I Am A Chief In A Primitive Tribe Chapter 1068

Chapter 1068: Establish Dajiang Information Network

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After five days before and after Dajiang, Yu Wei was finally returning to the tribe.

In fact, he didn't want to leave. He just reluctantly left when Mu Feng reminded that the rainy day was coming soon.

When she left, Yu Wei brought large and small bags of things.

In addition to some dry goods and iron stuff from Dajiang, there are pottery, peanuts, simple maza, benches and so on.

Especially Yuxing, even thinking about getting a bed and going back to the tribe to learn how to do it, and strive to make the tribe sleep more comfortable.

Reluctantly, Mufeng had to let people teach how to make a bed, and then disassembled a finished bed before assembling it.

Make sure that the Jiang Clan has learned it and can assemble it back by himself. Only then did Mu Feng give him a few sets of disassembled bed boards, pack them and bundle them, and give him a few more cows as a piggyback.

If this battle were put in a previous life, it would be almost equal to what the parents would equip their children returning to the city after the Chinese New Year.

Especially the people like Yuxing who have eaten and used Dajiang in the past few days, what they have seen and heard, have never experienced before, and they feel that it is worthwhile to go back with so many things.

So now I have brought these things and laughed from ear to ear. There are only a few people who hate them and not enough mounts. Some people even secretly discussed with the elm, whether they can let the horses go back with more horses. They can also bring the horses back. .

As a result, he yelled and cursed Yu Hao who wanted a face anyway.

But in secret, Yu Xi also rubbed his chin and thought: "It seems that I don't bring much, or I will ask my brother to continue to ask for more."

Then he really ran to find Mu Feng for more things, and he didn't have the consciousness that a big boss should have.

Mu Feng couldn't laugh or cry: "Brother, if you pull things like this, I have to wonder if you don't want to come back!"

Yu Wei repeatedly waved his hands and shook his head: "How is it possible!"

Then Mu Feng smiled and said, "Since you still have to spend so much thought on what to do when you come back, your top priority now is to go back as soon as possible. Arranging the migration of the tribe of Jiangzhi is the most important thing!"

The elm ghost's expression was dazzling, and the light appeared in his eyes.

He had already negotiated with Mu Feng, and when Jiang Jiang made arrangements, Da Jiang would proceed to take revenge on the Dali Department and penetrate the East and the West.

This is the second biggest harvest of this trip for Yuxing.

As for the first harvest, of course, it is sure to be one with big ginger.

Accompanying him are Lihu and Thunder Dragon. The two of them go to the burly club here to make some hand-offs with Yuxing and Lilong.

Lihuqis duty is to understand all of the Yangjiang branch, including population, cows and horses, mounts, weapons, and so on.

The Thunder Dragon went to the Kuiwei Division as a fighter who took over the Kuiwei Division together with Yuxi.

Considering that the handover in the early stage is not suitable for rushing, the burly part will not send the city lord for the time being, but the Thunder Dragon will lead the troops to take care of it nearby.

And the soldiers of Jiang Jiang's team were not all handed over to Thunder Dragon at once, but part of them were handed over to Thunder Dragon for management and training.

Peaceful handover and stability in everything.

Before leaving, Mu Feng said to Yuxing and Thunder Dragon, Since the burly land is now my Dajiangs territory, the surrounding tribes will bother my brother and Thunder Dragon to gather together, or annex, or subordinate. It's all handled by you."

Yu Hao smiled and asked, "The boundaries of the Lilong and Giant Horn..."

Mu Feng smiled and said: "Don't worry about the land boundary of the Lilong Tribe for the time being. The giant horns and the Mammal Tribe are directly gathered. As for the White Bird Tribe, it is already a subordinate tribe of my Da Jiang, so I will leave enough for them. Hunting territory will do!"

Yu Wei thought for a while and laughed: "If our Da Jiang fighters have almost caught the prey, what should they do if they don't have enough prey?"

Mu Feng stroked his forehead with his hand.

Yu Xi's words are very meaningful.

He said helplessly: "We can't be blamed for hunting. The prey loves to run with long legs.

But brother, we cannot blindly suppress the annexation of these small groups, otherwise it is difficult to guarantee that they will not develop resistance and hostility towards us.

One, two, three or five ministries are okay, but if enough minions are hostile to us, we will be in trouble! "

"What are you afraid of!" Yu Wei raised his brows, "Anyway, the current big Jiang soldiers are strong and strong, with sharp weapons. Who is afraid of?"

Mu Feng secretly said, "Sure enough."

Many people who are accustomed to being oppressed will have a retaliatory mentality when they turn over.

Yuxi has this trend right now.

He was fortunate that he had arranged in advance to reduce the influence of Yuxing on whether to fight or not.

Otherwise, with the elmish temperament, he won the support of Da Jiang and the advantage of the weapon, and he must go to the Da Li Department to avenge his head.

Thinking of this, he reminded again and again: "Brother, even if you are in war, don't charge ahead. You are now the leader of my Jiang's army, and your status is precious!"

Be honest and conscientious.

Yu Xi Zheng nodded his head: "Don't worry, my brother, the two are now in one. My Da Jiang is just when I rise, and I still have to watch Da Jiang defeat the Dali and Shaoli tribes!"

Mu Feng breathed a sigh of relief: "That's good!"

Then he let a group of people leave.

When he returned to Yuelou, he took a short rest, then entered the study, and began to compile corresponding regulations and regulations for the Law Department.

Correspondingly, Da Jiang Law also needs to be supplemented.

The selection, review, rewards and punishments of officials, the standards based on them, and the rules, etc., must have a basis.

First, it is convenient for the Law Department to convince the public in the future.

Secondly, the Dawuzhu can be constrained accordingly.

After all, the power given by the Great Witch Zhu Lili is large enough. If everything is based on personal judgment and no basis, trouble will inevitably occur.

This is the difference and benefit between "there is law" and "the inability".

In addition to the needs of the Legal Department, other documents such as the Household Department also need to add some household registration management documents.

When these things are complete, the populations of Dajiang cities and localities will be recorded.

Once needed, he can get everyone's information in time.

When he was busy, Changning appeared quietly.

He was holding a pot of water to Mu Feng.

After Mu Feng saw it, he hurriedly got up and let her sit down, and smiled: "You already have a child now, so don't do these things anymore. If you knock or touch it, how can you get it!"

Changning smiled and said, "How can there be such a golden price!"

Mu Feng asked again: "Do you still vomit?"

Changning smiled and shook his head: "It's just that you vomited badly during the time you left, and then you vomited and vomited. I don't know why it disappeared!"

Mu Feng said apologetically, "Thanks for your hard work!"

Changning smiled and his eyes lit up: "You have worked hard."

After a pause, she leaned to read what Mu Feng had written, and then said, "I have something to discuss with you."

Mu Feng was surprised: "You say!"

Changning said earnestly: "I now know the outline of this battle against the Dali and Shaoli tribes. The key to winning this battle lies in the fact that Dajiang gets the news in advance.

If Baiyue did not obtain information in advance, the Blue Bird Department might suffer severe damage, and Jiang's layout in Changli Department for such a long time would also be affected. "

Mu Feng nodded: "Yes, it can be said that the transmission of messages by pigeons has become the key to victory in this war."

Changning said earnestly: "I think I want to discuss with you to add a stop for pigeons within Dajiang's territory."

"Add stops?"

"Yes!" Changning said sternly: "Except for Dragon City, only Dragon City, White Tiger City, Xuanwu City, Pixiu City, Black Bear City, Yiluo Old Land, River Bu, and Shandao Generation have fixed stops. Although it can ensure that the information is delivered in a timely manner, I think it is not enough."

Mu Feng nodded.

It's not enough.

The reason why this war can be won is because the pigeons got the information in advance.

But once he set off on a certain road, for example, out of Black Bear City to the southwest, only one old place of Yiluo could receive letters.

But after Baiyue led his troops out of the old land of the Kawaguchi, all the information was unknown to them.

Except for Baiyue's own initiative to send the letter, he is in a state of losing contact.

This adds a lot of uncertainty and danger.

Fortunately, this battle went smoothly and Baiyue succeeded.

In case they were intercepted in the middle of the road, their strength would not be enough to sacrifice Shaoli's teeth.

Therefore, it is necessary to increase the docking points of the carrier pigeons.

It's just that he always felt that it was very troublesome to finalize the details, and the speed of information acquisition and transmission of Da Jiang now far exceeds that of all tribes.

The lag of information transmission became a moment here, so he didn't particularly care about it.

Now Changning reminded again that he suddenly realized the importance of this matter.

He looked at Changning: "What do you think about adding new stops?"

Changning didn't bother, regaining the momentum of a strong woman in the past, and said: "I think the new points can cover a wider territory.

For example, now the Yangjiang branch has been added to Dajiang, and you can directly set a stop in Yangjiang to facilitate Dragon City to get news in time.

Of course, in order to facilitate communication, a stop point must be established between the old area of Yiluo and the area around the river . This point can not only contact the old Yiluo place in time, but also contact the places like Black Bear City and the Hobbit.

It can even be said that this stop point can provide the shortest distance contact point in the east and middle areas of Changli Land.

Of course, this is just the news I heard from you before, not necessarily accurate. "

Mu Feng's heart moved: "Where is more appropriate?"

Changning thought for a while and said, "According to what you have repeatedly said, it should be between the two tribes of the Tiger Tribe and the White Ape Tribe."

Mu Feng was surprised.

You know, Chang Ning has never been to the Tiger Club and the White Ape Club.

It was really surprising that she could judge the best place based on the scattered information that Mu Feng had spoken to her.

Sure enough, as Changning said, the most suitable of the Tiger Club and the White Ape Club is the White Ape Club!

Because the place where the White Ape is located can form a short triangle with the old Yiluo and the burly area, it can also become a triangle with the Black Bear City and the Kawasaki.

Even in the future, Dajiang will "exploit" the territories of the Majestic Tribe, the White Dragon Tribe, and the Goshawk Tribe, and the place where the White Ape Tribe is located can even become the information distribution center of the Tribe in Changli!

But the place where the White Ape Division is located does not belong to Da Jiang.

The White Ape Division was particularly unaware of advances and retreats in the battle against the Dali and Shaoli tribes.

Konoha should be beating the white monkey club now.

Suddenly, Mu Feng had a decision in his heart.

But Changning obviously hadn't finished speaking yet, she hesitated with her lips pursed, looking very embarrassed.

Mu Feng smiled and said, "What else needs to be hidden between you and me? Just say no?"

Changning made up his mind and tried to say: "I'm thinking that after this battle, the Blue Bird Ministry will definitely get closer to Da Jiang. But their speed of getting news is very slow.

According to what you said, the people in the Blue Bird Club are too rigid, and there is still a delay from getting information to making a decision...

So I wondered if I could establish a stop in Qingzhang Mountain, so that it would be convenient for contact..."

At the end Changning lowered his head, not daring to look at Mu Feng.

Because this thing is really going to be done, many people may think that she is helping the Blue Bird Club.

Mu Feng scratched his head, got up and patted her lightly, and smiled and said, "Of course! Anyway, the Blue Bird Club has formed an alliance with Jiang.

This time it was the Dali and Shaoli tribes targeting the Blue Bird tribe, and I was there to help them.

But it's hard to guarantee that no other tribe will do anything to my **** in the future. At that time, the Blue Bird Department may need to send troops for us! "

"Really?" Changning raised his head, his brows and eyes were filled with surprise and light, "Are you willing to set up a stop at Qingzhang Mountain?"

Mu Feng nodded and smiled and said, "Why don't you want to, the Blue Bird Ministry is your mother anyway. Now that you are married to my big ginger, you don't want you to disconnect from the Blue Bird Ministry!"

Changning's eyes are reddish.

Mu Feng patted her hand lightly again: "Don't worry, since you said so, I will definitely set up a stop at Qingzhang Mountain. If the Blue Bird Club is willing, I can also give them some pigeons in the Blue Bird Club and let me Da Jiangs tribe is there to help them train them so that the Blue Bird Club can contact the surroundings through carrier pigeons."

"This..." Changning was startled, and hurriedly waved his hand, "You don't have to do this for me, after all, such things as homing pigeons are not available in any other tribe!

What if these pigeons are caught by other tribes! "

Mu Feng smiled and said, "Don't worry, it won't be leaked!"

"Why?" Changning wondered.

Mu Feng smiled and said, "If you have a pigeon, you have to have text. Even if they catch the pigeon, can they understand the text on it?"

Changning's eyes lit up and he grinned silly: "That's right!"

Mu Feng thought to himself: "It doesn't matter if you really know Chinese characters. It's a big deal that I can teach people a set of encrypted writing methods."

It's just that there is no need to talk to Changning.

In fact, the establishment of pigeon docking points in the Blue Bird Department will also help Dajiangs "signal network" to be more comprehensive, and it will also provide an additional guarantee for the safety of the entire tribe.

After all, the "dead brains" and "clear grievances" of the Blue Bird Ministry doomed them not to sit idly by when Jiang was in trouble.

Next, Mufeng and Changning determined a few places where new stops for pigeons need to be added.

Under Changning's reminders and suggestions, Mufeng quickly determined several new stops for pigeons.

They are: Kuiwei Branch, White Ape Department, Heishui City, Wild Wolf City, Heifang Huangfeng Old Land, Qingzhang Mountain and so on.

According to the plan of the two, once there are pigeons at these stops, all the cities in Dajiang will not be connected with pigeons for more than one day!

This is equivalent to Da Jiang established an information transmission network far beyond this era in this primitive era.

The speed at which the carrier pigeon transmits information is certainly not as fast as the signal tower of the previous life.

But it is not necessarily inferior in terms of strategic significance!

of course. With the addition of information docking points, it is necessary to train new pigeons, and then Changning will be busy.

For this matter, Changning has no problems.

As for Mu Feng, after the negotiation was done, he directly sent a letter to the two places and arranged two things.

One is to inform Lei Meng to contact the people from the Blue Bird Department to go to Da Jiang to discuss the proposal of a stop for the pigeons.

One is to ask Konoha to stop beating the white monkey part and directly annex it.

Because according to the results of his discussions with Changning, the area around the White Ape Club would be a strategic location and information distribution center for Jiang in the West.

The performance of the White Ape Club has made him more and more free from any psychological pressure on annexing the White Ape Club.

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