I Can See The Combat Prowess Chapter 1849

Chapter 1849: Four Hundred Twenty Seven

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Chapter 1849 Chapter 427: The real body appears under the sycamore tree

"you do?"

Tang Luo's eyes were full of suspicion, and his tone was full of hesitation: "Can you do it? The chefs in the shops are all professional, and the snacks are all tested by the market. If you are a housewife, if it fails, it is for your husband. Nowhere to run!"

Seeing her husband's distrustful expression, Yun Xiu was so angry that her teeth were itchy. If she hadn't had a daughter in her arms, she would definitely bite on the back of the hand of the incomprehensible **** in front of her.

After so many years, there has been no progress!

"What do you know, cooking and eating is the most important thing. Those who only think about sold-out chefs, where can they make delicious food! When I make two, you will know what Bibi is in the same shop!"

If it wasn't for the doll, Yun Xiu wanted to roll up her sleeves and give Tang Luolu two hands.

Sure enough, men are **** with no conscience and no memory!

That is, Tang Luo couldn't hear Yun Xiu's heart, otherwise he would definitely hehe.

At that time, he was injured when he demolished his house in Chaochang. The one who ate the most was the corn clapper, which could remember an egg.

Later, he got better, and the most he ate was the soup. How did he know that Yun Xiu still has peanut craftsmanship.

The next day, Yunxiu, who had obtained the raw materials, showed Tang Luo a few hands.

Speaking of it, Yun Xiu's not making anything particularly fancy, a few peanut snacks are common.

For example, fried peanuts with red fruit coats, peanut crisps on one bite, and deep-fried peanuts filled with fine salt particles. The porcelain is really like cement, but it can be filled with aroma as long as the lid is opened. Peanut butter.

Tang Luo had no likes or dislikes for food like peanuts, but he was really surprised by the few foods Yun Xiu made.

Just like martial arts, the strongest is never a fancy move, but a person who can make a breakthrough in one or two steps with those already tempered techniques.

The index finger put a little sauce from the porcelain jar and sucked it in his mouth. Tang Luo's eyes lit up and pointed straight at Yunxiu.

Even if he is picky for his two lives, he must admit that this is the best peanut butter he has eaten, sweet but not greasy, and full of peanut aroma.

If he was only 20-30% sure of whether he could see the old master before, then after eating Yunxiu's snacks, the success rate of the meeting reached 100%!


Sure enough, Tang Luo, who was waiting at the foot of the mountain, didn't take long before he heard the call of the old master.

Although this call is very cryptic, it's just that the vitality of heaven and earth is not pushing himself, but this is enough to show that the attitude of the old master has changed.

Tang Luo walked on the mountain path again and began to think about why the old master would be so unhappy when they met.

The two hadn't had any intersection before, and they had never even had a spiritual friendship.

If the other party does not hesitate to himself because of his own style, then Cao You would not let himself go up the mountain at all.

But why would I displease the old master as soon as I met.

Tang Luo thought while climbing the mountain. When he passed a small Tan on the mountainside, Yu Guang caught a glimpse of the slender figure walking through the mountains and forests, and suddenly realized.

It turned out that his self-confident look was seen through by the old master, no wonder the other party would say that he was not sincere.

Thinking of this, Tang Luo relaxed his control of the king's body. The king's body was raised and expanded at a speed visible to the naked eye. Within a few breaths, it grew as strong as a hill.

The shoulders as wide as door panels pushed away the low branches hanging on both sides of the mountain road, and as Don Roden walked up the mountain, the vegetation on both sides of the mountain road was shaking.

As people grew older, so did the steps. This time when he went up the mountain, Tang Luo only took more than half an hour to arrive in front of the parasol tree.

The old man in a flower jacket had opened the food box Tang Luo put down and took out the food inside.

The deep-fried peanuts, which are the most suitable for serving with wine, have been eaten cleanly, with only some crystal salt particles lying on the bottom of the plate.

Originally the building blocks were generally built with five or six layers of peanut cakes, now there are only two short layers left.

His nose moved slightly, Tang Luo heard the smell of peanut butter in the air, and the porcelain jar was held in his arms like an old man and a baby.

It seems that the old master is really satisfied with Yun Xiu'er's craftsmanship.

Tang Luo smiled a little happily, but it was not because the food touched the old master.

It was the food made by my wife, which was recognized by Xihe's favorite peanut snacks, and was inexplicably proud.

I don't know when there is a gold plate on the table. If you don't admit it, it should be the famous instrument in front of you. At this time, the main purpose of this gold plate is to hold fried peanuts.

There are beans on one side, and shells on the other. The divisions are very detailed, for fear that a good fruit will be buried by the shell.

"A doll is not good, but food is not bad!"

The old lord, who still had crystals of salt remaining on his lips, said with a tiger face, and said to Tang Luo majesticly: "Why do you want to hide your head and show your tail because you are so human."

Only the well-informed old master would think that Tang Luo's appearance as a titan was a person.

Tang Luo smiled and said, "What the seniors taught is that the juniors will show their true colors in the future."

"Sit down, Wawa~"

The persuaded doll would always please the old man. The old master waved to Tang Luo and motioned to him to sit down.

Tang Luo's royal body is too majestic, even if he sits cross-legged, the shadow over it will cover the entire stump small platform.

Especially the big hands with nowhere to put them, just as they were about to reach Xiaoxiao Su, the old master screamed.

"What will the doll do!?"

"Have some peanut crisps."

"Don't reach out!"


"Don't reach out anyway!"

The old lord involuntarily took away the plate of peanut cakes, and used his chin to point at the plate of peanuts that was originally placed on the stump: "The baby eats the inside!"

Although the peanut bean particles on the stump were full, Tang Luo absolutely had reason to believe that there must be no delicious food made by his wife.

Shrugging, Tang Luo waved his hand and said, "No, juniors don't particularly like to eat peanut products."

"In hundreds of years, Wawa is the first to say that he doesn't like eating peanuts in front of an old man."

The old master looked at Tang Luo up and down: "Since you don't like it, where did you find such good food?"

"I didn't find it, but my wife made it!"

Tang Luo smiled triumphantly: "The craftsmanship is not bad, right?"

"Hey, smelly doll is good luck."

The old master murmured, first put the jar of peanut butter in his arms with his left hand into the flower jacket, and then put the plate of small cakes with his right hand between the legs of the cross, and then he made his head.

Tang Luo didn't say anything, and didn't watch the old man eating peanuts. He folded his arms, his upper body fell back, and his elbows were on the ground.

(End of this chapter)

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