I Can Resist Most Vicious Beatings Chapter 1441

Chapter 1439: Hit Me

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Gu Wuya's mentality collapsed!

He looked at Jiang Du's state at this time, felt the breath that suffocated him, and the extreme sense of death crisis in his heart.

He really collapsed!

how come?

How could he suddenly become like this, into such a terrible state?

He originally wanted to fight Jiang alone, then turbulent all the parallel universes, and then turn the parallel universes into parallel swords, break through the Era Demon Cavern in one fell swoop, and combine the thirty-three epoch forces into one.

But now, he was actually facing such a Jiang Du.

"No matter how powerful you are, you also came from the future. Can you change the course of history?" Gu Wuya wanted to struggle for the last time.

But the next second he was slapped to death by Jiang Du.

There is not even scum left in the shot.

"Slid away, goodbye by chance!"

Jiang Du casually blew Ji Dao to death. It was a pity that he didn't kill Ji Dao by himself last time, but now he made up for his regret.

Jiang Du's figure left the universe directly.

After entering God, Jiang Du pondered for a while and went directly to Killing Heaven Palace.

The saint master is still quite good, go to the saint master, after all, he kills the Tianfu.

But God was really big. With Jiang Du's current strength, he was stupefied that flying took most of his time.

Even after several battles, he finally ran to the place where Killing Heaven was located. Killing Heaven was hidden in other dimensions, but Jiang Du was not worried, but stood in the void of his own dimension and began to hammer the void.

"Holy Master, Holy Master, I am your fellow, I am looking for you, come out quickly!"

Jiang Du constantly rippled the space hammer.

It's pitiful to say, now his strength, even the space of God can't be broken.

When Jiang Du entered this space, he was already noticed by the killers.

In the next second, Jiang Duconsciously went into a coma.

The opponent's shot was also a Tier 3 Supreme, and it was not too simple to deal with a little guy like Jiang Du who was just in the Era Realm.

Even Jiang Du went into a coma without even noticing.

This Tier 3 Supreme looked at Jiang Du, recalling what Jiang Du had just said, and slowly frowned.

Holy Master?

A fellow of the sage?

How would he know that the saint is here?

He didn't dare to be careless, and quickly took Jiang Du into a prison in the foreign palace, and then began to report to the higher authorities.

After reporting layer by layer, this matter finally came to the ears of the saint master. The saint master was giving a lecture to a group of students in Liuxi, and he was taken aback when he heard the news.


"You go to self-study first, I'll go out, remember to preview the content of the next class."

After speaking, the figure of the saint disappeared directly.

Before long, Jiang Du woke up, and the handsome face of the sage master appeared in his eyes.

"Odd to even unchanged?"

"Symbols look at the quadrant!"

"The king of heaven overwhelms the tiger?"

"I*your mother!"

"Okay, just kidding, let's do business first. I was the one who killed Tianfu, my real name was Jiang Du, and the code name was Lone Wolf. I am now following the palace lord to kill the sky, going through the cycle of reincarnation in the tower of reincarnation, and robbing the reincarnation. By the chance of the tower, a group of people are competing with me. You quickly help me improve my strength, so I can step into the ascendant realm as soon as possible!" Jiang Du hurriedly said to the holy master.

Holy Master...


"Want to prove my identity? Hurry up and take the test. If you have any questions, hurry up and ask!" Jiang Du said impatiently.

He stepped into the Supreme Realm earlier, and then there would be more things he could do, and he could also go to the God Alliance to steal the treasures of the God Alliance.

Anyway, he still had 9,999 chances of death, Jiang Du didn't waste one time!

Now it is not a matter of wasting not to waste lives, but to race against time to improve strength.

"What's my real name?"

"Ye Xuan, people in the magic city, I once scored 21 points in mathematics, but I didn't feel proud after I got 145 points!"

Holy Master...

Good guy, I know all this!

Jiang Du dashed casually, and the appearance of Shengshi's parents had appeared.

"This is your parents!"

"You can become a magician!"

"The guardian is very dissatisfied with you!"

"Palace Master is your student!"


"Okay, okay, what do you want to do?" The sage took a deep breath, and hurriedly stopped and asked.

Jiang Du's expression became serious, even a little sacred and pious.

"Hit me!"



In reality, let time pass by when everyone has just entered the Samsara Tower.

At this time, outside of the Samsara Tower, Killing Heaven and Saint Master stood side by side.

It can be seen that in the Samsara Tower, there are more than a dozen light spots. At the beginning, everyone can't tell who is who.

"What is the operating mechanism of this reincarnation tower?" The sage master asked when looking at the five bright rays of light and the eleven dim rays of light.

Compared with the bright light, the dim light was inferior to Firefly and Haoyue.

"If I didn't guess wrong, reincarnation should be based on everyone's previous or current life. From the very beginning, reincarnation is equivalent to being reborn. Didn't you even write rebirth novels at that time?" Shatian smiled. Said.

The saint teacher suddenly laughed.

He crossed over in 2012, when online novels were already on the right track. Various novels were born, and many novels are still known as the originator of the mountain.

Such as rebirth flow, infinite flow, plug-in flow...

The sage master wrote novels when he was idle and bored to show his students. If students decline in learning because of reading novels, they will be beaten.

It's so irritating.

"If I'm reborn, I should know where Jiang Du is!" Saint Master said with a smile.

He pointed to the dimmest one among all the light spots.

Jiang Du was born in modern society, he must be an ordinary person, while the other reincarnations have returned to the past, and many people have been strong since they were born.

For example, Taoism is the most holy.

When he was just born, he still had to be a semi-holy?

The natural light spot is extremely bright.

The same goes for others.

At this time, Jiang Du was naturally the weakest.

"That's right, like the teacher, he is an ancestor star, because ancestral star is hidden, it will be very weak, but it is because of this that it is so incredible."

An ordinary person, at the lowest level, what has to go through to climb to the present level?

I'm afraid that under normal circumstances, writing this experience into a novel requires less than 5 million words.

If you can write 3 million words, it proves that the author does not know hydrology.

"But in this case, he doesn't have as much power as others to seize the reincarnation tower." Sha Tian sighed somewhat okay.

The holy teacher laughed and said nothing.

No one else gets as much?

I'm afraid this time there will be so much that you can't imagine it.

At this time, the dimest light began to slowly become brighter.

"There has been a change!"

Killing said.

The holy master is also watching, not only the dimmest light spots have changed, it should be said that all light spots have changed.

Especially the four brightest points of light began to directly increase.

As the light spot becomes larger, it also becomes brighter. This light seems to be equivalent to absorbing the light of the Samsara Tower. As long as the light spot becomes brighter, the Samsara Tower will slightly become dim.

And still the first layer becomes a little bit dim.

"It's still a bit slow!"

Compared with the changes in other light spots, Jiang Du's light spot changes are still a bit slow.

"Keep watching!" The saint said three words.

The other light spots became brighter, then stopped.

But the spot of light belonging to Jiang Du has been brightening, brightening, and brightening all the time!

At the beginning, it was like a cloud of dust, and it slowly turned into the size of a grain of rice, the size of a mung bean, the size of a soybean, the size of a pea, and the size of a broad bean...

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