I Can Resist Most Vicious Beatings Chapter 1442

Chapter 1440: Caught Up

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"How did he do it?"

The two people stared blankly at the sun that was brighter than the Samsara Tower, and Sha Tian said in disbelief.

The saint master still didn't know that he in the Samsara Tower was beating Jiang Du violently. At this time, listening to the words of killing the sky, he was a bit speechless for a while.

How could he know?

From the beginning, it was bright, and now, it represents Jiang Du's light spot, which has never stopped changing.

It just keeps getting bigger and brighter, getting bigger and brighter!

The ball of light that now represents Jiang Du has surpassed everyone, and even those people cannot be compared to Jiang Du at all.

The largest one is only twenty centimeters in diameter, but what about Jiang Du?

More than two hundred meters in diameter?

The difference is too far.

"I think he himself might be able to absorb all the energy of the Samsara Tower." Sha Tian said quietly.

"I think you are right!"

Two people...

And Jiang Du, still being beaten by the holy master at this time, has successfully entered the Supreme Realm.

However, he had just entered the Supreme Realm, the difference was still a little far away, and Jiang Du was encouraging the saint master to continue their efforts.

The sage took a deep breath, what is this "Heaven Injury Jue" so strong?

Fake it, I'm afraid this guy has a beating sequence.

But what kind of sequence can achieve this effect?

"What's wrong, so fast. After I reach Tier 4 Supreme, I will find trouble with the God Alliance. It's a miserable thing to say. When the Great Elder of the God Alliance recovers, he will encircle Slaying Heaven. The entire Killing Heaven Palace will suffer heavy losses." Jiang Du said with a sigh.

"Huge loss?" Saint Master raised his brows.

"Yes, the guardian of the palace will die at that time, and the elders will be beaten to death. Fortunately, I saved his life. Most of the Tier 4 Supreme and Tier 3 Supreme will die. Killing Heaven will be lost directly. Qualification to go to Dengtian Road. Dont stop... talking and talking!"

The sage master's eyes are a bit deep.

"If the guardian of the palace dies, it doesn't seem to be too much loss for the killing of the heavens." The saint master said quietly.

Jiang Du was taken aback.

"Hahaha, what you said seems to be the same!"

The Saint Master is very smart. Since Jiang Du is his fellow, the guardians of the palace will definitely target him, so Jiang Du and the guardians of the palace are definitely hostile.

Since it is hostile, there is no big problem for him to say something.

Time continues to pass.

This time, Jiang Du was beaten here for eight months!

For eight full months, do you know how Jiang Du came over these eight months?

He had stolen the God Alliance, and the world could not keep him, he said!

Tier 4 Supreme!

Jiang Du's strength has completely reached the fourth-order supreme. Speaking of which, Jiang Du even feels a little stronger than he was before the reincarnation. What the **** is it?

"Ding, be confident, even remove it, everything is due to the credit of this system!" The voice of the system sounded in Jiang Du's mind.

"It's your credit, why isn't it the credit of me being beaten for half a month?" Jiang Du was a little unconvinced, but he had never been beaten for such a long time.

"Ding, it's not that the system has become more complete, do you think the efficiency will be so good?" the system said disdainfully.

"That's what I was beaten, and I helped you complete your integrity, so I get the most credit."


"What do you mean, what do you mean by this one?"


"Oh your sister!"


I scolded the system and solved my boredom.

After eight months of fighting in one breath, Jiang Du was really bored. When he was bored, he could only scold the system or talk to the holy master.

You can't be idle anyway!

"Well, I'm going to look for treasures next."

When Jiang Du said these words, almost instantly, the figure of the saint disappeared.

Yes, I didn't even leave a goodbye, just disappeared like this.

Jiang Du...

I've already said what I'm doing so fast, can I go back and forth?


In class, the students have been studying for eight months, and they are all self-taught.

The figure of the saint master appeared in the classroom, and the students were excited when seeing the saint master, and they had never discovered that the teacher was so handsome.

"Teacher, have you come back to teach us?" a student asked excitedly.

"No, I'm here to inform you of the holiday. From now on, we will have a holiday for one year, and everything will be discussed next year. Let's go home!"

All the students? ? ?

After the saint master said these words, the figure disappeared directly.

It can't do it, it's squeezed exhausted, clean, and without rest, he feels like he's going to waste.

After the saint master left, Jiang Du also left Shatianfu.

In fact, they have always been a foreign government.

Jiang Du is actually very tired. He feels that he should take a short break. Unfortunately, he has not yet got a family, otherwise he can go home and relax.

Or go back to the earth to find Xiao Xueer, now Xiao Xueer is only sixteen, right?

Jiang Du showed a wonderful smile.

Cough cough cough, can't be so wretched.

Let's get some sleep!

Jiang Du arbitrarily opened up a small space, the energy condensed into a big bed, and then condensed a quilt, covered the quilt and slowly closed his eyes.

This period of time is too tight, even if you are an iron man, you should take a break.

This time, I slept for three days.

When Jiang Du fell asleep and woke up naturally, he slowly opened his eyes.

Next, everything has to slow down.

Can't be as impulsive as before.

Jiang Du took a deep breath. In front of him, countless laws began to appear. According to the nightmare magic that he was familiar with to the extreme, gradually a brand new law began to rush out of the many laws.

Jiang Du's figure slowly disappeared in the void.

God is very big!

So Jiang Du's first stop is the endless holy land!

Why is it an endless holy land?

Of course it wasn't because the Emperor was there, because the current one had been killed by Jiang Du casually.

It was mainly the endless avatar technique of the endless holy land. Jiang Du felt that he could practice it. As the saying goes, the number of people is powerful, this can be seen from the puppet sequence.

In a blink of an eye, he has come to the endless holy land.

Jiang Du directly grasped the Infinite Holy Lord, and the karma thread stretched crazily in all directions. At this moment, it was not just the body or the clone of the Infinite Holy Lord, but all felt a fatal crisis.

"who are you?"

The endless saint said in horror.

Jiang Du slowly showed a smile at the endless holy master.

"I still like your endless avatar technique. Would you like to lend it to me?" Jiang Du said with a smile.

"no problem!"

The endless holy master nodded affirmatively.

Jiang Du...

That's it!

When the two of us were fighting, weren't you pretty fierce?

Why do you come here again now that you are like this?

Just like dreaming, Jiang Du easily obtained the cultivation method of the endless clone art, and by the way, the endless holy lord respectfully sent him out of the endless holy land, and indicated that he would have time to play again in the future.

Just kidding, Tier 4 Supreme, wanting to destroy their endless holy land is really easy.

If it is an ordinary fourth-order supreme, it would be okay, the key is that this fourth-order supreme is extremely good at the way of cause and effect.

All his clones were locked in an instant. Under such circumstances, if he died, he would really be dead.

Jiang Du looked at the endless avatar technique and couldn't help sighing.

It's quite difficult to cultivate. The first level can differentiate ten clones, which are five levels lower than oneself.

The second layer can differentiate one hundred lower fifth-order clones and ten lower fourth-order clones.

the third floor

And so on!

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