I Can't Believe I Fell In Love With You Book 2 Chapter 292

Volume 2: S.e.x Addicted Boyfriend Belle And Micheal Chapter 292 Intense

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As planned, Belle spent 2 weeks with her parents before moving, but that affects her from seeing Michael from time to time because he had to moved to his parents' place and spend time with them.

To put it simply, they insist that he look for work around their vicinity, so that they could visit him often and also, he could come and pay them a visit.

Meanwhile, their campus isn't far from his parents' place, which has given her the privilege to meet his parents and they really like her.

Coming back with Clara and Leo was not a small journey and she only get to meet him once in a week.

That once was due to him not able to calm down with her being far away. That was when he proposed the idea of her coming to rent an apartment at the state he based in.

Belle agreed.

That was because trying to look for work in this state wasn't different from working for her dad or his friends.

They practically own shares of so many good companies she could think of working in.

And to top it all, Clara also own a 50% share of another big company, which has been doing even better since the former CEO died.

And yeah! Sonya owns everything that used to belong to Gregory and that dude was even more rich than everyone.

No one knew where he gets the money from, but even Sonya was awed when she discovered everything.

Immediately she finished with school, they started contacting her as if they've been waiting.

It was so overwhelming. They all wanted to give her the best. They are ready to just make her sleep and wake up everyday without doing anything.

But she want something else.

She want a simple life. To experience how it feels to earn with hard work.

Surprisingly, when she raise the idea to her parents, they told her to do as she pleases.

She assumed they are tired of her, but Leo said he trust Michael won't let anything bad happened to her and she was so grateful.

The next two weeks Michael was not able to come because the company he submitted his CV and had gone for interview, called him to resume work the following day, which is very important.

Leo was glad over the news, so was Belle.

With one of Leo's men, Belle left the place. As usual, she couldn't talk them out from securing accommodation for her before she left.

They paid a year house rent in advance for her to feel at ease from that side and that's all.

Aside from the money they gave her, with the persuasion of 'just in case' they part with her.

Her siblings cried and her little big guy has been feeling sick since they informed him.

Mia has grown and understand the situation, while the the new born that has grown with time, joined them in the cry for her departure.

Mick and everyone else was totally against it, calling Leo crazy to accept such. They believe either by hook or crook, he should have made her stay.

Leo just told them he can't impose on her. It's not as if she broke contact.

What if he refused her and the girl run away. Is that what they wanted?

They calmed after and listen to reasoning.

Just like that, Belle left.


Michael was at his new working place, but felt restless.

He has received a call that Belle has arrived. He hasn't seen her in three weeks and knowing he's in the same country as him made him unsettled.

He felt like seeing her right now. It was now that he realized how crazy he was about her.

His d.i.c.k kept getting strong and they assumed he's suffering from a disease with the way he was sweating and excusing him to the toilet, returning with his hair dripping wet, as he had splashed water on himself to stay calm.

How much he want to f.u.c.k her right now, word couldn't explain it.

He plug his earphones to his ears and began working on his laptop, getting the day job done as fast as he could.

The job wasn't only paying well, he was given a car immediately he started his first day.

Not only was he intelligent, he has a good leading skill which was detected from the interview they had with him.

They found him as jackpot that they didn't want to escape their clutch.

In short, he managed to secure a good job and the next step now was to work hard and earn.

Earn a lot and give his woman a good life.

He got lots of admirers at his working place, because he didn't give them the opportunity to wonder what they saw in him before awarding him the position most of them are hoping to get a promotion through their hard work and work at, he demonstrate his capabilities and they all respected his talent.

Immediately closing hour came, he dashed out of the building towards the garage, entered his car and left.


Belle was also eager to see him.

She was now in the house Leo rented for her. Against her wish, everything was furnished beautifully.

The fridge was filled with groceries and just anything she could possibly think of purchasing has been bought.

Her wardrobe filled with beautiful clothes. Shoes and many accessories in case she wanted to visit event and wouldn't ended up being looked down upon.

They did a lot and for once, Belle felt that leaving them was like betrayal. For once, she imagined how they will feel, yet they still did all this.

Mom and dad, I love you guys so much. She muttered to herself, a drop of tears escaping her eyes before she doze off.

It was around 4:30pm when the door to her house was knocked.

She sprung up in excitement. It could only be one person and immediately she opened the door, a familiar scent wafted her nose as his manly body crashed on her.

He held her tightly like his life depend on it.

With one hand, he slammed the door shut and began touching her all over, roughly pulling her body to his own as if he wanted her to melt inside him.

Belle felt her body getting aroused and m.o.a.ned. She didn't have the time to wonder if his rod had been strong from his way here, before he started grinding her with it. It was damn strong like she was being poke with a iron rod.

She felt them moving backwards. He hasn't kissed her or utter any word. He just kept hugging her like he was compelled to and holding her ass firmly, while grinding continuously.

The next thing that happened after he pulled back was being pushed and she landed on the soft couch.

She felt happy to see him again.

He began loosing the belt of his trouser in a quick motion, bringing out his thick rod and tower above her, plunging it into her mouth.

"Suck it." He commanded and she opened her mouth, letting his rod fill her mouth, she began moving her mouth back and forth on his rod.

"Ahhhhhh yessss!" He m.o.a.ned, pulling off her hands from his rod and getting hold of her head, he began to f.u.c.k her mouth by himself and m.o.a.ned in ecstasy, ordering her to remove her panties by herself.

She did as she was told and look up when he ordered her to. She knew he loved looking at her eyes during moment like this.

He kept up with it till he was near his climax and and pulled back.

"I want to c.u.m on your face." He was already splashing her with his c.u.m while saying this, Belle's chest kept heaving up and down.

Having satisfied with seeing her entire face dripping with his c.u.m, he moved back, not wasting time and stick his shaft inside her fold, making her m.o.a.ned in pleasure.

He raised her legs to his chest to make her fold tightened around his c.o.c.k and that was when he started moving back and forth.

"Easy.. Aaahhhhh!" Belle screamed, but he only jerked into her further, filling her up and still kept looking at her face.

Seeing her about to wipe a few of his c.u.m away, he let her leg slides aside and leaned forward, still f.u.c.k.i.n.g her silly, her body jerking up and his own following.

He pinned her hands down, closing in on her lips and their love making goes on for a long while as he just refused to let it out, his body unsettled like he was on drugs and just want to kept being inside her like this.

"Michael, it's enough. Ahhhhhhh." Belle m.o.a.ned and pleaded with her eyes nearly rolling to the other side, before he slowed his movement and panted hard.

"F.u.c.k! I missed you. I'm going crazy Belle." He said, hugging her so tightly again, like his lifeline depends on it.

"I miss you too." She said and hugged him back.

Both happy to finally be together again. No more long distance. They can f.u.c.k each other as much as they want from now.

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