I Can Resist Most Vicious Beatings Chapter 1487

Chapter 1484: fair

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Night fell.

To say something that people can't believe, Jiang Du was sleepy.

I'm really sleepy.

Jiang Du felt a novel experience that he hadn't seen for many years, so he simply didn't sleep and made himself sleepy for a while.

This sleepiness is also quite interesting.

Maybe going out this way to the sky, I won't have a chance to be sleepy in the future.

"Wait, system, you said that if I don't sleep until I die suddenly, will you give me more life?" Jiang Du asked with some curiosity.

system? ? ?

This seems to involve some knowledge blind spots in the system.

For a while, the system didn't know how to answer.

"Ding, you can try!"

Speaking of which, if you stay up late and die suddenly, is it self-harm?

If you say that you don't take the initiative to sleep, you will die suddenly after staying up late, and it may be self-harm.

But what if you are forced to sleep by others?

Of the ten little ghosts in the stone room, Jiang Du can beat one to death with a single punch... Uh, no, those ten little ghosts are terrifying, and could kill him at any time. It's not that Jiang Du doesn't want to sleep, but he doesn't dare at all. sleep.

Why sleep for a long time before death, and sleep forever after death.

You can guarantee that when you are asleep, no one will come over and wipe your neck directly.

Jiang Du wants to have the attitude of giving it a try, or else let it go first?

Jiang Du was thinking wildly, but he didn't feel sleepy.

At this time, he heard a little rustling voice, and Jiang Du suddenly became more energetic.


Although Jiang Du heard the movement, there was no movement in himself.

He wants to see what is going on.

Jiang Du now sleeps in a wooden house. It can be said that everything is very simple and simple, and it can only be regarded as a place to shelter from wind and rain.

A small wooden stick inserted through the crack in the door and quietly opened the door.

One by one, crept little figures walked in, Jiang Du's eyes widened and his breathing was steady.

A little boy leaned in front of Jiang Du and saw that Jiang Du had his eyes open. He was so scared that he took a step back and almost kicked things crookedly.

"Teacher... The teacher didn't sleep..." the little boy said shivering with fright.

All the children who came here were shocked.

"Teacher, we are a little scared. We don't want to break into your room. We are really too scared."

This is a little evil voice.

Jiang Du was a little funny in his heart. Damn, it was good to think of excuses.

You are not afraid to come in sneakily like this.

But Jiang Du was still pretending to sleep, he wanted to see what these little guys were going to do.

Seeing nothing from Jiang Du, at first the children were so frightened that they did not dare to pant, but after a long time, Xiao Ei reacted.

Hey, nothing happened.


Xiao Ee tried to scream.

Jiang Du remained silent.

At this moment, Xiao E seemed to think of something in general, and a terrible smile appeared on his face.

"He is sleeping at this time, just sleeping with his eyes open." Xiao E said in a low voice, feeling that he had guessed the truth.

so smart!

Jiang Du waited for the next move of the bear kids.

Soon, Xiao Ei's head appeared in Jiang Du's eyes.

His hand shook gently in front of Jiang Du.

Jiang Du didn't respond.

At this time, Xiao E took out a sharpened iron piece, and a terrible malice was revealed on his little immature face.

"Teacher, go to hell!"

When the voice fell, Xiao Ee held the piece of iron in both hands and pierced Jiang Du's neck heavily.

Jiang Du...

Good guy, it is really ferocious enough to kill him directly.

Jiang Du suddenly raised his hand and directly grabbed Xiao E's wrist.

The drop of the iron sheet stopped instantly.

"Do you want to kill me?" Jiang Du's face showed a smile that seemed to be mild.

Xiao E was stunned.

He he he... he was not asleep?

But after all, there was enough malice, and the little evil who was caught by the wrist roared loudly with fear and fierce light in his eyes.

"Go to hell, kill him!"

Suddenly all the children rushed up, holding sharp branches, holding sharp stones, and iron pieces that they didn't know where to find, and drew directly towards Jiang Du's body.

On the other hand, Xiao Ei used crazy force, pressing down the iron sheet in his hand, and extremely terrible madness appeared on his immature face.

Jiang Du curled his lips.

Really, good fellow!

Although he was an ordinary person, Jiang Du's so much combat experience would not hurt a child who was not as strong as a dog.

The big hand that grabbed Xiao Evil's wrist directly flicked, Xiao E was thrown out.

At the same time, Jiang Du suddenly lifted his legs, his body turned on the stone slab, and a group of children were kicked away.

"Ding, your physical body is under attack, steel body +1!"

A sharp stone was inserted on Jiang Du's leg, and Jiang Du bleeds directly.

However, the system gave Jiang Du a prompt sound.

Jiang Du was like a okay person, kicking all the children away.

Does it hurt?

Of course it hurts, but Jiang Du is used to it.

Jiang Du sat up from the stone slab, the light in the room was very dark, if it weren't for the starlight and moonlight, he wouldn't even see anything.

"Want to kill me, come on!"

Jiang Du looked at the group of children who had been kicked away with cold eyes.

It's really evil and ferocious!

"kill him!"

Xiao E let out a weird cry, and rushed towards Jiang Du fiercely.

"Ding bells!"

After a tumult, the room became quiet.

Not long after, the flames rose slowly, illuminating the surrounding environment.

A group of children with blue noses and swollen faces, their arms and legs were forcibly discounted by Jiang Du. Of course, they could still be connected without interrupting them completely.

You don't even need to tie up. A group of little guys are lying on the ground honestly, and the bonfire rises, shining on Jiang Du's face, which is uncertain and looks a little scary.

"A group of little things that don't have the same hair, even want to learn from adults killing people, who made the idea?" Jiang Du smiled and looked at the group of children.

Obviously, this group of children was a little afraid of being beaten.

But this kind of fear is not a deep-seated fear. I have been beaten so badly now, but I will definitely dare next time.

They didn't have any loyalty to say, and they all looked at Xiao Evil.

The little evil bared his teeth a little bit fiercely, as if he didn't admit defeat.

Jiang Du walked to Xiao E's face with a smile, then gently took the bone to him and found a sharp stone.

The stone was handed over to Xiao Evil's hands.

Jiang Du gestured to his thigh.

"Come on, get a stone in my thigh!" Jiang Du said with a smile.

Xiao Evil's fierce eyes were suddenly a little surprised, and he didn't seem to understand Jiang Du's meaning.

Jiang Du slapped his head fiercely.

"Hear Lao Tzu talking? Lao Tzu asked you to insert me!" Jiang Du said with a frightening expression.

Xiao E's eyes were fierce, holding a sharp stone, and using his best strength, he pierced Jiang Du's thigh fiercely.


Blood spattered out instantly, and the system prompt sounded in Jiang Du's mind.

Jiang Du felt that his body became slightly stronger, and his body became slightly stronger.

A satisfied smile appeared on his face.

Then there was a sharp spot on his hand, which pierced Xiao Evil's thigh.


Xiao Ee let out a painful scream.

Jiang Du had a comfortable smile on his face.

"You stab me, I stab you, this is fair, now, you stab me again!" Jiang Du remembered his identity as a teacher, and he did not forget to teach these children at this time.

Looking at the comfort on Jiang Du's face, a deep fear emerged in all the children's eyes.

This teacher...he he he...

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