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Chapter 1384 Beyonders Vestige Remnant Consciousness Body

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After finalizing the conditions for borrowing of the churchs National Treasure, Han Xiao spent a lot of time carefully calculating the distance of each Beyonders Vestige, but the result shocked him.

He had originally thought that all the Beyonders Vestige might be in the unexplored area of the universe. Because it was too far away, he could only estimate the distance. However, he did not expect to actually locate one of the sensory sources. It was very close, and surprisingly, it was in the Ancient Star Desert!

This surprised him greatly.

The most frightening thing was that all the Beyonders Vestige were too far away. If that was the case, who knew how long it would take. He was all prepared to go on a long journey, but he did not expect a surprise. In this case, it would be much easier to achieve this Promotion requirement.

However, on top of being happy, Han Xiao was also very curious about which brother had left this legacy.

After obtaining the location data, Han Xiao did not delay and immediately set off for the Ancient Star Desert to find his target.

Ancient Star Desert, a desolate universe belt.

This was a space zone without any celestial bodies. Suddenly, there was a flash of dazzling starlight in the distance. A stream of hyperdrive light shot over from afar and stopped in the area, revealing Han Xiao in his mechanical suit.

"The location is near here. Speaking of which, there doesnt seem to be anything special here. Is there really no problem with the perception?"

Han Xiao thought to himself as he observed his surroundings. He only felt that this area was ordinary and did not have anything worth paying attention to. He did not notice anything unusual with normal Beyond Grade A perception as well. He calmed himself down and activated his Beyonders Vestige perception vision to sense his surroundings. The originally normal environment suddenly changed.

A white mist of light appeared out of thin air, slowly changing shape, floating and moving, looking very inconspicuous.

"This is Beyonders Vestige?"

Han Xiao was surprised.

If not for the fact that his senses were pointing at this ball of light, he would have thought that he was mistaken. The appearance of the Beyonders Vestige was very different from what he had imagined. He had thought that it would be more gorgeous.

He focused his eyes and looked carefully. Suddenly, his eyes moved, and he realized that the fog was actually made up of particles with a very strange microscopic form. He had mastered so many techniques, but he had never seen such a particle before. He felt a strange sense of harmony from it, which made him think of the word perfect.

"Its said that the Beyonders Vestige condenses the life essence, soul consciousness, and core energy of the dead during their advancement. Its equivalent to turning everything of a Super into this particle and retaining it in this form. This particle form might be the key to a higher level"

Han Xiao murmured.

As a researcher, he did not touch this Beyonders Vestige immediately. Instead, he first recorded this particle form and stored it in an encrypted database. If anything happened during this trip, he could study it himself in the future.

After doing this, Han Xiao calmed down and let out a long breath.

"Done Let me see what secrets the Beyonders Vestige has."

As he spoke, Han Xiao reached out his hand and tried to touch the target. However, his hand passed through it as if the light was just a mirage.

He raised his brows and tried to use his energy to guide it again, but it was still ineffective. The Beyonders Vestige was still unaffected and continued to float.

With the attitude of experimenting, Han Xiao tried all kinds of methods, but the results were the same. Even (Bold Explorer) did not work. Only then did he finally confirm that there was no way to capture the Beyonders Vestige.

"It seems like even if the external environment changes, Beyonders Vestige will not be affected. Only living beings in my critical state can come into contact with it"

Han Xiao recalled the experience of activating his perception vision back then. He felt the rhythm of the cells in his critical state, which was similar to meditation. His mind kept sinking into the deep sea of his consciousness.

After a while, Han Xiao suddenly felt a change. It was as if a ripple was spreading in his body, echoing throughout. It gave him a slight electric shock on the cell level, forming a resonance.

Han Xiao opened his eyes and touched the Beyonders Vestige once again. This time, he finally felt something solid. It felt like his palm was inserted into the core of a star, and it was extremely hot.

This Beyonders Vestige finally reacted. The light fog wrapped around Han Xiaos arm and climbed up bit by bit. A suction force came from within, as though it wanted to slowly swallow him up. If it had been indifferent just now, it was now passionately surrounding him, not wanting Han Xiao to leave its body.

Just as Han Xiao was experiencing this feeling, this Beyonders Vestige seemed to have been stimulated. It suddenly shrank, then exploded with a loud bang. A dazzling light instantly gushed out and covered Han Xiaos entire body.

His vision instantly turned into a white world.

"What is this?"

Han Xiao suddenly lost his sense of position and immediately tried to retreat. However, he realized that no matter how he moved, he could not walk out of this white world. The white light around him extended endlessly, as though there was no end to it.

"Was I brought to the alternate dimension?"

Han Xiao was shocked. He activated the King mechanical suit in his body and prepared to teleport.

However, at this moment, a spiritual body covered in blue light suddenly appeared from the void and floated not far in front of Han Xiao. Only its outline was visible, and the details of its appearance were covered by the dazzling blue light.

An ancient sigh followed.

"Youre finally here"

A living person ?

Han Xiao was shocked. He stared at the blue spiritual entity and was shocked.

Just as he was about to ask about this persons identity, a terrifying mental shockwave suddenly broke through the mental barrier and rushed into his brain!

At this moment, a sharp pain exploded from his brain and shook his soul.

Han Xiao pressed down on his head and clenched his teeth. He felt as if someone had thrown his brain into a blender.

He hurriedly opened the interface and saw that his health was depleting at an unbelievable speed. The damage notifications popped up and entered Han Xiaos vision. He immediately understood the situation.

It was not that easy to obtain the Beyonders Vestige. If he wanted to absorb it into his body, he would have to endure an extremely high burden. While obtaining someone elses inheritance, he would have to accept their debt.

According to the different causes of death of the Beyonders Vestiges owner, the burden was also different. It was equivalent to the inheritor having to take the test and undergo a weakened version of the malignant mutation. It was the same type of danger as the Beyonders Vestiges owner when he advanced.

This Beyonders Vestiges owner died due to cosmic assimilation during his Promotion. The remaining soul consciousness had already partially fused with the universe consciousness, which resulted in a strong mental load. It contained the psychic impact of the universe consciousness, and its power was stronger than any Beyond Grade A mental attack that Han Xiao had ever experienced.

At this time, the spiritual entity finally spoke again.

"Since the impact has already begun, theres no way to stop it. Either we succeed or we die."

Han Xiao used all his strength to activate his recovery ability. Enduring the pain, he forced himself to focus and asked, "Who are you?"

"Im just a product formed by my remaining soul consciousness. Im no longer me. All thats left is my incomplete memories and personality, as well as the obsession that supports my existence," the spiritual entity said calmly.

"Are you the predecessor of this Beyonders Vestige?"

Han Xiaos eyes twitched.

He had thought that the original owner had completely disappeared, but he did not expect that there would still be a remnant consciousness. Could it be that the other Beyonders Vestiges were also the same? At this time, the spiritual entity shook its head and said,

"I died when I was trying to break through to a higher level, but for some reason, I did not die completely. I continued to exist in this form. So, this is called Beyonders Vestige"

He did not have the interface like Han Xiao, and did not know the reason and could not explain what had happened to him, nor did he know the secrets of the Beyonders Vestige.

"Whats your name?" Han Xiao could not help but ask. He was still curious about which Beyond Grade A in history this person was.

"Tyrsius," the spiritual entity replied.

Han Xiao quickly recalled and realized that there was no such person in history.

"Which eras Beyond Grade A are you? The exploration era or the Galaxy Calendar?"

"Beyond Grade A?" Tyrsius was confused. "Whats that?"

Han Xiao was stunned for a moment before realizing something.

"Have you heard of the three Universal Civilizations? The Crimson Dynasty, the Federation of Light, and the Arcane Church"

Tyrsius shook his head. "Im from Planet Cree, a wanderer of the universe. Ive never heard of the three Universal Civilizations."

Han Xiaos heart skipped a beat.

If this part of his memory was not incomplete, then this guy was not a Beyond Grade A from the explored universe, but a guest from the unexplored universe. The reason he appeared here was probably that the Beyonders Vestige had slowly drifted over after his death.

However, at this moment, Tyrsius suddenly paused and said thoughtfully, "Wait, I seem to have some impression of the Westsandling Civilization that you mentioned. I think I passed by a Star System civilization like this."

Hearing this, Han Xiao was shocked.

Westsandling was the Federation of Lights real name. If what this guy said was true, then he might have guessed wrong. This guy did not float over after his death, but he is an extremely ancient existence that had come to this region before the Federation of Light rose.

Han Xiaos heart sank slightly. After receiving the Beyonders Vestige perception, he had a vague guess that this might not be the early stage of the Iteration, and the origin of Tyrsius seemed to confirm this guess.

Right at this moment, the mental shockwave passed its peak and finally subsided. Han Xiao immediately felt much better. Although it was very dangerous, he could still endure it with his tankiness.

Han Xiao felt much more relaxed. Just as he was about to ask Tyrsius more details, he suddenly realized that Tyrsius figure had become blurry. Tyrsius seemed to have expected this and took the initiative to explain.

"I died in the cosmic assimilation. If you can endure the burden, everything I left behind will be yours. When you succeed, it will be the day my remaining consciousness dies."


"I died a long time ago, and this is also a relief for me. The steps to a higher level are often forged by the deaths of the predecessors, so dont worry about it."

Tyrsius was rather open-minded.

Hearing this, Han Xiao had a strange expression.

To him, Tyrsius was just a stranger who had suddenly popped out of nowhere. He did not have any relationship with him, so he naturally did not feel anything. He just felt that this encounter was a little unexpected. He still had many things he wanted to ask this guy.

Furthermore, he doubted if this remnant consciousness would really disappear if he absorbed the Beyonders Vestige.

After all, one had to be wary of others. Han Xiao did not completely believe the other partys words.

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