I Can't Believe I Fell In Love With You Book 2 Chapter 293

Volume 2: S.e.x Addicted Boyfriend Belle And Micheal Chapter 293 Nothing But A S.e.x Machine

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"I f.u.c.k.i.n.g miss you." He groaned, still hugging her tightly.

"I missed you too." Belle replied again, running her fingers through his hair.

He breathe heavily, before letting himself out of her and pulled her up to rest against his chest.

"Belle, don't you feel like this has turned to obsession?" He asked in a shaky tone.

He doesn't understand himself. When he crave her body, he believe he will slam his head against a wall if she made the demand.

He knew why he was doing all this but based on how she plead with him that it's enough earlier, he wanted to know how she felt about it.

Perhaps he's making her feel uncomfortable and she's just putting up with him?

He was scared. This love, it's crazy.

"Obsession? What should I term myself then?" She asked, lifting herself and sitting on his thigh, facing him.

He looked down at his c.o.c.k that still stood strong and began to use it to play with her clit.

"Hmm" She m.o.a.ned.

Michael shut his eyes and open it again.

"What term should I use on myself when I enjoy being f.u.c.k.i.e.d by this thick rod so much?" She position it at her fold and descend on it, letting her fold swallow it up.

His hand held onto her waist and he couldn't help but let out a long sigh with his lips parted. "It feels so good inside you. So sweet." He said in a muffled tone.

Belle also m.o.a.ned, as she reached her hands to his shoulders to to support herself.

"Tell me what to call myself when I want to always ride you like a horse and enjoy every bit of how you handle me." She said in a tone that makes him groaned and she began moving up and down his shaft, while his hands aid her waist to hastened the motion.

Both m.o.a.ned, praising how good it felt and the question was buried just like that.


Hand in hand, both walked around town, laughing and displaying affection and somehow, each weird atmosphere made Belle assumed he's about to propose to her, but it still didn't happen.

He never said anything close.

He was showing her around town after they've screwed each other all through the night.

Waking up and resuming till he looked like he has taken his dose and was able to concentrate at work, but immediately he returned, he came to her and they are currently roaming town.

She's getting familiar with the vicinity, while they talked.

She mentioned a few companies she has mapped out and would be sending her CV for employment.

He also recommend those that had reached out to him after the current company has acted fast.

Belle feel so proud of him.

Seeing him leaving in his car that morning, word couldn't explain how happy she felt that her man was slowly making it in life.

Now, her goal was meeting up to his standard and perhaps she could raise the marriage talk herself without it seeming like she wanted to rely on his current achievement.

She wanted to achieve something as well.

They just look so good together. They are attracting attention as they walk. People wonder who these beautiful couples are.

Belle just kept smiling beside him, feeling fulfilled, while his gaze on her was like she was the most important in the world.

That night, they go out. He took her to shop for clothes and buy some many things for her, ignoring her nagging that he's spending too much.

After changing to one of the outfits, they left to the restaurant he reserved for them. Belle felt overwhelmed sitting in the front seat of the car with him.

Enjoying one of his achievement with him.

She imagine their kids sitting at the back seat, a complete family.

He would occasionally hold her hand.

And of course, immediately they got to the restaurant, her exceptional beauty attracted attention. Some nearly say hi to her, even though she was with another man.

Belle just kept chuckling with the way he look weary and holding her so tightly, making sure no one even bumped on them.

The first thing he did after they got to the room he booked was pinning her to the couch and lifted her gown, unstrapping his belt and make love to her.

Their m.o.a.n made the waiter paused by the doorstep. He kept repeating how they are not getting the fact that she's taken.

He only calmed after he came and they shared a hungry kiss, before they adjusted their clothes and called to be served.

"You don't want your woman to be appreciated?" Belle couldn't help but asked.

She has came to realize his urge to f.u.c.k her whenever someone was looking at her or try to approach her.

"No." He replied flatly, raising his fork to feed her beef.

"Why did you choose a beautiful one then? You should have chosen someone no one would be interested in looking at." She said and he shrugged.

"How shameless. Your c.u.m has stained my clothes." She said.

"Better. They would notice that when we're leaving." He said and Belle shook her head at him, opening her mouth as he feed her again.

He used his thumb to wiped the corner of her mouth and lifted himself to kiss her lips.

"You look heavenly and taste delicious." He said and she blushed on the one that still remained from their love making.

All this, made her feel like he loved her so much.

She felt that marriage union isn't far, but that didn't happen.

They shared kiss, hold hands, go to countless dates. He treated her like a queen.

She's the first person he spend on whenever he got his salary. He never cheated on her and yes, they make love all the time they meet with each other.

No place is exempted.

Anywhere that's secluded enough for his c.o.c.k to slip into her without someone seeing it, he will do it.

They've screwed so much that she couldn't help but wonder why he isn't tired of her yet.

She has started to feel insecure.

Months has passed and Belle hasn't been able to secure a job. She results to doing freelance job to feed herself, refusing to let him give her money for feeding.

She wanted to meet his standard, not lower herself.

He did not raise this marriage issues.

It's crazy, but 8 months has passed. She felt like she was cursed.

The companies has no issues with her qualifications, but they have taken someone else instead.

It was starting to worry her. She has even started to spend from the money Leo gave her with the term, 'just in case'.

She was glad she took it.

Belle started wondering if those ladies at his working place wouldn't have started attracting him, because obviously they must be pretty ones among and Michael is a very hot guy.

The type girls will call hot cake.

What if he doesn't find any value in her anymore?

They've made love so many times and Belle wondered why he isn't tired.

Perhaps he was just a few days, weeks, or months away from being snatch from him.

She started talking less when he's around and he couldn't help but ask if everything is fine.

She started getting emotional and constantly asking him if he love her, asking if he wouldn't leave her.

Michael love his woman and nothing would change that. He makes promises and she felt at ease, but that only last a few days before the insecurity settled in again.

She has even started wondering if she should run back to her parents and accept their help to get a job and come back to claim her man.

She felt that someone will steal him away. She was beginning to get lost in thought, zoning out in a public place and only return to her sense when someone tapped her.

When she stood in front of a mirror, she look for places that might have turned unattractive, so that she could maintain the things that still make Michael stayed, but found nothing.

She was so beautiful with a stunning shape.

She felt restless.

She had no idea what prompted her to decide to visit his working place on faithful evening.

It was 4:15pm when she was done with one of her freelance job and the place she went to deliver the doc.u.ment is just 10 minutes ride to his work place, so she decided to stop by.

She was in a good mood, especially having the money from the job with her.

And she has submitted her CV to another company, hoping to get accepted soon.

She stopped in her track when she saw him talking to a woman. The lady was smiling shyly and as if demonstrating, she constantly tucked her hair behind her ear and making cute faces.

Brian looked happy and excited, talking with the beautiful woman in brown suit and stunning blonde hair that was tied in a bun.

She look so elegant. The type that fits the man Michael has turned to and still reaching up to become.

She look at herself with tears dripping from her eyes. All she was to him is nothing but a s.e.x machine.

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