I Am A Chief In A Primitive Tribe Chapter 1069

Chapter 1069: A word from Mu Feng

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According to the regulations of the Central Military Department of the new six divisions, Baiyue and Thunder Dragon are the leaders of the Dudu Mansion, and Han Shu is the leader of the battle. They are divided into five major cities: Dragon, Pixiu, Heishui, Shandao and the burly.

In addition, Konoha, Asuka, Rhinoceros, Bai Qiu, and Chi Lei are the lord of the five cities.

The original plan was:

Konoha is the burly city lord.

Asuka is the lord of Heishui City.

The rhino head is the lord of the dragon.

Chi Lei is the Lord of Paixiu City.

Bai Qiu is the lord of the mountain island.

Considering that the construction of the burly city has not yet begun, and the handover of Jiang Jiang has not been completed, Konoha can only temporarily live in the old place of Yiluo.

Right now, Mu Feng sent a letter to him, asking him to talk about his identity with the White Monkey, and Konoha naturally followed suit.

From the first Great Chief White Tree to the later Bai Yan, the head of the White Ape Department was not very clear.

I went out to war with Da Jiang's fighters several times, not to mention all the benefits, several times overtly and secretly wanted to ask Da Jiang for more things.

Konoha once told Mu Feng in private that Bai Yan felt that he was not on the wrong team, so he could ask for more things from Da Jiang.

Even Bai Yan felt that the Frost Leaf Division was in name only, it was better to assign the Frost Leaf Division's territory to the White Ape Division!

Baiyue knew about this, and the result was that he almost led someone to destroy the White Ape Tribe.

Because the white tree in front of Baiyue pinched Baiyue, and the latter was greedy, Baiyue was very disgusted.

Even Mu Feng felt that Bai Yuanbu was really thinking "a lot".

Especially after the trophies were divided between the Dali and Shaoli tribes, the people of the White Ape tribe questioned Mu Feng in front of the big ginger, the blue bird and the burly tribe without knowing it. It shows that they are already very courageous. "fat.

Now that Jiang gave a good expression, they dared to ask for all kinds of things. If they were stronger, would they have it?

So Konoha got a letter from Mu Feng when he was doing nothing, and the content of the letter stated that he "find something to do" for him, and his speed of doing it was not unpleasant.

Originally, it would take three or four days to get from the old place of Yiluo to the White Ape Club. It took Konoha for more than two days to arrive.

Surprisingly, when Konoha arrived at the White Ape Club with five hundred warriors, he did not encounter any of the expected resistance. Instead, Bai Yan accompanied the smiling face to make the tribe surrender all the tribe's mounts and weapons.

This made Konoha feel like a punch.

In this way, how to deal with them has become a big problem.

Konoha had to write to Mufeng Jinming, and temporarily watched all the people in the White Monkey Club.

Apart from Mu Fengshi who received the letter, he did not expect that the White Ape Club would surrender without a fight, and directly wrote Konoha, asking Konoha to move all the people of the White Ape Club to Black Bear City, and he began to flatten the White Ape in the old place. Ministry to build a new city.

At the same time, he and Da Huyou, who has been sitting in the Black Bear City for a long time, made it clear that whether the white monkeys can enter the big ginger, it needs to be strictly screened, and the relevant matters can be discussed with Changshui.

After all, Changshui was responsible for the batch screening of the entire Moxiong tribe, and he couldn't be more familiar with this.

Of course, it would be better for an insatiable person such as Bai Yan to become a slave directly.

As for how to build the new city, these are also handled by Changshui.

The construction of the Black Bear City and the Wild Wolf City was handled by Changshui, and the construction did not lose to the White Tiger City.

After Mu Feng sent the letter to Lei Meng, Lei Meng sent people to Qingzhang Mountain as soon as possible. After explaining his intentions, Aguli was inexplicably excited and contacted the tribe as soon as possible.

Soon, the Blue Bird Department sent people to come again, not many people came, but enough.

Not counted as the one hundred warriors who followed, the people who came were Ke Wuji, Konoah, Chaolu, and Aguli.

When the Blue Bird's group arrived at Baishuyuan, someone sent a pigeon to send a letter back, telling the Ming Blue Bird's visitor to come.

Mufeng and Yuli welcome people at the gate of the city.

This is the second time for Ke Wuji to enter Dajiang, and he is full of emotions.

After seeing Mu Feng, everyone respectfully saluted: "I have seen the respectable warchief!"

Mu Feng nodded and smiled: "Family, you are welcome!"

Then he took a few people to the moon tower sideways.

Chaolu became more calm, no longer noisy, begging Mu Feng to ask for this or that.

It seems that when he came this time, someone in the tribe had confessed to him.

But he couldn't help asking: "Brother, where is my sister?"

Mu Feng smiled and replied: "Your sister is pregnant with a child now, and she is resting in the moon tower. You will know when you arrive!"

Chaolu was overjoyed, and was about to laugh, but stopped Ke Wuji's cough.

But Mu Feng saw that it was clear that the beard at the corner of Ke Wuji's mouth moved, and a light of surprise appeared in his eyes.

It's just that he is better restrained than Chaolu.

Ke Wuji calmed down his mood as much as possible, leaning against Mufeng and said, "Congratulations to the chieftain! After Guibei Changxi gave birth to you, Jiang added an extremely strong warrior!"

Mu Feng laughed and nodded, leaning forward to signal: "Thank you, High Priest!"

Konoah and Aguli on the side looked at each other, and they didn't hide the slightest surprise on their faces.

The hearts of Ke Wuji, Konoah, and Agule were heated up.

The purpose of Lenovo's visit this time, their hearts became more and more excited: Changning married Dajiang, and now he has Lin'er again. It was obvious that Da Jiang wanted them to come to talk about things at this time.

The hearts of the three were determined.

The group came to the Yuelou, and Changning was already standing in front of the Yuelou and waiting.

Chaolu saw it first, couldn't hold back, ran to Changning, tears in her eyes, and shouted: "Sister!"

Changning stretched out his hand and patted Chaolu's head: "I'm almost an adult, why are you crying?"

Chaolu cried and laughed, speechless.

Just like a child.

Changning couldn't help but his nose was sour, and his eyes turned red.

Ke Wuji hurriedly stopped: "Chaolu, your sister is pregnant with a child now!"

Konoah and Aguli were also anxious.

Chaolu was at a loss.

Mu Feng waved his hand: "It's okay. Their sister hasn't seen him for a while, so it's fine to talk."

As he said, he looked at Changning: "Changning, don't stand here, go back and rest!"

Changning Jiao glared at him: "As for?"

But she turned around honestly and went back.

Chaolu looked left and right, not knowing whether to leave or stay.

Mu Feng smiled and said, "Go and talk to your sister. I haven't seen you for a while. She often talks about you or that by my ear."

The morning dew was amnesty, and Chongmufeng repeatedly praised: "Thank you brother, thank you brother!"

Then smirked and chased Changning towards Changning: "Sister, wait for me!"

Ke Wuji hesitated and stopped.

Mu Feng smiled and said, "It's okay!"

Then led a few people into the study room of Yuelou.

The study has a complete set of tables, chairs and benches. On a large table, there are pens and papers, various marked letters, brochures, and so on.

On the surrounding walls, there are still pictures of wood-style paintings, and the written characters are all used by him for self-cultivation in his spare time.

The paintings are portraits of landscapes, flowers, birds, insects and fish.

Words are also available in several fonts.

Changning once saw Mu Feng painting and writing on the sidelines, and only felt that her husband was like a god-man.

No matter how much, she couldn't think of it.

Changning is still like this, not to mention these people in front of him.

But for Mu Feng, these things can only be one of his few pastimes in this world.

As for someone who can talk to each other, it's really nothing!

Don't look at the costumes of a few people, but if you look at the decoration of the study, it is the simple study of the ancient Chinese teacher.

But in the eyes of Ke Wuji, Konoah and others, it was another scene.

Ke Wuji widened his eyes to look at the paintings and words around him, his heart was shocked: "Is this all written by him?"

Of course, he has no concept of "writing" and "painting".

But this did not affect the shock in his heart.

He recalled the "patterns" he had created before, and now it seems that they are really ridiculous.

Let me try my best to calm my mind, force myself not to look at the paintings and calligraphy around me, look towards Mu Feng, and get straight to the point: "Great Chief, we got your letter a few days ago, saying that we are willing to give us a pigeon in the Blue Bird Department. Is it true?"

Konoa and Aguli instantly straightened up and looked at Mu Feng.

Frankly speaking, they were very excited after hearing the news.

Because after the First World War in Dali, they returned to the tribe and summarized the reasons for their victory.

The root of this reason lies in Da Jiangs help, and the fundamental reason is that Da Jiang has a remote bird transmission that no tribe has!

Because of the existence of these flying birds that can transmit messages, Da Jiang started to act on the White Dragon and Giant Horns just after he got the news.

As a result, the six coalition forces had already lost three before the war began.

Then they used the flying bird to send a message, successfully reminding the Blue Bird Ministry, and also attracted the cold tree far away in the old place of the Dragon's Ministry.

It can be said that without the birds that can spread the letter, the Blue Bird Ministry may have been wiped out long ago!

Therefore, the entire Blue Bird Department is extremely envious of Da Jiang's transmission of Asuka.

In addition, the totem of their tribe was originally a genus of the bird, and the eagle feather dragon that saw the big **** before could kneel and shout: "Divine bird totem!"

After experiencing the First World War in the Dali Division, they even regarded the flying bird that sent the letter as a totem manifestation-the totem bird let the big **** gang blue bird overcome the difficulties!

Therefore, before they came, they had been thinking about whether they could invite the "Propagating the God Bird" from Da Jiang to help the Blue Bird Ministry rise.

But they also know that this kind of "sacred bird" is also particularly important to Da Jiang.

Therefore, even though they were desperately eager to get the letter Asuka from the bottom of their hearts, they did not dare to speak.

After all, compared with Asuka, Jiang's kindness and friendship are more important.

This is what Konoah said when he returned to the tribe and retelled the whole thing completely with Ke Wuji.

So when Mufeng asked them to take the initiative to tell them that they could help the Blue Bird Department build a stop, and use Asuka to deliver news, their excitement can be imagined.

This is why he asked this sentence as soon as he sat down.

Mu Feng also doesn't sell Guanzi: "Not bad!"

The simple two-character answer made Ke Wuji, Konoah, and Agule excited.

The three of them clenched their fists almost at the same time and shook them fiercely.

With Mu Feng's affirmative answer, their hanging hearts finally fell.

It is a consensus that the people of Great Jiang say what they say.

What's more, Mu Feng is still a chief.

"Then, what do you need my Jade Bird Department for?" Ke Wuji suppressed his excitement and asked solemnly.

In his opinion, Jiang is willing to help them establish a docking point for flying pigeons to spread the letter. It is impossible not to pay a sufficient price.

Of course, with Chang Xi's identity, there may be fewer things.

But that's it.

Unexpectedly, Mu Feng just waved his hand: "You don't need to pay any price, both of them are brother tribes, and they have a relationship with Changning."

"What?" The three of Ke Wuji couldn't believe it.

Once such a thing as the Asuka Spreading Letter was given to tribes like Dali and Shaoli, their tribe's strength would surely be further improved.

Because after this battle they have deeply realized the importance of getting news and timeliness-enough to determine the success or failure of a war!

Such an important thing, Da Jiang gave it to him?

Don't want anything?

Ke Wuji became fidgety.

Konoah and Aguli also looked at each other, still couldn't believe it.

In the end, Ke Wuji stood up and gritted his teeth and said: "Dear warchief, we know the importance of being able to spread the letter of the bird. We really don't have to pay any price, and our Blue Bird Department will definitely feel sorry.

Even if Changning is present, we dare not do this..."

Mu Feng sighed.

Everything else in the Blue Bird Department is good, it is this dead brain that makes him love and hate.

Because it is too much trouble communicating with them!

Too big, Jiang was able to become a brother tribe with the Blue Bird Tribe, and it has developed to the present level, and has an inseparable relationship with the Blue Bird Tribe.

Among other things, just giving Dajiang salt at the most difficult time and not giving Dajiang a different mind is enough to make Dajiang feel grateful for this good destiny.

But looking at Ke Wuji's posture, it is clear that he doesn't want to order anything, and they must be upset in their hearts.

Especially when thinking of their "dead brains", Mu Feng felt a headache.

It seems that they will feel at ease if they want something.

But the problem is that the Blue Bird Department has nothing to look at.

Population, mounts, weapons, cattle, horses and livestock...

Even if it is salt, the Blue Bird Department will bring a lot of salt every time they come, and Da Jiang now has a special salt storehouse!

Only then did Mu Feng suddenly notice, and before he knew it, Jiang had reached the point where he could overlook the Blue Bird Club!

He thought of the anxiety he felt when facing Changning and Aguli at the beginning, and he couldn't help feeling full of emotions.

The blue bird club now is definitely not much better than him at the time, right?

Thinking of this, he smiled and said: "If you must give it, it's salt. This thing is still a hard-to-trade item on the market."

"Just salt?" Several people still couldn't believe it.

Mu Feng nodded: "Just salt, you can give me more **** salt in the future. If you want, you can give me 10% of the salt, how about it?"

Ke Wuji was stunned.

Yanba doesn't mean anything to the old Aoban, and it doesn't hurt to give more.

But if 10% of the salt is directly distributed to ginger, it is not "more" that can explain the problem.

Because this also involves a long-term shipping problem!

If it were other tribes, Ke Wuji would simply refuse.

Don't talk about 10% salt, a jar of salt won't work!

But big **** is different.

The two are brother tribes, and because of several battles, they have formed a fateful friendship.

It can be said that the Blue Bird Department is now inseparable from Da Jiang!

After a while, Ke Wuji nodded and said, "Okay! Just as the Chief Chief said, my Blue Bird Department will give you 10% of the salt."

Mu Feng opened his mouth and asked, "No need to discuss with your warchief?"

Ke Wuji subconsciously said: "No need!"

Mu Feng narrowed his eyes: "Huh?"

Ke Wuji immediately realized the problem and hurriedly explained: "Since the last time he returned to the tribe, the warchief has always blamed himself very much. When he returned to the tribe, he also said his fault in front of the tribe.

The tribe has no opinion on the death of the warchief protecting him on the battlefield.

But they cant accept the awkward death of the dignified leader..."

Mu Feng frowned and looked at Konoa.

He remembered that he reminded Konoah after the war.

Konoah hurriedly got up and said, "I have already told the high priest about this, and I have also said this to Brother and Yin Qian!"

Mu Feng was noncommittal, and only asked: "Then what do you think?"

Konoa was taken aback.

Then he looked terrified and suddenly realized the problem.

Dense sweat leaked from his forehead.

Agule frowned puzzled.

On the contrary, Ke Wuji's expression changed drastically.

Mu Feng said in a deep voice: "I have no intention of interfering with your Jade Bird Club, but you are holding on to one thing because of one thing. This is harmful to your Jade Bird Club!

It seems that the reminders I have given you earlier on Konoah and Imprinting Gun are not enough, or you haven't thought about it in the depths yet. "

Konoah is a joke.

If Mu Feng didn't see him, he continued: "If you feel that the warchief's mistakes are unforgivable, then change to the warchief again, and see if the new warchief can give you better guidance for the Bluebird Department.

If you still think about what he did to the Bluebird Ministry and still want him to be a warchief, then put it aside.

In the final analysis, the rescue of the warrior by the warriors was a matter of all tribes and tribes.

You are both unwilling to change to a new chief, and you don't want to respect him as a great chief from the bottom of your heart. How much is it because of me? "

The expressions of Ke Wuji and Konoa changed again.

Mu Feng shook his head and sighed: "Your Blue Bird Division has a clear distinction between grievances and grievances. This is a good thing, but if you do too much, you can't pass it. This is how you treat people from other tribes, and how do you treat your own people?

A fellow of the same race, who hasn't made a mistake yet?

You Konoah dare to say that after so many years of leading soldiers to fight, there has been no fighting in vain for the bluebird soldiers? "

Konoah paled.

If others say this, Konoah will definitely refute it.

But when Mu Feng said this, he dared not speak a word.

A few years ago, it was he who led the soldiers in the battle against the Dragon's Tribe in Qingzhang Mountain. Because of greed for a moment, he entered the Qingzhang Mountain and left the Qingzhang Mountain, hoping to destroy the Dragon's Tribe in one fell swoop.

As a result, four or five thousand soldiers were defeated by the Dragon Ministry!

Although the Dragon Division also suffered heavy losses in that battle, it was more of the two tribes of Barbarian Niu and Lei Ze who were also expected to join the big tribe.

But the Blue Bird Department was really hurt.

This incident has always been Konoah's reluctance to mention, but it is also one of the things that the Bluebird Warriors are most proud of-they left Qingzhang Mountain and hit the territory of the Dragon Division!

Of course, Mu Feng also heard Thunder Dragon about this matter.

Thunder Dragon said that at that time, he used a small number of fighters to lure Konoah out of Qingzhang Mountain. Only then did the latter lose nearly 10,000 people.

As for the subsequent slamming, it was after that battle that the Dragon Division was also in trouble and he came up with a method...

Mu Feng knows these pasts, so he can ask Konoa with confidence.

However, Konoah's face became pale directly after this shout.

Mu Feng sneered and shook his head: "From my point of view, you might as well give Aguli back as the leader of the battle, at least he is more steady and more stable than you!"

Of course, Mu Feng only expressed his feelings, with a sense of indisputable anger.

It's just that he didn't expect Ke Wuji to the side with a stern expression, took a deep breath, bowed his body, and solemnly said: "The chief said, I must return to the Blue Bird Tribe to discuss with the tribe!"

Konoah was stunned, and nodded helplessly after a long while: "Yes!"

Aguli was taken aback.

Because he knew that if the high priest spoke, Konoah would definitely not be the leader.

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