I Fix The System Law Chapter 852

Chapter 842: Beast

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However, the target of the strange beast's roar was not Leng Shiqi, nor Ou Tzuyu, but the beast ghost!

At this time, Leng Shiqi remembered that at the last moment when Zhuo Zhou fought against each other, a part of the phantom of strange beasts appeared. Looking at it now, it seems to be the strange beast in front of you!

He glanced at the beast ghost, but he saw that the beast ghost had a slight error in his expression.

Beast ghost is already a ray of soul, and being transformed into a ghost slave by Leng Shiqi only retains his own memories during his lifetime, in fact, there is no real sense of autonomy.

In other words, he shouldn't have any expressions at all!

At this moment, Leng Shiqi clearly felt that the soul fluctuations of the beast ghost had a huge ups and downs. There must have been some intersection between the alien beast and the beast ghost, and it was still an unpleasant one.

Leng Shiqi raised his head and looked at the strange beast. Since the other party just used his mind just now, it means that he didn't want to alarm the guards of the beast prison either. The strange beast is blocked by countless chains and can't feel too strong aura, but it can be suppressed by the blood beast sect on the fourth floor of the beast hell, and so many restrictions are placed, this strange beast is absolutely strong!

Especially Leng Shiqi saw several fresh monster beast corpses under the alien beast. Judging from the breath, they were all the corpses of a Tier 6 monster beast!

It turned out that the sixth-order monsters on the third floor of the beast prison were sent to the fourth floor, as rations for the strange beast in front of you!

Leng Shiqi could not help wondering, what is this strange beast?

"Do you seem to hate him?" Leng Shiqi transmitted voice.

The eyes of the alien beast almost burst into flames, "Zhuo Zhou! You stole my power source and dare to come back!"

At the same time, Leng Shiqi calmed down the mood of the beast and ghost, and asked: "What is it, and what does it have to do with you?"

Beast ghost came over and explained: "Master, it is called Beast Sovereign in the Blood Beast Sect. It is both the patron saint of the Blood Beast Sect and the source of power. The Blood Beast Sect is based on the sacrifice of blood beasts, but the more advanced it is The monsters of the sect become rarer. After years of capture, the number of high-level monsters in the Far North Wasteland has also become less and less. As for those seventh-order monsters have their own power, even the blood beast sect does not dare to go deep into the extreme. Go to the Northern Wasteland to capture the seventh-order big monster.

When someone in the sect broke through the Tianyuan realm, but there was no seventh-order big demon around him, the combat power in the same tier was very mediocre. In order to solve this problem, the senior blood beast sects of the past are thinking of ways, and finally they all set their sights on the body of the beast.

They have researched out various methods to get power from the beastmaster, thus cultivating high-level monsters. However, after many years, the power of the Beast Venerable is slowly weakening, and if it continues like this endlessly, the Beast Venerable will die sooner or later.

The high-ranking sect of had no choice but to completely seal the Beast Venerable, just as the last hole card. Later, the slave became the suzerain and created a secret method that, if successful, would allow the Tier 6 monster to avoid the catastrophe and advance to the Tier 7 great monster by opportunism. Although they don't have demon souls, they are not real big demon, but their strength is not bad, and they can completely solve the most troublesome problem of the blood beast sect.

It is a pity that researching this secret method requires a large number of high-level monsters. Zongmen disagrees with this approach, so they can only steal some monsters secretly. As the secret method became more and more perfect, the average monster beast could no longer be satisfied, and had to think of using the power of the beast. "

Speaking of this, Leng Shiqi understood that the behavior of emotional beasts and ghosts during his lifetime was actually for the consideration of the sect. Unfortunately, his power as the suzerain was not large enough.

I have to say that this suzerain is really aggrieved.

Beast Ghost continued, "In the end, the minion simply laid down the altar and directly absorbed a part of the power of the Beast Venerable, in one fell swoop to break through the peak of the Heavenly Origin Realm, and gradually perfected his secret method.

However, everything was exposed at that time, and the whole sect was furious, and later became a traitor to the Blood Beast Sect. "

What happened in the future Leng Shiqi also knew, Zhuo Zhou was rescued by the people of the Northern Wei Dynasty, and then joined the worship hall as the first one.

Judging from the matter of the demon mountain range, the secret method of the beast and ghost is indeed successful, and the mixed demon black mink and the Xingyue Tianyinghu are the finished products. But the Beast Ghost's approach also touched the blood beast sect's bottom line, thinking that he was stealing the power source of the Beast Venerable for his own benefit, causing the power of the Beast Venerable to be greatly damaged. That was the foundation of the Blood Beast Sect.

If the secret method of the beast and ghost had been perfected at that time, it might still make sense, but unfortunately not yet, he could only be surrounded by his own people and fled.

It was obviously a series of actions that a generation of suzerain made for the consideration of the sect, but in the end it became a traitor to the blood beast sect, which is really ironic.

No wonder the strange beast would react so much when he saw the beast ghost again.

At the same time, Leng Shiqi also thought that since the beast ghost has mastered that kind of secret technique, he still has Luhou's rank 6 monster beasts, it is not enough to advance to the seventh rank through the secret technique!

If he can really succeed, then he will have the power of four more seventh-order monsters!

Of course, these are all things to say, the most important thing at the moment is to get this strange beast.

It was turned into a Beast Venerable by the people of the Blood Beast Sect, then its treatment should not be locked in the fourth floor of the Beast Prison, let alone so miserable!

After Zhuo Zhou left the blood beast sect, some people in the blood beast sect might want to imitate Zhou Zhuo to steal the power of the beast.

This huge scarlet altar is the evidence!

Leng Shiqi said: "The Zhuo Zhou you hate is dead. What you see now is just a ray of his soul. You should hate more than Zhuo Zhou."

Beast Venerable's gaze turned to Leng Shiqi, and he suddenly felt the pressure of a monster that seemed to come from ancient times. If it is a general harmony between heaven and man, I am afraid that it will be directly injured!

However, this pressure on Leng Shiqi's body was like a mud cow into the sea, and it didn't hurt him at all.

Beast Zun lowered his head and solemnly said: "Who are you?"

Strength is so important everywhere, it is precisely because of Leng Shiqi's strong strength that he is qualified to talk to the Beast Venerable, otherwise I am afraid that I will become the ration of the Beast Venerable.

"It doesn't matter who I am, the point is that I am the enemy of the Blood Beast Sect!"

Leng Shiqi did not know why the Beast Venerable was willing to be enslaved by the Blood Beast Sect for thousands of years, but he knew very well that the Beast Venerable must hate the Blood Beast Sect very much!

If this Beast Venerable can be released, it will definitely be a blow to the Blood Beast Sect!

Beastmaster suddenly emitted a wave of power fluctuations, but immediately took it back, it was a little cautious and said: "What do you want to do?"

Leng Shiqi shrugged, "Nothing, I just want to take revenge on the Blood Beast Sect."

"It's up to you?" The Beast Lord was a little disdainful. Even if Leng Shiqi's strength is not weak, he still wants to fight the Blood Beast Sect with his own strength.

Leng Shiqi was about to speak, but Ou Tzuyu suddenly passed over, "It is the eye of the beast prison."


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