I Can Resist Most Vicious Beatings Chapter 1486

Chapter 1484: Eaten raw

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Jiang Du felt that he was going to die.

The tide was so high that Jiang was alone in the tide, and he swept into the sea automatically with the ebb.


Jiang Du's face became purple, and the intense suffocation caused him to roll up white smoke. He didn't know how much sea water he had drunk, and his body was out of control anyway.

The prompt sound of the system kept ringing in his mind.

Finally, when the tide went down, Jiang Du suddenly let out a sigh, and then coughed violently.

He coughed as if he wanted to cough up his lungs, and barely turned over his body, his stomach was touching the beach, and a large mouthful of sea water was directly vomited out.

Jiang Du's fingers stuck into his mouth, stimulating his tonsils, and a strong feeling of vomiting instantly made Jiang Du spit out water.

After tossing for more than ten minutes, Jiang Du finally took a breath and sat on the beach.

The water quality is complete.

"The next step in water is to control water?" Jiang Du still knows the urine of the system.

"Ding, right!"

Jiang thought for a while and jumped directly into the sea again, and soon fish were thrown ashore.

Anyway, all kinds of seafood.

Jiang Du took off his clothes and directly wrapped the seafood and walked towards the school.

"Eat fish today!"

Jiang Du said to the children in the stone house, these children, six boys and four girls, are really pitiful. It is estimated that two of them will not be able to marry a wife.

But maybe there will be a pair of true love?

The ten children all ran out, watching the big fish and the small fish that Jiang Du had caught.

A little girl bit off a fish head. The teeth were extremely sharp. The fish head was like gnawing an apple, chuckling.

Others are also like hungry wolves, no matter whether they are raw or cooked, they will be gnawed wildly when caught.

Jiang Du...

Well, a good life habit is easy to be invaded by parasites.


Jiang Du gave a friendly reminder.

However, these children were obviously hungry, and ignored Jiang Du at all. They caught these seafood and ate them fiercely.

Jiang Du shook his head, relying on his being tall and mammoth, kicking them all to one side.

"Eating in such a hurry, are you worried that you don't have enough food?" Jiang Du said with a smile.

No one answered.

Their eyes are still fixed on the **** food they gnaw.

"Don't worry, these are not enough to eat, as well as yourselves. Let me see who wants to eat the most. That should eat the most, and the meat on his body should also be the most." Jiang Du said with a smile.

This sentence immediately made these children frightened.

Judging from Jiang Du's eyes, these children are obviously still at the stage where they don't know what propriety, justice and shame are, so the best way is to deter them.

Jiang Du looked at a group of people, and then walked to the little girl who grabbed the fish's head and gnawed at it.

Although he is not particularly tall, he is still huge compared to a child around ten years old.

The shadow completely enveloped the little girl, and Jiang Du's face showed a penetrating smile.

"Just now, you seemed to have the happiest eating?" Jiang Du said in a scary voice.

He stretched out his hand, grabbed the girl's back neck, and lifted the girl up, staring at the girl with terrible eyes.

The little girl's eyes were full of fear, but the blood in her mouth made her horror and pathetic look so unreal.

"Okay, eat her, eat her!"

The little boy who ran out first clapped his hands excitedly.

Obviously, he wants to eat,

Jiang Du glanced at him lightly.

Suddenly, the boy shuddered and did not dare to speak any more.

Jiang Du felt that his acting skills should be quite good. After all, he had a lot of people drifting through his acting skills. At this time, facing a few children and wanting to act, it really made the children stop crying.

"Don't take it as an example, okay?" Jiang Du's face suddenly showed a touch of gentleness.

That kind of gentleness, just like the last gentleness, directly scared the little girl into tears, and nodded frantically.

Tears fused with the blood around her mouth and flowed down, dripping to the ground.

Jiang Du put the little girl down.

He began to turn around to clean up the seafood, and then began to drill wood to make fire.

A group of children sat honestly, their eyes widened when they saw Jiang Du actually rubbing out the flames.

The flames burned, and Jiang stood alone with the cleaned fish, and began to barbecue.

"After a while, follow my instructions to pick up the food, take the initiative to say my name, and then say thank you to the teacher to get my food, do you understand?" Jiang Du asked.


The meal was quiet, and Jiang Du also knew the names of these children.

The original boy, who suggested eating Xiaogu, was named Xiaoyi.

The little girl who eats fish head is called Xiaoyin.

They didn't know who made their names. When Jiang Du asked, they were also particularly confused.

After they had eaten these foods, Jiang Du was also full.

Jiang Du asked them to go back and continue their studies, but he also found a place to lie down and silently began to think.

Something is wrong!

None of these ten children are right.

Jiang Du could actually guess what the sages of the road to the sky meant. They wanted the people who climbed to the sky to get along with their children day and night and understand what kind of existence the human race was.

The arrival of the great flood will let people know how cruel the heaven is to the human race.

But now? ? ?

Such bear children, before the flood, Jiang Du himself felt like killing them.

So is there something wrong with the way to the sky?

Jiang Du thought about how to improve himself in this environment.

There is still a year to go, which is really long!

It only takes a year for the first level. Wouldn't it be more and more in the future? If you count it like this, you might as well go out and get beaten!

It's not cost-effective at all.

Soon, the plan began to form in Jiang Du's mind little by little.

Jiang Du made a decision.

What kind of book to teach, before teaching, teach life first.

Jiang Du thought for a while before returning to the sea. This time, he would try to control the ability to control the water after he was submerged.

Facts have proved that the system is indeed very powerful.

When Jiang Du drank a full stomach of water again, his water level finally improved to control water.

It's just that the range of water control is very small, and it can only control the flow of water around one meter.

But just such a small breakthrough made it easier for Jiang Du to survive here.

Jiang Du quietly returned to the stone house, just like when he was going to school, the teacher would always appear out of the window silently, observing everything in the classroom.

A group of little guys gathered together at this time, seeming to be discussing something.

No, not everyone.

There are also two children sitting far away, seeming a little withdrawn and frightened.

Jiang Du touched his chin. What are these little boys discussing?

It's a pity that I don't have the strength now, I can't hear it.

But obviously it's not a good thing to discuss.

Jiang Du secretly poked in his heart to remember that the two children who did not participate should still retain a certain conscience.

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