I Can See The Combat Prowess Chapter 1851

Chapter 1851: Four Hundred Twenty Nine

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Chapter 1851 Chapter 429: Changes

And Tang Luo didn't feel annoyed, because he knew how cruel this seemingly harmless old man sitting in front of him was.

Legend has it that a sect once annoyed him, but because the ancient sects had a good relationship with each other, he couldn't even find the trouble to help him. After reaching the other shore, he hit the door one by one.

Kunpeng hits the land, a hundred ghosts cry at night, a thousand luan faces the phoenix, dragons and beasts are like forests.

On that day, the world changed color, the earth collapsed, the ancient sect was razed to the ground, and the first battle cut the thousand-year-old age.

And the old man, who was almost unscathed, became the pinnacle of Royal Beast Sect's combat power for thousands of years.

After that, no one dared to call the old Master Longgu by the name.

How much experience and temptation such a character would have to go through in order to cultivate his peaceful state of mind.

Not to mention the distance, just talking about the mountains along the way, Tang Luo met an unknown number of Cao's disciples who wanted to find the ancestor's fairy trail.

Among them, there is definitely no lack of relatives, but this old man can hide his body without seeing any of them.

Such a person, trying to impress with a few beautiful words, is the real stupidity.

Obviously, the old master was reminding Tang Luo not to talk, but to persuade, but also to come up with something practical.

Therefore, Tang Luo, who was kind and kind, naturally took out a volume.

Above it is the wind-media genus of Wushuang City, which collects information from Yuju Zhai in each city of Longzhou.

"Over the past millennia, with the development of martial arts, Royal Beast Sect has involuntarily shown a decline."

Tang Luo said seriously: "The decline in sales of spirit beasts and fierce beasts is an obvious sign. Today's aristocracy no longer regards spirit beasts and fierce beasts as the basic foundation, but is willing to spend more resources to cultivate disciples.

The reason for this is not because the Royal Beast Sect's ability to tame beasts has deteriorated, but because the martial arts have improved.

The Dark Age was the most powerful era of monsters. At that time, monsters were not the opponents of human race. If you go back, the monsters are even less likely to be the mainstream of the era.

Although it will not be extinct, it may be difficult to maintain the top position. In fact, looking at the outside world, the practitioners of Yu Beast's line have gradually withered. Because the human cultivators who spend the same price to train, although the lifespan is not as good as the beast, but in terms of potential and flexibility, it is even better! "

In the presence of the old Master, he said that the practice philosophy of the Royal Beast Sect has been declining.

This matter absolutely requires a lot of courage.

Especially when the old man sank his face, even Tang Luo felt the pressure like a tsunami.

It's just that the truth is the truth, what he said is that the Royal Beast Sect himself should be more clear.

Otherwise, the other party will not set up locations on all continents and build post roads, just to increase their influence.

If it weren't for the exhaustion of one's own potential, no one would seek such an external method.

Just like Tang Luo said, you can still claim that the Royal Beast Sect is number one in the world.

But from the behavior of the Royal Beast Sect, it is not difficult to see that those who really make decisions are very anxious about the prospects of the Royal Beast Sect.

But for a behemoth like the Royal Beast Sect, its behavior is with incomparable inertia. In other words, it is not difficult for you to move some minor details, but it is almost impossible to reverse the entire cart. .

This is the fundamental reason why Yu Beast Zong is obviously anxious about his future, but he has not made any major changes.

"Beasts are inferior to humans. This matter has been confirmed for thousands of years. Why Cao Lie's evil way is supported by some members of the Royal Beast Sect? Because the Royal Beast Sect has already arrived, it is time to change it."

Under great pressure, Tang Luo talked freely: "How to change? How to change? The juniors don't know if the seniors have discovered that today's people are actually stronger and more talented than the ancients. Why do seniors think this is?"

The immediate question did not slow down the old Master's black face. The other party just looked at Tang Luo and didn't mean to answer at all.

Tang Luo, who failed the interaction, smiled bitterly, so he had to take out two more research records.

"This book is taken from the Lingxiao Sect. It is about the success records of more than 30 Beimang indigenous tribes under the Lingxiao Peak."

"This book is the fundamental genealogy of the Tang family. It records the records of all the disciples of the Tang family, practicing and becoming talents over the past thousand years."

Tang Luo photographed the two genealogies on the tree stump in front of the old master, and said earnestly: "If you look at the earliest records of one hundred years, the success rate of the Tang family and the Beimang natives at that time should be about the same. Three. Among the teenagers, probably one can complete the foundation building.

Among the 100 mortal practitioners, about two or three can survive to the mortal state.

Then, out of every three hundred Transcendence Realms, there is probably one, which can break through to the Fierce Realm.

Then, there is no more. Basically, in those years, when it came to the fierce state, it was the pinnacle of the life of the practitioners of the family or tribe, the limit of practice.

However, in the next 100 years, the situation has changed a little. The older generations can see that the Beiman tribe is still in the same situation, but the disciples of the aristocratic family have changed. One of the two children can complete the foundation.

The success rate is also getting higher. Ten mortal realms can have a breakthrough. The fierce realms are no longer rare, and the success rate is three times higher.

In a hundred years, this rate will be even higher. Among the disciples of the Tang family, almost 60 to 70% can complete the foundation building. After that, the success rate of the two realms is not as exaggerated as the previous one hundred years, but it is also increasing. . "

"The martial arts heirs, the heavens live up to it, the hard practice is continuous, and the talents come out in large numbers."

The old master said lightly: "This is Tang's blessing."

"The juniors have different opinions."

Tang Luo smiled and said: "If there are many talents in the latter two realms, it is because the Tang family martial arts heirs have made progress, but in the matter of building a foundation, everyone used the most earthy method. Is the disciple really better than Beimang? It is clear that hundreds of years ago, everyone's completion rate of foundation construction was the same, and even the death rate was the same. Why is there such a big difference every one hundred years?"

Listen and listen, the old master suddenly felt that it was against him.

He has lived for too long, and he doesn't know how many kings he has seen.

But all the kings who sat opposite him talked about my way.

There is one king of Nishiga, most of his attention is on his own path, and this guy is as strong as a hill even when sitting.

Obviously, the martial arts talent and the ability of vision are the highest in the world, and the topics that can be discussed have nothing to do with their own martial arts.

It is also wonderful to meet the holy lord of the highest holy place in the world and talk about the Beiman natives, the small family of Longzhou, and the children's foundation.

(End of this chapter)

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