Hot Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator Comics Chapter 606

Chapter 606 Stir The Pot

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Qin Yaner was in a bad mood lately.

She was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. As she grew up, not only the gods had blessed her with an attractive appearance but also with a strong personality that was only matched by her abilities. As soon as she got admitted into the Yan Jin University, she started Yan Ran Inc., an advertisement company. Later, she even ventured into the film industry.

She had already amassed over a billion in wealth when she was still in fourth year at the University, earning a spot among the elite of the Yan Jin society. Because of her beauty and wealth, she was treated as a goddess by the rich heirs of Yan Jin.

However, Goodness also came with troubles.

"Yiren, can you believe that my grandpa arranged a fiance for me without even telling me who he was? Ive just received a call from him and he told me that some dude is coming to Yan Jin for the new year and he is going to officially set the date for the wedding. I mean, what the heck? I dont even know who he is, or what he looks like!" Qin Yaner held the iPhone close to her ear and complained to her best friend.

She looked gorgeous even when she was mad. She was wearing a loose fit shirt and a pair of hot pants, her locked brows seemed to hold the secret of her sublime beauty.

She was observably more beautiful than Jiang Churan if not An Ya or Fang Qiong. It was that touch of flirtiness that made her breathtaking features even more lethal.

"What can you do? You were born into an influential family. Unless you can find a better candidate, I dont think Old Lord Qin will change his mind," her friend said.

Yiren was wearing a white gym outfit and a ponytail. She sat in a quiet room surrounded by bamboo. Although she was not pretty like Qin Yaner, she was elegant and intrepid.

"I really envy you. Your family would never do such a thing to you. Plus, even my grandpa had to show respect to you because you are a Transcendent Grandmaster. No one can tell you what to do," Qin Yaner said.

"We live under different circumstances. My family doesnt need marriage alliances because we rely on our personal strength. But the Qin family needs that social net to survive, and a marriage alliance is the best way to extend the net," Yiren explained.

"I have no idea what youre talking about. Just tell me what to do! My grandpa is adamant in his decision and not even my parents could change his mind. It was as if that dude were the best man in the world!" Qin Yaner complained.

Yiren asked, "Do you know which family he is from? "

"I dont know who he is, but I know hes from the Wang family. The Old Lord Wang came to talk to my grandpa about this dude, and my grandpa was so excited that he agreed to the marriage on the spot! Ughhh! I really wish I knew his name so that I could beat him up for doing this to me!"

Qin Yaner waved her little fist in the air and fumed.

"The Wang family of Yan Jin?"

Yiren furrowed her brows.

"Wang Chen from the Wang family is already engaged. Who else could it be? Neither Wang Zhan nor Wang Feng are good enough for you. The Wang family has been going downhill for a while, so your grandpa shouldnt have agreed to the marriage so quickly."

"You dont say! The only decent heir in the Wang family was Wang Chen, but I cant stand that two-faced prick who thinks he is better than anyone."

Qin Yaner shook her head.

Ye Yiren furrowed her brows and murmured, "If its not Wang Chen, who else could it be? Someone from the branch family?"

"Have you told Xian Xuan about it?"

The name made Qin Yaner blush a little.

"No I havent."

Xian Xuan was one of the most well known heirs of Yan Jin City, just like Wang Chen and Li Mufan. He was from the Xiao family, the most powerful family in China. The Wangs and the Qins were simply out of their league.

Qin Yaner and Xian Xuan had grown up together and had been good friends since childhood. Qin Yaner had always had a crush on Xian Xuan and it was quite obvious for people around them.

The Qin family and the Xiao family had been discussing a marriage alliance before the Old Lord Qin had a sudden change of heart.

"Interesting. Old Lord Qin even renounced what was previously spoken with the Xiao family. What would make him risk the ire of the Xiao family? Unless"

Ye Yiren paused a second.

"What?" Qin Yaner urged.

"No, its impossible. He already has a girlfriend. Plus, he wouldnt agree to the marriage anyways." Ye Yiren shook her head and let go of the thought.

"Just keep calm and carry on for now. Maybe your grandpa will realize he made a mistake soon. Theres nothing you can do until you know who he is."

"Fine then," Qin Yaner said.

After she hung up, Qin Yaner mustered her courage and dialed another number.

"Brother Xiao? This is Yaner. I need to tell you something"

Unknown to Chen Fan, his visit to Yan Jin had stirred the pot.

They didnt take a plane. Instead, they decided to take a car to enjoy the scenic view along the way and spend some quality time together as a family.

"Xiao Fan, why do you think Old Lord Wang invited us to spend the New Year in Yan Jin?" Chen Gexin asked as he scanned the headlines on the newspaper.

"What else could it be? He must have heard Xiao Fans achievements and wanted us back as part of the family. I know my dad, his heart is colder and harder than stone. He wouldnt care to say hi to us if we were useless to him." Wang Xiaoyun fumed.

"Wang Zhongguo is an extraordinary man. He started everything from nothing and built one of the most powerful families in China. He is cunning and calculating, and knows exactly what he wants," Chen Fan said as he steadied the steering wheel.

In his past life, Chen Fan had only seen his grandpa a few times, but had heard a lot about him. The Wang family had deep roots in Yan Jin City and remained relevant for decades. Its success was solely thanks to Wang Zhongguos shrewd methods and incredible perspicacity.

However, as soon as Wang Zhongguo passed away, the Wang family quickly followed suit and bit the dust.

"I am impressed, son."

Chen Gexin nodded.

Wang Xiaoyun rolled her eyes at her husband and said, "Thank god that my son is better than you! They call him Superpower Chen, while you are still sitting in the same dingy cubicle ever since you started your job!"

Chen Gexin grimaced, but lacked the courage to flung back at his wife. Instead, he did the right thing and kept his silence.

Fang Qiong and An Ya both giggled.

The Jeep kept going north and finally arrived at Yan Jin City, the capital of ancient China and the center of modern China. The city was enormous and it took them some time to find the Wang family estate.

The Wang family resided half way on the Mountain north of Yan Jin. The elites had built a community there with guarded entrances. Chen Fan was stopped at the checkpoint near the foot of the mountain.

"Hello, Uncle Zhong. We have arrived," Wang Xiaoyun spoke into the phone.

Uncle Zhong told them to wait at the entrance as he headed down to meet them.

"Xiao Fan, its so pretty here. Wouldnt it be nice if we could have a house here? Look at those maple leaves. Aww. It would be so pretty when the snow falls."

Fang Qiong leaned against Chen Fan as she enjoyed the scenery.

The North Mountain was filled with Maples. Their flaming red leaves were an extraordinary sight in the winter, especially after a snow.

"Sure, I can buy this entire mountain and give it to you as a gift," Chen Fan said with a smile.

A group of teenage passersby heard Chen Fans words and they laughed. "The North Mountain is filled with big wigs and tycoons. Not even a trillion Yuan would be enough to buy it."

That group of teenagers seemed rich, by looking at their expensive clothing.

They parked their sports car near the checkpoint and were going to start up the mountain. The guard seemed to know them well and didnt stop them.

Chen Fan cracked a smile and didnt reply.

At his level, he wouldnt care to squabble with youngsters. If he was really riled up, he would simply silence them forever.

Chen Fans silence didnt sit well with the young man who spoke up.

He was tall and handsome, but carried an aggressive air about him.

"Hey, you! Dont you know where you are? Find a mirror and take a good look at yourself. Leave now or I will call security!"

Wang Xiaoyun furrowed her brows as soon as she heard the young mans words.

She could let the first comment slide, but this was an open insult, which she could not tolerate.

Chen Fan narrowed his eyes as he was ready to teach those youngsters a lesson.

Suddenly, a sixteen year old girl emerged from the crowd and shouted, "Auntie Xiaoyun? Is that you? Why didnt you tell us that you were coming?"

Wang Xiaoyun was taken aback and after she examined the girl who called out to her, she said, "Are you Chenchen?"

"Yes, Auntie Xiaoyun, is he my cousin?" Wang Chenchen asked curiously.

The young man wore a scowl and said, "Wang Chenchen, do you know them? I had never heard that you had an Auntie called Wang Xiaoyun."

Wang Chenchen hesitated and didnt know what to say.

People around her finally realized what was going on.

"She must be from a side branch of the Wang family!"

The young man shook his head and gave Chen Fan a disdainful look.




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