I Became The Villains Own Daughter Chapter 971

Vol 2 Chapter 962: Her father brought her here?

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Chapter 962 Her father brought her here?

"Little Miss, she is no longer in Lu's house."

Chen Shuo paused, watched the surveillance video at the gate, and continued:

"Eighteen minutes ago, she had already left the door of the Lu family."

"How can it be?"

Song Qingwan's eyes widened, as if thinking of some possibility, her face pale: "Could it be that something happened to Lili?"

"That's not true,"

Chen Shuo pursed his lips and said, From the monitoring point of view, the young lady went out by herself, and there is no possibility of being kidnapped.

Song Qingwan shook her head: "Impossible! It's so far from here to the gate. How could she, a four-year-old girl without other people's help, go out on her own? Moreover, she had already left 18 minutes ago. It took her less than fifteen minutes to reach the door. To reach the door in such a short time, unless she drove out by herself, otherwise..."

"She really drove out by herself."

Song Qingwan: "?"

Lu Qidong: "???"

Butler: "???"

All three of them had shocked expressions of "Fuck, do you know what nonsense you are talking about?"

Chen Shuo closed his eyes, turned the computer over, and showed them:

"This is the surveillance video of Lu Shao's underground garage. I just asked someone to investigate it carefully and found that there was indeed one missing car."

Song Qingwan said with a "you **** really not teasing me" expression, and said in a word:

"Are you trying to say that Lili drove out that stinky kid's car?"

Lu Qidong was also hard to say: "Are you sure?"

It was as if Lu Junhan had thought of something, frowned, and said, "She drove out in her own car."

"When does Lili have a car..."

Song Qingwan retorted subconsciously, but stopped suddenly.

It does.

Moreover, there is more than one.

That Hui Xiao Lu Li just came to Lu's family. Song Qingwan was so rare that she couldn't wait to spoil someone. The princess dress, room, toys, and snacks were all brought to Lu's house by carts.

And that car of toys also includes a car of toy cars.

It was mainly because Song Qingwan didn't know what the little girl liked at the time, so she bought the dolls that girls like to play with, and the cars and autobots that boys like to play.

But at that time little girls liked to play with dolls.

Song Qingwan saw that she didn't seem to like to play with cars, so she put the dozen or so toy sports cars worth hundreds of thousands in the underground garage.

Too much time has passed, Song Qingwans car has always been parked in the yard, and she doesnt go to the garage often.

As time passed, I forgot that there were so many toy cars in the underground garage.

But the little girl must know that, because she went to school several times, taking a car from the underground garage and then going out from the underground garage.

Song Qingwan: "..."

Lu Qidong obviously thought about it, because he had a car in the underground garage, but he frowned:

"How could Lili drive? Didn't she touch that car once?"

Although the toy car for children is very easy to drive and not as complicated as the real car, after all, Song Qingwan bought hundreds of thousands of highly customized toy cars with the ultimate in details.

Even if it is the first time for an adult to drive, she may not be able to grasp it, let alone a four-year-old girl who has never driven a car.

Speaking of this, Chen Shuo paused, still speaking:

"Little Miss, she really can't drive."

Lu Qidong: "?"

Chen Shuo explained in a low voice: "She seemed to step on it a few times, and then the steering wheel turned a few times, and then, somehow..."

Chen Shuo paused, and said with a complicated expression: "The little lady just drove the car out of the gate."

"Furthermore, based on the situation at the time, the little lady herself seemed very confused, as if she didn't know how she came out of the house."

The most amazing thing is that a dozen bodyguards and guards at the door did not realize that she was driving out in that pink sports car. If it werent for surveillance, they might still be looking for someone in Lus house now.

After all, who would have thought that the little lady in their family would drive out in a car!

Lu Junhan: "..."

Song Qingwan: "..."

Lu Qidong: "..."

Oh, they forgot, this one in their house is a koi.

The world was unlucky enough to be destroyed, and she might not be destroyed.

Dont just drive a toy car, it couldnt be easier.

Even if you give her a real car, she can turn it to the gate.


Just when Song Qingwan and the others were still discussing how to find her in the study.

The little girl was carrying her little pink schoolbag, slowly driving her little pink sports car, very purposefully, to the door of Pei's house next door.

Brother Tortoise ran away from home with Brother Rabbit, so she also ran away from home with Brother Xiubai!


Wait a few years before coming back.

at this time.

The bodyguards and guards at the gate of Peis house looked blind, so pink, so obvious a small sports car, and so obvious and beautiful little loli in the car, they couldn't see any of them.

Holding a firearm, his eyes were straight and firm and he looked straight ahead, as if the large group of fresh powder passing by before his eyes was just a cloud of air.

So, the little girl drove in.

"Brother Xiubai, people are here to play with you."

Finally, when she was almost in the living room of the main building of Peis house, the little girl made a sudden shout, which made the servants of Peis family react

Lu Li, Lu Junhans biological daughter, came to their house! !

This is a rare guest.

Today, many people from Peis house in Beijing were discussing matters in the living room. They were even arguing about something. It was not convenient for the servants to come in and disturb.

But this is a big deal.

As long as in the territory of Haicheng, no one would dare to provoke Lu Junhan, and as Lu Junhans biological daughter and the future head of the Lu family, the servants would naturally also dare not offend or even neglect.

So, the servant dared not delay for a moment, and immediately went into the living room and notified Pei Mingzhi.

"Sir, Lu Li is here, and now people are outside."

A lot of people came to Pei's family today, but most of them came from the side branches of Pei's family.

It is said that he found a genius doctor who specially brought Pei Xiubai to treat his legs.

Pei Mingzhi saw that the genius doctor is indeed the genius doctor, and one treatment will have an effect.

After being simply treated, Pei Xiubai was able to walk down the ground for five minutes.

This was originally a good thing, but those collaterals of the Pei family, those uncles and aunts who had a very, very weak blood relationship with Pei Mingzhi and Pei Xiubai, but the lion opened his mouth.

In general, it means one thing

Only Pei Xiubai and Pei Mingzhi gave them 80% of their property and promised that they would give up the inheritance rights of the Pei family and they would never return to the Pei family to fight for their inheritance.

They will let the genius doctor completely cure Pei Xiubais leg.

Pei Xiubai had never been threatened so much before, and immediately got cold face, wanting people to blast them out.

was stopped by Pei Mingzhi.

Before I had time to speak, I received the news that the little girl was coming.

Pei Mingzhi was stunned.


Rare customers.

Is the sun coming out from the west?

Pei Mingzhi asked: "Her father brought her here?"

(End of this chapter)

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