I Can Resist Most Vicious Beatings Chapter 1554

Chapter 1552: Genuine vow

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Killing in the hall of Tianfu.

The saint master gradually opened his mouth, and Shatian widened his eyes.


They still suspect that they have heard it wrong, Jiang Du! Is it Jiang Du?

Jiang Du hit Jinshi hard?

What kind of joke about Zhou Ji, although Jiang Du's strength is indeed improved fast enough, but that is Zhenshi!


The terrifying existence of the Four Stars.

Existence stronger than killing the sky.

"He... how did he do it?" Said Desperately.

"Return to Palace Master, according to the undercover, Shan Yu is Jiang Du!" The intelligence officer threw a nuclear bomb again.

When a nuclear bomb exploded, everyone who directly exploded was dizzy.

Shan Yu... Shan Yu is Jiang Du?

The saint master held the thermos tightly in his palm, and the wolfberry in the thermos turned into red powder.

There was a long silence in the hall.

This news really makes people wonder what to say.

Jiang Du's terrifying growth rate has exceeded their cognition. If Jiang Du was in the Supreme Realm before, it can be said to be an enchantment, but such an enchantment is still within the scope of everyone's understanding.

But now Jiang Du can't explain it with evildoers.

"A puppet, a clone, not only can the body improve its strength, but the puppet can also increase its strength simultaneously. The two finally merged into one, and finally this kind of **** duo was created." The saint master put the wolfberry tea in the thermos cup. He drank it in one sip, and finally said quietly.

"Shan Yu is also the newest rising evildoer of the God Alliance, and Jiang Du is also the peerless evildoer rising up from the Heavenly Mansion. If the two are one person, it would be really terrifying," said the desperate evildoer.

So, besides the saint master, there is another person who kills the heaven. Can he not beat it by himself?

So what is the meaning of the palace lord himself in front of him?

Let Xian forget about the abdication.

and many more!

"Zhen Shi is seriously injured now, can we counterattack the God Alliance now?" Su Tian suddenly brightened his eyes and said hurriedly.

The holy master slowly put the wolfberry in the thermos, and slowly said: "If you are not afraid of death, you can try to fight it, so you will become the common master of Killing Heaven and God Alliance."


He looked at Zhen Shi, as if he didn't understand the meaning of the saint for a while.

A smile appeared on the face of the saint master.

In the end, it was his own student. As the saying goes, Jiang is still old and spicy. Jiang Du is not very spicy, but that kid is more reckless than normal.

But when Killian and Zhenshi fought for so long, they didn't even discover the problem with Zhenshi.

"If I didn't guess wrong, the Heavenly League's Zhenshi is just an existence on the bright side. Now the existence behind it has been angered by Jiang Du. If you have played the God's Union in the past, it is estimated that you will be the next Zhenshi. "The Saint Master said with a smile.

"The teacher meant..."

"It doesn't mean anything, think for yourself!"

The saint master did not clarify the words.

At this time, no one seemed to care whether Shan Yu, who was disguised by Jiang Du, had killed the protector of the palace.

Everyone is tacit.

Just a protector of the palace, death is dead.

Anyway, there is no good idea.

Then the Saint Master couldn't help but get a headache. Jiang Du was already able to fight through the world. If he returned to Killing Heaven Palace, he would definitely find himself to fight again.

When I was in middle age, I had no choice but to soak goji berries in a thermos. How could I have the energy to fight with a hairy boy like Jiang Du day and night, I had to find a way to cause trouble.

Who is the right one?


Jiang Du is still fighting against the Buddha.

The Buddha chose to lie flat.

Anyway, the struggle is also invalid, what can he do, he can only lie flat.

In other words, with the continuous refining of the Buddha, he no longer has the strength to resist.

The strength of the Lord Buddha is completely stabilized at the realm of the five-star spirit, while the speed of refining is still increasing crazily.

Jiang Du's experience value has skyrocketed to four thousand, and his spiritual power has increased wildly. At this time, he has reached forty-five thousand units of spiritual power.

It is hard to believe that this amount of spiritual power is something that a three-star spirit can possess, and the peak of a four-star spirit may not be able to possess this amount of energy.

So just looking at the amount of power, Jiang Du directly surpassed some of the pioneers.

And the quality, except Jiang Du's energy is not active, everything else must exceed the energy quality of the four-star spirit powerhouse.

After all, the fusion of the power of the great power and the power of the spirit, coupled with the production of the system, must belong to the attributes of a boutique, and Jiang Du's energy quality is so high that it is unimaginable.

It was another great war, Jiang Du was completely broken and fled frantically.

The Buddha's body was covered with scars, and the wounds were chopped and the bones were visible.

His Buddha Lord's golden body couldn't hold back Jiang Du's attack at this time.

"I can merge with you voluntarily, but you have to promise me one condition!"

At this time, the lying Buddha spoke,

The Buddha's body emits a jade-colored light, constantly recovering from his injuries, facing the Buddha's words, he has only one word.


With only half of the black eyes remaining, a deep resentment finally appeared.

The resentment was so strong that it directly condensed into black tears and fell.

"Help me kill Jiang Du, you must help me kill him, you make your original vow, help me kill him, I can blend into your body now!"

The Lord Buddha heard the voice full of resentment, his hands clasped his hands together, and a look of compassion appeared on his face.

He was silent for a long time.

Finally, he slowly said, "I promise you!"

"Hahaha, well, you take the oath of your heart!" The Buddha let out a frantic laugh.

"But I can't take an oath yet. When Jiang Du comes next time, I will take an oath so that I can beat him by surprise!" The Buddha said.

"it is good!"

The Buddha is not in a hurry at this time.

Soon, Jiang Du happily killed him again.

One person, one Buddha, and I didn't even bother to say a word, and didn't even bother to roar. When they met, they were extremely quiet, and they immediately fought against each other.

What is this called?

This is called tacit understanding!

Ten minutes later, Jiang Du ran away again.

The wounds on the Buddha's body became deeper, and the piercing pain made the corners of his mouth twitch slightly.

Even in his golden eyes, a fierce light was involuntarily revealed at this time.

I have to say that although it seems that the Buddha is devouring the evil fruit, but in fact, there is another kind of like the Buddha who is merging the evil fruit.

The Buddha did not disappear, he just merged into the body of the Buddha.

His thinking still slowly changed some of the thinking of the Buddha.

"This Lord Buddha, at this moment, make a great oath of the original heart, the evil fruit will return to his place, Jiang Du will be killed, if it fails, the evil fruit will be reborn!"

The Lord Buddha spoke slowly, saying these words word by word, it seemed that the entire Wanfo Hall was gently shaking, and countless Buddha lights lit up from every corner of the Wanfo Hall.

It seems that ten thousand Buddhas are witnessing the great oath of the Lord Buddha.

"Hahaha, Jiang Du, you are going to die, the next time you come, when you are about to die, I will be waiting for you!" The evil fruit suddenly laughed wildly, the black in the Buddha's eyes, at this moment Disturbed directly.

The golden light took the opportunity to swallow quickly, and the Buddha's aura was rapidly increasing at a terrifying speed.

A smile slowly appeared on his face.

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