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Chapter 1381 Hilas Hidden Cultivation Experience Filled Up

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With a flash of light, Han Xiao arrived at the Underworld Dimension. The moment he entered, he saw Hila fighting Aurora.

In the pitch-black sky, two enormous energy spheres, one red and one gold, stuck closely together like two connected suns. The scarlet power of the Dead pressed forward step by step, continuously squeezing the space occupied by the Life power, like a ruffian bullying a cowering girl. A graceful figure floated in the middle of the energy cluster filled with Power Of The Dead. Hilas red hair danced in the energy surge, and her expression was calm. On the other side of the golden light, Auroras blonde hair was dancing wildly. She clenched her fists and raised them in front of her. Her cheeks were red, and she was pumping out all her life energy to resist Hilas suppression.

"Eh? An elder sister bullying her younger sister, I cant just ignore this. Do you need help? I can help you bully her back."

Han Xiao glanced at it, raised his brows, and shouted at Aurora.

Hila turned around and glanced at him. After pausing for a moment, she retracted her power of Death.

The scarlet sun in the sky rapidly shrunk and disappeared, returning to her body.

Aurora, who was on the other side, suddenly felt no pressure. It was as if one of them had suddenly let go when the two of them were pushing each other. The life force that had lost its resistance could not help but spurt out, and a golden tsunami immediately appeared in the sky.

She hurriedly restrained her energy and slowly guided it back into her body. The golden sun quickly disappeared, leaving Aurora gasping in midair, looking like she was about to collapse.

Hila frowned and stared at Aurora with her sharp eyes. "Your control is still too weak. Rest for a while and continue training."

Hila then turned to Han Xiao and explained,

"Were not fooling around. Extreme pressure can speed up the growth of her life energy, broaden her upper limit, and help her increase her strength. This is one of the special training Ive prepared for her."

Han Xiao shrugged. He knew that this was training, so he was just joking. At this time, Aurora also turned back into her petite figure and flew in front of them. The redness on her face that she had suppressed earlier had yet to fade, and she looked a little silly and embarrassed. "I lost the last battle because I was not strong enough. I felt that I could no longer wait idly for my life force to automatically increase. It was too slow, so I specially requested my sister to give me special training. I will improve as much as I can." "Not bad, very hardworking." Han Xiao smiled and praised her. He raised his hand and rubbed Auroras head.

Aurora enjoyed it and even raised her head slightly to approach Han Xiaos palm.

This time, Hila floated over with an expressionless face. She slapped Han Xiaos hand away and said, "Why are you looking for me? If theres nothing else, leave. The special training is not over yet. Dont disturb us."

Han Xiao rubbed the back of his hand, which had turned red from the slap, and smiled. "Im here to tell you some good news. Feidin has already become a Beyond Grade A."

Hilas eyes flickered, but she was not surprised. She nodded calmly.

"Its indeed a good thing. Please congratulate him on my behalf. However, it was only a matter of time before he reached this level."

"Other than that, theres another surprise for you. Feidin has found the legendary place where souls return to the dust, the Soul Terminal. He knows that your ability can devour souls to strengthen yourself, so he wanted me to ask if youre interested in taking a look."

Hearing this, Hilas expression changed, and her eyes widened slightly. She finally had an emotional reaction.

She also knew about the legends of the Soul Terminal. The power of the dead was nourished by the soul, and she also yearned for this legendary place. However, this was only a guess. There was no eyewitness report of the Soul Terminal in history. If what Black Star said was true, Feidin should be the first person to discover it.

"Of course Im interested! When are we going over?!"

Without any hesitation, Hila blurted out and instantly threw the thought of Auroras special training out of the window.

"Lets go now. Feidin is already waiting for you at the training base." "Then what are we waiting for? Hurry up!" Without hesitation, Hila took out a King suit and quickly put it on, signaling Han Xiao to activate it with Mechanical Force.

Han Xiao could not help but laugh. He also changed into a King and activated his Mechanical Force.

With a flash of lightning, the two of them disappeared.

Ten minutes later, Feidin brought Han Xiao and Hila to the Soul Terminal.

Looking at the inexhaustible soul fragments here, Hila revealed a rare look of shock and surprise. For a moment, she forgot how to speak, staring at the enormous Soul Nebula Vortex in a daze.

"How is this place? Does it help you?" Feidin asked.

Hila regained her senses and nodded. Her voice trembled with emotion,

"These soul dregs are very beneficial to me. My intuition tells me that this is the best place for me to cultivate!"

"As long as its useful. Since theres no one here, you can stay as long as you want," Feidin said with a smile.


Hila patted Feidins shoulder and rubbed it, repeating what Han Xiao usually did. Her eyes were fixed on the countless soul fragments, her eyes were burning.

At this moment, she decided without hesitation.

Until the World Tree enters the mainland, I will stay here. No one can take me away!

It was rare for Hila to be excited, but she felt like she had forgotten something.

At this moment, a despondent voice sounded in her mind.

"Sis what about my special training?"

Errr, I told you I forgot something

Hilas expression froze, and she coughed.

"Ahem, things have changed. I wont be going back for a while. You can practice by yourself first."

This tone was more or less like a parent who had no choice but to coax a child when they were busy with work. It gave off the feeling of you go play by yourself. "Humph! ill train myself!"

Aurora shut off her mental voice.

I was abandoned just like that?

You promised to help me cultivate, but you ran away. Stupid Sister, Im ignoring you!

The mental communication was cut off, but Hila did not care. She could not wait to get out of the spaceship.


The Power Of The Dead gushed out, forming a scarlet tornado. It swept over the soul residue in the surroundings, crushing and disintegrating them, turning everything into pure soul energy that was swallowed into the Power Of The Dead to strengthen her Esper Ability.

Han Xiaos eyes sparkled.

With such an opportunity, Hila will also be on the path of leveling up. I estimate that in ten years no, in less than ten years, a new peak Beyond Grade A will appear. When she reaches this level, her combat strength will be greatly enhanced. With her strength, as long as she grows stronger, it wont be a problem for her to resist two or three peak Beyond Grade As of the World Tree.

He rubbed his chin as he watched this scene. He secretly nodded and had high hopes for


Hila and Feidin stayed behind to cultivate, while Han Xiao returned to the training base and continued to train everyone according to the original plan. He began to research more on the Sanctums to the point that he was unable to extricate himself from it.

Feidin would come back every few days to give the students a buff.

Everyone was immersed in training every day, and their sense of time had become dull. In the blink of an eye, more than half a year had passed in the intense training.

The battle at the frontline was still going on intensely. The World Tree Army continued to advance despite the harassment of the three Universal Civilizations.

For the past half a year, the forums had been flooded with relevant information, and countless players were enthusiastically exchanging combat intelligence.

As for Han Xiao and the other Beyond Grade As, they were training at the back and had withdrawn from the frontline. They made use of the calm before the storm to increase their strength. Because they were not in the players sights, there was not much to talk about the Beyond Grade As in the past half a year, hence they faded into the background.

The intensity of the war was equivalent to the frequency of combat missions. Many players in the frontline who were part of the suicide squad earned a fortune. Batch after batch of players reached the version limit of Lv180. Some of the extra experience was used to upgrade their skills, and some of it went to Han Xiao through consumption in the Black Star Army.

Thanks to the high rewards of the suicide mission, the players earned experience faster, which also indirectly shortened the time Han Xiao needed to accumulate experience.

It had not even been a year, but Han Xiao had already gathered enough experience to level up to 360. His efficiency was higher than expected.

After so many years, he finally had the chance to advance again. Han Xiao did not hesitate and chose a good day to come to an uninhabited planet in his territory. He was prepared to invest all his experience to level up and reach the threshold of a new Promotion.

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