I Can See The Combat Prowess Chapter 1850

Chapter 1850: Four Hundred Twenty Eight

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Chapter 1850, Chapter 428: God has the way of God




"a little bit."

"Which point?"


The index finger dipped in crumbs was sucked with the thumb triumphantly, and the admiration in the eyes of the old master was overwhelming: "The baby has a good vision, but unlike Cao Lie, he promises this wisdom in evil places."

"Senior people think that the third holy way is too bad?"

"Before the mountain, didn't you get a word from Big Mouth Doll?"

Tang Luole is happy, maybe there are only a few people in Xihe, dare to call that fairy dragon like that.

"This time I went up the mountain, I wanted to explain this to my senior."


With a little regret, he took the fingers that could no longer add flavor from his mouth, and the old master wearing a flower jacket smashed his mouth and said: "For the sake of peanut fruit, the old man will just listen."

It was said that it was reluctant to listen, there would be no falsehood, and Tang Luo could also see that the old master was absent-minded.

After all, who can be on the other side is not the strong one who controls the rules.

Especially the legend of the old master, who has been sanctified in Nishiga, understands the uniqueness and uniqueness of the world.

In other words, in the eyes of these saint kings, the achievement of the heavens of the stars by the sanctuary is not inheritable at all. Even if an alternate method is reluctantly found, the turbulence once in hundreds of years can turn all the efforts of the predecessors into nothingness.

The Royal Beast Sect is not afraid of devotion, but the devotion without results.

This is also the fundamental reason why Dragon Valley is so close to Chixia Mountain, but the envoy of the Royal Beast Sect has never come to the door.

Regarding this, Tang Luo knew even if there was no leakage from Cao You.

But why did he go up the mountain to see the old master?

Because fundamentally speaking, this kind of thinking is inherently wrong.

"The way of heaven exists originally, not created by the king!"

As soon as Tang Luo spoke, the spirit of the old master was lifted: "The sun rises and the moon sets, the stars change, the rivers enter the sea, and the four seasons of spring and autumn. Laws such as this existed before the human race appeared in Xihe, and they have been operating in Xihe. Ten thousand yuan.

Of these tens of thousands of dollars, I dont know how many dollars are in Xihe, it is the frozen soil billions, or the time limit that is difficult to live if the gas evaporates. But the Henggang of Heaven, although the rules are changing, they have always been there.

Before explaining to the seniors, the juniors must explain that although there are hundreds of thousands of stars on their heads, not every one can become a place like Xihe.

If you can't follow nature, then at best, as the predecessors of the Royal Beast Sect promoted, use the king's power for hundreds of years, and then you will be in trouble!

But as long as you find some stars that meet the basic conditions, and then follow the nature, then the king and the saint can complete the construction of the heaven and earth cycle with a small amount of effort. "

If the old master's explanation of Tang Luo at the beginning was based on his love for a few peanut snacks, then after listening to Tang Luo's words, he really became interested.

However, as a saint king, he is more curious than verifying the truth and falsehood: "Is the lunar star a star that meets the basic conditions?"

"Lunar Stars are naturally stars that meet the basic conditions."

Tang Luo answered confidently.

"Then these words were told to that kid?"

The old master asked with a smile.

"The Lord's idea is too correct, so I probably don't need a reminder from the younger generation."

Tang Luo shrugged, speaking with no guilt.

As his signboard for opening the Tianzong of Xihe Holy Land, Lunar Star is his carefully selected advertisement, whether it is from the difficulty of achieving the world or the external rigid conditions, it is enough to move people.

The operation difficulty is even more fool-proof, that is, as long as you follow the plan step by step, you will finally be able to form a perfect circle of heaven and earth, and then heaven and earth dominate the trusteeship.

Unfortunately, although the plan was foolish enough, the collaborators were too shrewd and eager, so God Wu Hao chose a more difficult road.

"Before the Shenting decided to invest, the representative of Maozong once went to the Shenting and talked to the gods about the drawbacks of this matter. Although the Shenting was kindly received at the time, after looking at the movements of the Shenting, the enthusiasm for the third holy path has not decayed. "

The old master curled his lips and said: "I want to come, although you didn't know Wu Hao, but Shen Ting should find a solution."

"There are always more solutions than difficulties, not to mention the fact that there are so many capable people and strangers in the gods. The younger generation is not surprised to find a solution."

Tang Luo's attitude is very calm, after all, no one in the world can turn.

If he didn't come up with his own ideas, Shen Ting would be out of luck, then the level of Xihe Peak Holy Land would be too bad.

Therefore, it is normal for Shen Ting to be able to solve the problem of Lunar Star, and it will make him strange if it can't be solved.

"Wawa thinks, what is the method of this God's Court to solve the maladies of generation?"

Seeing Tang Luo's calm look, the old master asked curiously.

"The younger generation believes that the solution that God's Court finds is nothing more than dividing and transforming it. Belief in and preaching is nothing more than an edict of homogeneity."

Tang Luo said indifferently: "Although the Heavenly Way of the Taiyin Star is contrary to nature, it is an out-and-out blessing for practitioners who specialize in the inheritance of Wu Hao Temple. The energy of Wu Hao God is naturally possessed by Shou Yuan. At the limit, but with that strong incubator, there will be an endless stream of strong in Wuhao Temple.

These powerhouses will be God Lord Wu Haos helpers in managing the kingdom of God, and will be like a fish on the lunar star. Even if God Lord Wu Hao is unexpected, as long as these people are there, he can still maintain the heaven and earth of the lunar star.

And once this system has survived the initial accumulation, the subsequent achievements will be even harder to limit. Seniors just imagine, if ten kings such as Wu Hao Divine Sovereign join forces, what kind of stars will be unstoppable. "

"Wu Hao told you this?"

"Words are confusing, but actions won't."

Tang Luo shook his head: "Why don't the gods say these words himself, just by looking at the actions on the lunar star, you can know the underlying cause."

"An Jia is still the same."

The old master wearing a flower jacket felt it, twisting the flask in front of him, and drank it.

After drinking all the wine in the pot, the old man shook his head and said, "Zhongzhou has found a way to conquer the stars. Does the baby think that the Royal Beast Sect still needs to be mixed in?"

"The younger generation thinks it is necessary."


"Because only the Royal Beast Sect can change the current situation of Xihe, and allow the Xihe Human Race to conquer the endless void, without a word of empty talk."

Tang Luo said decisively, but he made the old master amused.

"Smelly doll can wear a high hat, but the old man has lived too long, and he has heard too much flattery. I want to impress. This is far from good."

The old man in the flower jacket tweeted, obviously he didn't take Tang Luo's words seriously.

(End of this chapter)

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