I Fix The System Law Chapter 853

Chapter 843: Acknowledgment Scene

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Beastmaster is the eye of the beast hell!

Leng Shiqi and Ou Tzuyu both thought it was strange before, how can a battle be alive?

It turns out that the blood beast sect has directly made the beastmaster the eye of the beast hell!

"No!" Leng Shiqi thought that it was not that simple.

The Beast Sovereign and the Beast Prison are both extremely important things in the Blood Beast Sect. The Beast Sovereign is sealed in the fourth layer of the Beast Prison. Since it is to be sealed, how can it be used as a frontline?

I seal myself?

This kind of thing seems a bit weird, but it happened in front of Leng Shiqi's eyes, which gradually extinguished the thoughts he had just given birth to.

Because he had already thought that there was only one possibility for the Beast Lord to stay on the fourth floor of the Beast Prison voluntarily.

That is, interest!

Only interests are paramount in the world!


At this moment, faint footsteps appeared on the fourth floor of the Beast Hell!

Could it be that he accidentally alarmed the guardian here?

Leng Shiqi blanked his eyes, and there was no other place on the fourth floor of this beast prison except for the altar and alien beasts. The scope of the blanked eyes was unobstructed. The strange thing was that he didn't see any spiritual power aura!

Even if the white eyes have become more and more useful in the past, it is not even impossible to find a personal shadow.

Immediately, the Beast Lord grinned with blood, seeming to be a bit mocking.

I saw a hole suddenly cracked in his chest, the meridian-like tentacles spread out, and a figure slowly came from inside!

This person has been in the body of the Beast Venerable!

No wonder Leng Shiqi couldn't sense the other party's spiritual aura.

A wicked young man in a blood robe walked out of it, and when he saw this person, Leng Shiqi's eyes flashed.

He has seen this person before!

If he was still in the Spirit Realm back then, he had encountered the disciples of the Blood Beast Sect and Yu Beast Zhai when he was in the Demon Mountain Range. The person in front of him is the genius disciple of the Blood Beast Sect who has also practiced "Beast Essence Demon Breaking Technique", Zhuo Duanya!

At that time, he was vying with the people of Yu Beast Zhai for Zhu Yan Beast, and was later given a profit by Leng Shiqi Yumeng.

What surprised Leng Shiqidu was that he remembered that Zhuo Duanya had just broken through the Spirit Vein Realm at that time, but at this time Zhuo Duanya's cultivation base was actually in the Heavenly Origin Realm!

The first thought in Leng Shiqi's mind is that it is absolutely impossible!

It only took a few years for a person to enter the Spiritual Vessel Realm to the Heavenly Origin Realm for a few years, which was not even possible for a person like Leng Seventeen.

How could Zhuo Dianya do it?

Or does Zhuo Duanya have a stronger adventure?

However, cultivation level cannot represent everything, even if Zhuo Duanya is in the Heavenly Origin Realm, Leng Shiqi has nothing to fear.

There are many Tianyuan realms that died in his hands. If he had to do it, he wouldn't mind doing the task of upgrading the underworld.

The next upgrade of the Hades requires ten souls of the Heavenly Origin Realm level. In Zhulu Country and Beiliu Country, he has already collected the souls of the Terrorizing Dragon Sword King, the Venerable Gods and the Heavenly Master Huayu, and it seems good to have one more soul.

Zhuo Duanya didn't know that Leng Shiqi had already had a killing intent on him. He sneered with his hands on his back and said, "Is that you want to avenge the Blood Beast Sect?"

The beast ghost behind Leng Shiqi saw Na Zhuo Duanya, his soul body was slightly shaken, and he took the initiative to say two words: "Duanya..."

Beast ghosts are essentially intangible, and most people can't even see them, but they can naturally see them clearly for the Tianyuan realm.

Zhuo Duanya's expression froze instantly, and his face was surprised: "Grandpa, grandfather?!"

Leng Shiqi couldn't help turning his head, Beast Ghost and Zhuo Duanya were actually grandparents!

The beast ghost is Zhuo Zhou, both of whom have the surname Zhuo, but there are more people with the same surname. Leng Shiqi has never thought about this.

He didn't think that there was a scene where grandparents and grandchildren recognized each other on the fourth floor of this beast prison.

Zhuo Duanya immediately saw that the beast ghost was wrong, and he rushed directly in front of the beast ghost, feeling very excited.

However, Leng Shiqi found that there was a blood vessel-like silk thread behind Zhuo Duanya, and the other end was connected to the body of the beast.

What is the relationship between this man and beast?

Since he entered the Beast Prison, he has encountered one doubt after another.

Now he didn't know what the true relationship between the beast ghost and Zhuo Duanya was between the grandfather and grandson, he secretly asked the beast ghost to test it out.

"Grandfather, how can you become like this?" Zhuo Duanya stretched out his hand but passed through the body of the beast ghost, he couldn't help asking eagerly.

The beast ghost slowly said: "I was ambushed by a master in the Leiyan Dynasty and almost died. It was the Emperor Fengdu who had cast a part of my soul, and now I can barely survive.

Cliff, what's the matter with your cultivation base? "

Finally the beast ghost asked, Zhuo Duanya's expression condensed, and he turned his head to look at the beastmaster as if he was fighting for the beastmaster's instructions.

Seeing that there was no reaction from the Beast Venerable, Zhuo Duanyi explained: "Grandfather, you rebelled... after leaving the sect, Situ Huanxu began to clean up the children of the Zhuo family, and his father escaped because of this. Fortunately, I was still young. The talent is also very high before being retained.

Until a few years ago, the elder Xie Pengyu suddenly found me and accepted me as an apprentice to teach my practice. I was very grateful to him at first, but I didn't think that he had been coveting the secret method that grandfather you developed back then!

I don't know the secret method. I only have a few words left by my grandfather. In desperation, I can only be forced to continue researching, while Xie Pengyu is providing materials for monsters in the dark.

Two years ago, the Beast Venerable was alarmed by inexplicable power, Xie Pengyu took this opportunity to persuade the Sect Master to build the fourth floor of the Beast Prison and seal the Beast Venerable here. And Xie Pengyu put me here to use the power of the beast to study the secret method, as everyone knows..."

Speaking of this, the Beast Venerable spoke, "I dont know that the deity saw this kid favorably, and simply gave him some power to help him break through the Heavenly Origin Realm, and the deity voluntarily became his blood beast. From then on, his position in the blood beast sect was superb. , Became the most powerful trump card of the blood beast sect, and was responsible for guarding the beast prison."

After listening to Zhuo Duanya's experience, Leng Shiqi sneered in his heart.

Beastmaster becomes the blood beast of Zhuo Duanya?

Leng Shiqi did not believe it, UU read www.uukanshu. Com said that Zhuo Duanya turned into a puppet of the Beast Lord, it was almost the same!

The previous Beast Lord should have been sealed all the time, sleeping in a deep sleep for 80% of the time. But now, it still seems to be sealed, but he secretly controls Zhuo Duanya, the guardian of the beast hell, not only can he wake up at any time, but also have the opportunity to replenish his strength.

The corpses of the few Tier 6 monster beasts explained everything.

Leng Shiqi was not clear about Xie Pengyu's conspiracy, nor was he clear about the true purpose of the Beast Venerable. These were not so important.

When the Beastmaster discovered the beast ghost, why did he make a special trip to release Zhuo Duanya?

At this time, Leng Shiqi and Beast Venerable looked at each other, and they both saw the same meaning in each other's eyes.


"I want to destroy the Beast Hell and cause the Blood Beast Sect to mess up, so that it can help you cover up those Tier 6 monsters that have died, and the Beast Venerable can make a request." Leng Shiqi quietly transmitted the sound.

The Beast Venerable's voice immediately sounded in Leng Shiqi's mind, "Boy, it depends on whether you are qualified to do business with the deity."

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