I A Hundred Billion Boss Signed In The City For Eight Years Chapter 230

Chapter 229: Reprimand

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After that, Wang Jing took Liu Wei away, but Zhang Feng still followed, like a tour guide.

This maple is indeed very familiar with the interior of the calligraphy and painting exhibition, and he is treasured by many paintings and calligraphy.

"I'm not very familiar with landscape painting. Let me introduce calligraphy to you first."

Then Zhang Feng led a few people to the calligraphy area, pointing to one of the calligraphy and saying: "This calligraphy is from the Jinling Museum's collection of "Qing Xuan Ye Lin Dong Qichang's Poems and Poems" Sprinkled on the golden wax paper. The emperors writing is distinctive. On the upper right side, a poem is written with a long round seal." After speaking, Zhang Feng pointed at each word, shaking his head and chanting: "Who is the first contributor to the Kylin Pavilion of this generation? The emperor is a master of martial arts, and he must be a hero in his control. This word and every sentence is full of imperial spirit."

Liu Wei nodded and said, "It's true, each of these strokes is magnificent and flowing."

Then, Zhang Feng pointed to a scroll of poems not far away and introduced: "This is Dong Qichang's book "Title Nine Dragons Mountain Residence" collected by contemporary collector Lin Chaoquan. It was also bought by Lin Chaoquan 30 years ago for 30 million yuan. After exhibiting for the first time, a very rare masterpiece."

Liu Wei and Wang Jing also nodded one after another.

Zhang Feng suddenly felt interested, and worked harder to show off his knowledge.

After introducing the calligraphy of many famous historical masters to the crowd, he led the crowd to another calligraphy booth.

Everyone felt a little puzzled after reading the words on this booth, so these words are not good works, but rather like a manuscript practiced by children. Compared with the words of famous historical figures around, it seems even more out of place.

How could such words appear in the calligraphy and painting exhibition?

At this time, Zhang Feng looked at the few words in front of him, his eyes revealed a look of pride, and introduced: "This word is written in good weather every year, and every year in the world. The font is sleek and smooth, and it is even more revealing. It was rated as a rookie by the Calligraphy Association, so it was placed here. There is also this character, imitating the preface of the Lanting Collection, and was named the second place in the 23rd Newcomer Calligraphy Competition by the Calligraphy Association. So its placed here."

Then, Zhang Feng introduced several award-winning works.

"Everyone, although I'm a little embarrassed to say, but those just now are my works. This is my 12-year-old award-winning work, this is my 18-year-old award-winning work, and this one is mine last year. Winning works..."

"I don't know how you feel? Do you feel the potential in it? After all, it is the most potential recognized by the Calligraphy Association. It should not be separated from the ten. These paintings are probably the most appreciated paintings in this exhibition."

"If you like it, I can also sell it to you. They are all friends, and the price is naturally fair."

Seeing Zhang Feng boasting and boasting there, Liu Wei and Wang Jing were also a bit embarrassed at this time, and they didn't know what to say for a while.

This plan declined, as if the emperor's new clothes were torn, Ye Xuan smiled softly: "Can this word be brought out for exhibition?"

Wang Jing and the others can also see that this word is simply incomparable with the one next to it.

Zhang Feng's expression changed, and when he looked at Ye Xuan, he said in a dark tone: "Children, don't talk nonsense if you don't understand calligraphy. Brother, these are all masterpieces."

Wang Jing also sneered. This person, even if he didn't force the number, he wanted to mislead the children.

Then the few people were not interested and went to the other side.

Zhang Feng: "......"

Then Zhang Feng resented Ye Xuan.

After all, since the emergence of leaf Xuan Wang Jing and Liu Wei is received care, also he kissed two, but now it has also so not to face, but for someone, really wanted to hit Feng Zhang Ye Xuan meal.

Then, Wang Jing and Liu Wei ignored Zhang Feng and continued to walk inside.

Zhang Feng also followed without blushing, chasing and saying: "There are some calligraphy characters or collections carefully selected by the organizer. Although it is not the calligraphy of ancient masters, they are all contemporary masters. Calligraphy."

Everyone looked at it, and it was true.

In fact, many of the ancient masterpieces outside can be found on the Internet, and the collections here are the things that are really difficult to see outside.

At the same time, the outside products are basically non-sale products, only the ones inside are priced, and the prices range from hundreds of thousands to tens of millions.

Later, several people saw many people gathered around one place, all talking about something.

So everyone leaned forward.

It turned out that those who were around were admiring a word on the wall.

The surrounding calligraphy is mostly ancient style running script, but this character is written in modern characters. Although it seems a bit out of place, it is suddenly highlighted, which is very eye-catching.

"Oh my god, who wrote this character, wait, let me see, it seems that there is a book title, in traditional Chinese, called, Ye Xuan?"

"Vigorous and powerful, with unique style, it may be difficult for the world to have a second picture."

"This... I thought that only archaic characters can write artistic conception, but I didn't expect that modern simplified characters can also write flavor. This famous artist has already returned to the basics. I am afraid that he has 30 or 50 years of skill? Who wrote this? ?"

"Largely hidden in the city, this famous master is afraid to see through the world, so he doesn't want to fight for fame anymore. I only know that the collector is Liu Haikang."

"I envy this boss who can hire such a famous person, I am afraid that he is also a dragon and a phoenix."

People talked a lot, and they were amazed by the word.

Looking at the word, Liu Wei also felt that her soul had received a heavy blow. At this time, she was also a little out of her soul.

Ye Xuan looked at everyone, and looked at the word again.

Isn't this exactly what he wrote to Liu Yun and his father Liu Haikang that day?


So Ye Xuan smiled and said, "Can this word be placed here?"

His words are meaningless~www.wuxiaworld~ but I think that there are ancient calligraphy and paintings all around, just this modern character myself, and I just wrote it by myself.

But this sentence was like stabbing a hornet's nest.

In an instant, everyone began to criticize Ye Xuan.

"When I was young, I just uttered wild words. Can't this word be placed here?"

"Are you laughing at this word? Can you write it!" Some people exploded as if they had been lit a powder keg, and Ye Xuan was like desecrating the most sacred thing in his heart.

Others saw that he was a child and laughed and said, "What do you know as a kid! Who brought him in! Can this kind of place allow children to run around and play around?"

Zhang Feng laughed coldly at the scene, and began to mock: "Tong Yan Wuji, Tong Yan Wuji. You can't talk nonsense if you don't understand it. You're afraid you won't be able to write this word in eight lifetimes."

Wang Jing glared at Zhang Feng, but he didn't dare to speak anymore.

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