I Became The Villains Own Daughter Chapter 845

Vol 2 Chapter 837: Dad I Want To Drink Water

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Chapter 837 Dad, I want to drink water

As for the guests of Liu Peng and Bai Xinlian.

Although they won the giraffe tent, they threw the tent at the foot of the mountain early and didn't waste much energy on the way up the mountain.

But they are the ones who won the game after all.

After some discussions, the program group decided to give Liu Peng and the others 100 yuan symbolically as a special reward for the game winner.

Jian Chenglang walked over as if presenting awards at the awards ceremony, one by one, and distributed the money to Zhou Xiaoxiao, Liu Jia, and Liu Peng.

After making sure that there is no omission, he is about to retreat.

Who would know that as soon as he turned his head, he met three very cute white and fat faces. Their black eyes were round and bright, and they looked at the money left in his hand.

Before Jian Chenglang could say anything, the three little carrots saw him look over, and quickly spread out their white and tender hands, their eyes were amazingly bright, and they were obviously ready to collect the money.

Jian Chenglang: "..."

You really treat me as an awards ceremony!

Can I get the money when I come?


Jian Chenglang raised his hand to cover his eyes, and directly passed the three little guys who were waiting to be fed, and walked towards the staff: "Hissing, eyes hurt, eyes hurt, Xiao Chen, I'm fast without seeing me. Are you blind? Why don't you bring my eye drops!"

Xiao Chen: "..."

Little Luli: "..."

Qu Qianqian: "..."

Jane Western saying: "..."

Introduction to this acting, I give 0.5 points, no more!

Hahaha, don't want to give money, just tell me, what do you pretend to be blind!

[Because of straightforward words, the director may be forced to death by Lili Baobao!

[Yes, its okay, dont quarrel with Lili, unless you really dont want to live!

Little Luli and the others before they could get the money, Jian Chenglang ran away in a hurry.

The little girl looked at her empty palm, she was stunned, and then realized: "Dad, Uncle Jane doesn't seem to give us any money yet."

Lu Junhan: "..."

Qu Sinian: "..."

Jian Yi: ""

There is no giraffe tent, and the game is lost. It is strange if you have money.

However, even if Jian Chenglang did not give it, they found more than 200 yuan when they were looking for treasure.

Although not much, it is quite enough to spend money to buy firewood for one night in the wild.

Lu Junhan and Jian Yi obviously have experience in wild survival, and although Qu Sinian has not specially trained in wild survival, he has also participated in many such wild variety shows before.

So, they didnt wait for the program group to remind them what to do.

The three of them have already bought the necessary items such as firewood, lighters, flashlights and so on, and set up a table in front of the tent.

Because of Bai Xinlian's failure to start many times, Liu Peng was more vigilant and careful.

On the way up the mountain, he did not make a rash move.

But when everyone was not paying attention, Ruoyoruowu looked at Lu Li several times.

But no matter how he looked at it, he didn't realize that Lu Li had any great skills.

How do you look at it, she is just an ordinary petite girl.

Is Bai Xinlians death really an accident, it has nothing to do with Lu Li, but he thinks too much?

Liu Peng frowned tightly.


On the other side, the gray-robed old man who sensed that Bai Xinlian's soul had left this world, was constantly sending voice transmissions, asking him what was going on, and why Bai Xinlian was rejected.

Liu Peng didnt know much about himself, so he didnt reply at all.

However, observing Luli for so long, and waiting and watching for so long, is not without any gain.

Liu Peng discovered that Lu Li seems to like drinking water especially, so she can drink no less than five bottles of mineral water for such a short distance up the mountain.

Liu Peng's eyes narrowed slightly, and suddenly he had an idea.

His fingers moved slightly, and a bottle of poison appeared in his hand out of thin air.

This poison is a kind of poison that Bai Xinli put on the dagger before.

is the kind of poison that a little bit is enough to kill people.

Liu Peng took advantage of the fact that everyone was not paying attention, and the camera was not facing him, he twisted the mineral water from his backpack, and dropped a few drops into it, and twisted it again.

Use soul power to restore the bottle cap to the level that no one has ever opened it.

Before, Liu Peng was afraid that it would arouse the audience's suspicion. On the way up the mountain, he did not dare to idle and do nothing.

also followed the map and found a lot of treasures.

If this were not the case, he really didnt know where to find mineral water.

Its not impossible to spend money to buy mineral water around, and the shops around are not unavailable.

But the mineral water sold in shops is not the same kind of mineral water that the show crew makes people treasure.

is very easy to find.

See Lu Junhan and they took a few little guys around to buy things and buy firewood.

Liu Peng quickly cast a spell and suddenly appeared in Lu Junhan's tent.

Probably not far from the shopping location, they didn't bring their luggage and backpacks, they put them in the tent.

Of course, there are still a lot of staff walking around outside, the luggage is inside, and no one dares to steal in the tent.

This is a lot more convenient for Liu Peng.

On the way up the mountain, it was not for nothing to observe Lu Li. Liu Peng quickly found Lu Li and Lu Junhans backpacks.

Liu Peng thought that there was no water inside.

After all, just to the extent that Lu Li was drinking water every minute, she might have finished drinking any more mineral water she found.

But who knows, he opened the backpack, and there were still two bottles of unopened mineral water in it.

Liu Peng's eyes flickered.

Lu Li may not care how many bottles of water the backpack has.

But a shrewd person like Lu Junhan will definitely pay attention.

If there is one more bottle or one missing bottle of mineral water.

Lu Junhan will find that someone has moved their backpack.

People who are as cautious and suspicious as Lu Junhan is still deep in the city, even if the mineral water has not been opened, he will probably not drink it again.

Liu Peng dispelled the idea of stuffing his own bottle of mineral water into his backpack.

He replaced the mineral water in the bag with what he had specially added, and in the same way, he also dropped a few drops of poison into another bottle of mineral water.

At that time, the two bottles of mineral water in the bag, no matter which bottle Lu Li decides to drink, as long as she wants to drink water, she will die if she drinks it.

After finishing the work, Liu Peng knew that it was Lu Junhan and the others who came back. He quickly pulled up the backpack and restored it to the original state. He took the bottle of mineral water without any poison and left. tent.

Liu Peng just appeared in his tent when he heard Xiao Lulis weak voice coming from outside:

"Dad, I want to drink water..."

Lu Junhan: "If you want to drink, take it by yourself, there are two bottles in the bag."

Liu Peng looked ecstatic, unexpectedly so smoothly.

However, I couldnt help but feel lucky. Fortunately, he didnt stuff his bottle of mineral water in.

(End of this chapter)

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