I Can Resist Most Vicious Beatings Chapter 1485

Chapter 1483: Become a teacher

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Enter the road to the sky.

In the originally dark portal, it suddenly became extremely bright.

A big road standing up and down just appeared in Jiang Du's eyes. This road was straight up and down, and the ground below was ninety degrees.

An uncomfortable feeling.

Jiang Du walked on the soil, grabbed a hand and squeezed it lightly. It seemed to be ordinary soil, which was useless.

Cannot be eaten by the system.

Jiang Du sighed with a pity.

One by one, they have walked vertically on the road to the sky.

At the end of Tongtian Road, I don't know where, I only saw this road straight into Qingming.

Jiang Du was not polite, and strode towards the road to the sky, gently touching the road, as if it were made of some kind of Wen Yu.

It seemed unremarkable, but Jiang Du actually wanted to knock it down and try it.

However, considering that his main purpose was to climb the road to the sky, rather than to find treasures, Jiang Du decided to let it go for the time being, and wait until he finished the road to the sky, and then try again.

Jiang Du lifted the soles of his feet, and his body instantly remained parallel to the earth.

In front of Jiang Du's eyes, an earth-shaking change occurred in an instant.

He felt his body fall infinitely, and the brilliant light made people unable to open his eyes.

The infinite light flickered in an instant.

Then Jiang Du felt down to earth.

"The heavens and the earth are mysterious, the universe is wild, the sun, the moon and the stars, the stars and the stars..."

The clear and childish reading sound rang from Jiang Du's ear.

"Ding, you have entered the road to the sky, and the system is connecting to the road to the sky..."

"Ding, we are connecting..."

"Ding, the connection is successful..."

"Ding, you get the first mission on the road to the sky, teach students!"

"Ding, the task details have been released..."

A prompt sound from the system sounded in Jiang Du's mind.

Soon, Jiang Du understood all the contents of the mission.

This task requires Jiang Du to be a teacher for one year to teach Human children basic knowledge, and one year later, all children need to be protected to survive the flood.

There are a total of ten children. For each surviving one, you can ascend a step, and for each step you can get a reward for the journey to heaven.

If all the children die, I accept the punishment of the Flood, and if I survive the Flood, I can take a step forward.

Jiang Du was taken aback for a moment.

This...what kind of weird task is this?

It seems that there is not much danger, and there is no place to be beaten, just to teach the children?

Jiang Du was outside the stone room. At this time, there was no other power in his body, only his body was considered stronger.

"Teacher, you are here!"

The distracted child saw Jiang Du, cheered immediately, and ran out to Jiang Du's side and said.

Jiang Du has experienced many things, so he is quick to accept any situation.

Seeing this boy wearing animal skins and yellow skin, the child looked not strong, but a little thin, but his eyes were full of innocence.

"Teacher, what shall we eat today?" He held his stomach in his head, as if he was very hungry.

"Grumbling..." A feeling of hunger also appeared in Jiang Du's stomach.

Good guy, he hasn't felt hunger for a long time, and now suddenly feels that it is quite fresh.

"The teacher hasn't figured out what to eat. I slept too hard yesterday, and now my head is still dizzy. Let me think about it first." Jiang Du said with a smile on his face.

"Ah, is the teacher sick?" the boy suddenly said in a panic.

"No, it means that I have slept too long. It takes a little time to wake up my body. You should study first. I will go shopping around and decide what to eat." Jiang Du felt that he should familiarize himself with the surrounding environment first.

At this time, the little boy pouted and said pitifully, "But teacher, I'm so hungry."

Jiang Du looked at the grievance in the child's eyes, and then at his skinny appearance, he couldn't help being a little pitiful.

This baby looks a little miserable!

"Otherwise, let's eat Xiaogu?" The kid made a suggestion.

Jiang Du?

"What is Xiaogu?" Hearing this name, Jiang Du thought it was the seed of the grain crop.

But what Jiang Du didn't expect was that at this time the boy pointed to the stone-cast house, which could be seen through the window. He was referring to a child.

A person!

"Teacher forgot, he is Kotani, he still doesn't know how to endorse, so stupid, just eat it." The little boy in front of him said with an innocent appearance.

"Although Kotani doesn't have much meat, at this time we eat less and can still be full."

There was a chill in Jiang Du's heart.

People cannibalism, what the child said so easily and so proudly, as if he had thought of a very good idea, just waiting for the teacher to praise it.

Jiang Du stared at the innocent little boy in a daze. He knelt down gently, with a smile on his face.

"The idea is really good, but why can't I eat you?" Jiang Du asked with a smile.

"Of course you can't eat me, because I'm the smartest child. After eating my teacher, there will be no satisfied students." The boy said as expected.

"It's a good boy, but I heard that children who eat stupid will make other children stupid. As long as they eat smart children, stupid children will also become smart."

"Eating one of you will make everyone smarter, and eating one of Xiaogu will make all the children stupid. Who do you think I should eat?"

The smile on Jiang Du's face is terrible!

A mouthful of white teeth stunned the little guy.

Jiang Du looked at the shocked child, his smile slightly narrowed, but his entire face was gloomy and terrifying.

"I remember you. When I leave, if one of your classmates is missing, I will eat you bite by bite, and eat you while you are alive!"

The child was so scared that tears were rolling in his eyes.

Jiang Du stood up and left towards the distance. He has no cultivation skills now, but he still needs to observe the surrounding environment.

Only by understanding the environment can he do the next thing better.

The surrounding area was not big, Jiang Du quickly turned around, but he knew a bad thing.

This is an isolated island, all around the island is covered by sea water, which is ordinary sea water.

However, Jiang Du was somewhat relieved that there were fish in the sea water and fresh water on the island, at least he would not die of starvation and thirst.

"System, can you still use it?" Jiang Du asked.

"Ding, of course, this system has been upgraded to the highest level, just use it!"

Jiang Du nodded.

The system is his strongest support.

So Jiang Du lay directly on the beach, where the sea was constantly rising and falling. Jiang Du held his breath and began to wait silently.

He was just an ordinary person at this time, and after a minute or so, he couldn't hold it anymore.

But at this time, the tide calculated by Jiang Du directly rose, and Jiang Du's body was instantly submerged by the tide.


"Ding, you are drowning, water +1, water +1, water +1..."

A sound of system prompt rang in Jiang Du's mind.

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