I A Hundred Billion Boss Signed In The City For Eight Years Chapter 229

Chapter 228: Not used to

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The official collection of the museum is not new, it is just being transported to make it easy for people to see it. When you want to see it, you can go to the museum to see it yourself. And those paintings and calligraphy in private collections are precious. These collectors are very stingy. They usually put them at home to admire them for themselves. It may take ten or twenty years before they are willing to exhibit them.

Therefore, this calligraphy and painting exhibition is also a rare opportunity.

Sisters Ye Xuan and Liu Han and Liu Wei strolled around inside.

When Ye Xuan was carefully looking at the calligraphy and painting of a promising newcomer, Liu Wei's cell phone rang next to him.

Liu Wei blushed, and quickly turned off the mute, apologized to the people around, and then quickly walked to the corner to the side, answered the phone and whispered: "Are you there yet?"

After getting a response from the opposite, Liu Wei took the phone and walked out of the corner, listening to the microphone while looking for someone.

After a while, Liu Wei seemed to have found something, waved hello to the other side, and then hung up the phone.

Ye Xuan followed Liu Wei's gaze and looked at the painting, and a **** the opposite side was also looking at the painting.

That girl, not as tall as Liu Wei, was only of medium build, but she was just right. She wore a white woolen sweater and a khaki suspender skirt, with an elegant and demure temperament on her body. In this environment surrounded by art, she is particularly able to blend into it, as if she was born with art.

Beside the girl, there was a chubby young man standing with a smirk on his face. There was no painting and calligraphy in front of him in his eyes. He just stared at the artistic girl. He would follow wherever the girl went. The posture of licking the dog.

The girl told him not to follow her and watch the painting carefully, but he didn't listen.

The girl showed a helpless expression and had to let him follow.

The girl looked around, saw Liu Wei, hung up the phone, and ran over and said: "Liu Wei, finally found you!" Then the girl squeezed Liu Han's face when she saw Liu Han. "Oh, your sister is getting cuter and cuter! When she grows up, she will become a beautiful woman!"

Then, the girl saw Ye Xuan again, and said in doubt: "This kid is so cute! Who is he? Your brother or nephew?"

"No, no, one sister is enough, how can there be a brother? This is a classmate of my sister's elementary school, who happened to meet on the road." Liu Wei explained.

"Oh? Is a kid running around on his own? Can't I find my mother?" the girl curiously asked.

Ye Xuan saw that although this girl looked very simple and elegant, she had a lot of unexpected words when she spoke. He raised his head and looked at Liu Wei in confusion.

Liu Wei understood what Ye Xuan meant, and explained to Ye Xuan first: "This is my friend, sister Wang Jing. Speaking of which, are you lost? Didn't an adult come alone?"

Just now, the mature and agile temperament in Ye Xuan's eyes made Liu Wei forget about it, and he felt that he was not at all like the kind of kid who was lost and panicked.

"I'm here alone, someone will pick me up when I go back, it's okay." Ye Xuan said.

So the two girls didnt delve into it. They just sighed that the children are so mature now. If they were replaced by them, when they were so old, they would not dare to go out alone at Balabala. In the end, they even started to talk about the recent improvement in public security. It's okay for the boy to go out.

If you are not careful, you just forget about it and leave the chubby young man next to him hanging aside.

The young man's heart was burning with anger, and his face became very gloomy.

Is this a Cheng Yaojin halfway through?

Suddenly, the appearance of two children and a woman disrupted the plan.

So the chubby youth asked, "Wang Jing, who is this one?

His tone was very low, and he didn't look like he wanted to please Wang Jing just now, he looked very unhappy.

Wang Jing was a little frightened, and subconsciously leaned against Liu Wei and said, "This is my friend."

Wang Jing didn't even say Liu Wei's name.

Then the young man introduced himself: "Hello, I am a member of the Jinling Calligraphy Association, Zhang Feng."

At this time, the young man raised his head and looked at Liu Wei.

Liu Wei is 1.74 meters tall. With high heels, her height is about 1.8 meters.

However, Zhang Feng was only 1.71 meters tall, and because of his obesity, he was even more short and round.

Zhang Feng didn't take a close look at Liu Wei's face just now, and only then took a close look at her.

Although Liu Wei is tall, her face is very small, and she looks very white. She looks like a very top-grade beauty.

Zhang Feng's face was stunning, and his heart was full of surprises.

This Wang Jing, is there such a friend?

Thinking of this, Zhang Feng's eyes flashed with a different color, and his face became more eager to the two of them.

Then Zhang Feng said enthusiastically to Liu Wei and Wang Jing: "You seem to like calligraphy better. My father is the vice president of the Jinling Calligraphy Association and one of the organizers of this exhibition. I can introduce it to you."

Zhang Feng opened his arms, as if this entire painting and calligraphy exhibition belonged to him.

Then said: "Quiet, how about it?"

Wang Jing frowned and said, "Zhang Feng, would you please call me my full name? I don't know you that well." At this time, Wang Jing felt like goose bumps on her body. She had been trying to avoid this Zhang Feng just now, but as a result, this person was like a brown candy and couldn't get rid of it. Had it not been for himself and him to be classmates, his grandfather had also met his father, and he hadn't done anything more than anything else, Wang Jing would have called the police long ago.

After Wang Jing finished speaking, Zhang Feng turned even darker in UU reading www.uukanshu.com, and cursed in his heart: stinky bitch, if there is a wink, you will be bright if you really give you some sunshine. See how Lao Tzu will play with you after he catches you.

Zhang Feng was filled with all kinds of stinking thoughts in his heart, but there was still a smile on his face.

"Okay, Wang Jing. I'm sorry, I took the liberty just now. I thought, we are already friends... But it doesn't matter, I will continue to work hard to be friends with you. Everyone is good classmates, forgive me this time I am abrupt. By the way, since your friend came here to take a good look at these paintings and calligraphy, right? Let me show you around? With me as a guide, these two kids will definitely learn a lot too."

As he said, approaching Liu Han with a smirk, trying to touch Liu Han's face scared Liu Han to hide behind Ye Xuan, and Zhang Feng took his hand back angrily.

Wang Jing glanced at Liu Wei, this was indeed a good opportunity, and she was not good to let Liu Wei disappointed.

Besides, Zhang Feng's attitude is also very good at this time. If he suddenly refuses, he might hurt the friendship between his classmates.

So Wang Jing did not refuse and said, "Then please. I was not good just now, and my tone was not very good. I am not used to others calling me quietly."

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