I Am A Chief In A Primitive Tribe Chapter 1067

Chapter 1067: Visit big ginger

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After Mu Feng and a few people agreed on the military system change, he and a few people decided on the military system.

Taking into account the actual situation, he did not adopt the complicated "military" system of later generations, but adopted the more ancient Chinese unit of measurement, namely: five people are one family, ten people are one thing, and one hundred people are a hundred people.

Correspondingly, there will be corporal chiefs, even chiefs, and centurions.

As for the five hundred people in the back, 1,000 people were changed to Dutou and the commander accordingly, so that they were connected with the governor and the chief of Dajiang.

The candidate for Dutou and Mu Feng did not give out this time, leaving it to Yuxi and Baiyue to determine.

At the same time, he also told several people: "You can also decide for yourself about the corporal, the chief, and the centurion. It is best to compile a booklet and send it to me!"

Several people nodded: "Yes!"

Only then did Mu Feng look at Yu Hao: "Brother, do you have any questions?"

Yu Xi shook his head: "There is nothing wrong with this, I will return to the tribe and confirm the migration of the tribe with the high priest!"

Mu Feng nodded and said, "Well, if there is no problem, then we will act according to the plan we have agreed on earlier. First move a small group of people to see how the people get along. Can you?"

Yu Xi nodded: "Okay!"

Mu Feng got up and laughed: "If that's the case, let's make the decision first. You haven't had time to finish shopping in Longcheng, I'll be with you!"

Yu Xi smiled and said: "Okay!"

So Mu Feng got up and took the elm ghost in Longcheng to continue to visit.

Because Yu Wei had already expressed his stance, Mu Feng took him to visit Da Jiang's blacksmith's shop, school, and other important secrets that could not be easily seen by others.

When Yu Wei saw Da Jiang forging iron and forging weapons, he was so shocked that he couldn't speak.

The red fire and the high temperature of the scorching made Yu Xi exclaimed.

He shocked and asked, "Are Da Jiang's gold tools made like this?"

Mu Feng nodded: "Not bad!"

Yu Wei's eyes widened as the blacksmith struck the iron, making a creak.

Two of the master blacksmiths are beating a hundred alchemy knives.

Although it is not finished yet, the moir that has been beaten and calcined on it is clearly visible.

Yu Xi's eyes were shining, and his face was full of smiles.

Because Mu Feng said, all Jiang warriors can get gold!

Then Mu Feng took him to Da Jiang's school.

At first, Yu Wei didn't know what a group of children were doing in a house.

But after seeing the words written by many children, he suddenly remembered the letters that Mu Feng had read in the old place. There were also these words on them. He then realized that it was these words that made Jiang get news faster than They are much faster.

It was these words that conveyed the news that made Dali and Shaoli flee.

Before coming, the high priest worked hard to hear him talk about this, and he was so excited.

He repeatedly said that he wanted Yuxi to figure out one thing, whether many people in Da Jiang mastered this kind of thing called "character".

Sure enough, he saw hundreds of children learning words here!

You don't need to think about it, children can do it, and adults will surely do it.

So Yu Wei Yang brought him into the classroom with Mu Feng, and followed him for a long time.

After taking a pen and paper, it took a long time to write the words "mountain" and "one" crookedly.

This was done under the writing of Dajiang changed the brush into a carbonized pencil.

If you switch to a writing brush, it is estimated that Yu Xi will not be able to learn it.

Even so, Yu Hao was very excited.

Because he looked at the "mountain" written by the kid next to him, which was very similar to what he wrote.

This shows that once these characters are popularized to Yang Jiang's group, they can also recognize these characters!

Finally, he begged Mu Feng to teach him to write his own name, and it was Mu Feng's turn to get over the trouble.

Because Yu Xie didn't even learn the simplest strokes, it was really embarrassing for him to write the three characters "Jiang Yu Xie".

Unsurprisingly, let's not say to learn the three words, just the first "ginger" made Yu Xi anxiously scratch his ears and cheeks.

In desperation, he had to say: "Brother, see what's going on, why can't I get together with the words I wrote?"

Mu Feng was even more helpless. After teaching for more than half an hour before and after, he was stunned that he didn't teach Yu Wei to write the word "ginger".

Even in his opinion, it is more difficult to teach Yu-Ji to write than to learn from the king of Li.

He had no choice but to comfort Yu Hao: "Many Jiang's fighters can't write well either. You can't be anxious about this, take your time.

When you go back to settle down the tribe, come to Longcheng again, I will teach you well! "

Yu Xu gave up on this intent.

But in the end he still asked Mu Feng to write the three words "Jiang Yuxi" on a piece of paper and put it away carefully.

Not only that, he also asked Mu Feng to write the three words "Jiang Lili" again, and folded them up, saying that he wanted to show the high priest a look back to let him know how his name was written.

After thinking about it, Mu Feng understood the purpose of Yuxing, and took a booklet of Da Jiang Qimeng's strokes and pictures and gave it to him, so that he could take it back and study with Lili.

The elm splendid joy.

Mu Feng's thoughts moved. After leaving Dajiang School, he found Lihu and asked him to take Yuxi to Dajiang Canteen, and prepare some dry goods that he could take away for a long distance, so that he could bring him back to the tribe. Share with the people.

If you do this, it will also be convenient for people with a stalk of **** to understand the situation of ginger-there is plenty of food, and there is still surplus food.

So in the stunned elm, Lihu asked him to prepare dried mushrooms, fungus, dried bamboo shoots, chili noodles, dried radishes, pickles...

It's not easy to remember that Yuxie can't remember it alone. Lihu simply called all the soldiers from the Jiang Jiang team that came with them, and asked them to remember a way of eating dry goods.

The scene was very strange at one time.

A group of masters surrounded Lihu and Jiyang, listening to them explaining how to eat dried food.

"Dried bamboo shoots, fungus and dried mushrooms all have to be soaked in water before cooking!

These dried radishes can be eaten directly, but they have to be eaten with steamed buns.

Chili noodles are used when cooking..."

He Yang explained one by one, speaking dryly.

Yu Wei and the group of soldiers Jiang Jiang had their eyes wide-eyed.

It is hard for them to imagine that Da Jiang knows so much about "eating"!

After Ji Yang finished speaking, he looked at Lihu again: "Big boss, you need a wok and oil to cook these dishes. Do you want to give them some too?"

Lihu slapped his head: "Almost forgot!"

Then he had someone prepare an iron pan, shovel, spoon, and some refined butter, mutton and lard.

At this time, all the Yangjiang people, including Yuxun, were stunned.

They started talking one by one.

"Isn't this talking about eating? Why don't you get a weapon!"

"Yes, is that big round one on your head?"

"But what can such a small weapon do?"

When Ji Yang set up an iron wok in front of them, lighted the fire to refine the oil and fry the scent, the expressions on these people's faces were so wonderful.

Alas, it turned out to be cooking, which was scary!

On the one hand, Yu Wei was "learning" cooking in the cafeteria, while on the other side, Mu Feng met Baiyue again in the study.

"Great Chief!" Baiyue said sternly, "Yang Jiang's family is also a member of the Jiang family. You let him be the leader, but no one from Yang Jiang's family holds important positions in the governor's house and the military house. Isn't it wrong?"

Mu Feng shook his head: "But I can't let him be placed under you after he merges into Da Jiang, his status is still lower than yours?"

Baiyue frowned: "But then their fighters are still under Yuxi's hands, so it's not easy to be dissatisfied!"

Mu Feng shook his head: "If that's the case, I can make a decision in the old town of Mabu, and they will definitely agree there.

However, both Yuxi and Lili insisted on making a decision after seeing my situation with Jiang, and they talked about their identities separately! "

Bai Yue wondered: "The same idea as the bear leader?"

Mu Feng shook his head: "It's different from Brother Xiong!"

"Different?" Bai Yue puzzled, "Don't you always want to be a big boss, do you want a high position?"

Mu Feng shook his head and laughed: "If that were the case, it would be easy. Their Jiang Jiang branch still bears the name of the three branches in Dali, but they are actually excluded and isolated.

So they are especially concerned about the status of Jiang after the merger.

Otherwise, I asked him to lead the great tribe into Da Jiangs subordinate tribe without knowing it, and he would not decisively refuse it! "

Bai Yue frowned and said, "It turns out that this is the case. He would rather not save the high priest than become a subordinate tribe of Jiang."

"Yeah!" Mu Feng nodded, "Later, after defeating Dali's tribe, he asked me for help, but he still didn't want to talk about the tribe. What does this mean?

This shows that they have disliked this kind of dwarf life from the bottom of their hearts!

So once he merges with Juli into Da Jiang, his status cannot be inferior to you, nor can he be equal to you..."

Bai Yue frowned: "This can't be lower than us, I understand, why can't it be equal to us?"

Mu Feng laughed and said, "Since they are members of my Jiang clan and have made up their minds to merge into Dajiang, they just want to respect them, so we might as well be more generous and directly give them the high position they want!

In this way, wouldn't they be more willing to believe that they are valued? "

Bai Yue scratched his head: "In the final analysis, the identity of the head of the army, Yu Wei, has no real power. I am worried..."

Mu Feng waved his hand: "There are two different things. Respect is respect, and military power is military power. Once you are given a high position and then given military power, people's hearts are easy to be arrogant..."

He remembered that the old master said something called "Disrespect if you are close, resentment if you are far away."

Although this sentence can't be said in its place, it is enough to explain why he did it.

Respect and military power, far and near, need to be controlled.

What's more, Yuxie won the high position that Yang Jiang's team wanted, and he was famous and respected.

With great strength, Dawuzhu, the highest "inspector" and "heaven official" in the tribe, who holds real power, how unwilling to do it?

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