I Am Xianfan Chapter 122

Chapter 120: Quack

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Inside the big box on the third floor.

Prefect Zhao Juzhen could not help but breathe a sigh of relief when he saw the man with a hat in Tsing Yi appear. The Shangxian personally came forward and redeemed the Feihinnu's contract with gold, so he didn't need to superfluously superfluous.

He didn't speak, he just dipped some tea with his finger, and scribbled the three words "Su Shangxian" on the table, and immediately erased it.

The imperial commissioner looked at it, and suddenly understood.

It turns out that this mysterious man in a hat in Tsing Yi was the Su Shangxian who was on the island of Dongting Mountain in the west of Taihu Lake, who forced Hanshan to kill himself, Mao Ziyuan, and Liu Hong, who destroyed an army of thousands of water bandits.

Not to mention the Gusu County Office and the Wu County Prefects Mansion, even if the four big gangs and small gangs of Wu County, and even the exterminated Giant Whale Gang, the White Lotus Sect and the Hanshan Taoist Temple are added together, they cant afford to provoke them. This unpredictable immortal can only stay away.

The look of the imperial servant king was strangely excited, "He is... the fairy in the legend?"

Immortals are far away from the mundane world, and have always been far away from mortals. For the first time, he was so close to the fairy.

"Exactly. I am preparing to write a memorial to report the details of the Battle of Taihu Lake to your Majesty and state the merits of the gods."

Zhao Juzhen nodded.

"no no!"

Wang Qincha quickly waved his hand.


Zhao Juzhen could not help being surprised.

He was even a little worried whether Wang Shoucheng wanted to swallow the credit in private.

After this Su Shangxian finished the battle, he disappeared for two days, and he didn't want the court's silver reward. It is estimated that he didn't plan to claim the court's great contribution.

Wang Qinchai was fascinated by his eyes, and laughed in a low voice: "Brother Zhao, do you think that you can get into the eyes of the emperor if you kill the giant whale gang? The minister is responsible for the court to suppress the bandits. That is not what it is. You are. Slip another great skill from your fingers."

"This, I don't understand a bit, how is great work? How to achieve success? Lord Wang, please elaborate!"

Zhao Juzhen was taken aback, and even more puzzled.

The understanding of his majesty's mind, of course, he is not as good as the imperial **** before his majesty.

Although Zhao Juzhen disdains the franchise, he will not have trouble with Jiaguan Jinjue.

If you want to show your ambitions in the court, you must become a high-ranking minister in the court. And all of this must be appreciated by your majesty before you can be admired.

"Only by knowing your Majesty's heart is cold and warm, can you be in the emperor's heart!

You are not in Chang'an and you dont understand the situation. Your Majesty has grown old these years, and state affairs are entrusted to the ministers. There is nothing better, the only experience is the way of longevity.

His Majesty once privately revealed that he had the intention of seeking immortals and asking the way, but he suffered from the fact that there were no immortals to lead the way.

If your Majesty knew that a Su Shangxian appeared in Wu Jun, what a surprise it would be! If you can invite Su Shangxian to Chang'an, your majesty will definitely worship as the national teacher!

You and I invite immortals into Chang'an and make a great contribution, so your Majesty is not happy!

With your Majestys Long Yan Joy, and Su Shangxians care, you and me and others will take care of each other, so why not worry about you and me! By then, most of the courts will be you, me, and Su Shangxian. We have the final say. What a prestige!

Brother Zhao, this is a great skill, enough to make you and me truly prosperous together! "

"Your Majesty, will you worship Su Shangxian as the national teacher?!"

Zhao Taishou heard this, shocked.

In recent years, your Majesty has not been as wise and martial as before. He often acted absurdly, and the supervisor could not persuade himself. Even the well-loved Lord Bai was disliked by his majesty and was demoted to Jiangzhou because of too much persuasion.

It turns out that your Majesty has been obsessed with Xunxian in these years, and he has reached such an extent.

But, he couldn't stop it.

Zhao Juzhen is silent, with other thoughts in her heart.

Your Majestys thought of seeking immortals has been born, and it is almost impossible to stop it.

Su Shangxian has already wiped out the evildoers of Wu Jun, why not just push the boat along the river and lead Su Shangxian into Chang'an. Get rid of the evil spirits entrenched in the court, why worry about the world is not peaceful? !

Su Shangxian's words are definitely more useful than the superintendent, or can persuade your majesty's absurd behavior.

By then, he Zhao Juzhen will also be a minister of ZTE, and he will be a great successor!

"The imperial commissioner is wonderful! That's how it should be done! Just in accordance with the imperial commission, I went to invite Su Shangxian to discuss it. Ask him if he intends to go to Chang'an and become a national teacher."

Zhao Juzhen calmed down and said with a smile. Immediately recruited a few small officials, ordered to prepare to invite Su Chen over privately.

The two have their own thoughts, and when they look at each other, both are happy.


The big tycoons, wealthy merchants, and powerful princes of Yanyulou opened their eyes wide as they watched the coin flew slowly in the air and landed in Anu's hands.

Everyone dare not breathe.

This is not the true spirit of the master.

is the magical power of immortals.

They saw once again with their own eyes that Su Shangxian displayed a mysterious power.

Although it is a small copper coin, it is only worth less than a coin, but it can be suspended in the air without the power of any true energy. This has far exceeded the abilities of people in the rivers and lakes, and belongs to the category of the power of the gods. .

"Su...Shang Xian!"

"He really is Su Shangxian...He is here!"

Many of the big gangsters shuddered with excitement and seemed to feel it again. That day, on the shore of Ludang Lake in Taihu Lake, the kind of terrifying coercion of immortals descended on them.

The unpredictable heavenly power of Xianzun is in charge of all sentient beings.


That is the fear of that kind of power, instinct.


That was because they saw him again, Su Shangxian, who was on the verge of collapse of the Beiludang government and the Jianghu coalition forces, used supernatural powers to reverse the situation in one fell swoop.

"Su Shangxian!"

"He really is Immortal Su, Tweet, am I dreaming?"

"Su Shangxian...it was him, he saved my brother's life! Ah, I actually saw him with my own eyes."

Many girls in Yanyulou, vaguely guessed the identity of this mysterious person.

Even a girl screamed, almost fainting in happiness.

Since the First World War in Taihu Lake, the people in the entire Gusu City have been praising that this Su Shangxian, who turned the tide and defeated the three major bandits of the giant whale and water bandit coalition forces at the time of the defeat of the Jianghu army.

He not only rescued thousands of elite children of Wu Junzhong's gang, but also completely wiped out the giant whale gang that had troubled Wu Jun for hundreds of years. He helped the officers and soldiers to completely eradicate the Taihu water bandits and returned Wu Jun a peace.

He also killed the backstage of the Giant Whale Gang, the former Wu Jun No. 1 Outsider, Hanshan Demon Dao.

Whether it is the ordinary people of Gusu City, the imperial court, the gangs of the rivers and lakes, or even their brothel women, they all admire and admire this young Su Shangxian incomparably.

But Su Shangxian's whereabouts are elusive. Since the First World War in Taihu Lake, he has not seen him in the past few days, and has never appeared in Gusu City or Wu County.


Qingyi Ruolaren didn't look at the Yanyulou again. The extremely excited large crowds, wealthy businessmen, and those who worshipped the brothel women directly waved their hands again.

There are four treasure chests left, which are opened together.


is all golden light, dazzling gold.

A gold treasure chest full of four.

"The mouth just now was the money for the purchase of the contract. The remaining four treasure chests, including ten thousand taels of gold jewellery, are stored in Gusu's bank and controlled by Miss Anu herself.

The other two are the Medicine King Gang, the Caravan, the Iron Sword Gate, and the Tianying Gate, half each. The last bite was equally divided among dozens of other small gangs in Wu Jun. These three big boxes of gold are paid to you as insurance premiums to protect Miss Anu's peace in this life. "

Tsing Yi Ruoli glanced at it. The excited gang hawks in Yanyu Building said in a cold tone: "Your four big gangs and all the small gangs are responsible for her safety. As a price, if something happens to her, You four big gangs and the big and small gangs in Wujun Jianghu, let her be buried together!"

The all over the world and the high-profile guests in Yanyu Building took a breath of air-conditioning in surprise.

With three mouthfuls of thirty thousand taels of gold, the four big gangs and big and small gangs of Wujun rivers and lakes will jointly protect Anu's life.

If something happens, Anu will be buried.

There are as many as three masters in the realm of the grand masters in the rivers and lakes of Wujun, and the rest of the bottom disciples are more than 10,000 or 20,000. The lives of many people in the rivers and lakes are weighed on Miss Anu.

If something happens to her, all the gangs in Wu Jun will not stay!

Many young heroes were frightened and throbbed, and the blood on their foreheads was beating, and the whole body was cold. No one dared to speak out against it.

"The gods have fate, don't dare to fail!"

"Please follow the edict of the immortal!"

In the Yanyu Building, the three great masters, Li Shuo, Jackdaw, and Medicine King Sun Baihong, all came out of the box, bowed their hands respectfully, and personally accepted the insurance policy as the facilitator.

Tsing Yi Ruoli had dealt with these things before he glanced at Wang Fuhao who had gotten under the table, his eyes cold.

accidentally stepped on Wang Fuhao's palm.

"Oh, it hurts me to death! My god, the little one has eyes and no beads, don't kill me! I don't know that is the woman you always look after. Rich cousin~, dad~, save me~~, I'm going to die Who will save me!"

The rich man Wang Da Gongzi hid under the table, and the bones of the hand that was stepped on were broken. He kept shaking and screaming like a pig.

Yanyulou, the full house of high-profile guests, are all silent, who dares to save him!

The magistrate Wang Xian paled and ran out of the box on the third floor with two tremors, kneeling down with a puff, and kowtow, saying: "Shangxian, there is no way for the small to discipline. I implore the Shangxian to spare the child! From then on, Xiaoxian. Its for him all his life, and he will never dare to make trouble again."

Wang Fugui's face turned pale, he knelt on his knees, and kowtowed: "Master Su...please beg the immortal and spare my cousin's life!"

Su Chen glanced at them both indifferently.

The magistrate of the king just asked for mercy on his son. Wang Fugui was such an arrogant person who actually wanted to kneel to save his cousin's life.

This Gusu Wang clan's temperament seems to be a while, but it won't fall.

"get out!"

"Thank you, Shangxian!"

Wang Fugui's heart is mixed with sorrow and joy, but he didn't expect that Su Shangxian would actually give his little Jianghu disciple a thin face, and then kowtow.

After dealing with the affairs of the Yanyu Tower, Su Chen stepped out of the Yanyu Tower and strode towards the Su River.

This Wujun rivers and lakes are the rivers and lakes in A Chou's dream. It is also the rivers and lakes where Han Pingshan, Jackdaw, Medicine King Sun Baihong, and Li Shuo have exhausted their lives.

The rivers and lakes are getting farther away, he no longer belongs to this Wujun rivers and lakes world.

There is something wrong here, it's time to go back.


Inside the Yanyu Building, the gangsters and small gang leaders are all anxious. They wanted to see Su Shangxian a long time ago, but they hadnt seen anyone in the first two days, so there was no chance.

"Su Shangxian, go slowly! The master of the Xiafeiying sect, if you want to worship the immortal as your teacher, please accept the immortal!"

"Su Shangxian, you are my savior. From now on, your words are the fate of heaven, and are more effective than the emperor's second child. Who dares to embarrass Miss Anu, I will cut him into eight pieces by Li Tiebushan!"

A rough iron man jumped out and shouted.


"Under the black dog to help the black dog, whoever can't live with the fairy, is the mad dog who can't live with me!"

"Su Shangxian, my black bear gang leader is late, and I will be the black bear guard in front of Su Shangxian from now on. Wang Fuhao, this kid, dare to **** a woman with Su Shangxian, and then dare to come out and slap again. Next time I saw him slapped him to death. he!"

All of the high-rollers who were still quiet and frightened before, all ran out all of a sudden, hurriedly chasing after Su Chen's figure, wanting a chance to follow suit.

Those little officials in the prefectural palace hurried away ~www.wuxiaworld~ but returned to the wing room with a gray complexion and reported: "My lord, Su Shangxian is gone. He went too fast. I waited for him to go after him. Nowhere to go!"

"What, look for it!"

Zhao Juzhen suddenly became anxious.

Su Shangxian has his dreams entrusted to him. If Su Shangxian is willing to join him to go to Chang'an, and gain the trust of His Majesty, and no longer trust those treacherous villains, Zhao Juzhen may be expected to become a minister of Zhongxing in the Tang Dynasty.

What he fears most in his heart is that Su Shangxian simply looks down on the riches and nobles of the ordinary world, and he does not want to be the teacher of the country, and he does not want to take care of it.

"This, my subordinates don't know where to find it!"

those little officials said in a panic.

"A bunch of waste."

Zhao Juzhen said anxiously: "The immortal didn't jump out of a crack in the stone. The 13 counties of Wujun are so big, and there is no one immortal. What do you want you to do with wine and rice bags? The magistrate of the county king, don't hurry up and take your Gusu Yamen All the servants and strong men of the government are sent out to find him! As long as he is still in Wu County, he can find out!"


All Wu Jun officials, big gangsters, Su Chen left without thinking, and couldn't help chasing him out anxiously.

But after chasing out of Yanyu Lou, he was shocked. Even master masters such as Li Shuo and Jackdaw could not catch up with Su Shangxian's shadow.

came abruptly, and walked simply.

They just chased it out, but saw that the quiet and dark streets of Gusu City were empty, long gone, as if this person had never appeared in the world.

Only in the Yanyu Building, there are five golden treasure chests and a group of dozens of crude porters, which proves that Su Shangxian has been there once.


PS: Volume One Warrior Chapter: Beyond the Red World, there are the last few chapters ending, this month ends this volume.

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