Hot I Became The Strongest With The Failure Frame abnormal State Skill as I Devastated Everything Chapter 227

223 - The Forbidden Race

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Taking out some of my stuff, I placed them on a spare backpack.

I then left the room and started walking down the hallway with Armia next to me.

From the direction we’re going at, it seems like we’re going out of the castle.


[Are King Zect and the others still talking?]


When I asked so, Armia nodded.


[Un, they’re still discussing about that matter. It’s just me who was told to leave for the moment and become your guide.]

[Are you sure it’s fine if you leave when they’re having such conversation?]

[This is an order from His Majesty. And thus, I will follow them.]


“Also……”, Armia continued.


[If your business with Kurosaga is prolonged, your companions will be given a room and meal to eat.]

[That would be grateful.]

[You’re still wary of us, aren’t you?]

[We are still in an unfamiliar place after all. I certainly trust King Zect. However, I know very little about your people.]

[Un, we also don’t know about your group at all. In short, we’re just on the same footing…… Well, we can just slowly get to know each other.]

[If that’s the case…… May I ask you some questions while we’re along the way? It’s so that we can get to know each other.]

[I’ll allow it.]


For the time being, let’s just gather some information.

First one would be……


[You’ve mentioned being one of the Four Warlights, but what exactly are they?]


From what I felt by this title, it sounds like they’re something like their soldiers’ leaders.

I think they’re something like those so-called Four Heavenly Kings.


[Hmmm? Ahh, it’s the title given to the four people who excelled in combat. At the same time, they are also the leaders of their respective legions, un.]


I knew it.


[Is Gratora-dono one of them too?]

[She’s the Captain of the King’s Royal Guards, so no. However……]


Armia responded to a saluting Orc soldier by raising her head before she continued.


[If you add us, the Four Warlights, with His Majesty, the Prime Minister, and the Captain of the Royal Guards, we are often referred to as the Seven Lights.]

(T/N: / Shichi Kou)

[The seven lights of hope supporting the Faraway Country, is it?]


Armia lightly chuckled in response.


[When you put it that way, I would get a little embarrassed.]

[Speaking of which, the lifestyle of the people of this country isn’t any different from the lifestyle of Humans huh.]


At a glance, it doesn’t seem like they have much of a peculiar culture.

It seems like their lifestyle is as close to Humans as possible.

That’s the impression I got from looking around.

The only thing that greatly differs from the outside world would be the ratio of humans.


[It’s His Majesty’s policy, un.]

[Do you know the reason why?]

[It’s to prepare for the time when we will live in harmony with humans…… or so His Majesty said. It would be easier to integrate into human society if we were accustomed to human culture and lifestyle or something like that.]


I see.


[Well, that was something I heard from the Prime Minister, Lieselotte-sama, when she grumblingly told me about His Majesty.]


Grumblingly huh.

I guess the Prime Minister was displeased with the King’s policy huh?

At that moment, I noticed the inquisitive look on Armia’s eyes.


[——–Is something the matter?]

[You said that Anuel-dono told you the location of this country…… but haven’t you heard anything from Anuel-dono about some things regarding our country?]


I know too little about this country———

It seems like she was curious about that.


[I was told that at that time, she only gave wisdom and tools to the people of this country…… and that she didn’t see the development of the country itself. She also said that few of the people she knew back then would be around now.]


That’s why, she said that there’s hardly any point in giving “old” information she had from that time.

That’s what Erika, also known as “Anuel”, told me.

She also said that there were probably very few people still alive that she knew besides Kings Zect.

Her face looked a little sad when she was talking about this, so I didn’t insist anymore.


Those who are short lived……

And those who can live for a long time.


I guess this is where the “discrepancy” between the two comes into play.

As the years go by, the number of people that she knew back then dwindles.

I guess——– that would also be the same case for the long-lived Seras huh.

Anyway, I nodded in response to Armia’s question.


[I, for one, am not acquainted with Anuel-dono. I’ve heard that the number of people in this country who have met Anuel-dono in person could only be counted in one hand———– In other words, only a few long-lived races, including His Majesty. No one among the Four Warlights were acquainted with her. Hence, for us, Erika Anarveil could be said as a being of legend, un.]


A living legend huh.

Thereupon, I turned the conversation back around.


[———That’s why you could say that I’m ignorant with anything regarding this country. So, I would be grateful if Armia-dono could teach me some things.]

[Hmmm? I’m not sure if I’m the right person to teach you though? Are you being serious?]

[I believe that from the conversation we had…… Armia-dono is easy to talk to and your answers to my questions were clear. That’s why I thought you’re the right person for this.]

[Mhmmnnhh!? Alright then, I’ll do it!]


With her hands on her hips, Armia puffed out her chest with pride.

I wonder if it’s because she was breathing out of her nose from what she heard…… but even her face veil looked like they were fluffily pushed off her mouth.

How should I say this———– What an easy woman she is.

Even so……

While her upper body maintained her posture, her lower body slithered forward at a slow speed.

Lamia’s lower body is capable of moving while skillfully controlling their speed huh.




I think it’s quite fun to observe Demihumans.



And thus……

We walked to our destination, with Armia teaching me many things.

Thanks to this, I think I’ve gotten a fair amount of information.


After we left the castle, we headed to the West District.


That rock wall that surrounds the castle town……

Looking closely at the rock wall, I can see passages and doors in some places.

Apparently, the city district that can be seen from the castle isn’t all there is to this country.

It seems like the country continues beyond the passages and doors in that rock wall.

Then, after passing through the West District, we entered one of those passages.

This passage feels like one of those passages that can be found in artificial dungeons.

Thanks to the glowing stones around, the passage was slightly bright.

After passing through the passage, we found ourselves in an open space.


Putting this place in a few words, it’s a “village built in a cave”.


That was my first impression.

In the inner part of the cave, I could see a place that looked like a spring.

Near the spring was a small grove with various trees.

The walls and ceiling surrounding the cave are partially carved with different patterns.

I guess this place must have once been part of a ruin.


And——– Although there aren’t many of them, I could see some beings with humanoid shape.


The people walking around have silver hair.

Their eyes are a clear gray, almost close to silver.

It’s just that……

They have something that normal humans don’t have.


Black wings.


It seems like they’re a winged race.


……I see.


So they are———- the Forbidden Race.


Everyone seems to be looking our way.

To be specific, their gazes were mainly directed on me.

In the Faraway Country, there are many races with differing appearances.

However, I don’t know if it was because of my Fly King outfit or not, but it seems that my appearance is particularly unusual.

Well, it’s probably because they’re not used to seeing someone like me.

However……. It doesn’t seem like they’re being vigilant towards me.

This is probably because of the fact that Armia, one of the Four Warlights, were accompanying me.


[This is the village where the Kurosagas live.]


Waving her hand like a tour guide, Armia said.


[I’ve already told him about your arrival, but for the time being, I’ll go see the chief. Wait here for a moment.]



I looked at Armia as her back started getting farther.

Not much time has passed, but maybe it was because we had talked along the way?

I feel that her attitude towards me is leaning towards a positive side, enough that she would show her back at me.






I noticed a young girl with a short haircut staring at me.

At first glance, she looked like a handsome boy, but she’s a girl.

By her appearance…… She seems to be in her mid-teens.

She appears to be the docile-type of girl.

When I turned to look at her———- she turned away and ran away.

Eventually, Armia came back.


[Well then, follow me, Belzegia-dono.]


I was brought to a building at the inner part of the village.

It was a house made with mud.

Looking at the nearby houses, it looks comparatively larger.

Moving my gaze back to the mudhouse, I didn’t see anyone guarding the entrance.

This old-looking house looked inconspicuous and quiet.


[Go on.]


“Come in.”, Armia urged me.


[Armia-dono, are you not going to follow me inside?]

[Un, the chief wants to talk to you alone. That’s why, I’ll wait for you around here.]

[I understand.]


[Once inside, un…… Go straight down the corridor, then turn left. At the room at the end of that corridor, you’ll find Chief Munin.]


I went inside the opened door——– or rather, this place that seems more like a foyer.

It was an old house, but the interior seems to be well-maintained.

From how clean this place is, I can feel the meticulous nature of the people taking care of it.

I followed the route that I was told to take.

Arriving at the room at the end of the corridor, I knocked on its door.


[It’s Belzegia.]

[Come in.]


The soft voice of a woman responded to my call.


[Pardon my intrusion.]


Saying this, I opened the door and walked in.

The room I arrived in was quite spacious.

There was a large wooden chair near the front wall.

The chair was lavishly covered with a lot of cloth.

It seems like the room was lit up by the orange light of a lamp……

It doesn’t seem to reach all the areas in the room though, as it had created shadows in many places in the room.

How should I say this……

It feels like a small-sized audience room.



[What is your business for coming to visit us?]


A gracefully standing woman calls out.

Her hair was long enough to cover her back.

Just like the rest of the Forbidden Race, her hair was silver-colored.

It’s a deeper silver compared to that sh*tty goddess’ hair.

Her hair was neatly parted to the left and right.

They were then hanging down in front of her shoulders, draping over her chest.


And behind her——- were black wings.


Her skin was white.

I guess one could say that she’s on the tall side.

She’s a little shorter than me, but she should be taller than Seras.

I guess her height is closer to Erika…..

She isn’t slender.

However, she isn’t fat either.

Thin eyebrows that look like they’ve been drawn in with a brush.

She looked at me with her eyes looking like slits.

Unlike the usual slit-eyed people I know of though, the impression that I could get from her well-formed face———— was gentleness.

From my first impression of her, it doesn’t seem like she was a stern person.


[No, I guess we should introduce ourselves first, right?]


The woman who seemed to be the Chief slightly smiled.

I don’t know if it was because of my appearance or not, but I could sense nervousness from her voice.

But even so, her voice sounds soothing to my ears.

I don’t know if I should say that it was a voice that sounded compassionate or not…..

How should I say this……

She might be older than I thought.

She had the calmness that one could feel from an “adult”.




No, well, if I say that, then what about that very old witch?


I think her clothing looks like those so-called togas.

It’s kind of like the outfit of those I see in paintings of Ancient Greek……

Or perhaps, I guess you could also say that……


“It looks like the clothing of a shaman”


Kind of like the outfit that someone who leads a religious service would wear.

Looking closely, there were some thin and rather transparent parts in her clothing’s white fabric.

I guess that’s why I feel like she’s a little too revealing.


The veil she was wearing on her head was also partially transparent.

The design was a bit similar to the veils worn by nuns.

I think they were called sister veils or something like that.

Speaking of which……

Seras also wore such a veil when she was using the pseudonym Mist.

Compared to what Seras wore though, what the woman in front of me is wearing seems a little less nun-like.


[I’m the Chief of the Kurosaga, Munin.]


The Chief neatly stood on tiptoes and introduced herself.

I bowed back in response.


[Once again——– I’m the leader of a mercenary group called the Fly King Squadron, Belzegia is my name. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to speak with you.]


Nodding her head, Munin slightly smiled.

And then……


[Please, have a seat.]


She encouraged me to sit on a nearby chair.

Following her advice, I sat down on the chair closest to Munin.

She sat down to her previous seat again.


[Well then, let me ask you once more……]


Saying this, Munin gracefully placed her hands on her lap.


[What is your business for coming to visit us, the Forbidden Race?]


She asked.


[Yes. Do you mind if I get straight to the point and state what I desire?]

[——-Please do so.]


I held up the backpack that I placed on the seat beside me.

And from inside it, I took out a certain book.


The Spellbook of Incantations.


Taking one of the three books I had in hand, I leisurely held it out in front of her.

Thereupon, Munin gulped.


[That is……]

[I have heard that only your people, the Forbidden Race, can read the words written in this spellbook. I want to acquire the secret held within this spellbook…… the power of the Forbidden Curses.]

[———–The Forbidden Curses.]


Munin, who had been calm and composed until now, gasped.

Her slit eyes——— opened wide.

With her gasp, I could now see her ashen gray pupils with a hint of blue in it.

Her eyes that looked like fine jewelry, slightly trembled.




Staring at her, I observed each of Munin’s movements.


[Ummm…… What is——-]




Louder than before, she gulped down again——— before she asked.


[What is your purpose…… for trying to acquire the power of the Forbidden Curses?]


I look at my left hand that had once flipped the middle finger to “that person”.

Holding it in front of me, I replied.


[It’s so that I could thoroughly crush someone. So thoroughly——– that she will never be able to get up again.]


Her eyes still trembling, Munin exchanged gazes with me.

Her exposed legs were slightly trembling.

Putting her hand on her chest, she took a deep breath.

As if she was trying to calm herself.

And then……


[Who is it?]

[A God.]


Feeling slightly irritated from just mentioning her name———– I continued.


[Alion’s Goddess, Vysis.]











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