I Became A Loophole In The World Chapter 277

Chapter 277: Qu Bing

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Between life and death, there is great fortune and great terror.

Yunling can enjoy great luck, but at the same time she also faces the unknown great horror. This is also the reason why the female manager of Bailingzhai saw that Yunling was between life and death at the time, and she wanted to say nothing.

just now.

Yunling felt that the unknown great horror had arrived. This great horror was nothing but Gu Xiu.

Of course, she just thinks so.

On the teleportation stage of the Five Poison Teaching, there is a wide and lively scene.

The excitement comes from the crowd gathered not far away.

Those people dressed in uniform, and the leading man was very handsome, and they were also very handsome, holding a bouquet of roses in his hand and smiling.

Gu Xiu glanced at those people and didn't care. He embraced Yunling's shoulders and leaned his body halfway, very lazy and casual, and said, "Did you provoke something that cannot be provoke."

Yunling looked strange and said: "Why do you say that?"

Gu Xiu looked a little tired inexplicably, and said: "Just now I felt that two horrible auras had enveloped me, and I didn't know where it came from. It suddenly came down like that."

"It's because I am the Son of Destiny, otherwise I really can't help but the unknown horror that comes out inexplicably."

Yunling heard that her eyes were a little embarrassed, and she whispered: "You come here less, nonsense, why I don't feel at all."

Gu Xiu sighed, and said: "It's weird that you can feel it, but I blocked it, okay? I wondered if the reason was definitely not with me, it was you."

Yunling bowed his head and said, "There is great luck between life and death, and there is also great terror."

Gu Xiu suddenly realized, "How terrifying is it?"

Yunling said: "The horror is as great as the luck I got. I used it alone once before and almost died at the time. Fortunately, Master came in time and saved me and blocked the great horror for me."

Gu Xiu immediately understood, and said: "No wonder, that is to say, you just used it twice in a row, you need to face two great horrors."

"I also felt the horrible atmosphere. If I changed to you, I would not be able to stop it. If I were not the Son of Destiny, one time would be fine, but two times would not be fine."

"So, I saved you twice."

Yunling hummed in a low voice: "Anyway, I am defeated. It's up to you. If you love to save it, I didn't ask you to save it? You wanted to save it."

Gu Xiu smiled? said: "Huh? woman."

Yunling replied: "Heh, man."

Gu Xiu suddenly said: "You almost succeeded."

Yunling subconsciously said: "What?"

Gu Xiu smiled, and said: "Almost succeeded in killing me."

Yunling was silent.

Gu Xiu let out a sigh of relief, and said: "Twice in a row of great horrors, it seems that you want to die with me, but unfortunately..."

Yunling has a complicated tone and said; "It's a pity."

Gu Xiu looked at the person holding the flowers and said, "What are those people doing?"

Yunling whispered softly: "Young Master Tang Family, Tang Wencheng? I have been pursuing Master."

Gu Xiu thoughtfully, said: "It can be seen as a trouble."

Yunling said: "It's very troublesome."

Gu Xiu casually said: "Where is the trouble?"

Yunling said: "The Tang family is not weaker than the Five Poisons. Facing Tang Wencheng's pursuit, Master is helpless? Official adjustments have no effect."

Gu Xiu nodded? said: "That's quite troublesome."

Yunling sighed, and said: "Actually, he is very courageous? For the master, he is willing to be planted with heart guts."

Gu Xiu casually said, "What is Heart Gu?"

Yunling said: "Once the cage of love is planted with a heart, whether the other half is betrayed, we women of the Five Poison Cult will know the first time."

"Under the heart gu, the betrayer will live better than die."


Gu Xiu thought for a while, and said, "It seems that it is very expensive to talk about feelings with your Five Poison Sect."

Yunling said: "So most of us are lonely and die."

As I can see, there are beautiful ladies everywhere.

However, in the face of these little sisters, outsiders are more than a rule, one is more polite than a gentleman.

No one dared to come forward to strike up a conversation.

Gu Xiu shook his head funny, and said, "Let's go, and see your master."

Yunling leads the way.


The two were stopped by the Tang family eldest master.

"Yun Ling."

Tang Wencheng smiled and said, "Is this your boyfriend?"

said, looking at Gu Xiu.

Yunling shook his head slightly, without words.

Gu Xiu looked vain, yawned feebly, and said, "According to her meaning, I am her wife."

Tang Wencheng was taken aback, and then he reacted, with great interest, and said, "How do you call it?"

Gu Xiu strolled forward and said casually: "Gu Xiu."

Tang Wencheng frowned.

Yunling paused when he saw this, and said, "My master will not see you. Master does like him. As for his name, you should have heard his name many times in the past few days. Go back."

After speaking, he caught up with Gu Xiu.

Tang Wencheng looked indifferent and said, "Stop."

Gu Xiu was indifferent.

Tang Wencheng, who was like a shadow, appeared in front of Gu Xiu, who looked carefully at it, and simply said directly: "It's a winner."

Tang Sect is proficient in concealed weapons, physical arts, and poison.

The Five Poison Education is also good at poison.

But the poisons of the two are different.

The Five Poison Education is good at "biological poison", Gu poison.

Tang Sect is good at "chemical poison", poison weapon.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

This is also one of the reasons why Tang Sect is not weaker than the Five Poisons, and even because of poison, the two have a deep relationship.

The victory or defeat between men obviously requires fighting.

But Gu Xiu didn't want to fight.

Where is Tang Wencheng?

He just wanted to give himself an explanation.

Gu Xiu's record is well known, even if he is the young master of the Tang family, he is far from Gu Xiu's opponent.

Because he is not even the Awakened.

Gu Xiu...

is far from what he can fight against.

It's just that he is unwilling and fearless.

How big the gap is, he wants to know, only if he knows it will he give up.

So after Gu Xiu passed by, he started.

The hidden weapon turns into a streamer, breaking through the air.

"The sword comes."

sighed softly.

A sword light fell, flying the hidden weapon.

The hidden weapons turned into streamers in the sky, falling like a meteor shower.

Gu Xiu helplessly said in a tired tone: "Zhu Xian."

next moment.

Above the sky, an aura shrouded the huge sword with a vague body and crashed down, and finally stayed on top of everyone present.

The sky streamer was shattered and turned into nothingness.

Death is just a short distance above the head, making everyone stiff and afraid to move.

From beginning to end, Gu Xiu always leaned on Yun Ling and turned his back to Tang Wencheng.

A sword comes, a sentence of Zhu Xian...

The battle is over.


The gap is really big enough.

Tang Wencheng looked at the departing back, his face pale, and he laughed at himself.

The people behind him looked at each other, looking at the nose, the nose at the heart, incarnate as a wooden person.

Zhu Xianjian has not dissipated yet, still suppressing these people.

The rest of the people who come and go are wise and far away.

and quickly.

Things here spread to the Internet.

"What happened to Tang Wencheng and the others?"

"The sword, although you can't see it clearly, you can feel its horror through the screen."

"Who is that boy?"

"Who else can it be? If you think about it carefully, can you still remember other people's looks? Who else can be besides Gu Xiu."

"I heard that the saint had been helping out in Shanhai City for a few days, and she was still ambiguous with Gu Xiu."

"It's a pity that Tang Wencheng met this enemy."

"The latest news is that Gu Xiu is the one who opened the golden and matching purple Lingbao in Bailingzhai."

"With Yunling, that must be it."

"Gu Xiu has come to our Silvermoon City, and I suddenly have an ominous premonition."


Yunyue Pavilion.

On the bed, the beautiful woman suddenly opened her eyes and looked out the window with solemn expression.

There is an inexplicable sword there, which is terrible.

Even though the distance is so far, it still makes her heart palpitating.

There was a slight movement in the belly.

The beautiful woman caressed her slightly raised belly, got up and left the pavilion, and went away...

Teleportation point.

The wind passed.

The sword of Zhu Xian disappeared, and the pressure and death threats like mountains on everyone disappeared, and they gasped for breath.

Tang Wencheng slowly knelt down, the roses in his hands scattered on the side, his hands on the ground, his eyes closed for a long time.

In ancient times, there was a **** named Kong Xuan, who possessed the ultimate hidden weapon, five-color magic light.

And the five-color light, nothing but brush...

It is not enough to rely on the family artifact, the peacock feather.

requires five colors of light.

Tang Wencheng breathed out slowly, got up and left.

Come back next time, the ending will be different, but he doesn't know if he can come back next time.

"Lingyue sound."

"You save my life, either use this life to protect your life, or...return you..."


The Five Poisons, the Palace of the Holy Woman.

Gu Xiu and Yunling walked in.

took a walk all the way and finally came to the back garden.

In the garden.

The woman sitting in fullness was thinking of spring, her eyes lost, and she knew nothing about their arrival.


Yunling said.

Lingyue Yin said without turning back: "I'm so hungry, I bought the food."

She wants to eat Zhouji steamed buns, but others cant.

Yunling had a look and said, "No, I forgot to buy it."

Ling Yueyin sighed and said, "Do you want to starve to death as a teacher?"

Yunling said: "I brought back something more delicious."

Ling Yueyin lacks interest, and said: "What is it."

Yunling said: "One person."

Gu Xiu sat down and sent the impression of perception.

Ling Yueyin's eyes blinked, dazed for a moment, and said: "Why are you here?"

Gu Xiu poured a glass of wine and said, "I miss you."

Lingyueyin hummed: "I want to go to the Gu Temple, right."

Gu Xiu took a sip of the drink and said, "This does not conflict with I think you."

Lingyueyin's lips curled up slightly, and said: "It's really unappetizing, forget it, I'm starving to death."

Gu Xiu leans where he can lean, leaning on the table casually, propping his cheeks, and said: "It's so beautiful, it's a shame to die."

Lingyue said: "There is no shortage of beautiful women by your side."

Gu Xiu thought for a while and said, "You are different, you have unique beauty."

Lingyue Yin said: "Poor mouth."

The fragrant wind strikes.

A beautiful lady in purple clothes floats down.

Qu Bing, the leader of the Five Poisons, is no worse than Lingyue in terms of appearance.

The most fascinating thing is the other's belly, which is slightly bulging, and you know that you are pregnant.

"The distinguished guest came, and the concubine learned that it was rude."

Qubing smiled, her silky legs overlapped.

Gu Xiu shook his head slightly, and said: "Don't care about me, just come and see, you are pregnant, it is better to have a baby with peace of mind."

Qu Bingyu floated his belly with a loving look, and said, "It's not a hindrance, the little guy is very happy for your coming."

Lingyueyin said lightly: "It's not his child, what can be happy about it."

Qu Bingwan'er smiled and said, "Tell me about you, it's a little sudden."

Lingyueyin glanced at Gu Xiu and said, "I advise you to stay away if you can stay away from him, but for any woman, there will be no good results if you approach him."

Gu Xiu casually ate snacks and drank drinks, and said, "Blame me for being so handsome."

Qu Bing smiled and said, "It's really handsome."

Yunling retreated silently.

Lingyueyin rolled her eyes and said, "Say business, what are you here for this time?"

Qu Bing is curious.

Gu Xiu said: "I miss you and go to the Gu Temple."

Ling Yueyin looked away from her cheek, and said, "I knew I was incidental."

Qu Bing thoughtfully, said: "That said, you are sure to be together."

Lingyue Yin said: "Put away your little thoughts, you can't help him if you want to tie him to the Five Poison Sect, it depends on whether he wants to."

Qu Bing said helplessly: "You are always so unabashed."


The Five Poison Sect has the strongest existence ever.

Because of this, as the leader, she can't do anything with Ayazuki sound.


Ling Yueyin is much older than her.

Hundreds of years ago, Ling Yueyin was already in the Five Poison Sect, but she was sleeping all the time, and only recently she woke up and became a saint.

and so.

Ling Yueyin is the predecessor of her leader.

"Just tell you in advance."

Lingyue sounded dispirited, and said, "Don't worry, he won't care about it."

Gu Xiu ate the snack and nodded: "Well, I really don't care, don't pay attention to anything in front of me."

Qu Bing paused and said, "Why is Heart Gu useless?"

Lingyueyin hummed: "His heart is naturally passionate, and his heart can't suppress the bondage."

Gu Xiu rationally analyzed: "That's not necessarily, you haven't tried it."

Lingyueyin shook the silver bell on his ankle, and said, "I won't try with you."

Qu Bing looked at Gu Xiu, very curious.

The young man in front of him is very confident, seemingly confident, and doesn't care about other people's goals.

Such a person must be very strong.

And this, she knew it instantly when she was shocked by that inexplicable sword.

That sword is very strong.

Being able to stay in place for so long is even more terrifying.

Why is a teenager so strong? UU Reading www. uukanshu.com is really curious.

"It's up to you to try or not."

Gu Xiu lazily said: "Where is the Gu Temple and how to get there?"

Lingyueyin chuckled and said, "So, love will disappear, right?"

Gu Xiu scratched his head, hugged the woman into his arms, and said, "Well, I admit that my main purpose is to come to the Gu Temple. I miss you by the way and see you."

Lingyueyin hummed: "I knew it, scumbag."

Qu Bing said softly: "Why go to the Gu Temple?"

Gu Xiu casually said: "The cultivation technique of Yin and Yang Gu."

Qubing knew it, and said: "The Gu Temple is not far from the Five Poison Cult. In fact, the Gu Temple is in the Five Poison Cult, but because it cannot be taken back, in order to prevent the Five Poison Cult from falling, it was divided."

"But the teleportation array is in the teaching, you can go anytime you want."

"It's just that there are many crises in the Gu Temple. There are countless Gu poisons that have been eroded by the abyss. Some Gu poisons cannot be resisted even by level 199 professionals."

"The cultivation technique of Yin Yang Gu is in the deepest part of the Gu Temple."


At the end, Qu Bing suddenly said: "If you must go, I will go with you."

Ling Yueyin glanced at the slightly bulging belly, and said: "I think you want a child to be crazy."

Gu Xiu is unclear.

Does Gu Temple have anything to do with the kid in the belly...

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