I Am Xianfan Chapter 121

Chapter 119: Ugly Character Copper Money Return

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"The Prince Wang is currently the highest bidder. Who else will continue to offer the price? Five thousand two times,...!"

Li Mas face bloomed with a smile, preparing for the last two bids, and then she decided to go out of the cabinet for the first night.

Next to the stage, Grand Prince Wang Fuhao was already trembling with excitement and was impatient.

Where did he think that his father, the county magistrate, was kneeling before Zhao Taishou in the big box on the third floor with a chill on his back, wishing to slap his troubled son to death.

The prefect Zhao Juzhen ignored the Wang County magistrate and Wang Zhubo who were kneeling on the ground. He and Wang Shoucheng were on commission, looking forward to the door of Yanyulou, waiting anxiously, thinking about the final time.

Oiran has come out, and there is not much time left.

It's really not good, he can only send people to use the tens of thousands of taels of court to suppress bandits to reward the silver, and buy the sale deed in the hands of the caravan.


The streets of Gusu City are completely dark.

Most of the people in the city have turned off their lights and went to sleep early, and will get better tomorrow morning to work.

And the red lanterns around Yanyulou are still there, and all night long, countless high-profile customers, wealthy businessmen, and brothers are still bustling and lively, staying up all night.


Suddenly, the door of Yanyu Building, which had long been closed, was forcibly pushed open.

A gust of cold wind whizzed into this warm misty building.

The big tycoons, wealthy merchants, and the guards who watched the whole Yanyu Building felt cold all over, seeming to be awake a little bit from the cold, and looked out the door in amazement.

Outside the gate, there is a figure of a Ruo Li in Tsing Yi standing vaguely.

In the night outside the gate behind him, a black-faced porter was waiting, and there were more than thirty porters who were panting and carrying five heavy burdens.

Looking at this posture, it seems that it is a trader who travels north and south, bringing a lot of goods.



Some of the guards who watched the caravan asked immediately.

The big high-roller merchants who are eligible to sit in Gusu City are already in the building. And those who are small and wealthy, and those who are not named, are not qualified to come in at all.

"What's the worth of Miss Anu?!"

The man in a hat in Tsing Yi came in from the door with a cold wind, looked at Anu in the center of the stage, and said flatly.

Many wealthy businessmen in Yanyulou were surprised to recognize that the black-faced porter was an old blackhead from Ximen Wharf, a porter who specializes in transporting goods to merchants traveling from north to south.

There are more than 30 porters, six of them each carry a heavy bronze lock box, and they dont know what's inside.

Based on this guess, the identity of the man in the hat seems to be a merchant from a long distance, who came to Gusu City to sell goods.

But how did he let these vulgar porters come to Yanyulou with large boxes of goods?

This is not a place to sell groceries!

The many caravan disciples who watched the field are questioning the man in Tsing Yi who broke into the door. But seeing him didn't come to make trouble, but asked for a quote, they couldn't help stopping and looked back at the Wu deputy gang leader.

"According to the rules of the government and the rules of the brothel, the higher the price is! Miss Anu's right to go out of the cabinet on the first night is now five thousand taels."

Wu deputy gang leader brows his brows, calms down, and said.

This oiran meeting held by Yanyulou auctioned off the Qing dynasty's right to appear in the cabinet. According to the rules, whoever gets the higher will get the price. Of course, the higher the price, the better, and the caravan will not be troubled by the money. Even the prince of the county magistrate is not enough to make the caravan change its rules.

However, Li Shuo's helper ordered it. Tonight, there may be a distinguished guest... or even more than one distinguished guest coming to redeem someone, so be careful. I really couldn't handle it, so Li Shuo had to come forward in person.

Wang Fuhao suddenly jumped up with excitement. There are actually some traffickers who dont have long eyes, and dare to make an offer to fight with him, "You trafficker, dont you know where this Yanyulou is? This son is the son of the grandfather of Gusu County. , Five thousand taels of silver bought the right to the first night! Do you dare to find something, Lao Tzu made you unable to leave Gusu City!"

Qingyi Ruo Li people are silent.

What he asked was the ransom price, not the cabinet money.

Just when all the high-rollers thought that he was going to retreat.

"Forget it, you can count the things in this box!"

Tsing Yi Ruoji no longer asked, too lazy to speak.

It doesn't matter what the price is.

He clapped his hands.

I saw that under the leadership of the black-faced porter outside the Yanyu Tower, more than thirty brawny bearded porters with shirtless brothers worked extremely hard to use the big wood together, carrying the five heavy bronze large ring-locked boxes, into the misty rain. Floor lobby.

"Boom, boom, boom...!"

These five heavy treasure chests landed one after another, the shaking ground was shaking, and the ground was flying dust.

In the lobby on the first floor of Yanyu Building, the thousands of high-stakes, wealthy businessmen, and brother-in-laws upstairs and downstairs were all stunned.

They are also well-informed people, knowing that ordinary goods dont weigh much.

What is in these five boxes, so heavy? It takes six of the strongest porters to barely afford a bite!

"Master, all your goods are here!"

The black-faced porter arched his waist and was extremely humble.

He didn't know who the man in the Tsing Yi hat was, nor what was in the treasure box, but the grandfather threw him an ingot of several double gold ingots. This was the first time he encountered this in his life. Jin Hao Ye.

"Look at the goods!"

On the second floor, the Wu deputy gang's main eyes flashed, and he shook his hands and said in a deep voice.

A top-ranking master of the caravan immediately stepped forward and cut it off with a knife, split the large bronze ring lock of the box, and opened the box "cang".

In an instant, a golden light was shining, and the jewels were radiant, almost stabbing even the person's eyes. The first-rate master stepped back in shock before stopping.


"Gold ingots! Jewels, gems!"

The large and wealthy businessmen in the Yanyu Building were all curiously surprised. They took a breath of shock and swallowed their saliva with difficulty.

Even the rich and powerful, few people have seen it with their own eyes, so many gold ingots are placed in a box. It made people's heartbeat speed up wildly, and it was about to jump out of the chest.

"Count the number!"

The deputy chief of Wu suppressed the frantic heartbeat, knowing that an unimaginable big hawker had come tonight, said.

More than a dozen top-notch masters who watched the caravan hurriedly stepped forward to check the authenticity and found that they were all eleven pieces of pure gold ingots, as well as a large number of extremely expensive jewels.

The first-class masters of the caravan quickly counted the quantity of gold and jewellery, because they are all whole pieces of intact gold ingots, and you can know the quantity by weighing it. There is no broken gold, no gold weighing is required, and the calculation is fast.

A top-ranking master trembled, reporting: "Vice gang leader Wu, gold plus jewels, at least one thousand taels of gold!!"

"Twelve thousand gold!"

Wu deputy gang leader, Yanyulou high-ranking guests, wealthy businessmen, were all shocked.

Carrying a box of ten thousand taels of gold ingots with you is a completely different meaning from carrying a large gold ticket of ten thousand taels of gold with you.

The silver ticket is safe. Even if it is robbed, it will eventually be exchanged for real money through the bank.

Small bills are easy to withdraw, but large bills are not so easy to cash out. More than one hundred taels of bank notes are booked in real names, and each transaction must be delivered in real names. The bank has to check and verify before they can cash out the real money, so don't worry too much about the safety of the lost banknotes.

So people in the rivers and lakes, hundreds of thousands of taels of silver are used in cash to prevent loss.

But this year, the soldiers are in chaos, black and white are reversed, who dares to go out with a huge amount of silver and gold? !

Even if it is one of Wu Juns four big gangs like the Caravan, if you want to **** a box of ten thousand taels of gold to go out, it must be the leader Li Shuo himself, and the hall owner and dozens of top-ranking and second-rate top masters personally shove the darts before they dare to go out. transport.

Otherwise, someone would be robbed halfway, and the loss would be heavy, and any gang would be greatly injured.

If you dare to show your wealth.

I'm afraid that I was ten miles away from Gusu City, followed by the masked robber and murderer behind his buttocks, coming like a tide. Even Bai Dao disciples can't help but be tempted to wear a hood and join in.

There are still four heavy treasure chests that are exactly the same, but they have not been opened.

If nothing happens, I am afraid it is also gold, that is a full five to fifty thousand taels of gold!

This mysterious Tsing Yi Ruo Li, alone with thirty stout porters on the dock, brought five boxes full of fifty thousand taels of gold.

How bold this is, it didn't take the whole Wujun rivers and lakes into view at all!

Its not the Raptors, but Jiang, there is no great master and hundreds of elite masters escorted, who dare to take fifty thousand taels of gold on the road.

No one dares.

30 porters per person, with fifty thousand taels of gold on the road.

What a fierce generation this is!

This, who is this person?

Grandmaster did not dare to do so.

Inside the Yanyu Building, there were thousands of big-and-south gangsters, wealthy sons, old bustards, and many brothel women all in shock.

"Respect, this is... to redeem someone?!"

The face of the deputy gang leader changed, and he looked at the man in the Qingyi hat in disbelief. He has been in the arena for decades and has never seen such a magical character.

Who is this person?

Could it be... the one who killed the Whale Gang... Su Shangxian? !

In the entire Yanyu Building, all the high-profile guests were shocked and frightened.

But, I dont know why. Su Shangxian would wear a hat without showing his face.

Tsing Yi and hats were indifferent and did not speak any more.

Wu's deputy gang leader was trembling.

This is definitely a person who can't afford to offend, no one in Wu Jun can offend.

Wu's deputy gang leader hurriedly said respectfully: "Master, the gold in this treasure chest is enough to redeem Miss Anu. The younger one will get a deed of sale."

Regal King Wang Da Gongzi looked at the box full of ten thousand taels of gold with a shocked look. He looked at the man in the Tsing Yi hat, suddenly thought of something, horrified, and hurriedly got under the table, hiding his fat body.

There are five treasure chests of fifty thousand taels of gold.

Don't talk about him, he sold his father, the magistrate of the king, without knowing the price.

This mysterious man in a hat in Tsing Yi simply treated gold as dung, and didn't pay attention to the thousands of big hawks on the scene.

The big hawks in the entire Yanyu Building are insignificant in the eyes of this mysterious man.

This mountain of wealth is backed by unimaginable terrifying power.

The Regal King was hiding under the table, his body was trembling~www.wuxiaworld~, he was scared to tremble, for fear of being looked at by the man in Tsing Yi. He is a dude, but not stupid, and has gotten involved with someone who can't be messed with.

Qingyi hats and hats glanced indifferently, Wang Fuhao under the table.

"Lord...your deed!"

At this time, he saw that the deputy gang leader Wu quickly fetched Miss Anu's deed of sale, his hands trembled slightly, and he respectfully bowed his head to offer it.

"This box, ten thousand taels of gold in exchange for this deed. Let you Li Gang, go to the government in person, and write off Miss Anu's music status!"

Tsing Yi Dou Li took the contract indifferently and glanced silently.


The Wu deputy gang nodded repeatedly, not dare to say more.

The man in the hat of Tsing Yi took a copper coin out of his arms and glanced at it intently.

This is the copper coin that A Chou gave to him in the early morning five years ago when he went to the rivers and lakes with him to help him step into the Medicine King Gang. He has never had a chance to repay the love of this copper coin.

He sighed slightly in his heart.

In this world, no one is qualified to save Anu, and neither can he. Only Ah Chou can save Anu from the sea of suffering. Use his long-cherished wish in this life to exchange for Anu's free body.

This copper coin flew up in the sky from the palm of his hand, and flew to the center of the stage without any haste, and landed in the palms of Anu's jade.

Anu sat down on the stage, looking confused and misty in his eyes, and took the copper coin that flew into her hands.

is carved with a sharp stone and the word "ugly" is engraved on it.

The crooked and crooked word "ugly" is like A Chou's ugly face, with a happy smile, looking at her deeply.

"A Ugly!"

Anu's red lips trembled, her eyes were covered with a layer of tears, and the palm of her hand held the "ugly" coin, tears rained down in an instant.

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