I Became The Villains Own Daughter Chapter 969

Vol 2 Chapter 960: runaway

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Chapter 960 Run away from home

Little Lori pouted her blushing mouth, with a serious expression of "Dad, don't try to lie to others".

Lu Junhan frowned, and asked coldly:

"When is your mother's phone with me?"

Chen Shuo was also confused.

He often followed Lu Shao by his side. Why didnt he know that Lu Shao had gotten Misss mothers mobile phone?

But looking at the serious look of the little lady, it doesn't look like a fake.

The little girl saw with her own eyes that Chen Shuo handed the pink mobile phone to Lu Junhan. Seeing that her father didnt admit it now, she suddenly became anxious. She put her little hand on the table:

"Yes, mom and dad's cell phone is with you..."

"Hey, Lili, come here, come here, Auntie,"

Song Qingwan hugged the little girl and said with a loving smile: Its okay, dont worry, your father didnt deny it, he was just shy.

Lu Qidong also smiled: "Yes, we have to be considerate of him."

Lu Junhan: "..."

It was as if Chen Shuo had thought of something, his eyes widened suddenly, and he looked at the pink phone belonging to Zhang Ma on the sofa not far away, and he stopped talking:

"Lu Shao, the mobile phone that the young lady said was not Zhang Rumei's mobile phone, right?"

Lu Junhan frowned and didn't speak yet. When the little girl over there heard the three words "Zhang Rumei", she finally evoked the memory of her previous eavesdropping.

Her black eyes lit up instantly, and she happily said:

"Yes! Yes, Uncle Chen, they are talking about Zhang Rumei's phone! Zhang Rumei is my mother!"

Lu Junhan: "..."

Chen Shuo: "..."

Zhang Rumei, is that your mother? ? ?

you sure?

Before they spoke, Song Qingwan and Lu Qidong next to them murmured first, and the faces of both of them showed suddenly realized expressions:

"It turns out that Lili's mother is Zhang Rumei."

Lu Junhan: "..."

Chen Shuo: "..."


five minutes later-

The tragic little milk sound of whining sounded again in the big living room.

In front of the same snow-white wall, in the same remote corner, at this time, squatting the same pitiful and wronged pink mushroom.

Little Mushroom held her head in sadness, tears streaming down her face, and her white, plump face was full of sad tears.

Lu Junhan rubbed his wrist, stared down at the little Lori holding her head in the corner, gritted her teeth and sneered:

"Next time you try to mess with me! Don't talk about it, you will be blown up!"

"I heard the word'no' obviously!"

Little Lolita pumped it up, her eyes were moist and flushed, and she was obviously a little unconvinced: "People are telling the truth, so I didn't spread it indiscriminately."

Chen Shuo: "..."

just passed the right word, and the rest is completely brain-filled. If this is not called chaotic transmission, then what is chaotic transmission?

Lu Jun laughed coldly: "Why? When you hear the word mei, you know its your mother?"

Little Lolita will not lie, and honestly said in a low voice: It was the aunt and grandfather who said that no mother is the mother of the other person, and the victim can be happy but happy..."

Lu Junhan looked at the two quiet like chickens beside him blankly.

Looking at him like that, he already knew that there was a big oolong, and he already knew who Zhang Rumei was, Song Qingwan and Lu Qidong, both of them were a little bit unstoppable.

They touched their noses with guilty conscience, watching their noses and noses, not dare to beep anymore.

Since there is no mother who is not her mother, the little girl asked:

"Then father, where is my real mother?"

Lu Junhan understated: "Dead."

Little Lolita straightened her eyes, "dead, dead?"

A thick mist of water appeared in the eyes of the little girl, her expression was even more sad, she sniffed, choked and whispered:

"Dad, you lied..."

Lu Junhan looked at her pitifully, and because of sadness, he was about to cry with a wrinkled face, and raised his eyebrows:

"Oh? You can see this?"

Little Lolita: "..."

Little Lolita: "!!!"

Smelly father!

actually lied to her!

"Dad, you are too much!"

The little girl held her small fist, turned her back, and said angrily: "I will never play with you again!"

"What to play!"

Lu Junhan didnt eat her set at all: "Stand up for Lao Tzu!"

Little girl: "..."


Xiao Luli decided to run away from home.


She feels that Dad doesnt like her at all now.

in the afternoon.

The housekeeper who went to the study to deliver coffee and snacks to Lu Junhan and Song Qingwan, suddenly saw the little girl in the room seriously stuffing snacks, milk, and toys into her little pink rabbit schoolbag. .

couldn't help but be stunned:

"Little Miss, what are you doing?"

Is the kindergarten going out for a spring trip recently?

"Dad, he doesn't like people anymore. He still beats people, scolds them, and makes them be mushrooms."

Little Lolita frowned and said dissatisfied:

"I'm going to run away from home! I'm mad at him!"

The butler laughed and laughed, "Little Miss, do you know what it means to run away from home?"

"I know,"

Little Lolita said with a serious face: "When I run away from home, Dad will like me again...If Dad is not mad at me."

When he was in the sky, Brother Tortoise often followed Brother Rabbit to run away from home.

Furthermore, it has been several years since I left.

Each time after returning from running away from home, Brother Turtles father liked him but he liked him, and he stopped scolding Brother Turtle as a bitch, because Brother Turtles father was busy scolding Brother Rabbit.

She didnt want her father to scold her either.

So, she also has to run away from home!

Let dad scold others, beat others, and act like mushrooms!

Little Lori has a firm face all over her face.

Butler: "..."

I suspect you dont know what it means to run away from home.

But the butler didnt take it too seriously.

Lets not mention the strict management of the Lu family. How could a girl who is only four years old go out? Moreover, the land area of the Lu family is very large, and you have to take a car to go out.

The little girl obviously can't drive.

So, presumably what the little lady said about running away from home is probably carrying her cute little schoolbag, running out from the master bedroom to the living room, and then back to the bedroom from the living room.

The housekeeper looked at the little girl in front of him, he took out a few hundred yuan bills from his piggy bank and put them in the mezzanine of the schoolbag, and filled his two dark green water bottles with water. The housekeeper can't help but smile at the fully equipped look.

That's it, the little lady is happy.

But half an hour later, with the afternoon tea in his hand, but the butler who couldn't find the little girl's figure everywhere, he couldn't laugh instantly.

Not long after, Lu Junhan's study door was knocked.

The butlers anxious voice came through the walkie-talkie clearly: "Lu Shao! Shao Lu is not good! Miss, she ran away from home!!!"

Song Qingwan: "?"

Lu Qidong: "???"

(End of this chapter)

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