I Can Pick Up A Million Exercises Chapter 1028

Chapter 1028: Destiny Grand Finale

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But it turned out to be a young man who came to hold Lin Tian.

"Sister Xueer, do you know this person? Who is this person?" The young man looked at Lin Xueer with a smile on his face.

Lin Xueer looked at the young man and said angrily: "Huoyuan, what's the matter with you? Quickly let go of Lin Tian, he is my friend."

"Well, your friend, no, I want Lin Hong to come and see."

With that, a young man came from a distance, and Lin Tian was lying on the ground, unable to move, he could only look at the two people in front of him and the one who walked in.

And inside him, something seemed to be turning, extremely hot.

"What's the matter? The light in my body, what's the matter?" Lin Tiantian was anxious for a while, wondering what happened to him?

"Huoyuan, you asked me to come over. Who is the person who has the mark of the Lin family?" Lin Hong was a terrifying young man. At this moment, he looked at Lin Tian on the ground, his pupils closed.

"who is it?"

"Sure enough, there is the mark of my Lin family, where did he come from?"

"This person is from Beibing Lingzhou. I just saw him upset. I didn't expect that when he was preparing to clean up, he turned out to be from your Lin family, so I brought it."

"Huh! The Lin Family, Beibing Lingzhou, the descendant of the traitor, I think I know, kill!"

Lin Hong showed anger in his eyes, and even shot Lin Tian.


The attack was blocked, and Lin Xueer blocked it.

"Big brother, what are you doing? He is my friend and a member of the Lin family. The traitor you are talking about is the third uncle? So he is my missing brother, why did you kill him!"

Lin Xueer's eyes were full of anger and doubt.

"The traitors who have betrayed the entire Lin family, they don't deserve to live in this world, they should be killed!"

As Lin Hong said, a breath of Tianyuan Great Perfection on his body was crazily revealed.

Lin Xueer could not move instantly.

But at this moment, Lin Tian looked at all of this, the light in the body enveloped him for an instant, and a period of memory crazily poured into his mind.

It turned out that he belonged to the Lin family of Zhongzhou. His father was named Lin Zhantian. Because of no guilt, he was regarded as a traitor by the Lin family and pursued and killed him in the North Ice Lingzhou. Therefore, he was lost and his mother was also killed by the Lintians.


Lin Tian roared, why is this? Everything seemed to be illusory, and I didn't expect that the life experience I wanted to track down turned out to be like this.

"Huh! The ants must resist."

Lin Hong sneered, a force in his hand directly hit Lin Tian.


Lin Tian's body fell violently, without any possibility of resistance.

"No! Lin Tian, hurry up!"

There were tears in Lin Xueer's eyes, and she wanted to save Lin Tian, but at this moment, it was impossible because she couldn't move.

"Hey, it's really ridiculous, a minion from the Arctic Lingzhou is actually a traitor to your Lin family. This kid thought that the genius who entered the middle continent was a master, in fact, it was just a dog minion." Said ironically.

Lin Tian listened, his face distorted for an instant. This is the Central Continent Talent Selection that the Deputy Dean asked him to participate in. In the eyes of these people, he is simply inferior to him.

The most important point is the memory of his parents being wronged and hunted down in his mind.

It turned out that my memory was sealed in dust, but at this moment, I opened it directly because of Lin Hong's stimulation.

"Death to the traitor!"

Lin Hong shot.


Lin Tian was bloody, his limbs were broken open in an instant, and there was no possibility of resistance.

His life just disappeared.

However, at this moment, those limbs were reorganized in an instant.

"Xiaodu, how many power points do I have?"

"Master, you still have 1.2 billion." In Lin Tian's consciousness, he could still contact Xiaodu.

"I want to destroy the Zhongzhou Lin Family. Is there any way? It doesn't matter if you die."

Lin Tians voice was full of endless anger, madness, resentment...

"Master, there is a way. There seems to be a great source of cosmos in your body. You should have obtained it before. As long as you break through to the realm of Profound Emperor Consummation in an instant, everything will be clear."

"Okay, breakthrough!"

"Okay, Master, I hope you are happy."

Where Lin Tian heard it in his mind, it was all hatred at the moment.

"Redeem for me!"

"Ding! The system restarts, the spirit of the system turns, the six reincarnations are ready, the world reincarnates, and the host is promoted to the emperor!"

In an instant, a terrible force burst out of Lin Tian's body, as well as his successful reorganization of his limbs. The dantian in the reorganized body instantly rushed out of a force that combined with the power generated by the invisible system.


Within Lin Tian, a golden light radiated from his body.

"Huh? What's the matter?"

Lin Hong was shocked, wondering what happened?


"Boom boom boom!!!"

Everything around was blasted and destroyed frantically, Lin Hong, the source of fire, and Lin Xueer felt the power of destruction from Lin Tian.

The entire Middle Continent shook in an instant, and the world was shaking infinitely.

All the creatures in the world are trembling, coming from the trembling of the soul, and they are in awe of the soul for this breath.

"Lin Hong, the Lin family, what a damn!"

At this moment, Lin Tian's eyes were full of peace, because in an instant, he foresaw everything that had happened, and everything that happened now, and his cultivation reached a terrifying level.

And all of this seems to have the source of the Magnificent God from Xiaodu's mysterious space in his body, and the power from the system.

"Lin Tian, you..."

Lin Xueer looked at Lin Tian with shock in her eyes. This was the third brother she had been searching for, but she did not expect to meet like this.

"Sorry, Cher, I want to avenge my parents."

With that, Lin Tian disappeared here.

Lin Hong and Huoyuan disappeared completely in this world and turned into dust. Lin Xueer looked at the situation, her expression shocked, she suddenly thought of Lin Tian just now, she immediately rushed towards the Lin family.

However, when Lin Xueer arrived at the Lin Family, the powerful Lin Family in Central Continent, it was already in ruins, and the damned ones were dead. Those who persecuted Lin Tian's parents would never survive.

As for Lin Tian, at this moment, he completely surpassed the world and turned into the rule of heaven.

He has seen everything in the world thoroughly.

Everything in the past is nothing but a passing glance.

At this moment, he suddenly felt shocked.

"Xiaodu, come out and explain, for me I feel that something is missing, Xiaodu..."

At this time, Lin Tian suddenly discovered that there was no Xiaodu and no system in his body.

Everything turned into nothingness.


With a roar, Lin Tian finally understood that Xiaodu had sacrificed the system and himself to fulfill him.

"Do not!"

The roar of heaven and earth shook the whole world.

Nine continents are shaking, do not know what happened?

And all this is irreversible, Lin Tian anyway? There is no way to find Xiaodu, the only way, he can only find the little trace of Xiaodu that once accompanied him in the years and time.

Also because of his strength, Lin Tian destroyed the four remaining forces in North Ice Lingzhou, as well as the power of Sin Continent to chase him down, the Buddhist hypocritical forces of Xishan Lingzhou.

In the end, the Zhuo family of the Holy Spirit Island and the secret powerhouse of Donglin Lingzhou were all killed by Lin Tian.

As for the obsession of the deputy dean, Lin Tian finally understood that he had asked himself to find the dean of the Extreme Spirit Academy, because the dean went to Central Continent, but there was no news.

Under Lin Tian's investigation, it was discovered that the former dean had died in the hands of a certain family in Zhongzhou. Lin Tian directly destroyed the family, but finally the vice dean's obsession!

Then, Lin Tian took the girls and came to him, Zhou Shanshan, Ouyang He, Meng Yanran, Yulan and so on.

From then on, there was one more Lin Tiandi in the world, and disappeared after a hundred years. Some people said that he had ascended and some people said that after reincarnation, there would be another evil genius like Lin Tian.

Everything, in the dark, freedom is doomed.

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