are the same age as her.

I guess it can be said that Pigimaru and Slei are her friends.

However, as expected, they’re slightly different from what one considers as a friend.


However——— If it’s Nyaki……

Wouldn’t she be able to become her friend?

I’ve thought about this for a while.


When I was about Liz’s age.

I didn’t have any friends.

At that time, there were some children who were interested in me.

There were some children who wanted to be friends with me.

However, my own parents kept them away.

They didn’t want the other parents to know something through their children.

Know what exactly?

It should be obvious already———— They just didn’t want their parents to know about my “family situation”.

They might be reported if that happens.

That’s why I didn’t have any friends at that time.


That’s why———


I wanted to give Liz a chance to have a friend close to her age.


That’s what I’ve been thinking for a long time.


[I- I understand nya! I’ll do my best to get Liz-san to be my friend nya! M- Most of all nya……]


Rubbing the tip of her forefingers together, Nyaki bashfully spoke.


[Nyaki too…… would be really happy to have her become my friend nya.]



Checking the time, I put away my pocket watch——–


When the door of the room we’re in opened.


I stood up.

Seras and the others also followed suit.


The one who came in———- wasn’t Gratora.


It was a Lamia, dressed like a knight.


Her lower half, which resembled a snake, was black.

Her hair was also black.

The skin of her upper body though was white.

Strict-looking eyes.

Scrunched up eyebrows.

She appears to have a beautiful face.

I said “she appears to”———- partly because the lower half of her face is hidden.

Rather than a mask……

I think it’s called a face veil.

In fantasy novels, they’re those face coverings that dancers wear.

Also, if I were to judge just only her upper body……

If she were to be a human, I guess one could say that she had “good style”.

I don’t know if she would be considered good-looking in a Lamia’s perspective though.


Also, her outfit was different from the Lamia Knight from before.

It kinda feels like this Lamia is a higher rank than the one before.

It might even be possible that she’s a higher rank than the other Lamia Knights.

Even her head protector looks more elaborate than the ones worn by the Lamia knights I’ve seen before.

Behind her waist, there was a long sword sheathed in its scabbard.


[I’m one of the Four Warlights, Armia Plum Lynx.]

(T/N: / Shi Senkou)


Slithering towards us, Armia Plum Lynx introduced herself to us.


[I have been asked by His Majesty to bring Belzegia-dono to meet the Kurosagas. You can call me Armia.]



She’s going to bring me to them now huh.

I was prepared to wait for a day or so but……

I guess I have to thank the Immortal King for this.

Armia, with her hand covered in long gloves, offered a handshake.


[I look forward to working with you, Belzegia-dono.]


I take the proffered hand of the Lamia Knight.


[I will also be in your care too.]


Compared to Gratora, she seemed more friendly.

But unlike Gratora, she doesn’t seem to be that interested in us.




I’m pretty sure King Zect mentioned her name when he was sending people out of the room.

The one who was in the hidden room earlier——— It was this Lamia Knight huh.


[The only one who can meet the Kurosagas today is Belzegia-dono alone. The Kurosaga people don’t like to get involved with people outside their race. Because of this, if we go with a large group, it might unnecessarily cause them to be vigilant. So, the rest of you will have to wait here.]


Looking at Seras, she responded to me with a signal.


“She isn’t lying.”


It doesn’t seem like they’re just planning to divide our group.

I guess we can trust King Zect huh……

For the time being though, I think we shouldn’t completely let our guard down just yet.

With that in mind, I spoke.


[Well then, Seras, you can wait here with the others. If something happens that requires you to make a decision, I’ll leave it up to you to make it.]



Saying that, Seras sat down on the couch again.

Just as I thought we’ll start departing already……

Armia poked at my robe.


[The slime in your robe should also stay behind this time.]



I thought I kept him under the radar.

Most importantly though……


“She seems to know where in my robe Pigimaru is.”


I think it’s hard to accurately spot where he is at first glance……

It didn’t feel like she just randomly poked on my robe though.

It was as if she obviously knew……


“That he’s in that part of my robe.”


[The presence of this slime might alert the Kurosagas.]

[If that’s the case…… Sorry, Pigimaru. Could you wait here with Seras and the others?]



Pigimaru let out a slight dejected squeal.




Seeing that Pigimaru had jumped out of my robe, I turned to Armia once again.


[Well then, Armia-dono, may I ask you to lead me at once? To where the Kurosagas——– the Forbidden Race is.]




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