I Can't Believe I Fell In Love With You Book 2 Chapter 291

Volume 2: S.e.x Addicted Boyfriend Belle And Micheal Chapter 291 I Want To Fck You Crazily Today

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Belle was turned around in his arms, their body pressed to each other tightly and only their heads and a fair part of their chest apart.

Belle wonder why he hugged her. Proposal was usually done with the man on their knees, but who knows.

Perhaps he wants to say a few things before proposing.

Michael was oblivious to her wish and anticipation and just stare at the love of his life, looking breathtaking as usual.

"You're so beautiful. I feel like f.u.c.k.i.n.g you right now and baby, tell your parents you're not coming home tonight because I'm f.u.c.k.i.n.g you all night.

Let them know before they leave, so that you wouldn't do it on the phone." He said, leaning to peck her lips and Belle felt disappointed.

It is s.e.x again. Not a god damn proposal but s.e.x.

He always want to sleep with her. If times permits, he's ready to screw her everyday and what's with time permit that she's mentioning?

They couldn't last a week without having s.e.x up to 4 to 5 times. That wasn't really different from everyday, yet it was like he was seeing her for the time each time they make love.

He acted crazy. He acted obsessed and f.u.c.k her with all his might, making her m.o.a.n like crazy and she wouldn't deny that she enjoyed it.

She even thought he would get tired of her and often initiated different styles she just learned online to not make it same routine all the time, yet he flowed with it, not ever has he shown any sign of being tired of her.

He is damn addicted to s.e.x and yeah! It's s.e.x talk again, when she was actually expecting a ring.

Despite the feeling of disappointment that washed over her, she still smiled sweetly at him, but couldn't help saying this..

"I will look beautiful in a wedding gown as well."

She put it as a joke, but Michael leaned and kissed her forehead. "Not even an angel would be able to compare." He said and Belle mentally gave up that hope.

She knew even if he planned it, definitely not today. All this dude want right now was s.e.x.

As usual, he want to screw her, leaving her sore all over and looking fulfilled like he saved and entire nation from terrorist.

That was the simple way to put that satisfaction that marred his expression after their love making.

He reached up the cap in his hand and placed it on Belle's head, pulling it to the front a little to shield her face from the sun, before pulling out a kerchief and began dabbing her perspiration.

Belle felt loved again and looked into his serious gaze like she mean the world to him. She knew she couldn't force this on him and just have to wait till he's ready.

"Your house or an hotel?" She asked.

"A hotel. I don't want to hear your excuse about not wishing to disturb the neighborhood, because I'm going to make you screamed like you've never did before.

Like seriously, I will f.u.c.k you so crazily today. Your pleading won't work this time, baby." He close in on her lips and the m.o.a.n that escaped from his naughty words got lost in his mouth.

It was a brief kiss and anticipation has built already. "Okay." She said as they parted lips.

He let go of her waist and told her he would be back in a few minutes. He had to join his friends.

Belle smiled as he winked at her. The sadness of not being proposed to, vanished.

Yes. He loves me. She told herself.

As long as we are together, nothing matters. She assured herself again and was pulled back from her trance when her friends surround her.

Obviously, they saw that a proposal didn't happen, but couldn't help but wondered if he invited her out tonight.

Perhaps, he wasn't planning to do it yet, but Belle has realized it wouldn't happen. Her answer to her friend make it seem like she was the one who doesn't want it yet and they feel like they are probing too much.

They had no idea how badly she wanted it. She pointed out to them that being financially stable is the next step now and marriage can come after.

They soon dropped the topic and resumed with their celebration on finishing their masters.

Each of them now had a valid qualifications to seek jobs according their their field and live their life.

They were all happy.

Micheal was also having a nice time with his friends. Only Frank was his best friend, but there are few whom they became casual buddy with, after they spend years in the campus.

As planned, the event came to an end.


They hadn't closed the door to the hotel room when Michael pinned her to the wall. He kissed her lips hungrily and she return it with the same amount of intensity.

His hand roughly squeezing her b.r.e.a.s.ts, making her m.o.a.n into his mouth.

She gasped as he suddenly slammed his palm to her p.u.s.s.y puff and began grinding it, his fingers roughly playing with her fold, leaving her screaming as he had the habit of looking at what his pleasuring was doing to her, before covering her lips with his mouth again.

He was like a beast as he pulled away his hand and held her waist, grinding his erected d.i.c.k to her entrance.

"Huhh." He m.o.a.ned as his hold on her tightned.

"Hmmmm." Belle m.o.a.ned and he captured her lips again, kissing her fiercely, while his hands began to pull apart her clothes in a rush, not stopping when her upper body and began to pull off her skirt.

Belle's hands find their ways down to his chest and helping him unbutton his shirt, not help but m.o.a.n as he was still savagely kissing her lips with so much intensity that always makes her near her climax before they even start anything.

He pulled back and Belle gasped for breath, while he pulled off his shirt in a hurry.

Belle let out her legs from the skirt and he was done at that same time. He reached for her panties and with one fierce pull, the sound of it being ripped could be heard.

Belle's heart skipped. She had no idea why his every crazy action turn her on, instead of her head wondering if it's necessary.

He went on his knees and Belle's half weight was supported to the wall, while he raised both her legs to his shoulders, his face now in between her thighs.

Belle's body shuddered.

He sniffed her like a cute doggo would sniff his bone before picking it up. His hand holding her but to further make her stay put.

He look up into her eyes and saw her chest heaving up and down.

Again, there's this soft smile of victory on his face. He appreciates the beauty that belongs to him.

He always want to pleasure her in a way that she wouldn't even see another man as anything.

In a way the she wouldn't wonder how the d.i.c.k of another man would feel like.

He always wanted her to feel like he's the only one that can take her to the highest level of pleasuring there is.

He always want to f.u.c.k her.

He was slow this time, letting out his tongue, showing it to her, before directing it to her clit.

He swayed it left and right, while continuing to sneak peak at her.

Her lips were pressed tightly and eyes shut, breath getting ragged and chest rising and falling.

He further licked her and soon she started letting out soft whimpering m.o.a.n and it turned her on more and more.

His shaft getting stronger, getting excited as always and ready to be used.

She M.o.a.ned intensely as he shifted from teasing and sucking her clit to using his tongue to f.u.c.k her.

He eat her continuously, leaving her begging to please go easy and like he said, her plea only make him intensify it, roaming his tongue all over and slurping on her fold.

It was euphoric.

She found herself reaching the highest peak of her climax.

Her body convulse and he could tell that she's about to come. He stopped just in time, having studying her giddiness to get f.u.c.k.i.e.d when she left hanging from coming, he stood and wanted her first c.u.m to be on him.

Letting both her thighs rested on each of his hand, his shaft penetrated her and it was pure bliss.

Exactly how he wanted it as her mouth were parted in l.u.s.t, eyes rolling and only the irises audible, head thrown behind and her body trying to move on his c.o.c.k if not for their position that only leave Michael the privilege of that pleasure.

He kissed her slender neck that was showcased in front of him, before he began to pound her hard.

Her b.r.e.a.s.t jingling and their flesh slapping each other.

She screamed in pleasure, praising his name and including how sweet it felt, giving him motivation to lose it on her and left her m.o.a.n turn into exclamations.

The night is still young and actually, they haven't started anything yet.

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