I Found An Apocalyptic World Chapter 1364

Chapter 1364: Identity Exposure

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Chapter 1356 Identity Revealed

Shi Wentao is unwilling to confront people from the Star Group in every possible way.

Don't look at the magnificent words he said before, as if he didn't put the people of the Star Group in his eyes.

But judging from his deployment, he knew that he was very scared of the people of the Star Group.

Otherwise, I wouldnt be thinking about snatching the life stone in the gap, not just to avoid confrontation with the people of the Star Group.

Shi Wentao felt bad and took a deep breath.

If it really doesnt work, you can only give up temporarily.

Fortunately, the Star Stone was photographed before to make it unprepared, but I didnt expect it to be used.

But if he can, Shi Wentao still wants to get the rough life stone.

Others auctioned very few things, most of them were one or two.

After showing the proof, he quickly took it away.


Chen Liujun was not with Shi Wentao, but was outside waiting for Shi Wentao's order.

But he waited, seeing that there are fewer and fewer people coming in and out of the Jixiang Hotel.

He couldn't help being a little annoyed, should he act?

"Boss, how about it? Do you want to do it now?" A younger brother below asked. They have been hiding here for more than an hour, and they are particularly uncomfortable in this cold winter.

Chen Liujun took a deep breath, "I will wait for my order before acting, and then continue to wait."

"Yes." The little brother replied lazily.

The cold wind is rustling.

Snowflakes suddenly floated in the sky.

This is the first snow in the new year.

The first snow in the new year, dotted the entire city particularly moving.

Chen Liujun does not want to snow at this moment. Snow means that the weather is getting colder.

He needs to keep an eye on the people coming and going in the direction of the Jixiang Hotel. In this snowy environment, the clothes on his body seem to be not warm enough.

time flies.

There are fewer and fewer people around Shi Wentao. Before you know it, he is the only one left.

At this time, a staff member walked in front of Shi Wentao and smiled brightly at Shi Wentao: "Mr. Shi, I am very sorry to keep you waiting. The items you purchased have already been packaged, and we are waiting for your departure at any time!"

Shi Wentao didnt know what he was thinking, but when he heard what the staff said, he suddenly woke up and smiled: "Thank you, you can go anytime."

Suddenly he thought of something again, and asked again: "I have something I want to ask about, I dont know if its okay."

The staff smiled and said: "Mr. Shi, please ask, we will serve you wholeheartedly."

Shi Wentao asked: "I just saw everyone picking up their own items. Why didn't I see the 125th bidder picking up his items? I also want to say, come here to see who is so grand. It is really curious to photograph the life stone with a contribution value of 3.001 million points. Of course, if it is not convenient to reveal the identity of the other party, then forget it."

Shi Wentao said forget it, but stared straight at the staff, looking forward to getting news from the other party.

The staff still keeps the most sincere smile: "In fact, there is nothing to disclose or not to disclose. After all, it is not time for auction anymore.

The other party photographed the rough life stone with a contribution value of 3.001 million points, which is indeed a sky-high price.

It is not only Mr. Shi who is curious about this, we are also curious.

However, Mr. Shi wants to pay respects to the other person's face, I am afraid he will be disappointed. "

Hearing what the staff said, Shi Wentao's heart shook. Could it be that the other party transported the life stone away from other places?

Shi Wentao suppressed the doubt in his heart and asked, "What do you mean? Has the other party gone?"

The staff nodded and smiled: "Mr. Shi, it is correct to guess, the other party has indeed left."

Shi Wentao asked in surprise: "I have been here since the auction ended, and I haven't seen anyone claiming the raw life stone. Is there any other place to claim it?"

The staff member covered his mouth and laughed: "Of course, the other party did take away the life stone from another place. This is an item worth up to 3 million points. The other party has long hired our company's bodyguards to **** them. I'm afraid now. Has the rough life stone been sent to the other partys designated location, right?"

Hearing the staff's answer, Shi Wentao was disappointed. He thought he was here to wait and see, but he did not expect that the other party had already left through other channels.

Although the other party had transported the rough life stone to his place, Shi Wentao still did not give up.

Think carefully, in fact, its not a bad thing that the other party got the original life stone back.

At least in the process, Shi Wentao doesn't have to worry about his team directly confronting the people of the Star Group.

As long as the real 125th bidder can be found, everything will be solved.

I dont know the 125th bidder, but someone always knows.

The staff member in front of you probably knows the true identity of the other party.

Thinking of this, Shi Wentao fumbled through his pocket and found out a small bag of energy spar.

Fortunately, I still left a little energy spar, and didn't convert all the energy spar into contribution value, otherwise, I would be blinded at the moment.

Shi Wentao pulled the staff aside, and handed the energy spar bag to the staff in a place invisible to the camera, and whispered: "Brother, do I need to trouble you with something?"

"Mr. Shi, you dont need to do anything like this if you have anything you tell me. Its my job to serve you."

The staff looked at Shi Wentao vigilantly, but did not immediately pick up the bag from Shi Wentao.

Shi Wentao opened the bag, exposed the energy spar inside, handed it to the staff again, and whispered: "Little brother, don't worry, it's a small thing. I have admired the 125th bidder for a long time. I don't know if the little brother can tell. The identity of the other party? I want to visit the house, just to taste each other."

With a sudden realization, the staff took the bag and weighed it. It was about 500 grams. He put it in his pocket calmly, looked around, and found that no one noticed it. , Said softly: "Mr. Shi has a request. Those of us who work must be responsive. The identity of the 125th bidder is not a big secret. Many people will know the identity of the other party in the near future.

In fact, the No. 125 bidder is Li Hongru, Boss Li. "

Shi Wentao suddenly realized after hearing this name.

The name Li Hongru is very famous in the settlement of Sucheng.

Even in the era of Xie Bingkun's reign, Li Hongru was very famous.

Now, the owner of the auspicious hotel is Li Hongru.

Li Hongru not only owns auspicious hotels, but also has opened inns and other branches all over the residences of Suzhou City.

Recently, I heard that the other party opened his branch to the survivor town next to the Star Group.

Although his own strength is not an ability awakener, it is also a member of the new human.

In this troubled time, it is still possible to have such a large wealth, and its strength should not be underestimated.

No wonder the other party can leave from another direction, because this hotel is the other partys own hotel.

It is even possible that the original stone of life has not been removed, and it remains in this hotel.

His thoughts like this are not without reason.

It is said that the most dangerous place is the safest.

Xingchen Group announced at the auction that it can provide bodyguard services. Does it imply that the life stone is protected here?

Thinking of this, Shi Wentao once again took out a small bag of energy spar from his mouth, handed it to the staff, and whispered: "Thank you very much for your answer, there is one more thing that needs to be confirmed by the little brother."

The staff took the energy spar bag without leaving a trace, and said with a soft smile: "Mr. Shi, may I ask, it is our honor to provide the best service to our customers."

Ghosts honor, without the energy spar I gave, would you answer these questions?

Shi Wentao did not entangle the energy spar that he took out.

The money is gone and come back.

What does a little energy spar count as?

Shi Wentao calmed down for a while, and asked, "I take the liberty to ask, is the original life stone still in this hotel?"

The staff looked at Shi Wentao in surprise, "Didnt you just say it? The other party has already transported the rough life stone from another place, how could it be in this hotel?"

Shi Wentao quickly asked: "Then do you know where the other party's foothold is?"

"No.118, Changsheng Street." The staff did not sell Guanzi, and directly gave the answer Shi Wentao wanted.

"Thank you very much." Shi Wentao quickly thanked him.

"You are welcome, Mr. Shi, if there are no other questions, let's help you deliver the items to your place." The staff smiled.

"Thank you so much, you have helped me a lot." Shi Wentao thanks again.

The staff beckoned to the person next to him, and suddenly someone came over.

The staff introduced: "Mr. Shi, this is the driver we arranged. He will help you deliver the goods to the place you specify."

Thanks to Shi Wentao, he walked with the driver.

After Shi Wentao left, someone immediately walked out next to him.

The staff immediately bowed to the man and said, "Boss, you have already told the other party as you ordered. I think the other party will find the door soon."

"Good job, this is your reward."

It was Liu Mingyu who walked out. Liu Mingyu took out a bottle of Level 3 genetic evolution potion from the storage space and handed it to the staff member.

The staff looked at the thing Liu Mingyu handed over, and they were suddenly excited. It turned out to be a third-level genetic purification potion, which is very precious and expensive.

is not something you can buy with money.

Lets not talk about the selling price of up to 20,000 points. The qualification is not everyone can buy.

If there is no particularly significant contribution, it cannot be purchased at all.

So, when the staff member saw that the reward turned out to be the third-level genetic evolution potion, his face was suddenly ecstatic.

"thank you boss!"

After speaking, he took out the two bags of energy spar that Shi Wentao had stuffed him.

"No, this is what you deserve." Liu Mingyu waved his hand and refused.

The sum of these two bags of energy spar is only about 1000 grams.

The total amount of energy spar obtained from the auction tonight is more than four tons, so a little bit, Liu Mingyu did not take it seriously.

Seeing Shi Wentao who was gradually moving away, Liu Mingyu whispered to the assistant on the side: "How is Li Hongru's preparations? There will be no problems, right?"

The assistant quickly replied, "Boss, please dont worry. Li Hongru has already made preparations. There will be no problems. Just wait for the other party to pass."

Liu Mingyu stretched his waist and chuckled softly: "Okay, then we will wait for the good show to come on stage. Others must be fully prepared. When the other party gets the life stone, they must follow up."

On the other side, when Shi Wentao came out, he was immediately seen by Chen Liujun who had been waiting outside.

The younger brother beside asked, "Boss, is that the Minister?"

"Yes, it's the Minister." Chen Liujun took a look and immediately saw that the man was Shi Wentao.

"The ministers have all come out, is the task cancelled?" The younger brother asked again.

It's really uncomfortable to monitor here on this cold day.

It's not that he doesn't want to go to the house for surveillance, it's that there is no good view inside the house, so he can only go outside to find a better angle.

Even though he was wearing a down jacket outside, Chen Liujun felt that his body seemed to be frozen, very uncomfortable.

After hearing the little brothers question, Chen Liujun stared for a while, "Wait a little longer, wait five minutes, if there is no news, we will evacuate."

Chen Liujun is also a little uncomfortable now, and it has been a long time since he has not been able to wait for Shi Wentaos news, and he feels bad.

Shi Wentao followed the driver and sat in the co-pilot.

On the road, he secretly used the smart bracelet to send a message to Chen Liujun.

In fact, he doesn't want to use smart bracelets to communicate. The network he is currently on belongs to the network built by the Star Group.

Communicate with LAN, UU reading www.uukanshu.com may be under the surveillance of the other party.

The best way to communicate is face-to-face.

But he can't leave, he can only use the smart bracelet to publish tasks.

"The No. 125 bidder is Li Hongru. The opponent is now at No. 118 Changsheng Street. Take action. Before the opponent does not respond, grab the raw life stone. After grabbing the hand, immediately evacuate to the branch."

Just when Chen Liujun was about to announce his evacuation, with a ding sound, his smart bracelet rang.

This is a ringtone he specially set specifically for Shi Wentao.

Hearing this ringtone, Chen Liujun was agitated and quickly turned on the smart bracelet to check the message Shi Wentao had given him.

Chen Liujun glanced quickly and immediately shouted softly in the channel: "The task is here, ready to act."

The voice fell, and there was a continuous sound around him.

They have been waiting around for a long time, waiting for a long time, waiting for them to fall asleep, and now finally waiting for the news of the mission.

(End of this chapter)

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