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  • I Dont Dislike Him For Being Ugly And Poor

  • Genres : Romance -  Comedy -  Beautiful Female Lead -  Modern Day -  Josei -  Older Love Interests
  • Status : Completed
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I Dont Dislike Him For Being Ugly And Poor summary:

Jin Shushu felt that she was not an ordinary person since she was young. When she grows up, she will definitely be able to carry forward her magic career, reach the pinnacle of her life, and marry a rich and handsome man!Dreams collided with reality, her house was demolished, her magic team was disbanded, only fifty yuan was left on her, and… she was born with face blindness.Fortunately, she also has an inseparable assistant who accompanies her to eat steamed buns and drink cold water to reach for her dreams. She decided that although he was poor and ugly, she was blind and poor she didn’t care about it.The winner of life who was born with a golden spoon and didn’t understand the sufferings of the world just got out of the car and was caught by a woman. The woman sighed and said, “Well, you will get a salary increase of two hundred. Don’t be discouraged. We will definitely be able to get through this ”- Description from Novelupdates

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I Dont Dislike Him For Being Ugly And Poor Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 86: End Twoone minute ago
Chapter 85: End 1one minute ago
Chapter 84: Go Awayone minute ago
Chapter 69: Find2 minutes ago
Chapter 58: Escape2 minutes ago
Chapter 51: Spy2 minutes ago
Chapter 21: Danger2 minutes ago
Chapter 16: Fear2 minutes ago
Chapter 14: Show2 minutes ago
Chapter 13: Got It2 minutes ago
Chapter 1: Suitors2 minutes ago
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