I Became A Loophole In The World Chapter 278

Chapter 278: Reincarnation Gu

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Tang family.

Tang Wencheng kneels on both knees.

Take the seat.

Tang Jianghe looked at his elder son who had been kneeling since he came back, with a sullen expression. He patted the armrest of the purple dragon head on the chair, and said, "It's just a nonsense."

Tang Wencheng was indifferent, and said, "I ask my father to do it."

Tang Jianghe stood up suddenly, and said in a deep voice, "It's just a woman. Look at your current appearance and how you look like. Do you know that the Tang family's face has been lost by you."

Tang Wencheng knelt straight, neither humble nor overbearing, and said: "She saved my life. Without her, I would no longer be in this world."

Tang Jianghe smiled furiously, and said, "Your mother gave birth to you and raised you for your father. In the end, it is no more than a life-saving grace."

"Just to repay your kindness, you ignore your family, your loved ones, and go your own way."

"It used to be that, but now you actually want to go to the forbidden land, looking for the illusory blood of Kong Xuan."

"You know you are dying!"

Tang Jianghe became more and more angry, and patted the purple sandalwood table again, and said: "You don't want to think, then Gu Xiu is here, do your benefactor still need you?"

"From the beginning, the woman never looked at you directly. Our Tang family has never been so humble. Only you, as the young master of the Tang family, want to be a dog next to that woman."

"Tang Wencheng, don't you still feel embarrassed enough?"

Tang Wencheng bowed his head and said: "I am willing."

Tang Jianghe saw this chest rise and fall, and he trembled in anger. He sat down and said with a tired expression: "Then Gu Xiu, who do you know?"

Tang Wencheng was silent.

Tang Jianghe took a deep breath and said, "Do you know the bone king, one of the nineteen demon kings of the abyss?"

Tang Wencheng knows.

Tangjiang Hedao: "I went to the city lord. The crisis faced by Shanhai City at that time could not be solved by anyone."

"Usuo, the archmage next to the Bone King, once invaded our human world and used his own strength to fight against hundreds of awakened people without falling to the wind. That way, a person was outside Shanhai City at that time, even if only a clone came. It's not that ordinary awakened people can fight, and the strength is enough to rival Ye Qiuchi, the strongest in the world today.

"In addition to Urso, there are also the headless knight lord who are all clones, a fallen angel."

"These three are all at level 199."

"Shanhai City set up an ambush, and the awakened people besieged the three by Yi Renxuan, King Zhuge, Kuchan, Lingyueyin..."

"The outsider doesn't know about the process, but I learned from the city lord what happened for my father."

"Then Gu Xiu used his own power to smash the silver tiger, the golden dragon, the clone of Urso, and the headless knight."

"After the bronze tree came, everyone saw what it was like."

"Even the existence of gluttonous gluttony can be killed as long as the opponent is given time."

"That kind of existence, why do you grab the opponent?"


Tang Wencheng makes a fist.

Tang Jianghe sneered and said, "Do you think the blood of Kong Xuan can help you defeat Gu Xiu? It's just a dream."

"It's not good for gluttony, let alone Kong Xuan."

"The five-color divine light is just a legend, even if it really exists, what can be done by you?"

"The woman was just saving you at first, and we should repay the Tang family, Tang Chu has already given it back, and she owes nothing."

"Why are you persistent?"

"What's more, the other party is still a woman of the Five Poison Cult."

"No one knows the harm caused by the Five Poison Sect women more trouble than our Tang family."

"If there is no Gu Xiu, I won't stop you for my father."

"But now that Gu Xiu appears, the woman already has a sense of belonging, and you are no longer qualified."

"From beginning to end, you are not in the same world."


Tang Wencheng was silent, and said again after a long while: "I also ask my father to fulfill it."

Tang Jianghe closed his eyes, and the purple-gold sandalwood table held by his palms turned to pieces.

The door opens.

The beautiful woman walked in, looked at her son, her eyes fell on her husband, and she couldn't bear to say: "Jiang He..."

Tang Jianghe opened his eyes and sighed, then dropped a token casually.

Tang Wencheng took the token, slowly kowtow to his parents, and then left.

Looking at her son's back, the beautiful woman opened her mouth.

Tang Jianghe stopped at will, and said: "Let him go, it's no longer saved."

The beautiful woman said anxiously: "But..."

Tang Jianghe's tone was exhausted, and he said, "The wings are hard and you can't stop it. It's life or death, let him go."

The beautiful woman cried.

Tang Jianghe breathed out slowly, looked at the sky outside, and said: "It's a pity, that woman...should be killed sooner..."

Originally there was no need to kill, it didn't matter.

My son likes chasing after him, so there is always a day to give up.

But it's different now.

Gu Xiu is more.

Because of that Gu Xiu, my son is going to break the forbidden area.

Because of that Gu Xiu, Ling Yueyin couldn't kill, and couldn't kill anymore.

Gu Xiu...

catch them and the whole Tang family cant help each other...

The Five Poison Education.

After an appointment, Qu Bing left.

back yard.

Gu Xiu curiously asked: "The kid has something to do with the Gu Temple?"

Ling Yueyin casually patted off Gu Xiu's irregular paws, and said: "She is practicing reincarnation Gu."

Gu Xiu scratched his head with a lonely claw, and said, "Rebirth... it sounds like a little bit extraordinary."

Lingyueyin leaned against Gu Xiu's arms, and placed her high-heeled silk feet on the table at will, swaying the silver bells on her ankles, and said: "Reincarnation Gu is really amazing. In theory, it can continue to survive through rebirth. And getting stronger and stronger, a bit similar to Suzakus dying and stronger talent."

"However, the reincarnation Gu she practiced is incomplete."

"Because of this, in order to achieve her, her husband eventually feeds the Gu with his body, barely conceiving the reincarnation Gu."


Gu Xiu thoughtfully, said: "You mean..."

Lingyueyin said lightly: "That's right, the child in her belly is Reincarnation Gu."

This operation...

Gu Xiu thought of God's family, and felt that the two were comparable in some aspects, and they were almost the same.

Reincarnation Gu, this is all about giving birth to yourself.

is too weird.

Lingyueyin continued: "Another benefit of reincarnation Gu is that after the birth of reincarnation Gu, the original body will transform into a clone, and the strength will be synchronized with that of reincarnation. That is to say, the stronger the reincarnation Gu, the strength of the clone will also change. The promotion."

"As long as you continue to reincarnate, you will eventually have countless clones, and your strength will all grow stronger with the reincarnation Gu."

"The disadvantage is that it takes time for the reincarnation Gu to grow, and after the birth of the reincarnation Gu, it needs to continue to breed the reincarnation Gu, that is, continue to become pregnant."

"Basically once you practice Reincarnation Gu, your body will be pregnant all year round."


Gu Xiu was speechless.

The emotional body is a baby-bearing machine.


Lingyueyin lightly hummed: "Have your heart moved?"

? ? ?

Gu Xiu was at a loss, and said, "I don't understand what you are talking about."

Lingyue sound smiled.

Gu Xiu felt inexplicable, so she continued to be curious: "Does the other half need to feed Gu every time I conceive a reincarnation Gu?"

Lingyue said: "The reincarnation Gu she cultivated is incomplete, so she really needs a loved one to feed her every time."

Gu Xiu took a sip of the drink and said, "It's a bit cruel."

Lingyue fainted and said, "So, she will go with us this time, the purpose is to complement the reincarnation Gu cultivation technique. There are many Gu techniques in the Gu Temple, and the entire reincarnation Gu is also included. "

Gu Xiu pondered, and said: "It stands to reason that you will only be the Moon God Gu after living so long?"

Lingyueyin hummed: "Who said that, I remember the life and death Gu, didn't it pass to Yunling."

Gu Xiu regretfully said: "Then why don't you remember Yin and Yang Gu?"

Lingyueyin blinked her eyes, and said: "I remember what that kind of magic is doing."

Gu Xiu asked strangely: "Sorcery?"

Lingyue Yin said: "I didn't tell you?"

Gu Xiu slapped his thigh with the palm of his hand, with a crisp sound.

Lingyueyin didn't care at all, and said: "Yin and Yang Gu is good, but it is a crooked way. If you want to cultivate, you must be psychologically prepared."

Gu Xiu felt bad, and said, "Why mentally prepare?"

Lingyueyin smiled and said, "Yin and Yang Gu has side effects. After practicing, the gender will be reversed."

Gu Xiu took a deep breath and said, "You tell me clearly."

Lingyueyin hummed: "I'm hungry, I don't want to say anymore, if you want to know, please me."

Yunling brings delicious food.

Gu Xiu threw the woman in his arms, took Yunling into his arms, and said: "It's still comfortable and well-behaved as an apprentice, much more comfortable than being a master."

Yunling has no expression on her face and does not resist.

Ling Yueyin landed lightly and sat down, suspiciously: "When did you get together?"

Gu Xiu smiled slightly and said, "Just now, your apprentice has already lost himself to me."

Lingyueyin chuckled softly: "Oh yo, master and apprentice pIay."

Yunling couldn't help but said: "Master, please pay attention."

Lingyueyin ate the food with great interest, and said, "Why, dare to do it but dare not say it. Tell me, how far have you two developed?"

Yunling was speechless.

Gu Xiu raised the chin of the woman in his arms and said, "Frankly speaking, it's much faster than being with you."

Yunling rolled his eyes.

Lingyueyin curiously asked: "Good boy, don't you take revenge?"

Yunling autistic.

Gu Mei kissed her and said, "I didn't have any grudges in the first place, okay, you don't want to chase the rhythm."

Lingyueyin sighed, and said, "Oh, poor brother, my sister has just committed suicide."

Gu Xiu helplessly, said: "That really can't blame me for being good."

Yunling said coldly: "Stop talking, I would like to bet."

Ling Yueyin didn't care about it, and said, "Even if you don't know it, it's really you who can do it. Even if it is indirect, you have unknowingly wrong."

"If Ling'er has nothing to do with you, then you don't care."

"But now Ling'er is your woman, should you be responsible?"


Gu Xiu sighed and said, "Okay, I'll go back and ask the ghost noodle tee to see if I can resurrect my brother-in-law, alright."

Hear the words.

Yunling suddenly said: "What is the relationship between you and the ghost face tee?"

Gu Xiu opened his mouth.

Yun Ling Jia Cai Xiang feed.

Ling Yueyin suddenly tasted.

Gu Xiu said, "Isn't it that little brother-in-law? The kill reward is the blood inheritance stone of the ghost face tee. I think it is good."

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"I saw the monster afterwards. It was afraid of me, so it recognized me as its master."

"Apart from being a bit ugly, other aspects are pretty good."


Lingyueyin approached pitifully: "Good apprentice, I also want to be a teacher."

Yunling's expressionless hands fed left and right, looked at Gu Xiu, and said, "If it can be rescued, you can let me do anything."

Gu Xiu leisurely said: "What I ask you to do now, you must obey."

Ling Yueyin looked wise and said: "I know, what you mean is that the reason you are willing to save is entirely based on your feelings for her."

Gu Xiu confessed: "What feelings do I have for her? I have no shortage of women. I am because of you, a fool."

"Although I have won everything about her, I can just find a reason to do so, and turn the fighting into a jade silk. Why should I take it?"

"It's not because you like to be together with master and apprentice."

Lingyueyin said: "Bah, nasty, you only like to be with master and apprentice, huh, hungry wolf in love, I want to bring it to bed when I see a beautiful woman."

Gu Xiu simply said: "Although I am currently with one, two, three, four... women, but in order to prove my innocence, I don't want you as an apprentice."

"No way!"

Yunling interrupted: "You have to."

Just don't want it before, she couldn't ask for it.

But now that my brother has hope of resurrection, how can I say no and just dont, who is she?

This man, she is determined.

Gu Xiu couldn't laugh or cry, and said, "If you say no, it shouldn't be you. You didn't have this attitude before."

Yunling hummed: "I didn't know that the three ghost faces recognized you as the master."

Gu Xiu said sadly: "It's really reality."

Yunling said lightly: "You and I have no feelings. They are all bets and transactions. It is better to be realistic."

Lingyueyin pondered: "I suddenly found out, apprentice, your brother is dead. It stands to reason that this pervert has the responsibility to save, and you don't need to pay anything, but now your brother is dead, if he is resurrected, this After the process is over, you inexplicably put yourself in."

It seems...its the truth...

Gu Xiu thought.

Ling Yueyin continued: "Just like Shanhai City, the crisis that Shanhai City was facing was originally caused by this pervert. It was originally the responsibility to save Shanhai City. As a result, after a set of procedures, the pervert not only became stronger, but also made it stronger. Everyone in Shanhai City is grateful."

"This kind of person is shameless, hateful, black-bellied, cunning, shameless, nasty..."

Gu Xiu couldn't sit still, and said, "Ye Junzhuo, his wife, you are enough. If you continue to scold you, I will rectify you on the spot."

Isnt it just hurting each other, come on, who is afraid of who~wuxiaworld.online~ Ayueyin said: "I think you should be named Cao, not Gu."

Gu Xiu said: "What can I do, he has the ability to make him jump out and hit me."

Yunling blinked, a little confused about the situation in front of her.

Ye Junzhuo?


Masters other wife?

The amount of information is a bit big.

The wind passed.

Lingyueyin suddenly got up and hummed: "Young man, mouse tail juice."

leave after speaking.

Gu Xiu kai Yunling, got up and chased after him, and said, "Why, angry?"

Lingyue sound ignored.

Gu Xiu aggrieved: "You have scolded me so much, so I can't fight back."

Lingyue said: "No."

Gu Xiu refused to accept: "Why?"

Lingyue Yin said: "Play Kai, don't touch me."

Gu Xiu said: "I was wrong, don't be angry, OK, Ye Junzhuo asked me to take good care of you. As his confidant, I must help him."

When did you become a confidant?

is not important.

Lingyue sound: "Hehe."

Gu Xiu: "mua..."

Ling Yueyin: "I hate it."

Yunling: Bah, dogs and men...

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