I Fix The System Law Chapter 851

Chapter 841: Beast Prison Level 4

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Beast ghost pointed a direction.

Leng Seventeen was not in a hurry. The opponent like the Beast Prison was obviously guarded by strong men, and there were definitely a lot of formations, so it wouldn't work to rush in.

If the former Sect Master of the Blood Beast Sect next to him didn't use it, he would be a violent thing.

He asked, "Tell me about the specific situation of the Beast Hell, if there is a way to enter it smoothly, the best way."

The spirit sense of the beast ghost is not very high. He was a little stumbling when he said, "Master, there is always a guardian of the Heavenly Origin Realm in the beast prison, and there are many restrictions on the formation. In the past, the slave could go in quietly without being noticed. Those forbidden leaks may have been repaired for a long time."

This beast actually has a way to get in!

Leng Shiqi later specially investigated Zhuo Zhou's life. He was secretly getting some monsters to experiment. At the beginning, the source of those monsters was probably the beast prison.

The suzerain is really unambiguous when he digs the corner of his own house.

With the "internal response" of beasts and ghosts, one person and one ghost travel freely in the blood beast sect, as if entering the realm of no one. Some heavy grounds have formations, but the beasts and ghosts can often break them into a small hole without a sound, so they know that they have not been noticed after entering the beast prison.

Beast Prison is built under the blood beast sect and has three floors.

The first layer is the largest, all of which are low-level monsters. The second layer is mainly for the imprisonment of Tier 4 and Tier 5 monsters. As for the third layer, it is specially prepared for Tier 6 monsters.

Leng Shiqi and the beast ghost touched the first floor. The strange thing was that it was not as noisy as he imagined, but rather quiet, and occasionally a few beasts roared.

Beast ghost explained: "These monster beasts have been put on the beast ring, stripped of all their demon power, and there are not many ordinary beasts. The prohibition in the beast ring will be triggered every once in a while, allowing the beast to live. It's better to die, so they are usually honest."

Leng Shiqi glanced at it, and there were tens of thousands of monsters in the first layer of beast prison!

Although it was only a low-level monster, it would be enough for the Blood Beast Sect to be busy if all of them ran out to make a mess.

"How to destroy the formation of the beast **** and those beast rings?"

The beast ghost paused and said, "The minion has a magic decision to remove the beast ring, but it is not easy to destroy the formation. This beast **** is the root of the blood beast sect. The core of the formation is only known to the sect masters of the past. Ah. Situ Huanxu must have changed the position of the front line, if he can't find the front line, he can only attack.

The formation to break through the beast prison forcibly requires at least a few strong people at the peak of the Heavenly Origin Realm, but in that case, most of the monsters inside will be killed and injured. "

Leng Shiqi is not very surprised, the beast prison is indeed not something that can be destroyed by destruction.

"Take me to the next two floors first." He wanted to know how many monsters there were, especially Tier 6 monsters!

Those Tier 6 monsters are what Leng Seventeen really fancy, for one can take revenge on the Blood Beast Sect, and secondly, they can also take advantage of this opportunity to take in several Tier 6 monsters.

unimpeded all the way, smoothly reached the third floor of the beast prison.

Leng Shiqi gave a glance, unexpectedly this place was empty!

He suddenly felt something was wrong, it was not difficult to catch a few Tier 6 monsters with the power of the Blood Beast Sect, how could there not even be one for the third time.

Or it happened that all the monsters here had been taken for blood refining. If this were the case, Leng Shiqi could only admit that he was out of luck.

He asked the beast ghost, "Was the third floor of the beast **** empty like this before?"

"This situation has never happened before. In any case, the Beast Hell will ensure the existence of monsters."

Leng Shishi thinks too, this place is too important for the blood beast sect. If he is in charge of the blood beast sect, he will not leave the beast prison empty, at least one or two will be left as a spare.

Now that this situation has occurred, it means that something major has happened inside the Blood Beast Sect!

Beast ghost wandered around, suddenly raised his finger to a place, "Master, there seems to be an entrance there."

There is an entrance?

The beast **** is hardly possible there is a fourth floor!

It has been a long time since the beast ghost left the blood beast sect, and some changes in the beast prison were also reasonable. Leng Shiqi walked to the place where the beast ghost pointed but found nothing.

"This is a newly-emerging restriction. The minion doesn't know how to go through it. Once there is a turmoil, he will be spotted by the man in the beast prison."

Leng Shiqi didn't understand the formation, but he had his own way.

Immediately afterwards, he planned to enter the underworld to communicate with Ou Tzuyu.

"You still went." Ou Ziyu said naturally that Leng Shiqi went to the Northern Wei Dynasty.

Leng Shiqi did not care too much about the so-called secret, he said: "If you come, you will be at ease. There is just something for you to help."

"If I helped you, maybe it was the cause of your death, are you sure?" Ou Ziyu said mysteriously.

Leng Shiqi paused, could it be that he had already arranged for his infiltration into the Blood Beast Sect today?

"I'm just guessing. It's also possible that I didn't help you. Who can tell it clearly. If you really let me help, just go as you go." Ou Ziyu's words became more clever.

Cold Seventeen didn't say much, he took Ou Tzuyu directly to the beast prison, "Try to find the entrance to the next level for me. It would be great if I can find the formation eye here."

When he attacked the Thousand Illusion Sword Sect, Ou Tzuyu easily calculated the position of the front line except for the protection of Zong Zong, so Leng Shiqi had planned to let Ou Tzuyu help from the beginning.

Ou Tzuyu nodded slightly, and his eyes suddenly turned pale, as if there was no vitality in his eyes, he walked slowly on the third floor like a walking corpse.

Leng Shiqi used the power of the earth to help him cover his breath.

In the next moment, he stopped in a corner and said, "Strange, I found the weak part of the entrance to the next floor, so I can try to take you to the next floor. I will also take the position of the front eye. I found it, but the feeling that the eyes gave me was actually alive!"

One moment, but alive? !

This kind of thing hasn't even heard of Leng Shiqi.

"Do you want to go down?" Ou Tzuyu asked, looking at Leng Shiqi deeply.

Leng Shiqi did not hesitate at all, "Go."

"Never mind." Ou Tzuyu then made his debut. The air in front of him twisted for a while, and a narrow portal appeared.

Leng Shiqi's figure moved in, and Ou Tzuyu paused and followed.

However, the fourth floor of this beast **** surprised them!

Some of this is actually a huge scarlet altar. Leng Shiqi is very familiar with this. It is almost the same as the altar laid by the beasts in the demon mountain range!

In the altar, there is a chain of dense runes that binds a huge beast as large as hundreds of feet!

After Leng Shiqi and Ou Tzuyu arrived, the giant beast suddenly opened the scarlet blood eyes and roared with hatred, "It's you!"


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