I Can Pick Up A Million Exercises Chapter 1026

Chapter 1026: 1.4 Billion Exercise Points

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Venerable Qingyue looked at the vice president with shock on his face.

It turned out that the person who just shot was the deputy dean of Ji Ling Academy.

On the deputy dean. She felt unfathomable, as if the cultivation base of the abyss, people could not see to the bottom.

"Hey, the deputy dean, you made it yourself, I'm a little flattered."

Lin Tian smiled embarrassedly. To tell the truth, the deputy dean made the shot, he did not expect that he usually did it by Elder Mi.

"Well, it's okay. Didn't I promise you a promise? I'm here to honor the promise."


At this moment, Lin Tian exploded.


That sharp promise question.

The destruction of one of the five major forces is scary to think about.

"Associate Dean, are you sure? I really want to go."

Lin Tian looked at the deputy dean, and the deputy dean suddenly proposed that he was a little at a loss.

It was supposed to have made this plan, but Lin Tian was taken aback at this time, because the deputy dean was too unexpected.

"Well, just now, don't delay, you will be participating in the talent selection in a few months. I don't want you to be distracted."

"Okay, the vice yard, just to kill the chicken and the monkey."

A terrible killing intent flashed in Lin Tian's eyes, and he naturally understood what the deputy chief said.

"Well, you choose one, Jinguangjiao, Xuanwu Island, Northern Sacred Sect, or North Ice Sword Palace, Niujiaoling."

The deputy dean said it was an understatement. The Venerable Qingyue next to him was horrified. It was obviously the five powerful forces, but in the mouth of the deputy dean, it became worthless.

"North Ice Sword Palace."

Lin Tian picked it up, and he still had a deep impression of the North Ice Sword Palace.

"Yes, let's go."

For an instant, the three of them flew in the void.

"Tell me, where have you been in these four years? Why are you suddenly so strong?"

The vice president looked at Lin Tian with a little interest.

Lin Tian is a little hard to say, he can only say that he was injured by the attack, then went to heal his injuries, and then broke through.

Hearing these words in the ears of the deputy dean, he just smiled faintly, as if he heard something true and false.

Regarding this situation, Lin Tian was surprised for a while, seeing the situation, the vice president seemed to see that he had lied, but it didn't break.

Two days later, they finally came to the North Ice Sword Palace.

The three came to the gate of the Arctic Sword Palace, Lin Tian rushed to the sky with a terrible suffocation, shocking the entire Arctic Sword Palace.

"That kid is rampant here!"

A roar came from the strong man in the North Ice Sword Palace.

"I am Lin Tian, today is here to remind you that you can disband."

Lin Tian spoke loudly.

What this said, the disciples in the entire North Ice Sword Palace were shocked.

In an attic in the North Ice Sword Palace, Gu Shaohan looked at the void in horror.

Lin Tian is here to kill, isn't this ridiculous? How dare he come? His strength from there?

Gu Shaohan was horrified, and flew out to check what was going on with Lin Tian.


Everyone in the North Ice Sword Palace attacked, one after another divine rainbow, several Tianyuan realms appeared and besieged Lin Tian.

"Lin Tian child, you really know how to live or die, open the North Ice Sword Palace and let you die today!"

One of the strong men spoke, his voice full of anger.

For this, Lin Tian smiled.

"Really? I opened today to disband your North Ice Sword Palace. Since you don't want to, you can only pay the price."

With that said, Lin Tian started directly without talking nonsense.

"Baolong Seal!"

"Baoshan Monument!"

"Kill!" The deputy dean said lightly, and a force in his hand poured out frantically.

"Puff puff"


There were screams and blood flowers blooming in the void, and many Tianyuan powerhouses fell one after another, **** sky filled the sky, and everything was withered.

The world is wailing.


Gu Shaohan flew into the air, and when he saw this scene, his whole body was shocked, and he couldn't believe that this was the case.

"Haha, Gu Shengzi, we are really destined. After so many years, is it interesting?" Lin Tian looked at Gu Shaohan with cold eyes.

"Lin Tian, you can't kill me, you can't kill me, I didn't want to kill you, you can't kill me..."

Gu Shaohan trembled and couldn't believe Lin Tian's attack.

"Really? It seems that you really got back alive. I should give you a happy day."

Lin Tian said with a faint smile. In an instant, a long sword flew out of Lin Tian's hand and directly passed through Gu Shaohan's body.

In this way, within a day, the Arctic Sword Palace was uprooted.

In the end, there was a terrifying powerhouse, that is, the powerhouse of the North Ice Sword Palace, but he was still directly obliterated by the vice president. Within a few moves, the sky changed instantly.

However, after that, the strong man stared at the vice president in horror.

"so horrible!"

Venerable Qingyue looked at the vice president in horror, his whole body cold.

Whoever meets a person like the deputy dean is afraid that his whole body is trembling, and he dared not get the slightest approach.

A strong man of this level is simply a **** blocking and killing gods, and Buddha blocking and killing Buddhas.

In the evening, Lin Tian and the three sat down in a mountain range.

Lin Tianshenghuo, he looked at the vice president and Venerable Qingyue with some embarrassment: "Are you sure, those treasures of heaven and earth. Are they all mine? Don't you want them?"

Venerable Qingyue just said with contempt: "You didn't see the last look in your eyes, are they almost glowing? If we want it again, won't it be eaten by you."

Lin Tian was embarrassed by this, although the last look in his eyes was indeed a bit covetous.

However, in fact, he is not going to swallow it alone.

A sect of heaven and earth treasures, they are all massive, Lin Tian calculated it, it should be able to wake up Xiaodu, and there is no need to owe system power points.

Thinking is exciting.

"Hey, you shouldn't want the deputy dean, so I won't ask." Lin Tian said brazenly at this time.

"Haha, your kid is really slippery, so many good things are now in your bag, but I am really not rare, you can keep it yourself."

The deputy dean is obviously not interested in these things.

"System! Exchange for labor and capital!"

In an instant, Lin Tian was arrogant in his mind.

What these words said, the system just shook, and what Lin Tian said was too arrogant.

"Ding! Congratulations to the host, you have successfully exchanged Heaven, Material and Earth Treasures, and obtained 2 billion exercise points, after deducting more than 600 million, there are 1.4 billion exercise points left. The spirit of the system is recovering."

Hearing this reminder, Lin Tian looked happy.

"Hey, do you eat meat, vice president? My hometown characteristics."

Lin Tian looked at the deputy dean with a smile on his face.

"Well, special features? Come and taste."

The deputy dean was slightly interested.

Immediately, Lin Tian started to barbecue, and Xiaodu finally woke up in the process.

"Master, woooooo..."

Xiaodu's crying voice sounded.

"Why are you crying? Xiaodu, you are too spineless, and then you start crying, your master, I am invincible in the world, the most handsome existence in the universe, why are you so unreliable."

"Uuuuu...Master, you finally rescued me, I am so touched." Xiaodu's excited voice sounded, which made Lin Tian laugh and cry for a while.

"Haha, waking you up is just a small matter, it's okay."

Lin Tian's tone was full of domineering.

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