I Found An Apocalyptic World Chapter 1427

Chapter 1428: Danger strikes

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The wind and the waves are calm and there is nothing unusual, which is naturally a good thing.

No matter who it is, sailing on the sea, hope that everything is safe.

Who would want to suffer disaster?

Naturally, Chen Guosheng didn't want to meet him.

However, whether it was the sea monsters I encountered in Jiagang before, or the seabirds hovering above my head now.

It all seems to indicate something will happen.

However, looking around, the sky was blue, and a few white clouds occasionally floated past, and there was no danger at all.

The ship sailed for a while.

Suddenly, the sirens on the ship rang loudly.

The person on duty issued a notice: "Please note, please note that at two o'clock, about four nautical miles away, a large group of birds has been found, the number of which is unknown, please be aware!"

For a time, everyone was facing a big enemy.

At this point in time, a large group of seabirds appeared, absolutely unusual.

Chen Guosheng, who was reporting to Liu Mingyu in the cabin, also ran to the deck for the first time.

The flock of seabirds was flying extremely fast. When Chen Guosheng came to the deck, he could see a huge black cloud drifting over quickly at two o'clock.

That black cloud should be the seabird flock found by the duty officer.

Even Chen Guosheng, who had become a zombie, couldn't help his scalp tingling when he saw such dense seabirds.

If this black cloud is all seabirds, the number of them is at least 100,000.

This is definitely not a small number.

Liu Yunyu, who was on the other side, also heard the sirens passing from here.

Liu Mingyu suddenly realized that the ship might have encountered an unknown danger, and quickly asked: "What's wrong? What happened over there?"

Chen Guosheng responded respectfully: "Boss, we have encountered a large group of seabirds. The estimated number may exceed 100,000."

"100,000? It's so serious. How far are you from Shanghai and Hong Kong? Can you go ahead at full speed and arrive at Shanghai and Hong Kong first, and then I can go straight to pick you up."

Although Liu Mingyu did not see the picture over there, it is completely conceivable that the picture of more than 100,000 seabirds gathering together is absolutely crushing.

In fact, if Liu Mingyu is willing, he can use the points to quickly locate the ship, and then use the real world to cross over.

For Liu Mingyu, who now has millions of points, it is not a problem at all to change the points consumed for crossing the location.

If he can't resist it, he can come here to help.

Chen Guosheng immediately passed the boss's question to the staff who was looking after the navigation system.

Soon, Chen Guosheng got an answer from the staff and immediately reported to Liu Mingyuhui: "Boss, there is still 34 nautical miles away from Shanghai and Hong Kong. Even if it is going at full speed, I am afraid it will be too late.

We must face the attack of this flock of seabirds.

Only by killing these seabirds can they reach Shanghai and Hong Kong better. "

"Then fight!" Liu Mingyu is not an indecisive person. Since he can't escape the seabird's attack quickly, he just smashes the seabird directly.

"Yes, please rest assured, the boss, we will do our best to kill these seabirds and arrive at Shanghai and Hong Kong normally." Chen Guosheng responded loudly.

"I believe you can do it, I won't bother you, lest you get distracted while fighting, and I will contact you after a while." Liu Mingyu said.

Then Liu Mingyu seemed to have thought of something, and said again: "According to the previous communication time, I will contact you after ten minutes."

The ship is sailing on the sea, and Liu Mingyu's communication with this side is only the communication method provided by the system.

If there was any danger, Chen Guosheng could not contact Liu Mingyu at all.

In order to avoid danger, Liu Mingyu decided to contact him every ten minutes.

One is to grasp the combat situation, and the other is to provide timely support if necessary.

For Shanghai and Hong Kong, Liu Mingyu still cares very much.

Before it is confirmed that Shanghai and Hong Kong have encountered the same situation as Jiagang, it is still worth going there to investigate.

Otherwise, the construction of the new headquarters in Hangzhou will stagnate.

Chen Guosheng didn't know why, but to Liu Mingyu's order, he just responded loudly: "Understood, boss."

He can only passively accept communications from the boss.

Whether to communicate once every ten minutes is mainly up to the boss.

There is no problem at all on his side.

The communication from the boss directly rang in his mind. Even if Chen Guosheng wanted to refuse, he couldn't refuse.

After confirming to interrupt contact with the boss, Chen Guosheng shouted orders to everyone.

"Everyone is ready for battle, and the artillery is ready to launch a missile attack on the seabirds."

Chen Guosheng decided to come first.

Regardless of whether the ultimate goal of this group of seabirds is ships, it is the kingly way to act first.


The combat personnel who received the order immediately began to open the cannons, and saw two cannons protruding from the deck, and the muzzle of the cannon rotated to the two o'clock direction.


There was a deafening roar.

Two ground-to-air missiles, dragging their long tails, attacked the black clouds not far away.

The group of seabirds did not seem to realize that the ship below would attack them first this year.

The speed of the missile was so fast that even if the group of seabirds spotted the missile, it was too late to dodge.


A flash of fire flashed in the air.

Two missiles directly blasted the black cloud out of a small hole.

This black cloud is really too big, even if two missiles hit the target, it can't have much impact on it.

On the contrary, it was two missiles, which caused the black cloud to fly over here as if it had come to life.

"Everyone is ready for battle, and the artillery continues to prepare for a new round of attack."

Facing the seabirds swarming, Chen Guosheng looked serious and asked again.

This ship was originally just an ordinary fishing boat without weapons.

The two shell attacks just launched were modified during repairs later.

This is considering that this trip to sea is likely to encounter attacks from sea monsters.

Only because of the limited number of cannons and missiles, it can only serve as an icing on the cake.

However, judging from the current situation, the two cannons are installed very correctly.

Chen Guosheng and their preemptive strikes only had two shells.

Want to continue firing shells, time is too late.

Countless seabirds of various shapes, large and small, seem to be crazy, attacking the only ship sailing in this sea area.

The many zombies standing on the deck looked solemn and released their own expert power attacks.

Among this group of zombies, the abilities of awakening are also different.

Some zombies awakened with elemental abilities, some were auxiliary abilities, and some were strengthened abilities.

However, facing the seabirds flying in the sky, only those zombies who have awakened elemental abilities can carry out long-range attacks.

Auxiliary abilities The zombies released auxiliary abilities, and for a while, various colors flashed on the surface of everyone.

Under the effect of the auxiliary ability, everyone has been further strengthened.

For a time, the deck was shining with colorful light.

Then with a loud shout, the colorful energy **** attacked the seabirds flying in the sky.

Zombies who have awakened elemental abilities are not all spherical in their moves. In fact, there are various forms of attack methods.

After many tests, it is the fastest way to attack the enemy in a spherical manner.

The damage caused by elemental abilities mainly depends on the moves launched. How much energy is contained in it?

It will not be more powerful because of the different shapes.

The splendor of the moves just adds a touch of ornamental color.

There is absolutely nothing to do with increasing damage.

It even weakens the release speed.

After all, when the ability is released, if you want to change into another shape, you must control it by the releaser, which invisibly increases the difficulty of operation.

The spherical shape is different. It only needs to release energy, which naturally forms a spherical shape.

So at the same time, the ball is the most powerful attack method.

Hundreds of energy balls, the size of a basketball, and various shapes, attacked upwards.

When the seabirds saw the energy ball coming from the attack, they wanted to avoid it for the first time.

However, their size is too large, they are surrounded by their companions, and they can't dodge at all.


The energy ball came into close contact with the seabirds.

There was a **** storm in the sky.

However, this is only the beginning of the battle.

The zombies energy ball attacked and killed a group of seabirds.

But in the face of more than 100,000 seabirds, the seabirds that were blown up were nothing but a drop in the bucket.

The seabirds who were lucky enough to escape the attack of the energy ball quickly launched a total charge towards the zombies on the deck.

"Come on, baby."

A zombie with enhanced abilities, showing excitement, turned into a giant with a height of more than 4m while speaking.

For the seabirds flying in the air, he really could not do anything, so he could only stare down below.

But as long as those seabirds dared to fly down, he made them look good.

Facing the seabirds swarming, the giant didn't have any fear at all, and with a big wave of his hand, he directly photographed the seabirds in mid-air.

The seabird slammed heavily on the deck, convulsing for a while, recklessly.

The giant seemed to be a heroic standing upright. The palms of his hands were like a fan, making the seabirds like they were beating flies.

After just a while, the bodies of seabirds were piled up next to the giant.

Although the giant is brave, the number of seabirds is too much, even if he tried his best to kill those seabirds, his huge figure was quickly covered by the group of black seabirds. .

Suddenly life and death were unpredictable.

However, you can see that there are still seabirds falling beside the giant.

It shows that the giant is still fighting strong.

Similar situations can be seen everywhere on the deck.

Not all power-ups are like giants that can become giants.

There are many types of enhanced abilities.

Some strengthen the arms, some strengthen the feet, some strengthen the body's defensive capabilities, and some are like giants that can be huge.

For a time, the zombies on the deck showed their magical powers, fighting against the seabirds.

Those elemental zombies will be much miserable, and their elemental attacks can't be instantaneous.

Being besieged by seabirds, none of them can release elemental attacks.

In the end, there was no choice but to fight them against them with fists and feet.

Even if there is no elemental attack, their own strength is very strong, and they will not be helpless.

To say that the worst is the auxiliary zombies, who need to increase the status for their companions while also dodge the attacks of seabirds.

There are too many seabirds.

In the preemptive strike, some seabirds were killed, but a large number of seabirds still rushed down, like a zombie on the deck attacking and attacking the ship.

People sitting inside can hear the impact of the beak and the hull.

These crashing noises were like raindrops, bashing the hull madly.

Fortunately, during the maintenance, I realized that the ship would encounter danger on the sea, so high-strength defensive materials were used on the surface of the hull.

This ultra-high-strength defensive material is derived from spacecraft.

These materials were found in abandoned ships in Jiagang, and it is not known where they were used at that time.

Just enough to strengthen this ship.

If anyone can see this ship elsewhere.

You must be able to find that the entire tyranny has become a black ship.

It seemed to have dyed this ship.

There are too many seabirds.

They can't finish it no matter how they kill.

Many people feel that they have been wrapped in the carcass of seabirds.

But I can still feel countless seabirds attacking them frantically.

One wave of death, another wave.

They seemed to swear not to stop without killing these people in front of them.

In the killing, ten minutes passed in a flash.

In fact, Liu Mingyu has been paying attention to the situation here for these ten minutes.

But because he couldn't observe the screen, he could only check the personnel changes here.

Although the battle was very difficult, the real attrition did not appear.

Everyone is still alive.

As soon as ten minutes arrived, Liu Mingyu from UU Read www.uukanshu.com contacted Chen Guosheng as soon as possible.

Liu Mingyu asked quickly: "Chen Guosheng, how is the situation over there? Have the seabirds been resolved?"

"The boss's situation is a bit not optimistic. The number of seabirds is too much. If this continues, we will be fine, and the ship may sink here." Chen Guosheng quickly reported the current situation.

They all carry several bottles of energy potion in their hands, so they don't have to worry about their physical strength.

The only thing to worry about is the safety of the ship.

Although special reinforcements were made on the surface of the hull, some conditions seemed to have emerged under the continuous attack of seabirds.

He doesn't know how long this ship can still last?

It doesn't matter if the ship sinks, it doesn't matter if they die.

The point is that the boss's task is not completed, which makes him very guilty.

When Liu Mingyu contacted, he reported the situation.

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