I Became The Villains Own Daughter Chapter 846

Vol 2 Chapter 838: He Thinks This Little Fat Girl Wants To Die

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Chapter 838 He sees this little fat girl because he wants to die

In the next second, unlike Liu Peng imagined, the scene where Lu Li immediately went to the tent to get water to drink.

Not only did the little girl not move, she also fart directly. She sat on the ground and said in a pleasant way: "Dad, please go and help me pick it up, okay, she's really tired."

Lu Junhan, who came back from shopping, was riding a barbecue.

They just went shopping. In addition to the necessities such as firewood and flashlights, they also bought tools such as pliers and screwdrivers.

Yes, Jian Chenglang, a black-hearted stingy product, in order to be cheap, the barbecue grills are all cut back from the Internet for free.

The box sent by contains only a pile of parts and a drawing of the grill.

Cheap is not good, it has always been an eternal fact.

And its free, its even worse.

Lu Junhan lifted his eyelids and replied calmly, "Then you will pretend to be this?"

Little Lolita is justified: "I won't!"

Lu Junhan: "..."

Lu Junhan expressionlessly: "What the **** is that, go get it yourself."

Little Luli puffed up her small fat face and was a little unhappy. She grabbed the grass on the ground with her little hand and said dullly, "But they are really tired."

Lu Junhan: "..."

Tired fart, how many roads have you walked.

"Don't drink if you don't take it."

Lu Junhan is not used to her minor problems.

Xiao Lu Li saw that his father was so ruthless and stiff, she hugged her arms and turned around. Her back was full of anger, "I can't coax me anymore": "Huh! If you don't drink, you don't drink! It's not uncommon for others." !"

Lu Junhan: "..."

When Liu Peng heard this, he couldn't stay still, and he hurried out of the tent, smiling gently and saying:

"Hey, kid, do you want to drink water? Uncle happens to have a bottle, if you want, I can give it to you."

As he said, before Lu Li could answer, Liu Peng went into the tent again and pretended to look for it in his backpack. Not only did he not find the bottle of mineral water, but he also kept the mineral water a little bit inside. Frowning:

"Hey, I remember I put a bottle in it before, why can't I find it..."

"No need, uncle."

Xiao Lulis tender and crisp voice came from behind: "I have water with my dad! We have two bottles of water!"

Liu Peng was stunned, then smiled: "Then why don't you drink it?"

Little Luli sitting on the grass opened her mouth and complained: "Because my father won't let me drink!"

Lu Junhan: "?"

Very good, he remembered this little fat girl.

Liu Peng: ""

This is obviously not within Liu Peng's expectation.

He thought the little girl would say that she was too lazy to take it.

So that he can logically, help her get it.

As long as the water is delivered to the little girl's hands, his task is half done.

Fortunately, Liu Peng was also very quick to respond. He paused for a second and tried to bring the topic to "Too Lazy to Take". He only heard him ask: "Why doesn't your father let you drink?"

Who knows, the little girl didnt accept the move at all, she didnt say "My father is too lazy to take it," but she looked at Lu Junhan and hummed back:

"Because he looks down on others!"

Liu Peng: ""

Liu Peng took a deep breath, feeling that it didnt make sense to this little girl.

But Lu Junhan is here, and his inability to express his purpose is too obvious. Before Liu Peng could reply, Qu Qianqian and the others came back.

Qu Qianqian was holding a bottle of mineral water in her hand.

Xiao Lu Lis eyes lit up suddenly: "Sister Qianqian, can I drink your water?"

Qu Qianqian simply handed her the water in her hand: "Yes!"

Liu Peng's face became a little ugly.

But I cant say more, so as not to arouse suspicion.

Xiao Lu Li took Qu Qianqian's water, rushed to Lu Junhan, and snorted, "Smelly father! I won't give you a drink!"

Lu Junhan: "..."

He saw that this little fat girl wanted to die.

Soon, its time for lunch.

Lu Junhan and their grill have not been installed yet.

The ingredients found before, including the fish just caught in the bucket, cant be cooked.

Although the grill has many parts, it is not difficult to set up, just a little troublesome.

Originally, at the speed of Lu Junhan, it should have been installed long ago, but there was a little guy next to him who always hindered him.

After such a drag, the speed is much slower.

There is no grill, and the ingredients cannot be grilled. Now its too late to start cooking.

What to eat at noon is still a problem.

Its really not good, and I can only take some snacks and instant noodles to deal with it.

But soon, these are not problems.

Liu Peng saw that Lu Li never took the water in the bag, so he could only find another way.

He went to discuss with Zhou Xiaoxiao and the others, and the three decided to pool money for the show team.

Let the people in the program group go and help them buy box lunches around.

After all, the program team has explored the terrain here in advance, and they are more familiar with which place sells food than their guests.

The program group is also convenient.

There are children among the main guests, so you cant let such a small kid eat instant noodles, which is not nutritious.

So, in the end, Lu Junhan and his group came out of the table, and Liu Pengs group came out of the lunch box.

In this way, the big guys eat lunch together.

Liu Peng took the box lunch and sat beside Lu Li on purpose.

Among the treasures that Zhou Xiaoxiao dug up before, there is a bottle of Coke, which I also shared now.

It just so happened that there were plastic cups in the treasures Lu Junhan dug.

Lu Junhan, Jian Yi, Qu Sinian, they dont drink this kind of thing, but the little guys like it very much.

The cup is full and the drink is very satisfying.

Liu Peng also poured himself a glass.

Turned his head and saw that there was not much Coke left in Xiao Lu Li's cup.

After pouring himself, he grabbed her cup and filled her with it.

But when the cup was put down, the Coke in the cup swayed suddenly and touched Liu Peng's slightly wet index fingertip.

Liu Peng, as if he hadn't noticed, got up from his seat with a gentle smile.

Go to Qu Qianqian, Jian Xiyan, and even Zhou Xiaoxiao to pour them down.

Just when they put down their cups, the Coke was very stable and there was no trace of shaking.

Almost everyone in Liu Peng took care of it. It is hard to suspect that he went to Luli alone.

When Liu Peng left her seat, Xiao Luli was still immersed in her lunch box, and her mouth was greasy.

She was very absorbed in her meal, especially since there were chicken legs in the meal today.

She didn't even know someone poured Coke for her, and she didn't even know when Liu Peng left.

At this moment, she was eating, as if choking a little.

She reached out and was about to reach for her cup.

But looking at the two cups in front of him, his expression suddenly became very confused.

These two cups, one after the other.

The cup in front is closer to Liu Peng's position, and the cup in the back is closer to Xiao Luli's position.

(End of this chapter)

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