I Can Resist Most Vicious Beatings Chapter 1556

Chapter 1554: Holy Master shot

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"Boom boom boom!"

The huge golden palm, like an endless mountain, fell directly!

Thirty-five giants, each of them the ultimate, uttered the most violent roar in their mouths, and directly raised their hands.

Thirty-five palms are placed heavily under the golden palms.

The aftermath of terrifying power, along the golden palmprints, surged crazily in all directions.

Is this the mighty power of all kinds of horrors?

It was so powerful that it was trembling, and it seemed to be the universe of ten directions, directly falling down.

Jiang Du's eyes opened in anger, and all the power was poured into his palms.

At this time, every Jiang Du's power had reached the terrifying power of eighty thousand spirits.

Yes, the Supreme Change and the Reincarnation Technique almost doubled Jiang Du's power.

And thirty-five Jiang Du, although the ultimate sequence can only bring him three or four puppets in a complete state, the other puppets are a bit weaker.

But thirty-five Jiang Dus worked together, that kind of power was enough to reach the terrifying spiritual power of more than two million.

No, power is not calculated like this.

Thirty-five Jiang Du didn't have the power to move in one place, so the power that could burst together at most was less than the power of two million spirits.

But even so, it's still too strong!


The huge golden Buddha palm was hit by an unprecedented terrorist force.

When the golden palm cannot destroy all Jiang Du, then what it will endure is the top of the counterattack power.

Both forces hedge at the same time.

With such a terrifying power, there will only be two endings, one is that Jiang Du is directly photographed into scum, the other is that the golden palm is cracked into scum.


Where Jiang Du's palm touched the golden Buddha's palm, the large golden palm suddenly began to shatter.


Similarly, Jiang Du was also directly crushed by some force. It was a kind of pressure that his body could not bear.

So Jiang Du's body began to explode.

But the golden palms explode faster.

The Lord Buddha looked at this scene with a touch of madness in his eyes.

His palm was lifted up directly, as if the huge golden Buddha palm was his hand.

At this moment, his Buddha's golden body began to collapse continuously, and the golden body could not withstand such a terrible force at all, but the Buddha's master clenched his teeth to maintain such a posture.

Finally, his eyes opened angrily, and he let out a crazy roar.

The palm of the hand was slapped suddenly.

The golden Buddha's palm was pressed down heavily as he did the movements.


The golden Buddha's palm exploded, as if the entire sky was exploding.

The extreme wave of destruction, as the golden Buddha palm shattered, quickly stirred up, enclosing all Jiang Du's puppets and all clones.

The entire void is occupied by gold.

Such a terrifying explosion shook the whole heaven in an instant.

It turned out that the battle between Jiang Du and the Lord Buddha was more like a small fight. If the distance was far away, it would not be felt at all.

It's as if the saint knew that Jiang Du had severely injured Zhen Shi, but he didn't know where it was.

Because God is too big, even a five-star spirit would not perceive the distance too far.

Zhen Shi was able to spot the anomaly because of the existence of the Eye of God.

And now, with the collapse of the golden Buddha palm, almost all the strong in the heavens felt the fluctuations.

Because such a volatility is too strong.

It has reached the point where the five-star spirits are shocked.

"Who is fighting?"

The sage master was watching the students do their homework, when the figure suddenly disappeared.

Luoshen Palace, Luoshen disappeared directly.

The Heavenly Mystery Realm, a middle-aged scribe, also disappeared.

Hedaoyuan, an old Taoist with white hair, hesitated for a moment and said.

"Fairy man, go and see!"

At this time, a figure wearing a white robe walked out of the darkness, nodded gently to the old man, and the figure disappeared instantly.

But the place where the lone lonely was, it was still as usual, exceptionally quiet.

It seems that he has no interest in changes in the outside world.

Hall of Ten Thousand Buddhas.

The Ten Thousand Buddhas Palace at this time was directly destroyed.

The infinite golden light turned into ripples, trembling crazily in all directions, the void was shattered and fragmented, the Buddha's figure full of cracks retreated to the distance.

Forcibly pushing the huge Buddha palm has already caused the Lord Buddha to suffer a terrible backlash. If he is shrouded in this aftermath, the Lord Buddha even feels that he might be completely depressed.

Falling down is not enough, becoming a five-star spirit, whether it is the soul or the body, it is in an immortal state.

This is the characteristic of the five star spirits.

If Zhenshi had to call out the immortality of the soul to reach the point of immortality, then the Buddha is in that state all the time.

The golden light gradually began to dim.

A figure slowly walked out of the golden light.

The Buddha's eyes widened, looking at the fuzzy figure, his heart suddenly felt an indescribable throb.

Still...not dead!

The Lord Buddha was even at a loss.

An existence that didn't even have the energy of life was able to survive under the palm of the Buddha where he had condensed all his own power and gathered the power of ten thousand Buddhas into one body.

This is incredible.

Jiang came over alone, his flesh and blood was falling off, and countless cracks appeared in his bones.

However, he still survived.

After triggering three lethal immunizations, he survived.

Finally, he walked out of the scope of golden light.


Jiang Du spat out a big mouthful of blood.

The whole body is extremely painful, and it is possible to fall apart almost at any time.

But Jiang Du was very satisfied.

Taking the risk of taking this attack on his own has brought him huge benefits.

All the puppets died, and the increased experience points were fed back to him at the same time.

This directly improved his experience bar.

But the injury is really serious.

Jiang Du looked at the Buddha, his **** face showed an ugly smile.

"I will be back!"

At this time, the Lord Buddha's eyes moved slightly.

"No, you can't come back!"

In an instant, behind Jiang Du, countless green tentacles were like a huge octopus, blooming like flowers without warning.

Thousands of demons!

He rushed over.

Jiang Du looked at the tentacles covering him, and couldn't help sighing slightly.

Do you really think that he hasn't counted the thousands of demons who will come over?

Countless tentacles opened in an instant, and a big mouth appeared on each of the tentacles, with sharp teeth all over the mouth.

He just bit into Jiang Du.

Jiang Dugang was about to explode when he suddenly shouted loudly.


With the sound of this word, Jiang Du's tentacles would be swallowed in the next second, and he stopped out of thin air.

A ruler appeared, instantly like a heavenly sword, directly severing several tentacles.

The figure of the Saint Master appeared beside Jiang Du.

The tentacle broke away from the magic of the saint master, and once again united, to swallow the saint master and Jiang alone.

"Demons and ghosts!"

The saint master stared, and shouted loudly.

In an instant, the invisible power bloomed directly, and there seemed to be countless whips that were drawn directly on the green tentacles.


The tentacles were directly drawn and curled up, the saint master grabbed Jiang Du's shoulder, and the figures of the two rushed out directly.

Jiang Du...

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