I Can Pick Up A Million Exercises Chapter 1027

Chapter 1027: Goodbye Lin Xueer

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What excites Lin Tian most is that he has endorsed a school, and now he has 1.4 billion power points.

This feeling is like a pie in the sky.

This is so comfortable.

"Master, at this point of your practice, you can go against the sky, but you can only improve a few levels. Master, don't be too bloated."

"Well, how do you say?"

Lin Tian didn't quite understand it for a while.

1.4 billion exercise points, isn't that a lot?

"Hey, after the master reaches the Tianyuan realm, a realm improvement requires 300 million power points. You can imagine."

"I go!"

At this time, Lin Tian couldn't be happy, the system was too cheating, there was no way.

"Okay, let's do that first."

Lin Tian, helpless in his heart, could only accept it.

"Well, master, don't be too sad, this is already very powerful." Xiaodu's voice came, and Lin Tian was still in the same mood.

This is better than before.

"You meat is really good."

At this time, the deputy dean looked at Lin Tian with a burst of joy, eating meat over and over, admiring him.

"Hey, as long as you like the deputy dean."

"Well, is there any wine?"

"Yes, deputy dean."

Next, the two even started drinking, and the Venerable Qingyue next to him looked at him, feeling helpless.

She thought that such a peerless powerhouse as Vice Dean would not drink with Lin Tian, who would have thought that she would overestimate the Vice Dean, or underestimate Lin Tian's barbecue and fine wine.

"Well, it tastes really good."

The next day, the three went back to the college.

And the fact that the North Ice Sword Palace was uprooted is also shocking. No one expected that a behemoth collapsed.

After returning home, Lin Tian had a good meal with Qiao Lang and everyone. It can be said that he talks about wine and treats wine as a song. Life is geometric.

Then, he just shared his breakthrough experience with everyone.

Then everyone began to practice, realize, and prepare for the genius trials.

A sudden battle came quietly, and everyone was preparing with complacency, and Lin Tian was basically the same.

Two months later, Lin Tian himself used the power points to successfully reach the realm of Tianyuan.

The cultivation bases of two powerhouses in the realm of Tianyuan were born. Two Lintians and two peerless geniuses seemed terrifying.

More than ten days later, a group of people set off for the Holy Spirit Island to participate in the talent selection of Zhongzhou.

And Lin Tian, this time was destined to meet Zhuo Family again, that is, Zhuo Yitian.

As far as Lin Tian is concerned, Zhuo Yitian is not in his eyes at all.

Within half a month, under the leadership of Elder Mi, everyone came to the Holy Spirit Academy.

It's still the familiar school, but people seem too strange.

Among them, Lin Tian saw some familiar faces, that is, mysterious passages. The powerful Nie Changkong hated his happy city, and Luo Yunxuan was among them.

And Zhuo Tiantian, on a high platform in the distance, was looking down at him, as if he was about to crush him under his feet, stomping heavily.

"No change at all."

Lin Tian smiled faintly.

They were admitted to the Holy Spirit School.

A few days passed, and no one took the initiative to cause trouble.

In a blink of an eye, the selection of Zhongzhou began, and everyone left the Holy Spirit Academy and entered a mysterious space.

"Huh? What's going on? What should I do next?" Lin Heng said at the moment, his face was full of doubts, he is now also a powerful man of the fifth rank of Yuan Emperor.

Although there is no Tianyuan realm, it is also fun to come here.

"Well, you are here, and you don't have a Tianyuan realm. You should be very clear about your positioning. Next, you will be matched with opponents. I hope you will not resist the transmission of the distribution process."

In an instant, everyone started to teleport and went to different spaces.

But at this moment, Lin Tian changed a bit, and he actually matched Zhuo Yitian. It was really Yuanjia Luzhai.

"Haha, Lin Tian, Lin Tian, I will kill you today, let you experience the taste of a loser."

In front of Zhuo Yitian, his whole person was full of resentment and viciousness, and he wished to crush Lin Tian under his feet and trample on him severely.

"Come on then, there is so much nonsense."

Lin Tian looked at Zhuo Tiantian indifferently, this arrogant appearance made Zhuo Tiantian angry.


In an instant, Zhuoyi rushed to Lin Tian.

"Prime Xuantian Fist!"

"The space is broken!"

"Baoshan Monument!"

"Kill kill..."

The terrifying power of the two shook in an instant.

After thousands of strokes, Zhuo felt gradually struggling all day.

"How is it possible? I won't lose to you, I won't..."



Zhuo flew with a punch all day, and Lin Tian thought he was too noisy.

Zhuo Tiantian fell into the space fiercely, feeling his whole body shattered.


What else does Zhuo Yitian want to say at this moment? But at this time, Lin Tian blasted out with a powerful force in his hand.

Zhuo was dying in an instant, but he didn't even die, which surprised Lin Tian slightly.

"Huh? Really cruel!"

A voice rang out in the void, and it sounded like Zhuo's early days.


Lin Tian looked at Zhuo Yitian with a fierce light in his eyes, and just killed him.

"Boy, you are too cruel, you don't deserve to be a genius in Central Continent."

In an instant, a voice rang out from the void, and accompanied by an attack, it was severely suppressed on Lin Tian.


Lin Tian smashed into the space, spit out a mouthful of blood, weakened all over his body.

"Is this the attitude of Senior Middle Continent towards people? You have not stipulated that you are responsible for killing."

Lin Tian's eyes showed anger.

"Hey, from the Lin family, who are you from the Lin family? There is a mark of the Lin family in your body, which is really peculiar, wait for me to show the Lin family."

The Void Expert suddenly stretched out his hand and directly pinched Lin Tian's body, making him unable to move. Lin Tian's aggrieved body was pinched into the void, and the world turned around.

"What will Xiaodu do now?"

"Master, I can't help it. The people you meet are too terrifying, even if it is Tianyuan Great Perfection, there is no way."


For an instant, Lin Tian felt shocked. Is there any realm in Tianyuan Great Perfection?

"Master, in fact, there is also a Profound Emperor Realm above Tianyuan Great Perfection, which is divided into front, middle and back Consummation. The Profound Emperor Consummation realm is the pinnacle of this world."


Lin Tian was shocked, it turned out that there was such a division.

"Before I was afraid that you were so lofty that I didn't tell you, Master, you now have this strength to know."

"I'm special, what's the use of knowing now?"

For an instant, Lin Tian felt that he was thrown out again.


Severely, Lin Tian was hit on the ground, and a hard rock hit him directly on the head.

Lin Tian broke his blood in an instant, and at this moment, he appeared in a hall.

"Lin Tian!"

A soft and horrified voice suddenly resounded in Lin Tian's ears.

Lin Tian looked at it with horror in his eyes.

It's Lin Xueer!

How could I see her here, the attic here is magnificent, and it is so brilliant.

At a glance, I know that this place is extraordinary, and the surrounding heaven and earth vitality, thick as if I have been in the mysterious space.

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