Hot I Became The Strongest With The Failure Frame abnormal State Skill as I Devastated Everything Chapter 228

224 - The Forbidden Curses

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Hearing the name of that Goddess, Munin asked.


[……What is your reason for doing this?]



I decisively replied.

Hearing my response, Munin’s gaze fluctuated.

It seemed like she was searching for the right words to say.


[Belzegia-san, that is——-]


As if the words she was about to speak were stuck in her throat, Munin stopped and hung her head.

Her lips were tightly pursed.

Soon after……




As if she had resolved upon something, Munin looked up.


[I understand.]


Those words were what the Chief of the Forbidden Race said.

Pausing for a moment, I reaffirmed what she had said.


[What do you mean by “I understand”?]

[It means that I will cooperate with you. With your——— revenge.]



Since I mentioned the Forbidden Curses……

Her emotions were clearly shaken.

It was obvious from her reaction.


And looking at her eyes and expression, dwelling within them were———-





From the moment the Forbidden Curses were mentioned, she became restless.

Her knees trembled……

And her breathing turned heavy.

It was as if———


“The time has finally arrived.”


—–She was thinking such a thing.

It’s as if she had been waiting for this moment.

That’s why, I frankly told her why I wanted to gain the power of the Forbidden Curses.

In short……


[You’re also holding something…… against that Goddess, right?]


I asked.

Her eyes slightly opened, Munin pursed her lips tighter.

Eventually, she spoke.


[That Goddess wants…… to wipe us, the Forbidden Race, out of this world.]


As if to review the information I have at hand, I spoke.


[When you learned of this information, you fled to this country.]


Her hands clasped on her lap, Munin nodded.


[I don’t know what kind of incantations the Forbidden Curses are. But as you may have known, the Forbidden Curses seem to be a power that the Goddess deems inconvenient for her.]


Munin lets out an exhausted sigh.


[This information has been handed down from one generation to another. Our current generation…… doesn’t even know anything about the outside world. If the Goddess finds us…… She will surely kill every last one of us.]


I could feel sorrow from the slight smile on Munin’s lips.


[I heard that when the Forbidden Race was still living in the outside world…… many of our brethren were killed by the Goddess. When she learned of the existence of the Forbidden Curses, she apparently tried to eradicate the Forbidden Race. But just as she was doing that…… The Root of All Evil descended.]


In the midst of the chaos and confusion by the arrival of the Root of All Evil……


The Demi-Humans…

The Monsters…

And the Forbidden Race———


Their grand-scale migration began.


[It is said that the Root of All Evil that descended at that time was quite atrocious. Their invasion was apparently so fierce that it made people tremble just by the thought of that time. However…… Ironically, because of the viciousness of the Root of All Evil’s invasion, the Goddess and the human forces devoted everything to fight them. Which also meant that they had no resources to devote to us at all.]


The Demi-Humans and the monsters at that time……

They felt they had reached the limit of what they could do to peacefully live on this continent.

The Demi-Humans tend to be persecuted.

Even the monsters that don’t have golden eyes……


“You will never know when their eyes would turn golden.”


That’s how they considered them as dangerous.


While most of the continent were feeling dread from the invasion of the Root of All Evil———


Some of them started to make plans to hide somewhere.


A safe place to live where the humans can’t find them.

They were thinking that it would be great that there were such a place for them somewhere.


Among the planners was the Immortal King Zect.


What they had their eyes at that time———- was a huge underground ruin.

A ruin that is not yet known to exist on the continent.


At that time…


The one who lent a hand at that time was Anarveil.


She gave them the wisdom and tools they needed.

And thus, led by the Immortal King Zect———- a grand-scale migration took place.


Speaking until there, Munin stopped for a moment.

Is she thinking about her brethren of the past that were slaughtered?

After a moment of silence, as if she was offering a prayer for them, she opened her mouth again.


[At that time, during the great chaos caused by the Root of All Evil…… Their only opportunity was when the Goddess and the humans had their hands full dealing with the Root of All Evil.]

[I see…… That’s how your people, the Forbidden Race, escaped the eyes and the hands of the Goddess. However———–]


The Goddess hasn’t given up on eradicating them yet.

It seems like Munin has just found out about it.

She must have heard about it when King Zect’s messenger came to “bother” them.

And they heard from me that Vysis was planning something against them again.


The other day, a group called the Heroic Sword found out about this place.

And that the Goddess owns another Divine Beast besides Nyaki.

Currently, the Goddess’ subordinates are probably on their way to this place.


[Just as I told you, the Goddess has not given up on wiping out your people, the Forbidden Race, from this world just yet.]

[That seems to be the case.]


Crestfallen, Munin’s shoulders slumped down.

However, she immediately resolutely looked up.


[The Goddess must have learned later that the Forbidden Race had disappeared from this continent at some point. Together with a large number of Demi -Humans and Monsters. The reason why she couldn’t find this place for a long time…… King Zect guessed that it was because Anarveil-sama had taken some measures to help us while she’s in the outside world.]

[……I see.]


It’s that Erika we’re talking about here.

It’s possible that she took some measures to prevent the discovery of this place.


[But just as Belzegia-san knows, the Goddess never gave up on pursuing us. Yes…… I guess she’ll probably never give up. Until our people, the Forbidden Race——— was completely eradicated.]

[That’s what I think too.]


Conversely speaking though.

That completely shows her weak point.

The existence of the Forbidden Curses.

The Goddess’ wariness towards them reaffirms this.


[In the case——–]


Munin’s eyes distinctly opened.


[If the Goddess isn’t brought down, there will never come a day where our people, the Forbidden Race———– the Kurosaga gets to rest peacefully.]


[That means———]

[Yes, Belzegia-san.]


Munin stands up from her seat.


[If it’s to defeat that Goddess, we, the Forbidden Race, will cooperate with you.]


Eyes filled with strong determination.

She stared straight at me with such eyes.

Receiving her gaze, underneath my mask———- I smirked.


Our desires aligned.

My desires, and the Forbidden Race’s desires.


Well, I guess it should be obvious.

That sh*tty Goddess seems to be capable of living forever.

If she doesn’t die, she will continuously live.

If that’s the case…….


The Goddess must be crushed.



The only way for them to survive———- is to crush her.

That ill-natured goddess.

I also stood up.

Thereupon, I bowed my head.


[For your willingness to cooperate, you have my gratitude. It feels my heart with relief knowing that a reliable ally is on my side.]


Raising my head, I continued.


[Now then, with that decided……]


Although I succeeded in gaining her cooperation……

What should I do now?



[You can stop with that stiff way of calling, you know?]


The stern expression she had before somewhat softened.

Chuckling, Munin’s gaze loosens up.


[I’m even calling you Belzegia-san as well anyway.]

[……Well then, Munin-san it is. Would you please tell me what you know about the Forbidden Curses? To tell you the truth, the only thing I know about them is that “These Forbidden Curses can be acquired from the Spellbook of Incantations, and it seems to be effective against the Goddess”.]


Yes, the truth is that——–

I surprisingly know little about the Forbidden Curses.

Hearing what I said, Munin’s eyes narrowed……




——and smiled.


[Well then, the first thing you need to know is that…… As the name implies, we, the Forbidden Race are able to read a special ancient script that is considered “Forbidden”. Incidentally———–]


Munin wryly smiled.


[The name “Forbidden Race” is just what the Goddess called us, and it somehow stuck. In other words, we didn’t really call ourselves such.]

[Your people’s original name was “Kurosaga”, right?]

[Yes. However, we were taught from an early age that “we were a forbidden race”. Therefore, we don’t really have much resistance to being called the “Forbidden Race”. So, please don’t worry about that.]

[I understand.]


“We don’t mind being called the Forbidden Race.”


—–It seems like I’m being notified as such.


[Do you know how to invoke the Forbidden Curses?]

[I have never invoked it, nor have I ever ever seen a Spellbook of Incantations before. There isn’t a single existing Spellbook of Incantation in our village.]


So that’s why…

“However……” Munin continued.


[I know how to invoke it.]



This is good news.

Now, I don’t have to look for a way to invoke it myself.

Munin then began to explain how to invoke it.


[First, you would read the incantation from the spellbook. Then———- You will “affix” the Forbidden Curse upon yourself.]


It kind of sounds like you’re going to buff yourself with these Forbidden Curses.


[Thereupon, a pattern will be imprinted on a part of your body. From what I’ve been told, if you want to cast it in that state, you would have to recite the incantation again and then, it will be activated. Also…… It requires magic power to be activated. We, the Kurosaga, are skilled in the refining and manipulating magic power, so there shouldn’t be any problem. It’s just that……. Actually, the most important aspect of it is that———-…… Belzegia-san? Is there something bothering you?]


It seems like I had unconsciously brought my hand to my chin.


[It’s just that I have something I want to ask before the process of activating it……]


Arranging the question I had in my mind, I asked.


[The nature of this Forbidden Curse…… In other words, what kind of effect and how effective the incantation is. Would they still be unknown until you actually use it yourself?]


Munin looked as if she had begun thinking about it as well.


[I’ve been taught that there’s more than one type of Forbidden Curse…… but I’m not really sure if there’s a way to determine what kind of spell it was before it’s activated———- I guess so, that would certainly be……]


Her eyes fluttered open, she looked at me with her upturned eyes.


[Would you mind…… if I look at one of the Spellbook of Incantations for a bit?]

[Here you go.]


Untying the knot around the scroll-shaped Spellbook of Incantation, I handed it towards Munin.

Receiving the Spellbook of Incantation, she unfurled it open.

Holding it from the top and the bottom of the scroll, Munin began inspecting it.

Eventually———- Her eyes opened wide.

Next, she stands next to me and points at something at the bottom part of the Spellbook of Incantation.


[This isn’t the incantation for a Chanting Spell.]

[Not an incantation?]


In our current position…

If I just turn my face to the side, I would immediately see Munin’s face right beside mine.


[This part here tells the effects of the Forbidden Curse.]



To be honest……

I thought that we would need to infer the effect from the content of the chant.


However, it seems that the effects are carefully written down.


[……And so, what effect does this Forbidden Curse have?]


[It has “the power to erase and seal any Barrier-type ability a God has”.]


In my mind, the memories of that time returned.

The scene of that time——— And that sh*tty Goddess’ irritating voice.


“My <Dispel Bubble> always acts as a protective film around me.”

(T/N: Goddess’ Spell Breaker / Dispel Bubble)


Protective film.

That means———— It’s something like a thin “wall” covering her body.


“Lets see even if its against an E-Rank like you, it’s an absolute defense that will automatically protect me from Abnormal State-type Spells like yours.”


Absolute defense.

That would mean that “it has defensive abilities”.


And thus, it’s a Barrier-type ability.


I can’t say for sure that this Forbidden Curse would completely deal with that bubble of hers.

There’s no such thing in life that anyone can be sure of.

Therefore———– I can’t say it for sure.



[That’s enough for me.]


I looked at the Spellbook of Incantations laid out in front of me.

Putting my index finger on its center, I said.


[That’s already worth enough———— for me to take the risk.]



“By the way, Munin-san.” I said, putting away the Spellbook of Incantation.


[I would get straight to the point. There’s something I’d like to ask you…… Is it possible for a non-literate person to “affix” this Forbidden Curse? In other words…… If one can learn how to read and is able to read the incantation themselves, even if they are not one of the Forbidden Race, wouldn’t they be able to use them?]


Thereupon, Munin had a troubled look on her face.


[It’s possible———- and impossible.]


Possible and impossible.


It could mean that my question could be answered either way.

Munin must have understood the ambiguity of what I asked.

She immediately added further information.


[In conclusion, the process of “affixing” it is possible.]

[However, there’s another problem.]





As she said this, Munin untied the knot near her shoulder.

The knotted fabric untied, her veil began fluttering down.

Munin then took a few steps away and turned her back to me.

Thereupon———- She slid her garment down to her waist.

The upper half of her body was now completely exposed.

Covering her breasts with one arm, Munin gently turned around.


[Please look at this.]


Black wings sprouted from around her shoulder blades.

In the middle of the roots of her wings———-


A little below the neck, a pattern was drawn there.


It was a light gray color.

It doesn’t look like a tattoo though.


[It is said that this pattern represents two wings, one arm, one eye, a sword, a shield……. and a chain.]


Although it’s difficult to understand without her explanation……

If you break that pattern into parts, I can certainly see how it looks like that.

It’s an oversimplified symbol that one wouldn’t have understood what it meant unless they’re told.


What was Munin’s intentions in showing me this though?



[Can it only be used by someone who has this pattern?]

[If it’s just “affixing” the Forbidden Spell, it’s possible for anyone to do it. However…… If someone who doesn’t carry this crest uses the Forbidden Curses, they will die.]


[From what I was told…… They will experience an unthinkable amount of pain and blood would spurt out from their body until they lost their life.]


With a tone that sounds like she’s trying to sound ominous, she started putting her clothes back on.

From her description though, that kind of sounds like a combination of <Paralyze> and <Berserk>.


However, I see……


[That’s why, I said “it’s possible and impossible”.]


A person without that crest can only “affix” the Forbidden Curse.

However, using it would spell your death.


“By the way…” I asked again.


[If a person without a crest uses it…… does the spell itself activate, even if the user dies?]


[I guess that one is unknown huh?]


Activating a Forbidden Curse in exchange for their death.

No…… However……

Even if that is possible———


[Unfortunately, no.]


Munin apologetically shook her head.

It won’t work huh…

You’ll just die without even getting it to activate.

If that’s the case……


[So, in order to activate the Forbidden Curses, I will need the help of one of the Forbidden Race that has that crest.]


Munin nodded.


[Also, regarding the Forbidden Race that possesses this crest…… There’s only me and one other person in the village.]


Not all of the Forbidden Race have crests.

There’s only two people who have it huh.


[That’s why, I would have to be present when the moment comes.]

[I’m grateful for that but…… are you sure? You’re supposed to be the chief, aren’t you?]


Hearing what I said, Munin’s eyes opened up a bit———– and a small smile appeared on her lips.


[It’s exactly because I am the Chief that I am doing this. I think I should do this for the future of the Kurosaga. This is my mission as their Chief.]


Her smile was soft, but filled with determination.

Kneeling down on the spot, I bowed my head again.


[……I understand. For your determination, I thank you from the bottom of my heart…… I pledge to do my best to never let your determination go to waste. With all of my might——— I will crush Goddess Vysis!]


Straightening her posture in response, Munin brought her hands together in front of her stomach.

Giggling, she slightly tilted her head and smiled.


[Yes. I also thank you from the bottom of my heart.]


Saying this, the smile on her lips turned into a bitter one.


[However…… There is one more thing that we would really need in order to use the Forbidden Curses, besides magic power.]


It seems like there’s still something I need to find.


[We would need a “medium”.]


[A medium……]

[I’m really sorry, but that medium hasn’t existed in this village for a long time. Also——– The medium was apparently as hard to find as the Spellbooks of Incantations.]

[Have you seen one of these mediums though? Can you perhaps describe its shape or anything noticeable about it……]

[I’m sorry…… I’ve never seen it myself, so I can’t really say much about it.]

[No. That’s not something you need to apologize for, Munin-san.]


Her face turned away, Munin looked crestfallen.


[Umm, just in case you may know about this item…… I heard that before they evacuated to this country, they were acquiring the medium “in the Nashul Mountains in the west of the continent”. However, it seems that it was already considered a rare item at their time…… So, acquiring them nowadays is————]


“I’m not really sure……”, Munin apologetically said again, shaking her head.




I see.

You can’t learn the Forbidden Curses just by reading it.

You would need a medium to act as an “intermediary” for the Spellbook of Incantations and the learner.


[Are those mediums consumables? Or perhaps, you would only need one of these mediums to repeatedly cast the Forbidden Curse?]

[It is said that they’re consumed when it’s invoked in your body. I’ve also heard that the crest that is affixed in one’s body would also disappear after they’ve been used.]


That means……

The Forbidden Curses could only be activated based on the number of mediums we can acquire.

It’s not like a skill that can be used repeatedly as long as you have MP huh.

In short———- They aren’t spells that I must not waste.

When using the Forbidden Curse, I must make sure that it was used only at the decisive moment.

……However, it’s a rare item huh.

Bringing my thumb on my chin, I spoke.


[Speaking of rare items…… I know a few things about some things regarding the countries in the west.]




The Jonato Principality and the Mira Empire.


These two countries were on the west continent.


I’ve heard that Jonato has been hoarding rare items that they call “Sacred Relics”.

I’m sure that Mira would also have a large treasure house with a large amount of rare items in it.


Moreover, I don’t think they’re countries that offer everything to the Goddess.

More importantly, those two countries are located in the western region of the continent.

And then, the mountains where the rare medium can be obtained is also in the west.




I’ve heard that Jonato suffered a lot of damage in the last major invasion.

Their royal capital apparently suffered considerable damage.

If it’s now———- It might unexpectedly be easy for us to infiltrate in.


If I remember correctly, according to the information obtained from the Heroic Sword……

It seems like their general, the Mad Emperor’s brother, is after the Divine Beast huh.

It makes it difficult for me to get Nyaki out of this country.

As much as possible, I don’t want to do an act like this either.

However, I don’t really need to get Nyaki out of this country……

But with her stay in this country, wouldn’t I be able to make use of her presence as a leverage in my negotiations with them?


[If there is anything I can do to help you get the medium, please don’t hesitate to let me know. What I mean is, ummm…… If you are going on a journey to find it, I would like to join you. Ah——– You don’t have to worry about my wings. I can make them smaller, though it would be tough for me to keep them hidden for a long time. Moreover…… I’ll show them to you later, but us crest bearers also have some convenient special skills we could make use of……]


Contemplating about it for a bit, with my thumb still on my chin, I looked up at her.


[By the way, Munin-san, what is the name of that rare item?]

[It’s called the Azure Dragon Stone.]













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