I Became The Villains Own Daughter Chapter 970

Vol 2 Chapter 961: Just a few years away

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Chapter 961

Song Qingwan used to open the door of the study, let the housekeeper come in, looked at him incredulously, and asked:

"Who did you say ran away from home?"

The housekeeper gasped: "Little Miss! Little Miss, she's gone!"

The study fell silent for a moment.

The butler said palely:

"Isnt it time for afternoon tea? I just thought, let the little lady come and have some snacks, but I just looked around below, and I couldnt find the shadow of the little lady everywhere, and the little ladys phone was also turned off. Now, I cant get through, Shao Lu, is there something wrong with the little lady, right?"

Lu Qidong didn't think much, and said:

"Dont worry, Lili must have gone to some corner of the yard to play again. When its time for dinner in the evening, she will naturally come back."

Song Qingwan also has a relaxed tone:

"My brother is right, and Lilis phone shouldnt be turned off. She should have been fine, but the phone is dead. That girl, every time the phone is dead, she doesnt know how to charge it, several times. I charged her for it. Otherwise, she might not even have to play with her mobile phone. In short, don't be too anxious. When Lili has enough fun in the yard, she will naturally come back."

The butler saw that their hearts were so big. Half an hour ago, he heard the little girl vowed to run away from home. He was exactly the same. Suddenly there was suffering, and his eyes were blackened:

"No, little lady, she didn't play in the yard. I have found someone to see it. There is no one in the yard. Little lady, she really ran away from home!"

Song Qingwan just wanted to say, have you ever found it in the swimming pool or pond?

Since they found out that she was a fish, the little girl was crazy, she wanted to become a fish and go to the pond or swimming pool if she had nothing to do.

In the end, Song Qingwan was still worried that she was caught by a servant who didn't have long eyes to make pickled cabbage fish.

Good or bad, it made the little girl look like a fish, no longer the original beautiful red gauze, but no different from other koi fish.

But before Song Qingwan said this, the housekeeper hurriedly spoke:

"Young Master Lu, I didnt lie to you. The young lady really ran away from home. It was my negligence. Half an hour ago, I saw the young lady packing things in the bedroom, and the young lady told me , You are not good to her at all. Not only did you beat her and scold her, but you always let her be a mushroom, which made her miss several episodes on TV. Therefore, she had to run away from home"

As soon as these words fell, Song Qingwan and Lu Qidong immediately cast condemning eyes.

Lu Junhan: "..."

The housekeeper was annoyed: "I didn't take this to heart at all at the time, hey, who knows, the little lady actually came for real! This is a note left by her before she left."

Speaking, the butler took out a note and hurriedly handed it to Lu Junhan who was silent.

Lu Junhan pursed his thin lips, frowned slightly, and glanced down.

This person is afraid of seeing people, and he wants to die. Others can never imitate the dog crawling character. It is true that the little fat girl wrote by hand.

And the content on the note is simple


I want Li's family to run away!

Annoyed you!

There are only three short sentences with a typo in the middle.

Obviously, the little girl does not write the word "li".

But now, "Pear" has indeed left.

Lu Junhan: "..."

Song Qingwan: "..."

Lu Qidong: "..."

? ? ?

Lili is this true?

Even a note.

Just when Song Qingwan and Lu Qidong were in doubt, Chen Shuo suddenly found a certain surveillance video in the living room, which directly confirmed the girls firm determination to run away from home:

"Shao Lu, here is what Miss Duan said to you."

Song Qingwan and Lu Qidong hurriedly probed over.

In the video, it is almost the same as the housekeeper said, the little girl with cute double ponytails and little pink flowers on her back is carrying her bulging pink schoolbag.

Her eyelashes are long and dark and thick, like two small fans like crow feathers, and her eyes are soaked in spring water, black and wet, looking clear and clean.

At this time, her beautiful white little fat face was full of seriousness. She waved her hand at the surveillance camera in the living room, and said milkily:

"Dad, I'm leaving, wait a few years, I will come back again."

Lu Junhan: "..."

Lu Qidong: "..."

Song Qingwan: "..."

Good guy, others ran away from home, at most a few days, she was fine, and it would take a few years to leave.

Song Qingwan and Lu Qidong have been with Xiao Lu Li for almost a year. Of course, it is clear that what she said is true and what is false.

See this video and the serious expression of the little girl.

They woke up now, Lili, she really wanted to run away from home.

Lu Qidong sighed:

"Xiao Hanhan, it's not that Dad said you, you really have to change your temper, we Lili, she is a pretty girl, she can't beat, she can't scold, she can only coax. Look, you beat and scolded and let people be like mushrooms. The most important thing is that she missed a few episodes of cartoons, which caused her to hurt her child's heart. Now it's fine, she can only run away from home in sadness! Waiting to get Lili back. , You can't do this anymore."

Lu Junhan coldly pursed his lips and sneered, sad? He felt that she was very happy when she ran away from home with a small schoolbag on her back, and that brilliant smile almost overflowed the screen.

But Lu Junhan did reflect on his own way of education.

The act of running away from home without saying hello to this little fat girl is obviously not the advancement of menopause, but the rebellious period.

The butler whispered: "Shao Lu, what should we do now?"

Song Qingwan pursed her lips, her expression became more serious now, she said:

"The Lu family is so big. It takes at least half an hour to walk from the main building to the gate. Now it's exactly half an hour. Especially Lili's legs are so short that she can't run fast at all, let alone walk. Uncertain, she didn't finish half of the way from here to the door. So, I guess, Li Liren must still be in the Lu family now. We quickly send more people, and then take the chicken drumsticks to find her. She should be able to find her. people."

Lu Qidong: "Yes, it is not important to run away from home. It is not the point to come back after a few years. It is the business to find Lili first."

"Okay, I'll go call for more people to find together now, and be sure to get the little lady back!"

The butler also felt that Song Qingwan was right.

No matter how little Miss runs, she shouldnt be able to get out of the Lu family. It was he who cared just now and was messed up. Only then did she think something happened to the little lady. Since the little lady is still in the Lu family, what will happen!

It is impossible for something to happen!

The people he sent before did not find the little lady, it must be those who did not look for it carefully.

Wait, as long as they send more staff, they will definitely find the little lady!

But when the butler turned to leave, Chen Shuo, who was watching the surveillance video over there, took a deep breath and said:

"keep the change."

(End of this chapter)

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