I Became A Loophole In The World Chapter 279

: Push Book

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"I became a loophole in the world (

I know I'm scumbag, so I learned from it and decided to push two good books to the big guys. I won't say how good it is, just look at it.

First book

Title: Revealed I am the treasure boy

Type: Light Novel

Introduction: Others are strong, but Bai Mo is a panacea.

He is a walking blood bag, an upgraded springboard, and a powerful amplifier, but this artifact that everyone covets can't even protect himself.

Bai Mo was already very cautious, but he was accidentally exposed. For a while, he became the Tang monk meat that everyone was fighting for. Until an angel sister descended from the sky, Bai Mo finally became a treasure boy with all the attention.

He is here, he is here, with unprepared dog food, unpredictable high sugar, unpredictable sadness...

(Dog food text.)


Second book

Title: Evolution of the Global Gods

Type: Science Fiction

Introduction: Fang Yu traveled to a world where everyone can become a god, ignite the fire, and condense the godhead.

Here, everyone can have gods and distractions, lead their followers, and conquer the realm of God.

Fang Yu, the **** Cthulhu, the old **** of the day, gains the "corrupt" ability.

Corruption: The sacrifice has been corroded, gaining the "hard skin" ability.

Corruption: Corrupted race, race level +1.

Corruption: Corrupted talent, talent strength +1.


Everything can be corroded, and the source of corrosion is the great old god...

(Shen Zhuwen, which is very popular recently.)

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