I Dont Dislike Him For Being Ugly And Poor Chapter 86

Chapter 86: End Two

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Is the world true or false?

Zhao Jin doesn't care. For him, in the world without Jin Shushu, everything is chaotic, unclear and vague.

Until Jin Shushu appeared in front of him.

With her appearance, the wind began to be wind, the sky began to appear color, and the flowers and trees began to have a sense of existence.

Zhao Jin didn't even have time to ask Jin Shushu's original identity to be useless, what kind of identity he is now, so he hugged her directly.

With this action, the spotlight flashed continuously, and the crowd boiled.

Jin Shushu dragged Zhao Jin into it.

The two of them crossed the corridor with many people and went directly to the empty lounge inside.


Before Jin Shu finished speaking, he was hugged: "I have been looking for you for a long time."

In his firm embrace, Jin Shushu touched his back soothingly: "Isn't this here? It won't be anymore. I have isolated our world, and they will never find our world again."

Therefore, it was not until the fourth day that Zhao Jin knew the identity of Jin Shushu

Still the magician without a father or mother.

And the outside world wants to know how the two people are together on the red carpet and become detectives.

Jin Shushu is lazy, and Zhao Jin's identity is basically directly used his previous identity.

Therefore, no matter how you check, they both have no intersection.

The outside world is puzzled about the relationship between the two people, and Zhao Jin has the same doubts.

Zhao Jin handed the milk to Jin Shushu who was watching a movie on the sofa, and then sat next to her.

Jin Shushu drank the milk, leaned on Zhao Jin, and continued to watch the movie.

The biggest contact between two people during this time is hugs, and there is no further.

Zhao Jin felt a little uneasy. He didn't know whether it was because of Jin Shushu's character. When the two were together, Jin Shushu was too calm, but love and calmness didn't seem to match.

"What's the matter? Are you not feeling well?" Jin Shushu looked back and saw Zhao Jin frowning, with a bitter and hatred expression on his face.

Zhao Jin shook his head with a trace of anxiety in his eyes: "I'm fine."

When Zhao Jin was speaking, her chin rested on her shoulders, the faces of the two people were very close, and the sweetheart was in front of her. Zhao Jin felt her body heat up and her heartbeat accelerated.

The person who caused him to change like this is still watching the movie leisurely, as if he was wearing a love shield.

When she went to bed at night, Jin Shushu said goodnight, and then went back to her own room.

Looking at Jin Shushu's appearance, Zhao Jin felt that it was not quite right. It is definitely not the case for couples to get along. Is this the old couple or the shared rent mode now?

He found a friend the next day and asked about the situation.

In the evening, Zhao Jin took a shower and poked her head out of her bedroom. Jin Shushu was watching other magician performance videos leisurely. It was obvious that she herself had the ability to create the world, but she was still interested in magic.

"Shu Shu, I accidentally poured water on the bed just now, and I slept on the sofa tonight."

Jin Shushu turned her head and waved her hand, a small aperture slid across her fingers: "It's okay, I'll do it for you."

Zhao Jin turned his head, the two-meter-wide bed was dry and tidy, and the traces left by the glass of water that were finally poured on were nowhere to be seen.

How could he forget who his girlfriend is.

Zhao Jin did not give up, dried her hair, and sat next to Jin Shushu: "I haven't asked your plan for the future."

Jin Shushu thought for a while, and replied, "Being magical, making money, and living peacefully, how about you?"

Even if Jin Shushu didn't show it, Zhao Jin still saw her carelessness. She didn't have any plans or expectations for the future.

In the past, either on the way to escape or on the way to be hunted, there was no chance to discover this.

Zhao Jin's restless heart has nowhere to rest.

He looked at Jin Shushu, Jin Shushu's eyes were looking at the flowers in the garden, his heart was turbulent, and he didn't know why he couldn't feel her inner world.

The two had dinner together, and walked in the garden after the meal. Zhao Jin kissed Jin Shushu in the night breeze with the smell of roses under the sky full of stars.

Jin Shushu was taken aback for a moment, and then smiled. That appearance was an imitated gesture.

The hotness on Zhao Jin's ears, neck, and chest slowly receded.

Yes, a person who can create a world and a person who can completely balance the world, how can her own feelings still exist?

The moment Jin Shu came back, he thought the world was alive, and he thought, as long as she came back, it didn't matter.

But now, he is standing in the rose garden that represents love, but he wants more.

Zhao Jin stretched out her hand and touched Jin Shushu's head: "Do you want to fall in love with me?"

The eyes of the two people met in the air, and Jin Shushu was still so calm. Even if she tried to hide it.

But, in front of a person who really has love, what is that little cover-up?

"miss you."

Zhao Jin stared at his lover like this: "I take it seriously."

Zhao Jin did not come back the next day. Jin Shushu was at home alone, and a nanny gave her warm milk. After Jin Shushu drank the milk, she realized that there was no one to rely on.

Jin Shushu was stunned for a moment, she had seen too thoroughly the rules of the world, which made everything meaningless to her.

Everything is no longer attractive once you have seen the essence.

It's like a movie, you know what will happen to him next second, you know what its process is, and you know what its ending is, then it will be boring in front of you.

Jin Shushu also knew that this was the sequelae of creating a world. She could not save herself, but could only satisfy Zhao Jin's wish as much as possible.

When Zhao Jin came back, he saw Jin Shushu sitting on the sofa and watching a movie.

It's watching a movie again.

Jin Shushu really likes watching movies.

"Why do you like watching movies so much?"

"Because the movie was not created by me, I don't know its next development."

Zhao Jin was stunned. He has been studying how to arouse Jin Shushus enthusiasm for the world for the past two days. He has realized that it is precisely because Jin Shushu has created this world and is too familiar with this world that she has become acquainted with everything. Not interested, including him.

And now, he seems to have found a solution.

The next day, early in the morning, Jin Shushu woke up and opened his eyes to realize that something was wrong.

In the past, when she woke up, her consciousness was connected to the whole world, everything was in her mind, and she could perceive every trajectory of life.

But now, all this is gone, there is nothing in her mind except herself.

At this moment, she was lying on a small bed. The small room was filled with all kinds of daily necessities. It was overcrowded. Someone outside called her--

"Jin Shushu? Are you still awake? You got up to move bricks."

Jin Shushu got up, she had realized that she was no longer in the world she had created.

Thatthis world.

With the help of his fellow workers, Jin Shushu realized that he was an ordinary employee on the construction site, and he had to move bricks later, and was taken to the construction site after a breakfast.

Everything is very novel.

She didn't know if there would be a traffic jam in the next second, or how the wildflowers and grasses on the road were programmed.

I don't know what stories the people around her have, what happened to them before, what will happen in the future, she is like the most ordinary people, knowing nothing about the future.

This kind of experience made Jin Shushu curious about everything.

The most curious thing is--

Where did Zhao Jin go?

Since this world was not created by her, the only possibility is Zhao Jin.

Jin Shushu smiled on her face--

Zhao Jin is great. The world he created gave him tens of billions of net worth, and the world created by Zhao Jin had to move his own bricks.

Immediately afterwards, Jin Shushu saw Zhao Jin who was also moving bricks.

Okay, mentally balanced.

Zhao Jin beckoned to her and smiled brightly: "Come here and move the bricks!"

Jin Shushu was happy, and complained about him: "When I created the world, I made it for your president. When you created the world, let me move bricks?"

"It's the first time to create a small world. I haven't mastered the intensity well. Don't worry. It's easy to find a new job according to our abilities.

Jin Shushu believed it.

That night, Jin Shushu accepted Zhao Jin who had no house to live in.

The reason is: "I gave you a house when I created the small world, but I didn't own it. If you don't care about me, I will have to go to sleep in the park."

Jin Shushu: "...You have won, come in."

Soon, Jin Shushu regretted it.

Its not the first time that two people have lived together, but the problem is that the last time two people lived together, Jin Shushus consciousness pretended to be the whole world. Zhao Jin only took up a little, which can be described as a drop in the ocean. How could she realize Zhao Jins tall figure at that time? Where can I find that he is exuding hormones all over?

And now, Zhao Jin's breath almost filled the entire room, as well as her entire heart.

Once there was the whole world in her mind, she didn't feel the least crowded, or the heart swelled.

And now, there is only one Zhao Jin left, and her nerve endings are aching slightly because of this person.

Jin Shushu has no love experience. Even if she knows all the rules of love and the physical and psychological reactions of people in love, she still can't control her heart.

Jin Shushu was lying under the quilt, his eyes were hot, his ears were hot, watching the man's back secretly, his heart was about to explode.

It feels dangerous and wonderful.

It turned out that Zhao Jin used to look at her like this every day.

At that time she understood the theory, but until this moment, she really understood the way Zhao Jin looked at her.

Jin Shushu called Zhao Jin's name, and when he turned his head, he kissed him on tiptoe.

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