I Found An Apocalyptic World Chapter 1366

Chapter 1366: Snatch Success

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Chapter 1358

A large truck was driving alone on the street, and the shops on both sides had already closed.

The speed is not fast, as if it is carrying a heavy cargo.


Behind the large truck, a roar of cars suddenly sounded.

Several cars approached the big truck quickly, and soon went hand in hand with the big truck.

The driver of the large truck saw the cars suddenly appearing on both sides, a trace of panic flashed across his face, and he speeded up involuntarily.

However, the speed of large trucks is limited after all. Even if the accelerator is stepped on to the extreme, it cannot get rid of the pinch of the car.

"Team leader, the other party has only one driver."

The few cars that followed were Chen Liujun who was in charge of the pursuit.

However, he is still very cautious, even in the face of handy goods, he still confirms that the other party has no support before daring to do it.

Speaking nicely is to be cautious, but in fact it is a duck that is timid and unwilling to waste his mouth.

Chen Liujun afterwards shouted: "Brothers attack and stop the truck."

As soon as the voice fell, two cars, one speeding up, rushed to the front of the big truck, trying to use the car to slow down the other side.

The driver of the large truck saw the other's behavior and couldn't help but snorted. The motion on his hand did not weaken at all, and even increased the throttle. The large truck rolled over like a beast.

Cars are completely incomparable with large trucks.

The car blocks in front of the big truck, this kind of behavior is simply looking for death.

The two cars that were responsible for the interception, like toy cars, were directly hit and flew. After a few turns, they hit a building on the side.

Although the car failed to stop the large truck, it also reduced the speed of the large truck a lot.

At this time, a large truck similar to it appeared behind.

This is the main purpose of cars.

Because the speed of the large truck is really limited, even if it keeps running, it can still catch up.

But in order to avoid long nights and dreams, the battle must be resolved as soon as possible, which is why they initiate suicide interceptions.

As long as they are properly controlled, the two drivers of the car will not die.

Because of the obstruction of two small cars, the large truck coming from behind followed up.

In a short while, the two large trucks went hand in hand.

Suddenly, the co-pilot of the big truck on the side of Chen Liujun took out a pistol and fired several shots at the truck driver who was transporting the life stone.

Boom boom boom.

The truck driver didn't seem to expect that the other party would shoot him. One accidentally, the bullet hit him in the head and shot him headshot.

The truck driver lay directly on the steering wheel.

There was no truck driver controlling the steering wheel, and the large truck rammed directly to the left.

But because the driver kept on the accelerator, the truck never stopped.

Another large truck speeded up, and the entire body squeezed toward the large truck.

The large truck, which was originally not controlled by anyone, slammed after being squeezed, and turned over to the ground, pulling out a long scratch.

Chen Liujun chased up from behind and came to the back of the big truck for the first time.

Opening the carriage, a cube emitting light suddenly appeared in front of you.

This is the original stone of life.

"Quick, move fast, move the life stone to our car, and leave immediately."

Chen Liujun shouted loudly. Several people came from behind and worked together to carry the life stone to the big truck.

As for the driver in front, they didn't even look at it, and just slipped away.

After a while, the driver who was shot headshot unexpectedly got up from the ground and rubbed his head.

Except for the place where the bullet hits, the head of this person is a bit flushed, it seems that there is no major problem.

He sat up, took out the smart bracelet, and dialed a call.

Soon, the call was connected.

"Boss, the goods have been successfully transferred out."

"Very good, thank you very much."

This driver is not an ordinary survivor, but a zombie.

And he is not an ordinary zombie. Although an ordinary zombie possesses a powerful recovery ability like a zombie, if he is shot in the head, he will not be spared.

This driver is a zombie who has awakened his ability. His ability is to form a protective film around him to resist damage from the outside.

The defensive ability of this protective film is very strong, and ordinary bullets cannot penetrate it.

The other party saw that he exploded the driver's head with a shot, which was blood plasma hidden in the hair in advance, which caused the opponent to look like a shot that exploded the driver's head.

If someone comes to investigate carefully, they will be able to find anomalies.

It's just that they are busy carrying the rough life stone, how can there be time to check a survivor who has been shot headshot?

Chen Liujun was full of doubts about this mission.

If it wasn't the rough life stone in his own hands, he was a little doubtful whether the other party had made a fake rough life stone.

Because the plunder this time was too simple, so simple that it was unbelievable, everything went too smoothly.

Suddenly he shook his head. In any case, the original stone of life had been snatched by himself.

The younger brother on the side looked at Chen Liujuns unsuccessful spirit, and asked in a low voice: "Team leader, what's the matter?"

"It's okay."

Chen Liujun casually replied.

Immediately after, he dialed Shi Wentao's phone, and the other party seemed to have been waiting for his call, and the other party answered it as soon as it rang.

"Just about to find you, where are you? What's the matter? They didn't find you at 118 Changsheng Street."

Before Chen Liujun could speak, Shi Wentao sent a series of questions like cannonballs.

"Minister, I'm not there anymore. I am rushing towards the branch at this time."

Chen Liujun smiled.

"You are not staying in Changsheng Street, run to the branch...?" Shi Wentao was talking, suddenly thinking of something, and quickly asked, "You mean you have already got the rough life stone?"

The tone of was full of expectation, and some could not believe it.

Chen Liujun laughed loudly: "Minister, you guessed it right, just now, we have grabbed the raw life stone, and we are rushing to the branch."

Hearing this news, Shi Wentao said with a look of excitement: "It's great, you deserve to be the first person to discover high-quality energy. Don't worry, after returning to the headquarters, I will definitely ask you for your help."

"Thank you for the minister's care, this time I was able to grab the life stone smoothly, and the other brothers also played a very important role." Chen Liujun sitting in the car could not as well smile voluntarily.

The little brother on the side, hearing Chen Liujun's report, couldn't help but get excited.

Shi Wentao laughed loudly and said: "Don't worry, everyone who participated in the action this time will have credit, and there will be no less rewards."

After hung up, Shi Wentao immediately called the other group leaders, telling them that they had grabbed the life stone.

The other team leaders, after listening to the phone, couldn't help but curse in secret: "This guy is out of luck, and he has achieved such a shabby feat by himself. The next time I see him, I am afraid that I will have to change his identity."

However, it is a good thing to be able to avoid head-on conflict between the people of the Yuxingchen Group.

Li Hongru didnt know that, near his house, not long ago, there was still a group of people staring at him.

After Sun Honglang drinking tea at No. 118 Changsheng Street answered a call, he took out a bottle of first-class genetic evolution medicine from his pocket, handed it to Li Hongru, and said with a smile: "The task has been completed. This is your reward. Time, I hope you dont show up, wait until the overall task is completed, and then show up again."

Li Hongru received the genetic evolution potion as a treasure, and said flatly: "Mr. Sun, please rest assured, I will not show up until I receive your notice."

Sun Honglang smiled and said, "In fact, it doesnt matter if you show up or not, because by then everything will be settled."

"That's natural. If someone from the Star Group makes an effort, isn't it a handy one?" Li Hongru said with a smile.

"Okay, I won't bother you any more. I remind you that taking this bottle of potion may have severe side effects, but don't worry, as long as you get through this side effect, you will definitely have a new look."

Sun Honglang, who was about to leave, suddenly stopped and reminded Li Hongru a few words.

"Thank you for the reminder, Mr. Sun, I must keep it in mind."

Li Hongru thanked him.


Sun Honglang waved his hand, and the other protection personnel all retreated from No.118 Changsheng Street.

After Sun Honglang retreated, Li Hongru immediately put his bodyguard to protect him, and specifically asked him not to disturb him no matter what happened.

immediately entered the room.

Li Hongru looked at the small bottle of potion in front of him, looked at it for a while, unscrewed the bottle cap, and drank it with his head up.

The sweet taste filled his mouth instantly.

Isnt there any side effects?

Why doesnt it feel at all?

However, the next second.

The pain, like a thousand swords, instantly filled his mind.

Li Hongru couldn't help but yelled out, and a scream like a thunderbolt resounded across the room immediately.

The bodyguard guarding the outside, after hearing this scream, he subconsciously wanted to push the door in.

was stopped by another bodyguard.

"The boss has just said that no matter what happens, you can't go in and disturb him."

"However, the boss's scream seems to have encountered some difficulties. If we don't go in, after the end, the boss will definitely be indifferent to us and yell at us."

"Dont worry, since the boss ordered it, we just need to follow it. As bodyguards, we dont want to make claims."

The other party seemed to be moved by this person, and the two of them stood steadily at the door listening to Li Hongru's screams.

Li Hongru in the room felt as if he was about to die.

Is this a little side effect?

This side effect is too scary, right?

Three minutes later.

Li Hongru seemed to be fished out of the water, his whole body drenched with sweat.

At this moment, he felt as if he had been reborn.

The whole body is full of power, and has the power to make it endless.

He feels that his current state is at least 3~5 times stronger than three minutes ago.

Just cooperating with the Star Group to complete such a task, it is really lucky to be able to obtain such a harvest.

For things like this, I'm afraid anyone can cooperate.

Although I have not been able to enjoy the enhancement brought by the rough life stone, who knows whether the effect of the rough life stone is true.

But this bottle of potion is real, making him feel that his physical fitness has taken a qualitative leap.

His plan to cooperate with the Star Group is very simple.

When Xingchen Group knew that the original stone of life had been photographed by him, someone immediately issued an invitation to him.

And this invitation turned out to be the boss of the Star Group. At that time, Li Hongru thought, what did the other party want to do?

It turns out that he only needs to cooperate with them to transfer the life stone to another person, and he can obtain a potion that strengthens himself.

Faced with the boss of the Star Group who was much stronger than himself, Li Hongru did not dare to say a word.

In this age of respect for strength, strength is the best symbol.

Even if the other party did not receive any rewards, he would not dare to say a word even if he took the life stone directly.

As a result, it was originally necessary to pay the contribution value of 3.001 million points of the raw life stone. Without paying, you can get an extra potion. Why not?

After feeling the state of strengthening, I am very satisfied with this mission.

To know these things, even if you have money, you cant buy them.

The other side.

Sucheng settlement seems to be quiet because of the night.

Chen Liujun and the others drove straight to the outskirts after grabbing the life stone.

Originally, they were preparing to fight with people who had heard the news from each other, but the result was unexpected.

Speeding on the road without any hindrance.

As if the other party did not know that the original life stone had been robbed.

"Speed, speed up, you must escape here before the opponent finds it."

No matter what the outside is, Chen Liujun only needs to know that he has delivered the life stone to the branch safely, and everything else is easy to do.

"Team leader, I have driven the speed to the extreme, I can't accelerate anymore."

To drive the car to the extreme speed in the city, this is a very test of the drivers skills.

Thanks to the fact that there are no pedestrians on the street at night ~wuxiaworld.online~, all the way is empty, coupled with the auxiliary driving system, there is no accident.

soon came to the gate of the city.

There was a stab.

The large truck stopped at the gate of Nancheng.

It's not that he doesn't want to go there, the city gate is closed, it's not that his truck can rush past.

"Who is it? The people at night stopped people from sleeping."

At the gate of the city, a complaint came.

There is still someone on their side defending, but most of the guards will sleep here secretly, and wait until the next morning, and then open the door.

The gate is closed tightly to prevent zombies from sneaking into the town at night.

As long as there are no zombies attacking, you can have a good night's sleep here.

This kind of thing has become the unspoken rule of major goalkeepers.

After all, everyone knows that it is very dangerous outside at night, and no one would choose to go out at this time.

(End of this chapter)

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