I Can Resist Most Vicious Beatings Chapter 1443

Chapter 1441: Sneak In Again

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"Ding, your endless avatar has reached the highest level!"

The system prompt sounded in Jiang Du's mind.

After Jiang Du had converted all the treasures he had obtained from the Endless Holy Land into the ranks of the technique of ascending the endless clone, he directly consumed the treasures before making this thing the highest level of cultivation.

Ten third-order supreme!

Hundreds of second-order supreme!

Thousands of first-order supreme!

Thousands of cosmic environments!

One hundred thousand thousand cosmic environments!

Well, there is only so much. Jiang Du looked at the mighty army in front of him, and the corners of his mouth twitched slightly.

These guys seem to be quite bluffing, but the actual combat effectiveness is really a weak group.

It's probably choking to be able to beat others one-on-one.

However, the victory was more, and Jiang Du patted his palms.


In an instant, all Jiang Duxiang rushed in all directions.

In the realm of the heavens, Jiang Du couldn't openly say that all the treasures of the world are predestined to me.

Without it, it is easy to be killed.

All the clones went to collect treasures. In fact, there are many treasures in the heavens. Although the God Alliance has a huge amount of treasures, it does not rule out that other places have a lot of treasures.

Collect slowly, and if the amount is large, the integrity of the system can also be supplemented.

However, Jiang Du hid near the God Alliance, and saw a law enforcement officer coming out. Jiang Du hesitated for a moment, but still didn't make a move.

The law enforcement authority is too low, it is better to find a higher authority.

But then the appearance of another person made Jiang Du dumbfounded.

No way, such a coincidence?

Is there anything special about Shan Yu?

An embarrassed smile suddenly appeared on Jiang Du's face. How good are you?

Seeing Shan Yu coming out of the Cangmeng League, Jiang Du followed closely. After a period of time away, the space in front of Shan Yu suddenly fluctuated.

Shan Yu's eyes widened for an instant, and then "Woohoo..."

A few minutes later, a brand new Shan Yu appeared.

"Well, there is something I forgot to take!" Jiang Du coughed, holding Shan Yu's token, and returning to the God Alliance leisurely.

Once he was born and then cooked again, now that Jiang Du was back to the Cangmeng, it was completely as if he had gone home.

The first goal, naturally, is the medicine cave, where there is a huge amount of mud, and there is a sea of blood at the same time.

As long as Jiang Du can steal a wave, that's a special profit.

I met someone saying hello along the way, and Jiang Du could recognize who it was.

Just kidding, after all, I spent so long in the God League.

Not long after, Jiang Du had already arrived at the entrance of the Medicine Cave.

"I need to enter to search for blind medicinal materials!" Jiang Du took out the token and pasted it in the vertical eyes of the stone inscription.

"Inspector, Shan Yu, has two entries!"

There was a mechanical sound.

Then the door of the medicine cave opened.

Jiang Du walked in with great ease. In fact, he has been entangled. If he died once, what would happen to him?

If he did it again, Jiang Du wouldn't be afraid, because within one year, he would be able to repair it all over again.

The most feared is the resurrection in situ.

A group of people guarded themselves, and that's it.

But the good thing is that the technique of endless clones has been cultivated to great success. If his body dies, he can find one from the clones and cultivate again.

Well, come back from being beaten!

Jiang Du walked freely in the medicine cave, and then his figure disappeared.

At the same time, the large tracts of Qi soil disappeared directly, disappearing extremely violently in a crazy manner.

Some powerhouses in the God Alliance suddenly changed their expressions slightly. Almost instantly, the left envoy had appeared in the medicine cave, and Jiang Du stopped in time.

Zuo Shi frowned as he watched the large part of the ground being dug away, and his whole body was murderous.

"Who is your Excellency, come to my God Alliance Medicine Cave in a decent way, and take things without permission. Is it too much to not put my God Alliance in my eyes?" Zuo Shi's voice sounded in the medicine cave.

More and more powerhouses appear in the medicine cave.

Inspectors, law enforcers, elders...

Old Jiang Du hid it honestly. At this time, this group of people didn't even know the existence of Nightmare's power, and even the Eye of God hadn't analyzed it.

So they are all vigorously exploring Jiang Du's trail.


The left side changed his face slightly.

How could it not be? The entire medicine cave is extremely quiet, and there is no one at all.

"Please the Eye of God!"

There was a wave of fluctuations in the void, and the eyes of God appeared and began to observe the entire medicine cave.

Everyone raised their spirits. They were still very confident in the Eye of God. They believed that if the Eye of God spotted the thief, that thief would have to fight to the death.

However, the Eye of God looked at it for a long time, and finally found nothing, and it slowly disappeared like this.

At this moment, all the faces changed.

not found?

The Eye of God didn't even find the trace of this thief.

A smile appeared at the corner of Jiang Du's mouth.

"The disciple is stationed here, I don't believe he can stay here forever!" Zuo Shi said coldly.


With a cheerful smile on his face, the apprentice arched his hands.

Jiang Du suddenly had a headache, and he was an old fellow like a disciple.

I really want to find a chance to kill this old man.

The disciple sat cross-legged, and immediately began to wait here.

Jiang Du felt a little uncomfortable.

In fact, Jiang Du now felt that he should not be too afraid to fight against the practitioners, but this is a medicine cave, and he is not unexpectedly left alone.

But don't worry, wait for the other clones to collect the treasures.

Many avatars collect treasures, and the whole God seems to be confused.

The system began to vigorously transform into energy to replenish itself, which is completely equivalent to the wool of the reincarnation tower.

The disciples were not in a hurry, and Jiang Du was not in a hurry, and the whole cycle was quiet.

On the other side, the body was still beaten frantically on the steps.

The strength is also rising, the key is the way of energy, and the speed of the rise is so fast, Jiang Du can be said to be cool.

Both of them are in a state of increased strength, but what about the land of sequence?

Land of Sequences!

"Made, madman, get out!"

Outside the end city, a brawny man was hugged by a sloppy beggar-like person, his mouth opened wide, and he bit his throat fiercely.



The sound of swallowing loudly sounded, and the brawny man was frightened and angry. He felt his blood flow like crazy, and his muscles bulged for a while, facing this beggar-like person, it was a crazy hammer.

His fist, even in this sequence, was enough to smash a big mountain with one punch, but at this time it hit the beggar's body, the beggar seemed to feel nothing, still swallowing vigorously.

The brawny man roared, with all his strength, desperately trying to tear off the beggar.

Gradually, the roar began to weaken.

A grayish white appeared on the brawny man's face, and his vitality quickly disappeared.

Finally, the strong man completely lost his vitality, and this beggar did not waste his mouth. His mouth was wide open. This strong man was obviously bigger than his body, but this big mouth still ate a little bit of this strong man. Go down.

After eating up the big guy, he picked his fingers, and his long hair was thrown aside.

"What do you want to... do?"

It seemed that he hadn't spoken for a long time, and at this time he seemed to be stumbled.

After he thought hard, he finally remembered.

"Hehehe...kill that person..."

He walked towards the end city step by step.

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